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GL.inet GL-MT300N-V2 Travel Router $25.94 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ GL-Tech via Amazon AU


For those who are planning on travelling soon the popular and portable travel GL-MT300N-V2router is back on sale again, to get a 10% off simply enter in 'ZULVVFUJ' at checkout and that will bring down the price to $25.94.

Here is a detailed review link for the GL-MT300N-V2 if you would like to read up on its capabilities and functionality.

Happy shopping!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +7

    Thanks OP. I didn't even know such a thing existed.

    • +2

      Saved my last holiday where hotel TV reception was non existent.

        • +97

          I go on holidays to read OzBargain in a different location.

          • @PainToad: Do this internationally, it's funny and sad when you can't access the deals. :(

          • @PainToad: It's when you use the under utilised cheap cheap lah website

        • +2

          When travelling you're not immune from sick days.

        • +17

          When you have kids you'll realise the need for the TV. Sorry that's assuming you want kids or will have someone who wants to have kids with you.

          • -15

            @Kaboda: If you're dumb enough to have kids, then deal with the consequences.

            • +9

              @KLoNe: I support you decision to keep your genes out of the pool.

            • @KLoNe: Hence I bought this device. I though I was the dumb one having kids here?

        • +2

          You might be able to party every waking hour every day of the holiday, but if I do that I need a holiday after the 'holiday'.

      • How did this device help you in your scenario?

        • +4

          Was able to run Chromecast I could stream all all live TV channels, Netflix, and Stan.

          • +7

            @Kaboda: Also good if you have to pay for in-flight wifi. Hook it into a battery and use it as a repeater for everyone you're travelling with(just don't assume you'll be able to stream movies).

            • @zappy32: Can you elaborate on the actual configuration on how this is achieved? If you sign up for in flight wifi on your phone how do you share it using this device?

              • +2

                @vvti85: You would login using your phone as normally and then disconnect from the 'in flight' system.

                Then log in to your router Web interface and clone your phone MAC address to the router and from this point onwards the 'in fligh system' will think the device connected is your phone that you are using.

            • @zappy32: Some phones and probably all windows laptops can act as a wifi repeater too

          • +10

            @Kaboda: The last hotel I went to was prepaid vouchers for 1 device.

            I connect the mango up and it shares the internet to all my family devices

            • @impoze: Both ideas are amazingly clever. Ozbargain nominations for both of you :)

              • +2

                @Kaboda: you can also plug in a USB drive into the mango which you can then access from any connected device.

                I stored a few videos for my kids ipad to watch on our trips

          • @Kaboda: Oh ok. Thanks.

  • 4g streaming more than likely

    • +10

      Bought like 1 port of this 5 years ago. Never used it once in my travels.

      But hey, lets add to the landfill

      • I’m not surprised you want to add it to landfill. Wouldn’t be much good owning 1 port.

  • +1

    So could I tether from my iphone, connect a chromecast to the wifi network, and then cast from that same phone, or will I need a second device to cast from through the created wifi network

    • was wondering the same. Anyone ?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what you can do with it!

    • yep, especially since chromecast needs internet to work

  • +5

    If a hotel wifi has a login screen, how does this device "login" to it?

    Sorry if that's a dumb question….

    • It's not a dumb question. If this device is a solution it is far more useful.

    • Almost all hotels have a login screen.

    • +3

      Login on your phone/PC. Clone MAC address on the router.

    • Found this on Amazon comments:

      A: The latest firmwares allow you to host a captive portal.


      Hopefully it does as that what I need it for too.

      • +1

        That’s if you want this device to serve a captive portal, not as a client to another captive portal.

    • Very valid question, Its called "Captive Portal". I presume it is possible to use this device in that situation. I have been using with a hotel wifi, though they don't have captive portal. It has openwrt which means customization potential is endless.

    • +6

      By the looks of it, you need to:
      1. Disable DNS rebind protection in the settings on the GL-MT300N-V2
      2. Using a device connected to the GL-MT300N-V2, authenticate with the hotel's captive portal

      Doesn't elaborate more than that, but hopefully if you did step 2 on your phone, all other devices should just work without authentication (including say a Chromecast for example). I don't have this yet, and cannot confirm if this works.


      • +1


      • I have one of these & can confirm this does work. In my experience, once you have done it once (step 1 above), you do not need to go through this process again. Obviously you still need to do the hotel login bit (step 2 above) :)

      • +2

        It's almost checkout time and going home by the time you get this router all set in the hotel room.

        • +2

          Do you only tend to spend a few min inside your hotel room?

        • LOL. Actually I find it quicker, as I only need to log-in to the hotel wifi once, and all the other devices (phones, tablets, even my Google Home Mini that holidays with me) are all set to go, as they connect to the known wifi from this router. Also gets around limited device connections that some places have.

    • +1

      in the times I've used it, when you connect the mango to the hotel wifi, it pops up the captive portal and you can then sign in.

      Alternatively, you can log in with your phone/pc and clone the MAC address onto the router as @gorillainwild said

  • If you connect this to a hotel internet port, do u just connect this to it and there will be wifi? would you still have to login or pay the hotel or does it bypass this?

    • still need to login / pay.

      • +3

        Or do what I do and plug it in the the ethernet that you invariably find behind the TV. I do this even if there's a legit ethernet port as you tend to get much higher speeds as that's not normally on the guest network with associated throttling.

  • If you' travelling with a laptop, maybe just simply using it as wifi sharing hotspot.

  • Thanks. Finally bought one for future trips.
    Anyone know how well this can be combined with VPN to bypass firewalls I’m China ?

    • The true Great Wall of China.
      Effectiveness of the VPN comes down to the provider, which of course can change over time. ExpressVPN and NordVPN seem to get recommended for China.

    • No, a Blizzard employee will search you at the airport and if they find a travel router they'll smash it under their boots.

      • only if you have a face mask or are a pro hearthstone streamer

    • I set mine up With both My Home and private Internet access VPNs and they work a treat. With my home one that means I can access my files and things like Netflix in other countries where some of the VPNs won’t let you. I’ve been very happy with pia, but it has a mixed experience with Netflix.

  • I got a similar TPLink travel router from the states a couple years back before our dollar tanked. Handy little device but didnt use it much.


    On my last trip couple of months back hardly anywhere offered wired internet, only wifi so wasnt much use. It can function in repeater mode but thats hit-n-miss.

    • Double the price, 1/8th the features.

      • I bought it 4-5 years ago - not surprising.

  • +2

    Some Hotel TVs use Ethernet and if lucky you can connect these things up to them and bam free WiFi if its not blocked.

  • These routers are awesome. I use a couple of the variants that have external Wi-Fi antenna sockets to relay mobile internet into camp.

  • +5

    Was first thinking whether to get this travel router or not
    Until I found that this router has a firmware to install SSR client (ShadowsocksR)
    This is very useful if you are planning to travel to China
    and need a VPN connection to sites that are block by the chinese government (facebook, twitter, youtube etc)

    The link to the firmware is here:

    Note: You will need to setup your own SSR server or subscribe for a SSR service
    If you have a NAS server (eg. Synology NAS) at home
    you can just simply setup a SSR server image via Docker (setup within 5 mins)

    IF you dont, another easy option is to setup in Amazon AWS lightsail
    (30 days trial per instance, where you can keep destroy and recreate to get free if you wish)

    If you are non-tech and you just want Ready-to-Go service
    a SSR service that you can subscribe is Just My Socks
    Only $2.88USD/mo with 100GB transmission quota
    100GB plan is OOS, 500GB plan is $5.88USD/mo with 500GB quota
    Pretty enough unless you are keep streaming videos / downloads

  • Does anyone know if you can tether the iPhone either via USB or wifi hotspot would be really useful for holidays with kids with large data plan on my mobile device.

    • +1

      Yes, you can. You need to update to latest firmware (there was a bug in one or 2 of the earlier firmware revisions)

    • +1

      Can't your mobile hotspot anyway? What would be the advantage of having a separate device for it?

      • +4
        • iPhone hotspot is notorious crap. Ever tried to connect more than 4 computers to one of them?
        • Better wifi range / connect more clients
        • Proper VPN Firewall
        • Tether to iPhone and connect chrome cast to the wifi simultaneously

        Probably many more advantages.

      • You can, but it is not consistent or reliable and not always available you will need to go into personal hotspot all the time if one would want to connect. I want a seamless way where I can just plug my phone into the device via USB cable and be done with it.

  • +2

    I am currently having mobile wifi, using Archer vr600 router with one usb port which i used for the usb dongle. Could i able add this into Archer via Ethernet port and use hard drive to stream media?
    Appreciate any advice

    • Yes that would work.

  • I know I need this so no need to think, grabbed one, thx OP.

  • +1

    BTW if anyone wants something similar but local/msy you can get this for $29. Ive got it so happy to answer any Qs: https://www.msy.com.au/tp-link-tl-wr802n-wireless-n300-pocke...
    My use case was to convert my mobile broadband into ethernet - ie. mobile hotspot to this device, then this device to my router to feed my house with 'wired' mobile internet.

    • Considering amazon delivers in 2 x days. IMHO people would be foolish to pay more money, for an inferior product such as this DLINK.

      • It's cheaper if your do not have prime

        • Free to sign up for trial though?

    • +2

      I have the 802n as my first nano router. The additional functionality and the fact that it's based on OpenWRT is what lead me to the gl. Inet range in the first place.

      Mango has
      - Openwrt not proprietary firmware
      -You can add all the repositories from openwrt so you can load openvpn/Wire guard client/server on it, use mwan to load balance a wired and lte wan signal, load transmission and download torrents, add adblock etc etc
      -Has a USB port for storage or a 4g USB stick.

      Much more flexible and actually cheaper than the Wr802n.

      My 802n is now just used in client mode to give me wifi on an Ethernet only device.

      Btw if you go to the French TP-Link site you can download the latest firmware for the 802n that fixes Krack. Not present on the Oz site. 😉

    • Does this one have a physical switch on the box to turn on/off the VPN?

      • Ya!

  • Thanks OP
    Also,… thanks to everyone providing advice/guidance on how to make the most use out of it!

  • +2

    this is a very detailed review from another ozbargainer - https://the-gadgeteer.com/2019/04/15/gl-inet-gl-mt300n-v2-ma...

    • Found following information from the link you provided,
      If it does able to do all the things mentioned below, it could be a great device, thank you!
      "Want a small video server to share? Want a small video server in your car to keep the kids happy on the long trip? Need to share a USB 4G Mifi wingle or tether a smartphone? Need to VPN your whole LAN (and hence all your devices) when you’re staying in that dodgy little hotel overseas? Want to control your devices like a roller door via WiFi? Want to set quotas on the kids for that expensive overseas 4G service you had to purchase while on holidays? These are just some of the scenarios where the Mango could be used."

    • Bought one after gone through the detail review.
      Thank you

    • AKA Limbot!

  • Awesome Deal! Got one myself!

  • i use a rpi with openwrt and openvpn when traveling. miniature touchpad keyboard, sd cards, powerbank is all i carry.

  • +1

    Would this be good for a cruise where one internet pass is used to share?

    • That's what I bought it for. Hopefully can sort out whatever captive portal that's in place.

    • Yes. It's one of it's many functions.

    • Cheers folks.

  • +1

    These are great if you spend a lot of time in hotels. Either plug it into the Ethernet cable or if there isn’t one connect it to the hotel wifi, login to the captive portal once, and happy days.

    I’ve had one about a year and it’s great for connecting my laptop, iPad, phone and Vodafone TV android box when I’m away. It’s especially handy for the TV box since it struggles with a lot of captive portals.

  • Not a very techy guy, even after reading, still couldn't figure out the practical use of this device apart from mobile hotspot, which is normally fine with extra mobile?

    • +2

      It's main use is for travelling through Hotels and for VPN. If you only ever travel by yourself, don't use hotel wifi and don't care about VPN, this probably isn't for you.

      I actually have one setup at home, setup as a dedicated VPN network, so that devices I need a VPN on can connect straight to it, but other devices that don't need VPN can connect to my main router. The most handy thing in the world.

    • +1

      information from the detail review link provided by OP and another ozbargainer,
      "Want a small video server to share? Want a small video server in your car to keep the kids happy on the long trip? Need to share a USB 4G Mifi wingle or tether a smartphone? Need to VPN your whole LAN (and hence all your devices) when you’re staying in that dodgy little hotel overseas? Want to control your devices like a roller door via WiFi? Want to set quotas on the kids for that expensive overseas 4G service you had to purchase while on holidays? These are just some of the scenarios where the Mango could be used."

  • For travel?!
    It's my second WiFi option at home, for USA Netflix catalogue. Used daily.

  • I brought one of last time and the speed when connected is very limited. Limited in half the speed of what I should be getting. Am i doing some thing wrong?

    • OpenVPN is a fastidious encryption requiring a fair amount of grunt, which could be your issue, as obviously the mango is no match cpu wise for your computer. Wireguard will work quicker and you should get the same speed as your outbound connection permits. Wireguard has some small security concerns still, but depending on what you’re doing with your VPN, it shouldn’t concern most users

    • You are using a single band device with the Mango. So it's using 2.4Ghz to repeat signal from your "base" router and then supply Wlan signal to your devices hence 1/2 the throughput so as expected. You should find that if you use the wired port you'll get full speed. Not useful probably but just to show you what's happening.

      You need to go onto a dual band version and repeat on one band and wlan in the other band to get "full speed". So thing like the Ar750 or Ar750s. I have a review of that one too on the Gadgeteer showing the differences. 😉

      • Oh did not know that.

        So I will now stuck at half speed unless connected through a WIRED connection?

        I am not using any VPN FYI

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