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Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat AU Stock $145.99 US (~$216.18 AU) Delivered @ Banggood


Recent low price on this popular Xiaomi Toilet Seat and a cheaper alternative to Xiaomi Whale Spout smart toilet seat that gets posted. Once you go bidet you never want to go back!

It ships from Banggood's AU warehouse and you can possibly stack the coupon with cashback for a better price.

  • Apply the coupon BGSITSAU at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.


  • Instant Hot Constant Water Temperature
    Hygienic fresh water, prevent from bacteria breeding
    More energy-saving than thermal storage type : After longtime washing, water temperature is still unchanging
  • Comfortable Feminine Cleaning
    With one nozzle on the side rim for cleaning the anus and genital areas, helping female to clean their vulva easily and keep healthy even in the menstruation period
  • 4-grade Adjustable Water Temp. Pressure Seat Temp
    Easy to customize your optimum water temperature, seat temperature and washing pressure
    As you sit down, the inserted sensor senses the user sitting on the toilet seat and automatically turn down the temperature, avoiding from burning your skin
  • Cold-hot Massage Washing Function
    Cold water and hot water massages your body by turns to relax your skin and improve partial blood circulation
  • Hip Wash Back and Forth
    Press the "Hip Wash" button again, the nozzle will move back and forth constantly to expand the washing area, improving the cleaning effect
  • Standard External PP Cotton Filter
    Coming with a PP cotton filter, it effectively filters out more than 20 microns of impurities such as sand, dirt, rust and worms, providing more hygienic washing water than bathing
  • Dual-self-cleaning Nozzle / UV Sterilization
    Before washing, the ringlike flow will clean the nozzle thoroughly with UV light automatically killing the bacteria on the nozzle when the user is away from the toilet seat
  • Considerate Details Design
    LED nightlight illumination : Convenient for night use, without disturbing your family
    Full body IPX4 waterproof : Splash-proof in full range, safe and reliable for daily use
    Seat cover slowly down : Prevent the seat ring falling down quickly with a harsh sound & Safety protection

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  • Splash-proof in full range, safe and reliable for daily use

    Strange thing to add to the “features”.. you’d hope your toilet was safe to use every day!

  • +5 votes

    a cheaper alternative to Xiaomi Whale Spout smart toilet seat

    That one's actually been tested against Aussie electrical standards (which is a handy thing given that you're electrically-pumping electrically-heated water to your nether regions).

  • Can the English sticker be purchased separately?

    • The English sticker is usually the wrong color, a bit off white.

      Also not needed. Only thing you need to know is that the button that turns on the bidet can be pressed a second time to turn on the swirling motion. Other than that dual purpose button, the rest are simple enough or unneeded enough to not bother translating

  • Why did I read the code as BIGTITSAU

  • Do they make a version for the Reverse Monkey Squat?

  • Product Detail:
    Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat, as smart as smart could be — it is not only a simple toilet seat but also an electronic bidet for you or your family to wash the anus and genital easily. …

    lol. Literal English translations are awesome!

  • Pls note that you could run into trouble if used without appropriate Electrical and Water certifications!

    For example, all bidet should be 'WaterMark' certified for legal use in Australia

    Bidet should have back-flow stop and pressure regulator. Else heavy fines for drinking water contamination!

  • "filters out … rust and worms, providing more hygienic washing water than bathing". Never knew my bathing water came with worms…

  • +6 votes

    Performing a handstand in the shower is cheaper.

  • Is this model for females only? Do they make a male model too?

  • There's a H missing in that coupon code.

  • Do they send your butt data back to China?


    Converts your dunny to a throne.

  • Does this work well with standard Aussie toilets? Seat fits properly and plumbing?

    • It fits mine. Works perfectly.

      • I want one so badly! The logistics of getting electrician to put in a powerpoint in….urgh. No need plumber right?

        • No need plumber, instruction is quite clear and simple, less than 10 steps.

          Preparation: spend less than $1 for the sealed tape from bunnings(+ spanner if you do not have one), and your Vitamin cream as lubricant.

          I used an extended lead as a temporary powerpoint, now getting used to it…

    • This was an issue for me.
      First apartment I had when I got it had far too narrow a base.
      Second apartment had a different issue.

      Got a house. This kid was far too long with the back bit to fit, to the point that the inner hole showed the ground too.

      My solution was simple - I smashed that (profanity) toilet to bits and went to Bunnings to buy a nice rimless caroma, which was out of stock at my local, so I drive for an hour to the nearest one that had stock, only to find it doesn't actually have stock, but some idiots scanned in a different toilet.
      So being late on the evening, I got another nice looking toilet. After taking it home and testing that the Xiaomi lid does fit, I attempted to install it

      Well my research into the caroma was fine, as I needed a P connection for my toilet, which was supplied - of course my rash decision to buy another toilet resulted in the new toilet having only an S trap, and I had to (profanity) around into the night cutting various pipes and shit to fit. Finally, I installed the (profanity) toilet with the Xiaomi seat after 8 months of owning it. It's really nice, hard to live without it now.

      Make sure you have a standard size toilet. Apartments and small rooms often have a toilet without enough of a gap between the cistern and bowl hole for this to fit.

      Also, if your water connection is inside the tank, don't bother.

  • I bought one of these and have been happy enough with it so far. It fits but not perfectly - the seat is a little too long so I can see the front edge of the toilet bowl but I have an original 1970's fitted toilet - it is quite wide because of the button pad… Other minor issues is that it has a filter which might need replacing in the future…and of course the power connection needs to be close by. I prefer to have the buttons visible and no need for a smart device which is an advantage over the spout version. So far my experience with everything Xiaomi is that the quality is very good considering price…

  • Can i flush this from work using wifi?

  • This model misses out drying. Xiaomi Tinymu comes with drying (and Pro model has WiFi/AI features).

  • Just bought this for the new house. Now all I need is to pay an electrician a little fortune to install a power point close to the seat.
    Thanks OP

    • So interested in buying this but dreading the cost of the electrician. Would you let me know a ballpark estimate once done, if possible please!

      • 100 callout, 60-80 P/h (roughly 30 mins of time), supplied and fitted PP, 240v wiring and join.

        Plus GST.

        Have fun.

      • I need the electrician to connect a fair few connections for a new house so it might cost me less per pop.
        Will ask for you and let you know roughly once I get a quote.

  • I have the whale spout version and love it and want one for the guest toilet. Does anyone know if this one comes with the backflow preventer and relevant pipe and fittings like it did with the Whale Spout from Gearbite?

  • So anyone know if this is okay for when you live in a rental or should I message the agent / landlord first

  • Is this easy to install? Any idea how? Thanks!

  • Just tried to order one, got hit back with "coupon can only be used 41 times"

  • mine broke after 18 months, power wont go to the bidet :(