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Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC [16GB/B350/240GB NVMe]: $1499 + Free CoD + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi all,

Kicking off November with a similar spec to the popular bundle from October - a higher spec Ryzen 5 3500X with 2080 Super.

Spec: Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2080 Super 8GB | 16GB 2400MHz RAM (G.Skill) | B350 Motherboard (Biostar B45M2) | 240GB NVMe m.2 (Kingston or Crucial) | 750W Power Supply (likely Thermaltake 750W) | Thermaltake Versa H18
Price: $1499 after 3500X-2080S-240NVMe-NOV
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-3500x-rtx-2080-...

A new upgrade option based on numerous requests and thanks to increased stock availability is the option to guarantee an MSI Ventus RTX 2080 Super for $39, over the bundled GPU whose model may vary but will likely be from Galax. This is in line with RRP.

Popular upgrades are the 16GB 3200MHz for $59 (has been Team TForce Vulcan of late), 750W Bronze PSU for $49 or Gold for $99, and lots of additional storage options are available.

I'm in the process of updating all customers who have purchased 3500X systems previously, as, having been due first week of November, they are arriving and systems are beginning to ship out this week. By the time these systems start to ship we should be right back close to estimated 7 business day shipping, but as always your patience and understanding is appreciated as we are entering peak season. Happy to provide updates for those needing them.

Please note also that I'll be on annual leave for a week starting Friday, but the team here will be manning OzB in my place and deals and support will continue to flow.

The coupon codes from the deals that expired yesterday are still valid temporarily, so if you're interested, best be quick. Highlighted deals::
Entry Level with 580: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493444
3900X and Threadripper systems: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/492935


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  • Will there be a deal for workstations too (with a new upgrade option), Luke?

    • Which are you looking for in particular?

      • Not a particular PC or a component, but since there were a lot of questions and upgrade/swap requests in the last workstation deal, I was wondering if you'll make a deal that offers all the major upgrades raised in the last deal. Haven't made up my mind yet, but would be good if such a deal is available.

        • +1

          Oh like Asus Tuf Mobo, air cooler etc?

          • @luketechfast: Yup. Also the NVMe SSD types/sizes etc. Plus an option for a different case? Cheers

            • +2

              @AussieDaddy: All the SSD and Case options are there I believe - up to 1TB NVME m.2 and Versa J24 case. Just added the Antec C400 Air Cooler and Asus Tuf WiFi X570 upgrade options as well (same respective upgrade cost from when the X570 motherboard is bundled).

    • Hey Luke, should we expect any delays to the ~7 business day shipping for non-3500x systems ordered over the past week? I am waiting on a 3900x system

      • +1

        Perhaps a couple of days being realistic about quantity of builds but it shouldn't be excessive. I'll aim to provide an update to high end customers before I go on leave.

        • All good! No stress Luke, I only ordered a few days ago so wasn't expecting an update this week anyway, just wanted to know whether I should expect an extended wait. Thanks for that info!

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    Just did a quick search online


    I'm curious as how this cpu performed better for gaming then the 3600x? And it's cheaper Not a computer whiz but if so this is awesome

    • Sample size of 7 is too small to say much. Most likely some of them are using bad testing methods.

      Professional reviews say the 3600x is faster as you'd expect

      • If that's the case might wait for a black friday, cyber Monday for a 3600x sale, thanks for the info

        • +1

          The performance is negligible to 3600. You see YouTuber recommending 3600 instead of Ryzen 3600x and spending the extra money on other components. The 3500X is currently the best value king CPU depending if the game can use more threads.

          • @ChickenAdobo: I play allot of total war game series it's very cpu intensive game on the 2600X just think it might not be enough to play on 1440p on highest settings with like 1000+ units fighting and projectiles firing individually

            • +2

              @Alex01: The 3600 and 3600x are super similar. What ChickenAdobo said, honestly the price/performance between the two is better spent on faster clocking/lower latency RAM. UNLESS you plan on overclocking and screwing with the infinity fabric (in which case youd want 3600mhz low latency RAM anyway for best overclock results on Ryzen, plus an OC MOBO). That said, when its a prebuilt and the price compared to buying parts is as good as Techfast, just get the parts you get :P

            • +1

              @Alex01: I would probably see if the game your runnings supports multicore, some are only dual core (depending when they were released/patches ect)
              rather than looking for a multicore if your games don't support it.

              • @Umicro: Learn more from OZB comments then i do anywhere else, thank you

    • +3

      The 3500X is essentially the same CPU as the 3600 except with SMT (aka HyperThreading) disabled. Gamers Nexus reviewed the 3600 and found that there was actually a small improvement in frame rates in some cases when SMT was turned off - probably because most games perform better with faster cores instead of more cores, and disabling SMT gives the CPU a little more headroom to boost to higher frequencies. Note they observed this while testing with Total War: Warhammer 2 so it could be relevant to your usage!

      The differences between the 3600 and 3600X are pretty minor (an extra 0.2GHz in clock speed) so it wouldn't surprise me if the 3500X and 3600X were close together in gaming benchmarks, given the above 3500X vs 3600 comparisons.

    • 6 vs 12

  • +11

    Considering the GPU alone is $1000+ this is rad.

  • damn nice

  • Do you sell GPU's separate?

    • +11

      Not at this stage. We need every card we can get to fulfill system orders! Might change in the future, might not. But core business right now is assembled PCs.

      • Cool mate, thanks for clarification.

  • +1

    Planning to purchase a PC from you guys real soon but I'm a bit clueless when it comes to different builds.

    I realise that my question might be difficult to answer- I see that you have multiple gaming builds at different price points, what differences can I expect in terms of performance from these 3 price points $500, $800-1000 and $1500? Obviously the higher price points will perform better but what can a $1500 build do that a $1000 build can't do, is it mostly just better graphics?

    • +4

      maybe really simple analogy is 1080p resolution gaming for the $500 PC, 1440p resolution for the $800-100 PC and higher framerates at 1440p and maybe smooth 4K resolution gaming for the $1500 PC.

      They all game, but it depends on the resolution of the PC monitor (not included with the above prices) you are going to use.

      PC can do a lot more besides, but probably 90% of people use them only for games, browsing the web, youtube and email.

    • +3

      What games are you planning to play. Look up the CPU/CPU combinations for those games online.

      For example here is the benchmarks for the above CPU/GPU combo for Fortnite

    • +1

      Really it depends on what you are wanting to play, how you want it to look and what screen you will be playing on. This system would be overkill for like Fortnight, Minecraft, MOBAs etc. It will run anything game out today super nicely; max graphics at 1080p resolution at very high refresh rates. It will do 1440p the same, maybe having to drop a setting or two just below max in the most demanding games to get 120fps+. Will do 4k 60fps in most all games.

      The differences between the tiers will be what system can do in terms of graphics settings/refresh rates, what resolution run smoothly, how future proof they are (able to play future games at high settings wo upgrading) and their overclocking capabilities (pushing hardware beyond factory spec).

      You can search Youtube for the Graphics Card/CPU combo, guarantee someone will have a video showing the performance they are getting in a bunch of games.
      The more involved method is finding benchmarks of Graphics cards frame rates in tech reviews (Tomshardware or Linus Tech Tips are pretty readable/watchable), then check on the following link to see if the hypothetical CPU is bottlenecking (read; limiting) the systems total performance by plugging in the parts (https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu-benchmark-comparison). That link will also show an FPS at resolution estimation but is not the best as dont know what games they are using.

      Get the vibe you might be coming from consoles like I did. Ask any q's about any of the things I said you arent familiar with them. Am not an expert in what hardware will be able to do what. You can probs ignore overclocking if so, its a whole kettle of fish for 'power users'.

      • +1

        Also, the rough rule is that you spend like, roughly half your computers cost on your monitor (free correct me anyone). The $500 systems will do great on a $100-$250 1080p monitor. You could run this system on the same monitor, but it would be pushing massive frame rates at 1080p that will be wasted because any monitor wont be able to refresh actually refresh its screen that fast. So you could convert those 'wasted' frames into higher visual fidelity by getting a 1440p monitor.

    • +1

      they've changed their builds now for the better which is nice but this one listed now is a really good deal and i wish i spent that because i've spent more than that even with ebay deals, etc for the same performance upgrading each part individually.

  • -1

    If only this had a quantum CPU. Would've pulled the trigger. /s

  • -1

    Would've bought if it had two 2080 Ti's.

  • Hey what's the difference between the Galax and Msi 2080 Super cards? I ordered the i7 2080 Super deal from about a week ago and was wondering if I can pay extra for this upgrade before it's sent out?

    • +1

      Happy to give you an update on your order if you PM me your details and regarding GPU you'll get.

      • Thanks Luke!

    • +2

      Look mate, honestly there won't be a whole lot of difference. MSI is more of a known brand name, and seems like the card looks more clean aesthetically, and is factory-OC'ed, so will run slightly faster out of the box. The Galax model does have one-click OC, so will only take a few seconds to turn on. Not sure if it's worth $39, nothing to beat yourself up about if you get Galax instead, they're the same card model so no stress.

      PM Luke if you're really concerned, I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out.

      edit: beaten to it! ah well

      • Thanks mate, assuming the Galax will run as good after the one-click OC, I won't worry about it

    • +1

      I bought a galax 2080 card. Perfectly good gpu. Has the same premium features like the fan stopping when not under load etc.

      That being said I can't comment on the 2080 super version. But in my experience they're very solid

      • Thanks for the input!

        • I've also bene runnning a Galax GTX970 card since 2014, and it hasn't missed a beat. Definitely can't fault them based on that experience so far.

      • I agree - Galax is a good card.

  • +1

    One of the first TF builds/deals that uses nearly all quality brand name parts - unless I'm mistaken?

    @Luke, any chance of putting together a deal for something a bit lower spec ($1000 mark) that uses similar brand name components?

    • Mainly due to the fact we're sitting on more stock due to peak season so it is a little easier to specify brand/model right now. I'll try to be as specific as I can in more deals coming this week.

      • Sure, it just seems like we have Crucial, G.Skill and TT (Power Supply) in the mix as opposed to Allied stuff.

  • +1

    Hey @luketechfast
    Just a quick question, for all the parts, I've seen through a bunch of your posts that the brand is random according to what you have in stock.
    I also read that the manufacturers are responsible for the warranty.

    My question is, are all those manufacturers Aus based? (or have somewhere to return to that is national),
    And secondly, we cant go to your team to use the warranty correct?


    • +1

      We offer a 1 year assembled system warranty. We are looking into the terminology around return to base which was the subject of conjecture on another post, but we absolutely cover our assembly and manufacturer components within that year. After our assembled warranty, any additional warranties offered by manufacturers for their respective parts apply. It may only be Biostar that do not have local representatives warranty wise but we can assist with those; otherwise all components have local support.

      So the answer to the second question is that you can (and actually must) contact us for warranty support, the product is fully warranted and supported by us as the assembler. Don't send it to a local PC store as that may affect our warranty. Unassembled systems, as in for those customers who request just the components with no assembly, are not covered under our assembled system warranty.

      • So if you take the parts individual, no warranty through you?

        • We honor and assist with component manufacturer warranty where required

      • Thanks for clarifying Luke, will come in handy when I finally take a leap into upgrading.

    • +3

      Whatever they say, these guys have statutory consumer guarantee obligations and cannot just arbitrarily tell you that they will only help you for one year - any voluntary warranty is in addition to, and not a substitute for, your statutory rights:


      I think a reasonable consumer would expect a $1,500 PC to last a lot longer than one year. The ACCC has taken a position on various categories of goods in the past (e.g. TVs from memory should last 5-10 years depending on quality, phones at least 2 years as a general rule).

      Nor can they just punt you to the manufacturer if you have a problem:


      You are entitled to call on those rights via the retailer, and if they suggest that you are not then this is unlawful.

  • Free cash on delivery or cod mw? Haha

  • +1

    Are either the liquid cooling or antec c400 recommeneded over base fan? Ive decided on the 2080 ventus, 16gb 3200 with bronze power supply. Just wondering how effective the base fans against these two options, and if it is worth the extra cost.

    • Wanna know this as well, thx

    • +1

      I'll let other customers who have used them comment as to their efficacy. We are offering this based on the request for an alternative air cooler and this is what is available to us.

      • Thank you, I may stick to base fan unless recommended otherwise.

      • Does the Thermaltake H18 build only come with the one stock CPU fan? or does it include any other fans like the one that usually comes with a new case.

    • +3

      If you plan on overclocking the CPU, go the extra cooling. If not, the stock air cooling will be fine (which comes with the system). Lower CPU temps dont actually mater in terms of part life span if not overclocking, from all the research I've seen. The conventional wisdom says cooler is better, but so long as you arent murdering the thing to 95+ degrees (which you wont in typical use) the thing will live for as long as you need it stock cooled. Literally ANYONE will be upgrading long before the difference in operating temperatures brings about parts degradation or failure. We are talking an increase in life span after like 10-15 YEARS.

      Also, if a water cooler pump fails, its hard to tell, so you might not notice its broken and your cooling isnt happening. Fan cooled you can tell because fan stops spinning haha. Also, on the very small chance the pump/pipes leak, yea……
      Honestly, been researching recently, I'd go with a Noctua fan over water cooling for overclock any day. Same cooling, Noctua will likely be cheaper, no risk of pump failure/leak, only downside is fitting the fan & heatsink on a tight Motherboard.

      • Thank you so much! I may stick to the base fan and think about getting a noctua or other fan if I think about overclocking, which is unlikely with the games I play.

  • Drool. If i wasn't broke - sold i tell you!

    • +3

      I need a kidney, do you want to trade it for this PC?

  • Luke, any option for a free salmon or tuna instead? Can't say I enjoy cod.

    • +6

      Sorry, all upmarket fish is reserved for Baby.

  • You really know how to get a blokes attention Luke.

  • +2

    Can someone give their opinion as to how loud these techfast systems usually run? Hate a loud computer

  • Where do I put in the coupon code?

    • +2

      At Checkout.

  • Do you do these deals each month? not in the market now but will be in a few…. sorry, first time i've noticed your posts

  • +1

    Unreal value

  • Will this deal be available tomorrow?

    • Yep! About a week.

  • +1

    Awesome work Luke.

  • +1

    Wait reading one of your posts earlier, it is possible to request un-assembled parts? How does that work?

    • Would also like to know

    • If it isn't available as a specific option during checkout, I would assume you write 'parts no assembly' in the Notes box at checkout. Also reply to the email that confirms your order to make sure support sees it. I emailed them about something in my system and support got back to me in great time :)

    • You just write it in the notes at checkout

    • Yep, enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the Notes field on the Cart page before Checkout. Our assembled system warranty does not apply but we will honor and assist with manufacturer warranties on individual components where required. You will save 1-2 says time wise as we pick all orders purchased on the same, on the same day, to be fair to everyone.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Does that also mean components are sent unopened and in their original packaging?

        Also, I'm guessing all the boards you offer are ATX? No mITX options?

        • +1

          Correct, we send however we receive them. The only component I can think of that doesn't currently come in retail packaging is the Biostar RX 580 which came bulk packaged in individual sleeves.

          Generally mATX boards only, and no ITX sorry.

      • +2

        As above, you do realise that if you are the retailer of goods in Australia you have a statutory obligation to directly honour consumer guarantees and it is against the law for you to push customers off to the manufacturer?

        Not trying to be a dick, it's just that a couple of your comments here seem to imply that you guys will send people off to the manufacturer if there's a problem.

        Surely everyone in the industry is aware of this by now:


  • Just wondering if there's enough space on the b450m mobo for a darkrock pro 4 or noctua d15 sized cpu cooler?

    I had a look at the compatibility website for noctua and there might be an issue with blocking the pci

    • A u14s or d15s should make that a non issue.

  • Hi Luke, with the Team Vulcan ram upgrade, is it this ram for the $59 upgrade? https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/vulcan-ddr4 Thanks

    • It has been recently yep. May very but availability and reliability has been good.

  • whats the benefit of the msi gpu over the one included?

    • +1

      It is some people's brand preference. Zazer made a good comment earlier above.

    • +2

      No. We be as specific as possible but our model has always been to use a variety of brands/models for each component according to availability, price, etc. That is clearly stated on the site and here so that would not be grounds for a refund.

  • Hey guys! This will be my first ever gaming PC, and i'm hoping to get a good experience out of it for a good couple of years :) was wondering if anyone could comment/ advise on whether I should get these upgrades? 1. The more expensive thermaltake case (have heard about the importance of a good case for cable managment and upgrades) 2. The gold power supply over the bronze

    Also let me know what other upgrades you guys would recommend! If not, am thinking of getting this with the bronze power supply and the antec air fan as the only 2 upgrades. Many thanks in advance!

    • The J24 is slightly larger and has 3 front RGB fans so airflow would be superior. Cable management is roughly the same but we do it all in assembled systems. Good power supply provides greater efficiency and more headroom for future component upgrades if desired.

  • I’m a little confused reading some of the comments, the brands listed are not necessarily what one will recieve when purchasing this? It will depend on which brands for each component are in stock?

    • Generally speaking and in the past, we do not specify which brands will be used for any one component as we use a variety of different brands/models according to availability, pricing etc. However we have ramped up supply/stock on hand so it is possible in some instances.

  • I had a few issues with my purchase of this machine which took a while to resolve but now it's up and running.

    The only irks I have with the system is it's quite loud and there's something wrong with one of my fans which makes it louder than normal sometimes. It's also a really small case which traps a lot of heat. I'm in an airconditioned room all of the time so it's not as big of an issue.

    Spec wise no concerns at all. Lots of cool LEDs like the RAM sticks.

    • What brand are the ram sticks that you got with rgb? Thanks

  • I'm looking for a powerful PC (e.g. Core i9, 32GB or 64GB DDR4 3200MHz, etc) but I don't care about the graphics card. Do you have any offers like that?

    • Look at Luke's post history: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/492935

    • We don't do any systems with CPUs requiring discrete graphics without a GPU installed, but we have started to move more into high spec systems with a relatively basic GPU. We have discussed i9 previously so may look at that again. Ryzen 9 3900X and Threadripper 1950X systems are as Hinee posted below.

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