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Bauhn 65" 4K Ultra HD Android TV $799 @ ALDI


Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Refresh rate: 60Hz
Aspect ratio: 16:9
USB Output: DC 5V 500mA
Power Source: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 220W

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  • +5

    Regardless of the quality, it’s nuts that you can now buy an LCD 65” for that price.

    I remember when 55” was $20,000 years ago.

    • -1

      I remember when 55” was $20,000 years ago.

      How many did you buy and is that how you got you user name?

      • +2

        Actually traded one for 27,688,902 coconuts.

    • I am still using my Bravia lcd 40” got it at Myers 6-7 years ago for $5000

      • +2

        If you bought it somewhere else you would have paid $3000

        • +5

          I think I wasn’t on OzB yet lol

  • +3

    TCL 65P8M Probably much better value until sold out

  • +7

    Good price, but you can get a Sony equivalent for not much more. Can't post as a deal since they only have 5 of them, but they have the 65" X80G on their eBay store for $1079 delivered: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283650767031 . Worth the extra $280?

    • That one clearly comes with a damaged box though.

      • I've bought a "box damaged" TV from their store before, and the box has actually come in perfect condition. Some commenters on other Sony box damaged TV deals here seem to have had the same experience too, so I don't know why Sony advertise it like that. Even if it does have a damaged box, the TV itself is still new with all accessories etc.

        • +5

          It prevents price matching.

          They can get rid of excess units without pissing off retailers sitting on identical stock at higher prices.

          • +1


            It prevents price matching.

            If the boxes aren't really damaged, then they are false advertising to decrease competition, which would be illegal.

            • +2

              @jv: Easy solution

              Just damage the box (slightly)

    • Definitely worth the extra. Assuming you keep 4 years it's an extra $5.83 a month for a Sony

  • +2

    Can we confirm the refresh rate? The last set of 65" panels from ALDI for $599 were actually quite decent. This adds some smart features for an extra $200. I would wait for the 'dumb' version to become available again and add a NVIDIA Shield.

  • HDR?

  • Do yourself a favour, say no to Bauhn TV.

    • +1

      I bought one a few years ago and returned it the following day. The viewing angles were shockingly poor.

      I’m hoping/assuming they’ve got better…? Or maybe not…

      At least their returns policy still remains good as ever.

      • There's been at least 1 Aldi model TV which was HDR-Less but otherwise (apparently) exceptionally good for the money, in the last 24 months.

    • Mine gets used daily for hours and has been working well for years. 55" dumb tv

  • +3

    Does it have Band 28 and NFC? My wife is currently looking to upgrade from her Nokia 5110 to something with a bigger screen.
    Also she loves Chinese food so does it come with free dual sims?

    • +2

      You alright?

    • +2

      No band 28 or NFC unfortunately. Not sure about the dual Sims.. you might have to call Aldi directly

      • Not sure about the dual Sims.

        You can definitely eat dim sims whilst watching this TV.

  • This TV is also only 60hz

    At $599 I probably would have bought

    but not $799

  • Article about this tv https://www.channelnews.com.au/kogan-forced-to-drop-their-da...
    is google certified and there is a netflix integrated button, so I wonder if it will be able to run 4k Netflix as well?

  • Looks interesting..

    Its HDR.. But there seems to be no specs around the panel.. Contrast rate, etc. So the HDR could be total rubbish

    The Android capabilities.. Its unclear what processor its running on.. It may not even be able to dish out 4k content..

    Ultimately its worth a punt to buy it if your in the market, because if its rubbish, just return it.

  • Got the last 8. (Joking) got one this morning, very happy with it thus far.

    • Any additional specs in the box, brightness etc?

      • Can't find any detail

    • I'm using plex server at home, wonder how good the built-in android tv with this to stream movie from it, with my vodafone tv, it keeps saying not enough to stream and stuttering…

  • I bought this and can confirm, Aldi TVs are terrible.
    I mainly bought it for the wife and she thinks it's good, but myself - I would've already boxed it back up to return in the morning.

    • why?

      • Why does my wife like it? I have no clue…
        Why do I hate it? Don't let me start…
        * TV Subtitles turn themselves on all the time.
        * Customised channels on home screen keep returning after a while when deleted.
        * 'White shadowy patches' on completely black screen, eg No Signal background.
        * Built-in Chromecast is not useable. It has some sort of lag/delay/slowness, almost as if displaying at 60% speed or something, and so it gets continually further delayed as using it. I gave up testing it when I ran a stopwatch on my phone, time counted up over 4 minutes on but TV display still hadn't opened stopwatch app yet…

        There are more problems, but these four are the worst at the moment.

        • Everyone one of these points is about using the build in crappy software (which I would avoid as the plague, to me a TV is a 'display' you hook up a real HTPC / PS4 / Apple TV to it)

          but I digress, your point on the "white shadowy patches" = no thank you! :(

        • thanks, I guess I will pass on this. In other news whats your thoughts on the new nvidia shield

          • @johndory: Tempted to buy the new nvidia shield, but I don't think it's landed down under as yet, right?

        • Thanks for this, about to jump the gun to buy it this morning (but hold off as my conscience told me not to, as otherwise I'll sleep in the couch tonight - as my husband won't approve the purchase)

  • One of my friend bought one last year, shocking picture quality, no way to compare with my 10 years old Sony, guess good for Specsavers.

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