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AMD Ryzen 7 2700X $199 Delivered @ Amamax via Amazon AU


Seems cheaper than most deals from before. Reasonable alternative to the more expensive 3rd gen, or if your motherboard only supports 2nd gen (e.g. The A320 ones from TechFast).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Note, this is sold by a third party but fulfilled by Amazon AU.

    • That's fine, means you have Amazon support backing all items.

  • Reads like a 3rd Gen price drop is imminent.

    • Really? Why? 4th gen is a while away.

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          From the sounds of it only 4000 mobile chips are being released early next year, being shown off at ces in Jan. Desktop chips 'sometime later in the year'.

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            @tertle: No, the APUs drop at different times to the CPUs. So the next gen APUs early next year will be based on gen 3 CPU

            • @D3m3ntia: Not saying the new APUs will be zen3, just the 4000 series APU will be out then (which is what you're saying as well. I think we're agreeing).

              The actual desktop 4000 zen3 won't be out till later next year, so probably not just a few months off which is what I was responding to.

              AMD's president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed this Sunday that the company will be introducing its next generation Ryzen 4000 series processors by early 2020. The roll-out will start out with the company's next generation Ryzen 4000 series mobile parts, which AMD plans to debut inside a plethora of new notebooks at CES in January next year.

              These APU parts will introduce the company's 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture to the mobile arena, however the company isn't stopping there. Following mobile Ryzen 4000 series APUs will be the company's next generation Zen 3 Ryzen 4000 series desktop CPU parts in the same year.

      • Intel are showing that they're prepared to eat into their massive margins to be competitive, so AMD will follow suit to some extent. 10th gen desktop might be in the offing (though it's not 10nm, just another 14nm refresh).

    • Well why would you stock the 2700 when the 3700 is out.

      • The 2700X is pretty competitive with the 3600 depending on your use case, especially at this price.

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          More than competitive, seeing as it's 16 thread. That box cooler alone will recoup you like $50-70, what a bargain.

          • @Budju: I got an aftermarket Snowman cooler for 30$ delivered and it easily beats any ryzen box cooler, you could probably find a better performing cooler than stock for under 20$ if you're OK with a 2nd hand cooler.

            • @thorman: People like the look of the ryzen box 2700x, so it sells

          • @Budju: Actually at 200$ this isn't competing with the zen 2 cpu's at all it's competing with the 2600/2600x/2700 and for that this was a great bargain while it was available.
            I still don't think the 2700x should be considered unless it's at least 50$ cheaper than the 3600.
            Even if I actually had a multithread workload for say an hour a day on the 2700x I'd still rather the 3600 it would only take 65min vs 60min on the 2700x and for everything else the 3600 would be noticabely faster.

            • @thorman: Hmmmm, wrong. This is 16 thread, so it will will be superior to the 3600 for certain workloads.

              I would buy a 3600 myself, as I don't need more than 12 threads.

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          Only slightly faster in multicore, much slower at everything else.

          • @thorman: yes, 7nm will be better single core.

  • this is seriously tempting. Highly doubt 3rd gen will drop much further during black friday

  • thanks jimmytseng - ordered!! 8 cores 16 threads for $199 aud - great stuff

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      I can leave so much stuff open with my 2700X. On my G4560 I had to close my project to start a game, now I just leave everything open, I can encode files and extract other files and manage 1000 torrents and have 100 tabs open and still game just fine. Can leave all the adobe apps open with my 32GB ram too. I’m strangely less productive now though, used to be I had to open an application with a purpose so I can get it finished and close it down again. Now I can put everything off because all my projects are always open, ready for me to start working on them.

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    And I was happy buying ryzen 5 2600 for $180.

    • ha..ha :(

    • Same - and I did!

  • Cheers boss.

    • Thanks cobber.

      • Churr bru.

  • Is this eligible for the raise the game offer? no listing on the page

    • Yeah look at the pictures it reckons 2 free games and 3 months xbox pass. Borderlands 3, Outer worlds, gears 5

      • just checked the terms at amd however can't see amamax listed as an eligible seller

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        2700X gets a choice of Borderlands or Outer Worlds, and the 3 month Xbox game pass, from participating retailers.

        • so do we get emailed a code from purchase or will it be included in the box. Also still unsure if Amamax is a participating retailer. Anyone able to confirm?

          • @sujongwah: That'd be on the retailer. When I got my 3900X I had to chase the seller up for the game codes.

            No idea about Amamax, sorry.

  • Awesome price, thanks OP!

    Luckily I've been lazy and I haven't broken the seal on my R5 2600 so i can still return it.

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    even if 3600 drops to $250 this is still a great deal.

    Just need to hunt for a mobo now

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    Out of stock/price jump, bugger, would have bought.

  • Got one. Too hard to pass on at that price.

  • damn thats cheap

  • I just bought a replacement motherboard for my 6600k, for an extra $200 I should have upgraded to Ryzen

  • Awww I missed it lol been checking ozbargain everyday for a deal on this chip

    • I was doing the same on Amazon, hence how I came across this deal!

  • Dang, back up to $300

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    Darn missed out, was waiting for this to come up. How come often posts only shows up when they are expired. I've been checking regularly since morning and couldn't see anything? Have I been looking at the wrong place? For $200 it's a no brainer.

    • Just a note for anyone reading this and looking for a Ryzen 3000 board, this isn't it, as it's not flagged for Ryzen 3000 support and does not support USB BIOS Flashback.

    • I thought AMD is compatible with any X470 and B450 chipsets and the last gen as well.

      • It is, and this board is compatible if running BIOS version 7B79v1A or later (released mid 2019). If the board you get is running an older BIOS you will need a Ryzen 1st or 2nd gen CPU to flash the newer BIOS as it does not have the BIOS flashback feature (which allows you to flash BIOS without a CPU).

  • Anyone know the return policy on this? is change of mind accepted?

  • Is that a gen2 cpu?

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    God damn it I really would've liked this
    Well done to the people who managed to get it

  • oh that was a cheap. damn.

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    Where have all the ebay cpu deals gone :/

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    Does this come with the free games?

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    $200 for a 2700x? may be the best CPU deal I have seen on ozbargains. Unbelievable value.

  • In stock now, but the price gone up to $307.02.

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    Damn! Was waiting for this for so long… Hope there's another deal before Christmas

  • spewing I missed out on this. Would have been an amazing upgrade to my media server.