This was posted 2 years 6 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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GoPro HERO8 Black AU $449.96 Delivered (25% off) Using Discount Coupon Supplied by GoPro Live Chat


First shared by as a comment in paraneoplastic's expired post. Thought I would create a new thread for anyone who didn't see it.

Basically ask a question about the new GoPro over the live chat. You do not need to ask for the code within the chat (I didn't) but some people did. The one time use coupon was then emailed to the email address I used to start the chat, after about 5 mins. Really good price for a brand new model. Note: the free 32GB SD card is not included when you use the coupon. Free shipping is though. Enjoy!

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    Damn, good deal

    • code is specific to ur email address (not transferable) and expires in 14 days.

      otherwise, great deal!

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    Can confirm, just got the code 2 mins after chat ended. Code expires in 14 days.

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    Bought one yesterday via the same offer, asked a few questions about the 8 and the Max too and they offered up the coupon without my asking for it.

    • Code work on the Max? Or only the 8? I wanna order the Max, and 25% off would be incredible

      • Only the 8 Black..

      • +1

        I'm after the max too. Let me know if you get a deal, I'll do the same.

          • @camshandez: Thanks, got one :)… charging now. Smaller than I thought, button not very nice tactile press and the battery door lock/lever rattles.

            • @raybies: oh that's a shame! I've called GoPro Technical Support, awaiting confirmation about Ambisonics Audio extraction from the 360 audio files. Seem no one at GoPro has actually used the Max for 360 VR video… all have just tried it for reframing in iOS or Android app for social media upload. Pretty disappointing considering they're selling a 360 camera, but haven't actually tried the 360 features haha

            • @raybies: I've found that the rattle is minimized if you close the door properly - like really push it up into place before locking.

          • @camshandez: know of any current deals for the max, only just started looking and everything seems to have expired.

            • @jackbird13: I haven't seen anything pop up as good as that last one. Black Friday might see something good :)

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    Can confirm I got one yesterday from the chat too. Thanks Cindernat!

    If you need some accessories for it, sign up to the GoPro Plus free trial and get 50% off a lot of accessories (some excluded).

    Also don't forget Cashrewards!

    • i did everything, but forgot cashrewards. go pro plus deal is great value, load up on batteries!! (can only be sent together with new gopro, not individually).

  • Is it a generic code?

    • No.

      This offer may be used by you only and is not transferable to a third party.

      • Ok. Will try to contact the chat

      • Will now have to find a best value to get rid of my gp7 black

        • Same… time to resell my 7 black too!

  • Looks like chat is not live on Sunday.

  • +1

    What about the new GoPro Max

    • Doesn’t work on the max

      • Ahhh dang, that woulda been awesome… Well now to wait for eBay codes to get the Max

    • That’s available from the 26th the guy told me during the chat yesterday, no word on discounts for that yet.

  • +1

    Works but don’t forget cash rewards is giving $15.08 back

  • Can't connect to any agents with that new link.
    edit: says Im in line now

    • How long did it take you?
      I've been on the "Hang on.." screen for 15 minutes

      • 10 minutes but I guess its getting ozbargained now. I'm in the chat as we speak.

  • Having trouble connecting to an agent. If anyone has a code they don't need, i'd love to have it :)

    • Probably due to the other 500+ people that also clicked the link within the last hour.

  • Says chat is closed….

  • +1

    Says Live chat is closed on Sundays.
    New Zealand hours

  • +8

    OzBargain effect. The greed of others ends deals.

  • +5

    can I still chat even if I don’t need one ? Oz bargain effects .

    • +4

      RU OK?

  • +2

    Dang OP, nice find.
    Hoping for some luck when chat opens up again.
    For any first timers picking one up, make sure you get a blistering fast SD card to take advantage of the bitrate and minimise overheating/lockups (have experienced neither). SanDisk Extreme Pro (A2+V30) gets stupid sharp results with my 7 black and can be found pretty cheap. 64Gb should ballpark 2 hrs at 4k/60.

    • +1

      Got the code in the end, had to use Windows Chrome as mobile seemed to not work for me. Waited about 30 mins, was kicked out for "too busy" then rejigged and got straight through.
      Asked (in case interested):
      1) Is the frame and display mod water resistant?
      - no it isn't
      2) Will my 7 Black be getting any UI updates like the 8 has?
      - wait and see
      3) Is the GoPro trade-up program ever coming to Aus?
      - wait and see but also voila; code offered.
      Suspect you need to imply you have a previous model and are concerned about the price.

      OP is legend.

    • +2

      SanDisk Extreme Pro

      Very overkill

      • Upon reading up to try and refute you, fair call. Got confused at point of purchase between the GoPros 85Mbps max write and the cards 90MBps max write. Seems anything as fast/faster than 10MBps should be fine. Proceeding to alt-f4 in shame and order a cheaper card for my discounted 8 black.

  • -2


  • does the max have support for the led light add-on?

    • +6

      Something you should ask GoPro Live Chat.

      • +3

        and get you might be offered the code while you're at it

  • -2

    If anyone gets a code but chooses not to buy it, please me it?

  • +7

    50min wait. Stayed at "next in line" for 20mins. asked if there was any sort of discount for buying the Max and the hero 8 together in a package. they said "no but for your loyalty here's your discount code" and sent me an email. Worth it!

    • Code for just the black 8?

  • Waited ages and then got told there were no available codes.. would love one if anyone has a spare?

  • -2

    Anyone got a code ?

  • would be similar/better deals come Christmas time no?

    • +2

      Something you should ask GoPro Live Chat Crystal Ball department.

      • got the code in less than 8 mins, to use or not to use … .

  • I've got through the queue after over an hour wait but the representative said he was not aware of any promo/discount code being offered. Maybe I'm just unlucky. I would appreciate it if someone has a spare code. :)

    • +2

      I'm not sure what your aproach was but i was very friendly to them. Mentiones how busy they are and how tired they must be (sucking up big time). First question I asked was about if I could use hero 7 batteries on a hero 8. Then asked if there was a discount for buying the Max and 8 together. That's when he offered up the code. Also used an account that I'd previously bought the hero 7 through. Maybe try again and try all that!

      • +1

        I was friendly to them too. But I didn't ask about combo deal for Max and 8 together though. Seems like that's the strategy to get the code. I will try again and will update how it goes.

        Also, I don't get why the downvotes (not that I have anything against those who downvoted though). I just shared my experience.

      • +2

        Just got the code on my second attempt. I just mentioned about buying both 8 and Max for the family. :) Thank you OP and sutiive. And good luck guys!

        • +1

          That's awesome. Glad that worked!

  • +2

    finally got a code. got kicked out of the queue three times, but finally spoke to someone. asked a few questions about mounts, batteries and accessories and got the code. very happy! thanks OP!

  • +1

    Been trying on and off all afternoon to get through while doing some gaming. Finally got through, started off with that I had an older GoPro (I don't) and was thinking of upgrading to a Hero 8 or DJI Osmo Action but wanted to know if the batteries worked on the Hero 8, was offered the discount code before the end of the chat.

  • -2

    Lets hope all the orders don’t get cancelled at 9am tomorrow. That’s when all the AU wear houses start their shipping.

    • +4

      I don't see why they would, it's not like it's a pricing error or we're exploiting a loophole or anything… Their customer service reps are happily offering the code…

      I suspect this is all being done to get a heap out in the wild, create buzz, encourage other to to get one, especially with xmas just around the corner.. ..

      • I hope you right. Keen to get a Hero8.

      • Suspect they want as many mods under Christmas trees as possible. Works for me!

  • +10

    i feel so degraded. i spent ages kissing and licking the backside of the gopro live chat operator. it was so pathetic. i've never felt so dirty. but i got the code.

    • +3

      My operator was happy with a quickie, wham-bam-ty-for-the code-ma'am…

      • +2

        my operator wanted all the foreplay before getting into missionary for instant gratification

      • Damn, I had to chat for 20 mins to get mine.

        • +3

          you have good stamina. endurance is admirable. you're quite the catch.

          • +3

            @cynicalmike: Thank you sir. I felt cheap, but I gots it. Now, are there any deals for mouthwash?

            • +8

              @brokeneither: a true ozbargainer just uses salty water collected from all the tears of missed bargains

            • +3

              @brokeneither: A lot of us have been there before you so you may need something stronger than mouthwash ;)

        • Just got off chat for a second code for a gift. This one took 5 mins lol

  • +1

    Been trying all afternoon. Finally got through to someone after having my tab open for about an hour. Talked to them about accessories for a little bit, and about Australia. He wanted to visit hah. Got the code, took about 20mins on the chat. Worth it. Will be my first GoPro. So keen.

  • Cashrewards tracked my Gopro order but the purchase amount in my email confirmation from CR is in USD.

    Is that normal?

    • -1

      Who cares. You got one. Most didn’t. Be happy

      • Ok, thanks i guess?

        Not here to gloat. Was more curious if the purchase transaction was maybe processed internationally and whether i should have used my fee free card

        And fyi. I miss out on most of the good deals posted. So be it! You win some you lose some.

        Carry on.

    • Even better. More cashback I guess due to the conversion

  • +8

    Okay, I tried a few times in a few different ways (various conversation lengths and topics) with a friend and I think we cracked the code:
    1. Go here for contact, because the link in OP just says "closed"
    2. Start the chat by saying you have had a previous GoPro product (e.g. Hero 3) and you have a a few questions (e.g. will your old accessories/batteries still work, what the the new improvements, etc.)
    3. You can ask genuine questions if you want, but at this point they will have probably offer the discount to you

    If they don't offer the discount to you, here's a few things you can ask:
    * Is the new GoPro worth buying to upgrade my old one?
    * Is there any discounts for upgrading?

    • +7

      Name checks out.

      • +5

        I waste my time so you don’t have to. It’s basically a community service! (Not that this website was the epitome of efficiency to begin with! Haha)

        • +1

          Was just a joke!

          • +1

            @NoGiveJustTake: Haha I know! My text-tone may have come off a bit stern there accidentally
            Wasting time is my special niche in this community hahaha

  • +6

    I got the code now as well. Thanks OP and all others for suggestions.

    • I had to wait in line about 20 minutes (the 'hang on screen')
    • I got connected and told that I have the gopro 5 and was looking to upgrade
    • I then asked if my waterproof case would be compatible with the new gopro8 and was told no.
    • I started uhming and arring and asked about the price of the waterproof case
    • 'BOOM' She then offered to give my the 25% off code when ordered from the website.
    • She then asked for my location and sent the code from the email used to start the chat.

    Hope this helps someone. Good luck!

    • Tried again successfully. I think you need to make sure to tell them that you have been using an older gopro camera and want to upgrade. This discount is supposed to be only for 'loyal' customers :P.

      The second time the person asked for the serial number of the older gopro that I claimed to have, which was unexpected. I just said I will take a while to find it and he gave the code right away…

  • just got a code ty.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got a code.

  • Finally worked for me too! I tried twice unsuccessfully yesterday, but today I must be in luck and also got my 25% one time only code - took a while to connect through and only about 5-10mins of talking to the agent.

    • Is that the same name and email address you used to chat again?

  • -2

    Thanks done and dusted. I think this is an error and should only be $50 off as per email they send you. Anyways $150 off is epic.

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