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Caterpillar High Velocity Drum Pedestal Fan $109.98 @ Costco (Membership Required)


4000 CFM
4 speed
metal drum cage with aluminium fan blade
adjustable tilt stand
can be mounted on the ceiling,wall
36m warranty

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  • I have got 2 Vornado 660 fans and they work very well. This monster has a 7x higher CFM. I need to visit my local Costco soon…

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      I have 1 vornado 660,love it!thinking about sell it and buy this!with the stand it's so versatile!it's running while I was there,seems quiet

    • This is an industrial fan, if it's anything like the big yellow Dynabreeze fan they sell at Bunnings, then it's going to be super noisy. And this shifts twice the air of the Dynabreeze too.

      I've got one, you almost have to shout to be heard over it.

  • Where was this OP? Adelaide?
    I wonder if they have them in Sydney

  • Ha ha they are selling their name on all sorts of stuff. When will the Cat bidet toilet seat come out?

  • Any in melb?

  • Do they still sell Vornado fans at Costco?

  • I bought 2 of these on Friday to use on my job sites.
    The stand and fittings are a tad bit flimsy, perfectly fine for home use but may not take abuse on site and being thrown on and off utes/trucks but we'll see.
    The drum itself is well made so I guess if the stand fails I'll just mount it to something else.

    In terms of performance, I am blown away.

    I am using these in conjunction with extraction fans to clear out smells/dust in buildings and bring in fresh air, for example this weekend I'm using it to clear out the smell of solvent based polyurethane waterproofing inside an old building with bad airflow.

    I normally use some heavy duty commercial fans which are loud and blow heaps of air directly in front of it but the air dissipates too quickly.

    Today the solvent smell was down to 10-20% and in comparison to the previous bathrooms in the same building that I waterproofed which still stunk after 3 days of fans running 24/7, this is a massive improvement.

    I usually go to Auburn Costco in Sydney but I bought these from Casula as I was in the area. There were heaps left on Friday.
    Casula Costco seemed a bit better than Auburn to be honest but was absolutely rammed with people.

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