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Black Friday Usenet Deals - Multiple Providers up to 85% off and Indexers up to 75%


Hey All,

Thought I'd share this for those interested in Usenet, Black Friday sales are coming up and you can usually score some pretty big discounts. I'll update as more deals come up.

Pricing is in euro(€) or usd($).

————Backbone Map——-

Backbone Map
Backbone Map Alternate version


Backbone: highwinds
Retention: 4123
Unlimited 14 months $30
Unlimited 9 months $19
4TB Block $19
1TB Block $7

Backbone: UsenetExpress
Retention: Just states "Huge Retention"
Unlimited $3/mo
Unlimited $25/yr
1.5TB Block $10
3TB Block $15

Backbone:Green is Express, Blue is Farm, Gold is Vipernews
Retention: Varies depending on which backbone.Click here for complete info
All Access Holiday Sale (Green + Blue + Gold) - $9.99 Billed Monthly
3 Months Blue or Gold w/ 3 month Frugal Usenet Voucher

Backbone: Own
Retention: 1100+
Unlimited for Two Years: $55
Unlimited for Six Months: $15
500GB Non-Expiring Blocks: Buy three get one free @ $5 each.

Backbone: Abavia
Retention: 1563
30% discount on everything
Free 30GB trial

Backbone: UsenetExpress
Retention: 4000+
3 TB Blocks for $18
1.5 TB Blocks for $10
$25 Yearly Unlimited

Pure Usenet
Retention: 3100
50% off €3.33/mo - €39.99/yr

NewsGroup Ninja
Retention: 4121+
58% off Unlimited $3.33/m

Backbone: Highwinds
Retention 4121
81% off Unlimited $3.85/m

Retention: 4121
79% off unlimited $4.17/mo
85% off unlimited $2.99/mo targeted

Backbone: Own/Omicron/Hybrid
Retention: 3400
€4.99/mo unlimited

Backbone: Abavia
Retention: 1200+
€22/yr unlimited with code hap19
€36 block 6000GB with code sun19

Backbone: Own/Omicron
Retention: 4000+
Yearly 48% off lifetime discount - €5/mo
1 month 22% off lifetime discount - €7,50/mo

Backbone: XLned
Retention: 1600
Ends 3rd of December (16:00 CET)
19BF30 gives you 30% off yearly
19BF20 gives you 20% off 90 days
19BF15 gives you 15% off 30 days

Backbone: XLned
Retention: 1500
BF2019 gives 25% off

Thunder News
Backbone: Omicron/HW Newshosting
Retention: 4000+
$3.25/mo unlimited
$10 1.5TB
$18 3TB
$25/yr unlimited - lifetime renewal

Usenet Farm
Backbone: Own
BF2019 gives 50% discount on "Stingy" and "To The Max" package
BF2019BLOCK gives 30% discount on 500GB package
November 26 - December 1 23:59 UTC

Viper News
Backbone: Uzo Reto
Retention: 100
500GB BLOCK €6.99
1000GB BLOCK €11.99
2000GB BLOCK €21.49

Backbone: Omicron/HW Newshosting
Retention: 4000+
1TB $7.50
2TB $12
unlimited$ 30/yr
November 25 - 29

Backbone: Abavia
Retention: 1500+
30% discount on ALL periods
STINGY €38,47/yr
Code: blackfriday2019
November 25 - Until 30 november 2019 16:00 CET


Black Friday Offers: 30% off any upgrade that costs £10 or more.

75% off, pay $5 and get 2 years. Normally $10 for one year.
This can be stacked as confirmed by Agret in comments below.

platinum= 20% off (£12) LULT= 30% off (£30)
starts 29th 12:am - for 48 hours

6 month $4
1 year $8
2 year $14
Lifetime $30
From 12:00am on the 29th November GMT for a 48 hour period.

Drunken Slug
6 months free on any plan.
€10 = 18 months ale
€20 = 18 months wine

Black Friday Deal - 50% Off VIP Upgrades & Open Registration

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +2 votes

    Got excited when I saw Drunken Slug, but still need an invite :( thanks for the post though! Lots of good stuff here.


    Viper news or Usenet farm any good for DMCA?

    • +3 votes

      I don't use either, did a quick search and found the following:

      I tested 4 random releases between 1-3 weeks old known for rigorous takedowns. Result:
      Tweaknews: 4/4 available
      Newszilla/X4all IPv6: 4/4 available
      Vipernews: 2/4 available
      Thundernews: 1/4 available
      Usenet.farm: 1/4 available
      Astraweb: 1/4 available
      Xennanews: 1/4 available
      Cheapnews: 1/4 available

      I'm currently using https://www.newsgroup.ninja/en and https://www.usenetexpress.com/ which has been great. I'm waiting for the rest of the BF sales to pop up then I'll decide who to renew with.


        Yes I saw this but tweaknews never seems to go on sale (for blocks). Eweka is also recommended but does not sell blocks. **ninja was also recommended but no block plans.

        • +2 votes

          Who is recommending ninja? It is owned by Omicron. They undercut their own resellers in attempt to destroy their market and steal their customers. Ninja don't deserve people's money. If you need Highwinds consider a reseller like Thunder news instead


      Farm is NTD. Despite being DCMA I prefer viper. The owner is very active independent provider. Without his contributions we would be in a Omicron/HW monopoly. However both make excellent block backups to a primary Omicron/HW main.

  • -3 votes

    so, you're just reposting the reddit thread?


    Anyone have a drunken slug invite?

  • +2 votes

    Astraweb didn't charge me for nearly 7 years. Newshosting 79% off deal looks ok @4.17/month USD.

  • +1 vote

    altHUB stacks, bought once and then again so for $10 you get 4yrs.

    • +1 vote

      I hope they stay online. I removed it from my server months ago because it had been down for months.

      They used to be linked to a really good news server (it combined articles from several backbones)


      I registered yesterday. After doing a few searches is appears i have wasted my money. I will stick with DS


    Anyone recommend something as a backup to eweka? someone mentioned something about using a different backbone or something once but I'm not sure what that means lol


      Viper or Usenet Farm blocks. Different backbone. UF is also NTD too. Slower takedowns


    Thanks OP, I’ve been waiting to change my plan.
    For what it’s worth to others - I’ve been with newgroupsdirect for almost a year, and have always had a lot of non completion issues - mainly with anything older than a week or two.

    I had several other providers set but for whatever reason it didn’t seem to help. A month or so ago, I changed to eweka and my completion went to nearly 100%. I don’t know if there was an issue with my setup, but I really can’t see how - but either way despite eweka being the same backbone as one of the NGD ones, changing to eweka fixed all of my issues.


    Who is recommended provider for first purchase into newsgroups? I have nzbgeek from this deal as indexer.
    Mostly after new content

    • +1 vote

      A cheap Highwinds reseller (eg Thunder news) then look at blocks on a different backbone like viper or Usenet farm. Highwinds give you longest retention. Block helps fill gaps.

      • +1 vote

        Or an expensive Highwinds reseller: EasyNews. The benefit is the Web search, which I understand is the best of any provider.

        • +1 vote

          Easynews is owned by Oricom. I can see a slight benefit of browser for a new user but I would not be paying their front page prices for it. Maybe worth it with this annual deal. However I would also encourage a paid indexer and to use the API it gives you


          Thanks for replies everyone.

          Web search doesnt matter to me as I'll be connecting through radarr and sonarr with the end goal of full automation.


            @jomojomo: I’m going to suggest you start with a block a/c first (newgroupdirect, thecubenet, etc) and see how you go.

            I only use block accounts as unless you’re d/l 100’sGb/mth it’s cheaper. A $20Tb block lasts me ~2-3yrs, where as you’re paying $5-10/mth for unlimited. So I buy a few from different backbone providers, especially at this time of the year and it’s cheap & easy.

            If you’re grabbing new stuff using sonarr, then retention isn’t relevant as you’ll grab it before it gets removed. The unlimited is handy if you’re grabbing lots of 20Gb files (like bluray), where as with HEVC/h.265 you can get awesome quality for quite small file sizes. It’s ~4-500Mb/hr in 720p.

        • +1 vote

          The web search feature of Easynews is highly recommended by me if you are interested in niche content, particularly older material, which doesn't always show up on indexers (eg selected tracks from a music album, a certain issue of a comic).


        I actually like this suggestion more than mine above. 3TB block goes a long way for a new user. They can always add a backup viper or UF block too. It is not only supporting an independent HW reseller but UE their own local retention >365 days. The only negative is UE only gives about 1100 of the 3900+ days of HW retention. I don't really see this as a problem though.


    Anyone else with a drunken slug invite?
    Thanks in advance :)


    could any1 suggest a cheap way for a newbee?

    i have been invited to drunken slug and am keen to try usenet.

    i have been on a private torrent tracker with vpn for years.

    this week looks like it might be worth shelling out, but on what?


    • +1 vote

      This is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt, but i really hate usenet compared to the top private torrent sites (combined with a solid seedbox). For reference im a newshosting member and think their search interface is horrible with a terrible selection of file sizes and quality. I wouldn't bother unless one of the other providers has a way better UI and search function.

      • +1 vote

        I'm not sure about newshosting as i think they're more of a usenet provider vs indexer, I'd recommend trying a dedicated indexer.
        I personally never use the web interface to search for torrents or nzbs, I've setup sonarr and radarr so everything is fully automated.

      • +1 vote

        Private trackers definitely have better file organisation, cost nothing, have better quality choices and no dmca takedowns. They also get tons more scene uploads than Usenet which is often slow to get new releases and misses a bunch of them based on popularity.

        The downside to private trackers is they require seed ratios / more management by the end user and the effort involved into getting onto a good one is pretty high.

        Once you're in a large established private tracker you really don't need Usenet anymore.


          The downside to private trackers…

          And they're far more illegal, as you're illegally distributing instead of "just" illegally using.

  • +1 vote

    Lifetime NZBGeek looks alright, pretty reluctant to enter credit card details though… :-|


    Anyone with DrinkenSlug invite?
    Would much appreciate, thanks!


    Also after Drunken Slug invite if anyone is kind enough to offer


    If anyone can spare a Drunken Slug invite, would really appreciate it.


    I'd really appreciate a DrinkenSlug invite too if anyone can spare one.


    If anyone has a invite for drunken slug and could send an invite that would be wonderful

  • +2 votes

    first 3 replys i have a way in to DS my bf special to you


    A lot of work preparing this post. Thanks xpliset !


    Any DS invites left?


    I would like a DS invite also

  • +4 votes

    I’m still trying to understand the whole notion of Usenet. And yes I’ve googled and YouTubed and still don’t understand why it’s useful? How’s Usenet different to googling news articles or torrenting?

    • +4 votes

      torrenting can leave you ip exposed so the feds see who has been in the swarm sharing the file(s), you also rely on other people still sharing the file in the future for availability, if you do run behind a vpn then you may be limited to the bandwidth of the vpn server.

      usenet uses ssl encryption to login to the usenet provider server to download the articles, i think most providers do not log what you download, depending on what plan you have, say an "unlimited" plan in aust you will saturate the d/l on the 100Mbps nbn, some have speed limits up to 600Mbps some have 300Mbps, the only disadvantage of usenet is you have to have an account with an indexer like geek or DS to find the .nzb files (a pointer file for the articles it needs to download) you can then set up something like sonarr or radarr to automate the searching of shows or movies send them to the download client sabnzbd or nzbget, sonarr will watch the download client completed folder and move/rename it to where ever you set it up to store your files

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