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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

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Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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        • how long did it take for the nest hub to be dispatched?

          • +1

            @18: My 4 got dispatched the next day 😁

            • @shapers: 4 of them? Did u get ship them to the same address? lol

    • Who cares. Do you really want Google to watch you run around nude??

  • Hi fellow ozbargainers
    Whats the next step from M2M $50 to get my lebara back. They are running speacial atm.

    • +1

      I think you can just port out to lebara.. no need to cancel m2m with telstra..

      Masters can shed some more light though..

    • Hi same here want to port out. Wondering did you port out successfully? Any bills after that? Thanks!

  • Officially done trying to swap to M2M via the chat. I think 8 go's is enough….

    Next thing to try is via the app or web. Love to know whether those who have done it via that method have been charged the ETC.

    • Try chatting during the day, AEST, more chances

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    Well, my plan ended up being cancelled with me not having to do anything. Pretty much ported-in on tues and left with the phone. Then today my telstra sim went to SOS, so I checked the order status on the telstra site and it said on hold.

    Contacted chat and asked what's going on, they then offered to cancel the BYO plan if I wanted to. Quickly agreed, so now I got a pixel and 2 hubs huehue.

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    Grateful to the ozb community for all the tips & tricks. Thought I'd share my timeline of events:
    1) 30/10/2019 11:30 stumbled across this post for the first time
    2) 30/10/2019 12:34 bought $2 optus sim + $10 recharge voucher
    3) 30/10/2019 13:20 visited local store and signed up to the deal
    4) 30/10/2019 15:38 successfully ported to Telstra after receiving 6-digit code to verify ID
    5) 30/10/2019 16:15 switched to $50 M2M (fortunate to do so on first chat attempt; thanks Gia you're a darling)
    6) 31/10/2019 11:30 logged into account to confirm that: i) new contract had expire, and ii) ETC = $0
    7) 31/10/2019 11:36 cancelled number; final fee is estimated at $3.15 per disconnection confirmation email

    • Did you get the Google nest hub?

      • yes x2

        • How did you get x2? Mine says the second imei is not eligible for this offer.

    • Hi. How did you do step #7 - cancelling number?

      • Via online chat; got confirmation from CSO that my plan had expired and that ETC fees was zero first before proceeding. My 'new' mobile service was instantly deactivated and I received a disconnection confirmation email from Telstra which detailed the estimated $3.15 charge shortly after the chat session ended

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      Update: received my Telstra bill. Worse-case scenario now in play; got charged $390 ETC. I suspect a few other might end up in the same scenario in the coming days..

      • Did you save chat transcript stating etc was waived?

        • yes, got the transcript where the CSO quoted $0 ETC. will try and wiggle out of it via chat

      • +1

        Still, $390 ETC + $199 is a good outcome. Although, $199 would have been better.

        I guess i should expect the ETC is the next couple of days.

        • Yes correct - having claimed 2xnest hubs also softens the blow :)

          • @ilubbargains: Did your bill also include the pro-rated plan fees for $65 JB and M2M? Also does it say Final bill or anything on it? Thanks

            • @Chillzy: Yes included $2.097 (being $65 / 31). Just looks like a regular monthly tax invoice; no "final" mentioned anywhere

              • +1

                @ilubbargains: Thanks, can you let us know if you're able to get them to waive the ETC?

      • Did your Telstra bill say JB 12 month contract or M2M?

        • well we still need an update on this case, as we are all eager to find out the outcome, honestly legally we are in the safe.

  • Per comment above, you'd need to text your second IMEI number to 851 using an alternate Telstra/boost mobile number

    • I tried two different telstra numbers under my telstra account with the second imei, and it said the imei is not eligible.

      • Got not eligible as well, probably patched that one.

  • Just a question about swapping to M2M via the app. I know some of you have done this, I just want to make sure.

    On the App, when I go to the JB plan mobile service > My plan > Change your plan, it say's that there's a plan ETC and total of $380ish. However, when I go to "Need more information" down the bottom, under "Upgrade or change" it says cost to recontract to an eligible plan is $0. "End my contract" is $380ish.

    So does that mean that I can swap to sim only M2M for $0 as I'm changing, not cancelling my plan?

    Appreciate someone who's done this to help me out.

    • Anyone?

    • I see exactly the same thing, any updates?

  • I feel like i'm in limbo land - i switched to 80 m2m on the website. My data usage has now shown an increase on myaccount but the plan still says JB byo 65 and "unable to show contract info" - so i don't know whether i'll get an ETC yet or not.

    i've also just ordered a boost blank sim to move there but maybe i should go to a different provider altogether as apparently i need to ask them to change it from post-paid to pre-paid first.

    • I had exact same as you but mine updated in about 36 hours with proper new plan info and no ETC etcetera

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    Log out then back into your account. It will show the updated info.

    • Thanks this worked for me
      Went from showing JB Hi-Fi Mobile BYO Plan $65 12 Month to Mobile Plan Small

  • Has anyone had this happen? I changed to m2m last month through an agent but the order has now been cancelled? My plan still shows JBHifi

    Change Mobile Service


    We're sorry, this order has been cancelled. This might be because you asked us to or because we've created a new order. If it's us, a new number will be sent to your email shortly.
    Change JB Hi-Fi Mobile BYO Plan $65 12 Month

    • you should have cancelled as soon as you changed, you can try and do it through the site like everyone else is doing, i havent tried that myself i did it through the chat

      • it didnt change over, it was pending last night and cancelled today

        • I requested to change to m2m last night, completed during lunch time today.

          Then immediately changed to prepaid.

          • @andylch: How to change to prepaid? Via chat or app?

          • @andylch: Did you get a pro-rated m2m fee, or the whole month?

            • +1

              @JohnHowardsEyebrows: The email / PDF I got shows pro-rata for both JB and M2M plans (1 day each). But it is not yet an official bill.

              • @andylch: which pre-paid deal do you get transferred to?

                will try with chat, if the M2M is charged pro-rata.

              • @andylch: Cheers, keen to know if I should ride out the whole month.

  • I think they fixed the loopholes of claiming Nest with 2nd IMEI. my friend can't do it on his second number. It will just resend him the original promo code that used for first IMEI

    • +1

      Received this SMS: Sorry. That IMEI does not appear to be eligible for this offer.
      If you believe this is an error, please wait 24 hours and try again.

  • Those successful changing to M2M, how long did you wait until porting back out to another provider?

    • You use your own number? its best to use a new non-telstra sim to port in and then ditch afterwards.

      • I used a number, with an existing service from another provider, to port in for this deal. On the 9th go I've successfully got chat to change me over to M2M. Now I'm going to port out to the original provider.

        Just wondering how long people waited until doing this or should I see the month out?

        • If you don't need the number, just cancel plan via chat. No need to mess around with porting out. No ETC if on M2M. I have done this a few times.

          • +1

            @Bluberry: I need the number, so I'm going to port out. Should I just do that now via my original provider or wait for 24 hours? Or see out the month?

            • @dockersrule: If it says m2m on the APP then it should not be an issue. I have never tried to port out though. Good luck

            • +1

              @dockersrule: You will pay for the entire MTM month no matter when you port (as told to me by telstra rep) so you may as well see the month out

              • @pistachio1: yeah, it's not charged pro-rata like the initial BYO65 plan

                • @impoze: I have other services with Telstra and the billing cycles ends tonight. So I changed my m2m to prepaid tonight and ported to Boost. Done in 20 mins. Now to wait for the bill.

                • @impoze: I went through the full T&Cs and, apparently, even the m2m plans are pro rata.

                  Changing or cancelling your plan
                  4.13 You can change to a different available Mobile Plan once a month. If you change your
                  plan, then you’ll immediately be moved to the new plan, and at the end of the month,
                  you’ll be billed a pro-rated amount based on how much time you spent on each plan.
                  Example: If you join Telstra on the Small Mobile Plan on 25 June 2019, and then increase
                  your plan to the Medium Mobile Plan on 5 July 2019, you’ll immediately be moved on to
                  the Medium Mobile Plan on 5 July 2019 and enjoy benefits such as an increase from 15 to
                  60GB of data. At the end of that month (24 August 2019), you’ll be billed at a pro rata
                  rate for 10 days of the Small Mobile Plan and 20 days of the Medium Mobile Plan
                  amount, and after that your next monthly bill will be for the Medium Mobile Plan amount
                  if you don’t change again
                  4.14 You can cancel your plan at any time without incurring any early termination charges for
                  the service. However, you’ll need to pay:
                  a. a pro-rated amount for your last billing period based on when you cancel your
                  plan; and
                  b. if you’ve taken up a DPC or ARO associated with that plan, the balance of all
                  remaining repayments in full.


                  • @proteus119: A rep told me no matter when I ported, I'd be paying the full month fee. So I can actually port out now and only pay for the days i've used?

                    • @pistachio1: The T&Cs seem pretty clear to me. You can try again mentioning that document. I haven't cancelled mine yet, so I can't confirm that it would work

                      • @proteus119: I'll do a live chat and let you know.

                      • +1

                        @proteus119: Analyn at 10:42, Nov 1:
                        As I can see you are on BYO sim plan with no device, that means there will be no extra charges if you will port out

                        ******* at 10:42, Nov 1:
                        Thanks. But what I meant was, I'm on the $80 plan and I have 27 days left in my biling cycle. So if I ported out today, would I be charged the full $80 or the pro rata amount for the days that I've used?

                        Analyn at 10:43, Nov 1:

                        You will be charged the pro rate amount for the days that you've used

                        • @pistachio1: Sweet! Sounds like I was right!

                          • @proteus119: A few people here have received their bill after cancelling the M2M plan and it was pro-rated. Note that Telstra charges $8 to port your number from M2M (except to Boost)

  • Hey guys. When you tried to switch to M2M plan, did you communicate with Telstra via the 24x7 app’s Telstra Messaging? Or should I use the browser to prevent other reps to read my previous inquiries, just in case I get rejected on my initial attempt to switch to $50 M2M?

    • Tried it using web browser. My proposal of waiving the ETC was rejected by the agent on my first try. This hurts. Can’t do this anymore.

      • I went through about 20 reps before mine worked. Keep trying.

      • I just did it in the first go for my sister, keep trying!

  • Anyone had any luck getting this deal after the 30th October?

    Went into Bourke St JB and they said it has expired and no chance of getting it

    • I got the S10e yesterday, and was confirmed by the sales rep at JB that the deal valid till 6th Nov.

      • +2

        Remember to order your free Galaxy Buds!

        • Yup, collecting the phone today. Port went through overnight.

        • Do you know normally how long it takes for the buds to be delivered?

    • Just tried get it this morning, was told the pixel deal has ended, s10e deal still running - or has started again

  • I just tried two stores in Sydney too and they told me it's over. No one knew about any 6 November date. Has anyone had any luck in Sydney?

  • -1

    Is $500 gift card with this plan still active or being replaced by pixel deal altogether?

  • +1

    Has anyone tried signed up a second time for the 12 month contract deal after cancelling their m2m with Telstra? Would like to know how the interaction went down when porting over to Telstra over the phone in the Jb Hifi store

    • porting over to Telstra over the phone

      my port was all done online by the staff member in store

  • -1

    Where is the proof that the deal has been extended?

    • Call up the store before going, called two stores and they both said it's runnning till the 6th

      • Went into Epping VIC today, pointed at a tiny little sign with the deal and she said woops thats expired.

        EDIT: Also - It wasn't in their internal plan page anymore at all as I watched the girl go through it.

        • Yeah I don't believe its still active. More are saying its done than its still going.

  • +2

    Has anyone got their bill emailing from Telstra after going from contract to M2M to cancel/porting out?

    • I haven't and it's been a couple of days. Some other experiences would be good.

      • So no one has received a final bill for M2M and cancelling/porting out?

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