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LG G7 ThinQ (Platinum Grey) $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like decent price for this phone. Same price as the V30 but the G7 has better specs. The G7 has the newer SD845 compared to the SD835 in the V30, Even though the SD845 is last gen now it should be enough for most people.
This phone should top most mid-range phones for the same price.

I am after a new phone my self but the DXOmark score for the cameras seems average. This or the Mi Mix 3 5G for $80 more? Minus the warranty?

Phone Operating System:Android
Device screen size: (inches) 6.1
Resolution: (Pixels) 3120 x 1440
Touchscreen: Yes
Internal memory: 64GB
Expandable memory up to 2TB
Expandable memory format: Micro SD Card
Battery capacity: (mAh)3000
Processor: Snapdragon 845
Processor Model Number: SDM845
RAM (GB):4
Rear camera: (MP) 16
Built-in flash: Yes
Face detection:Yes
Movie recording: Ultra HD
GPS: Yes
MP3: Yes
USB (Type-C) Port 3.1
NFC: Yes
Headphone output (3.5mm): Yes
Wi-Fi: 802.11 ac
Bluetooth: v5.0
Manufacturer's warranty 2 Years

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        Battery is good on mine too after a few months. Main gripe is the lack of decent screen protectors

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        The real downside on the G7 is 64GB storage, but it does have the capacity for 1TB through micro SD.

        I personally don't think it's a big deal given that we can always expand via microSD…..unlike cough crapple cough

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        The battery life goes downhill pretty fast after about a year. I've had mine since it launched and go through 2 full batteries a day. I guess you can't expect them to be perfect after 2 years but my partner's older Galaxy S8's battery still holds a charge pretty well in comparison.

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          Just to clear models up so people don't mix up between the two, you must be talking about the V30.

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          My G6 approx 2 years old holds a charge pretty well, I haven't looked after it that much either. Might just be luck of the draw with these things.


            @Budju: luck of the draw combined with charging frequency, battery use profile (standby vs. game use vs screen brightness vs. movie watching vs. high CPU heating and battery draining mobile gaming, running a wifi hotspot etc). Being dropped vs babied can also make a difference to cell life and heating profile, and make all these things worse or better.

            Even with two theoretically identical batteries and mobile phones, changing chargers or charging cables can result in different battery life and this is of course accentuated by time.

            I repair phones then give them to domestic violence organisations and victims. In my 'to send' pile are a G6 that's got an amazing battery life and a V30 which lasts 2 days on a charge, but in my 'to inspect' pile is a G6 from the same batch that lasts 4 hours. Probably a battery issue. I've seen the same on the S8, S8+, S7, S9, Huawei P9, LG G3, LG G4, Huawei P10, P20 etc. It's not a 'LG' issue, but it gets treated as such. I have it on good authority that LG send random samples out (except for a 6 month period where they got caught cherrypicking) while Samsung and Apple both cherrypick from larger samples using multiple departments.

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    had one of these…great phone but battery life is really average. still, for $399 itd be hard/impossible to beat.

    the quad DAC in particular sounds amazing with a decent pair of earbuds or headphones.


      IR Blaster?

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      I still think the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a better buy at $399. Although it's an IPS-LCD display and not OLED, it is 4K-HDR and there are lots of Mods and Custom Roms to boost the refresh rate (120Hz).

      The LG G7 is a close second, and the LG V30 is a close third place…when it comes to Good Value. The Nokia 7 Plus would probably come 4th and the Moto G7 Plus as 5th.

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        The forehead and chin on the Xperia XZ Premium is pretty redonkulous though.

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          I agree it could've been shaved, but having Slim Bezels (eg ASUS RoG Phone 2 = 9mm) are good for ergonomics.

          Remember it's still shorter than other phones, so it's more pocket friendly.
          Yet, the display is larger when showing most Games/Videos due to the 16:9 aspect ratio.
          Not to mention having a clean front, no notch, and the front-firing stereo loudspeakers.
          There are MODs that allow you to pick it up to answer a call in any orientation, thanks to its symmetrical design (a la the Alcatel Idol 4s).


      the two I've used in testing before passing on easily get through a day in testing, even a day and a half, though obviously your mileage may vary. They (LG phones of this age and a little newer/older) last much longer than same-gen Samsung models for wireless hotspotting, within 10% for gaming, but seem to drain slower in standby and faster in apps.

      But that DAC is lovely. G6/G7/V30+ and a pair of Sennheiser HD6XX's or similar and most people will be in clover. Just wish it had front-firing stereo speakers, but I wish that about most phones.


        Like with most phones, if they're barely adequate when new, after 6-9 months they quickly become just-not-quite-good-enough… And it's infuriating. Glad LG has fixed this with the G8s (has a 4000mah battery) but they seem to have given up on the aussie market and are hard to find in grey market…

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    I have this phone. Its a flagship phone at not so flagship price.

    Really good phone. Have no issues with it. Decent battery. Excellent rear camera and average selfie camera.

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    V30+ is 128 GB and better battery life though

    • +2 votes

      You can get a 128gb SD card for ~$30 these days. Memory isn't an issue.

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        I've been an android user the last 3-4 years and since lollipop I believe the SD has only been great for storage like files and photos.

        For apps, even with the move app to sd this doesn't always work so for large games and apps this is an issue.

        • +1 vote

          Agree with this. But also photos and videos are my main use of storage where 64GB is enough for all my apps if I'm able to move all my camera roll to a SD card

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        Extra memory means you will sacrifice a slot for the dual sim, since it's a hybrid slot. Not to mention additional SD is good for storage but not for apps.


    Not too bad, I just got the Oppo deal for 45pm, no money up front and a plan for a year!!

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    Touchscreen: Yes



      I bought it for $1020 from JB August 2018 and did my final Price claim in August this year against some eBay listing at ~ 400 (I can check later). That's ~600$ back.

      Regarding the TouchScreen sometimes it jumped around or would scroll slowly itself, if I had my finger still in one spot. Idk if that was normal but I live with it.

      Regarding battery I'm getting 4-5 normal usage. I have bad habit of cramming all the Internal storage full with apps etc and running passively in background So maybe that affects it…

      Cameras are fine but Front camera seems too soft or over-beautified. Rear camera takes a good 1-2 seconds to be 'done' - again could be my lack of storage…
      LG one of the first to come up with Wide Angle shot very impressive day to day when required.

      Water resistance works. I dunked in water once, washed off some gunk, also took a shower with it.

      Dual SIM was good when I had a SIM for work and other for personal, now I just chuck in extra SD storage. But now some phones have eSIM right? Would be better

      For my next phone I'll probably consider a smaller phone than the 6'1 with Fingerprint on front of screen again. The rear finger scanner trend was fun while it lasted. Otherwise good phone

      My ideal phone would also have IR blaster, and symmetric stereo speaker set up (not these current crappy bottom speaker & earpiece set up) - and bigger battery


        Please can you explain the price claim thing? Would really appreciate it!


          Unfortunately you may have missed the boat. But maybe try ask? Removed recently.


          "Note, we are not currently issuing new policies."


          How does it work?

          If you buy an item in Australia with your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard and within 12 months the item is available at a lower price in the same retailer or any other Australian retailer, we'll pay the difference between the purchase price and the lower price to your account.

          This also applies to items you buy:

          for someone else as a gift, and
          through a mail/telephone order catalogue or online order.

          The item with the lower price must be exactly the same as the item you bought, including size, colour, quality and condition, make and model number, attachments and accessories and the lower price must occur after the start of your Shopper's Protection policy.

          I missed the Coles Shopper's Protection boat but sure as hell wasn't going to miss this one! They were 24mths IIRC but lower cap.

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    Great… Does anyone know where to buy discounted JB Hi-Fi gift cards

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    I have this phone and it is very good. I paid $799 in October last year which I still think was a good price for what you got, so this is a steal imo.

    I went over to an S10 5G now as I wanted a Galaxy Watch and have other Samsung devices, but I'd still recommend the G7. I use mine as a back up phone/2nd pokemon go phone now haha.

    I never found the battery to be too much of an issue, but I do work in IT and have a wireless charger on my desk so that wasn't an issue for me. The camera is rather average though, both on the front and back. It's not terrible, but compared to the high end flagships, it does leave a little to be desired. Quad DAC is really good and makes the music more enjoyable and immersive.

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    I thought the title was 'LG G thingy' and I was thinking WOW could you be a bit more specific than 'thingy' ahahah


    Here's a comprehensive review of the G7

    It may suit those who want a narrower phone, although it has a smaller battery, thicker body, it's camera optics look worse, but its IPS screen could appeal to those who don't want AMOLED.

    I'm not sure if gCam will fix the camera if the issue is with optics(the above review mentioned poor image quality off centre). V30 has better glass optics, I don't think the G7 has glass.

    Personally, I'm sticking with the v30. If only they were still $399…


      Ah yes, this was the reason I prefered the v30, I could live with other things but Amoled was the deal breaker for me. I like to read white on black and so IPS isn't quite as good in this area


    Good price for Aussie stock. Can be had for less than 300aud grey import on eBay.

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    Oh damn. Do I want this now or do I wait for the V40 to reach this price? Decisions decisions.


    This is a very reliable phone. Purchased at $700 and still no regrets. Mainly purchased to listen to music on my high-impedence headphones.


    Device screen size: (inches) 5.9?

    GSMarena reports 6.1"?


    good phone but should be cheaper by now with v40 and v50 around the corner…


    Wireless charging?


    The model JB Hi Fi sells is the dual SIM model.


      I just rang a store with stock and the lady had no idea how many SIMs.

      Reading the spec list, it's silent on SIMs.

      Do you have one now? If so does the ID numbers on the JB site

      the same as yours?



        The phone has a label with model number: LM-G710EMW.
        The label also has two IMEI numbers.

        SKU is 643623

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    popcorn munch

    Mods do the thing

  • +1 vote

    At this price I would buy a V30+. I used both G7 ThinQ and V30+. V30+ has better screen, camera and battery.


    Status: In Penalty Box.


    TIL there's a negative vote limit each day.


    What the hell was wrong with that guy? Besides being legally retarded ie.

    P.S. Is this single or dual sim?


    Using this for almost one year. Camera is shit. Everything else is good.


      My camera has been brilliant. Good in low light too. Occasionally the focus takes a moment but great photos. Dual primary cameras are nice. I'm wondering if you got a dud unit?


    Battery capacity: (mAh)3000

    LG has been so stingy with battery for years. LG G6 had terrible battery life after having it for a year, heated up quickly with new updates

  • +1 vote

    Probably a good phone.

    Probably backed by lg's terrible after sale support.

    I know it is long in the tooth, but if something goes wrong, lg will try weasel their way out of warranty.

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