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Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock $5.99 (Was $11.98) Delivered @ Qicklock


Greetings everyone, really glad to see this deal back again. I can safely say from experience that it's one of the most handy tools for travelling, as it allows you to lock any door when you're inside the room. Particularly useful in applications such as share accommodation. It doesn't work as an application to lock the door while you are out of the room.

This usually goes for $11.98.


  • Airport security? no problem. Staying in a dodgy hotel to save money? No problem. Renting and can't change the locks? No problem. No installation …. No key required…

  • The lock fits most left or righthand inward opening doors fitted with a latch.It is lightweight and fits and releases in seconds. Whether the door has a lock, no lock or the lock is broken this portable lock can be used. Can be carried in on-board luggage through airport security.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Interesting… but what real practical situation does this have

    • +10

      Used it a few times - staying in holiday homes with groups of mates… no lock on bathroom /toilets etc

      • +2

        I'd never think to worry about it in that case. Surely having having to go and get the lock and then fiddling with it just so you can take a shower without anyone stealing your clothes (or joining you in there) is worth the trouble!

      • +1

        No locks on toilet doors should be a bootable offence.

      • no lock on bathroom /toilets etc

        so what happens if you die on the crapper and emergencies services can't get in because you've got a lock on the door?

        • just don't use this lock if you are planning to die on the crapper :P

    • +8

      I personally have used to to keep out hotel cleaning staff who decided to ignore the "Do Not Disturb" sign while I was having a shower.

      It depends how much you travel, I guess.

      • -3

        What's wrong with the lock on hotel doors?

        • +13

          They have a key

          • -14

            @BangkokBreakfast: Cleaning staff don't carry keys.

            Most hotels have chain locks to lock the door so even if they have a key they can't open the door.

            • +18

              @spaceflight: I don't think I've ever been to a hotel where the cleaning/maintenance don't have keys. Today I had one bypass the DND sign while I was showering to leave additional towels.

              (I still wouldn't buy this lock, but I get it)

              • @pais: So they'll still walk-in on my sexy time?

              • +1

                @pais: You have to assert dominance by answering the door to the hotel staff fully naked with hands on hips. Lol. They’re less likely to barge in then.

            • +2

              @spaceflight: I feel it’s becoming less common these days to have a chain so I can see why this product exists. But like a portable luggage scale or travel poncho, it’ll likely be forgotten about by the time I’m rushing to pack for a trip.

              • +1

                @jace88: Damn those luggage scales. Always forget them, always keep buying new ones on holidays, never can quite weigh the bag correctly lol

              • +3

                @jace88: You'll be too busy packing your "travel wifi modem router" no doubt. lol

                • @clandestino: I don't even bother with that anymore. Forgot it twice!

    • +16

      Perfect gift for teenage boys.

      (Source: was teenage boy.)

      • Yep, especially round exam time.

    • +4

      If you have young kids who like to wake up early this is an excellent method to enjoy a sleepin during the weekend.

      Also useful when you need to enjoy some private uninterrupted time with the Mrs. :)

      • +5

        Wouldn't said young kids just yell and bang on the door loudly until you opened it? Or is that just my kids…

        • They all do it.

        • +1

          Mine does bang her head on the floor just get our attention … Oh the joy of parenthood. To be fair I probably was a little prick at that age too… Thanks God I can't remember it

          • @frewer:

            Thanks God I can't remember it

            Remember seeing it

            • @capslock janitor: XD Amazingly, I can remember a certain thing up to 5yo, how I was doing absolutely stupid thing ( but it was fun for a kid ). But some recently unfortunate event I forgot … memory …

    • +1

      Great for tossing into the trash after you lose the little nub bit.

      • -1

        that's what she said. (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

    • +3

      Visiting India in January. Don't want to jump a window to escape a horny manager

  • +1

    Great lock

  • +2

    Thanks doweyy. Seems quite useful. Picked one up.

    • Tell us when you used it on the next deal..!

      • Will do. I'll see you on the next one ;)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. :)
    Been waiting for this offer to come back.

  • +3

    Maybe just me but looks like a bit of a fire hazard, if using on a cheap hotel room door.

    • +3

      Do “cheap hotel room doors” catch fire easier than expensive hotel room doors when using this???

    • Firemen can get into secure doors, no problem.

    • +2

      How is it any different to locking a door with a permanent lock?

      • It's worse and will damage your door if someone tries to open it too hard, but you won't always be able to install a permanent lock when you travel!

    • I think you can only use this while you're inside the room etc. If there is a fire, I'm guessing you remove it yourself to get out.

      • Or someone outside can kick down the door whilst wearing a towel cape

  • Definitely worth it when traveling. I have one and it provides a bit of extra security and peace of mind in hotels when sleeping.

  • +1

    Can be a bit fiddly but have found it useful just in case.

  • Perfect. Cheers.

  • +1

    I found this mostly useless in hotels in Europe because there was almost always something around the latch that prevented this from fitting.

  • -2

    can only pay with paypal? Massive L

    • +2

      L… love?

    • +10

      I actually appreciated not having to enter in CC details or mailing address on my iPhone as I am lying down in bed surfing OzBargain lol.

      • at 8pm?

        • My snooze time before I take over night shift for baby duties :(

      • phones have had auto entry for like 5 years now

  • This is what I call super handy and cheap. Thank you doweyy :)

  • -3

    FYI can't lock door from outside

  • +1

    I'm not sure if I'll use it but I've grabbed one.

    • I'm torn…

      • +2

        Okay Natalie

        • +3

          She'll definitely need one, what with how she's always lying naked on the floor, and all that….

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • +1

    looks like it'll fend off ninjas from the thumbnail

    • I thought the ninja was promoting it

  • +1

    These are great for locking people in closets…

    • +1

      Just watch out for when they get out of the closet.

  • Fellow travellers told me of this one, which apparently is quite popular https://howsarlock.com. A similar design that's been around for a decade or so. Minimal weight.

    • +2

      At least the Quiklock is made of metal and not some flimsy plastic.

  • Works well! But only on inward swinging doors.

    • +11

      All doors swing inwards depending on what side you are on.

      • Especially, the door that in a non smoking room, it also happens to have an ashtray in that room.

  • These work quite well. Definitely recommended

  • Decided to just buy it for fun since it’s cheap. Figured with mother in law staying with us it doesn’t hurt to have a way to “lock” our bedroom door.

  • Thanks OP
    I guess it could be used on airbnbs.

  • Thanks for the post. Bought a couple.

  • I don’t get what it does to provide protection against “airport security”.

    • +1

      It just means you can have it in carry on luggage

  • Ordered last time. Never got it delivered.

    • -1


    • Did u invenstigate

    • Did you get your refund?

  • +5

    I got one, sadly doesn't fit my door. No idea why. It just doesn't hook in.

  • +1

    Have one of these. Find it can be hard to get it to fit into the latch hole and get the latch to fit in. Have to sit there jiggling it around until it eventually clicks.

  • Just bought one. Hopefully it works for my room.

  • upvoted for the Counterstrike image

    • Prepare to flash

  • These are not that strong, and at most prevent kids from entering, false advertising?

  • Thanks OP. I was looking for a temp solution to my broken bathroom lock.

  • I have both this version of the lock and another one: a portable door lock. I like the latter more. Got it from a random eBay seller for under $6, as well.

  • +1

    I used a similar lock as a teenager to keep my mother from just barging into my bedroom (rental property with no locks on bedroom doors). Taught her a valuable lesson on privacy and how to knock first real quick…. Also frustrated the he'll out of her the first few times she tried to open the door and be stopped out. That alone was worth the price of purchase. Lol

  • +1

    If you use this in my holiday house and I found you've wrecked the door latch or the lock groove then you're paying a whole lot mote than $6

  • Good for keeping out noisy and nosy housemates with zero personal space awareness and zero care for private boundaries.

    Have made a night liveable in some instances.

  • Use this all the time. Sometimes at hotels…

  • Arrived today. Works as described. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring it with me on holiday!

  • Mine arrived too. It is quite good. I should have bought another one at that price!

    • How many doors are you planning to lock? LOL

      I have to admit, it took me two tries to figure out how it worked but I can see the value in it now. Pretty nifty little thing.

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