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Ozito Power X Change 18V Compact Hammer Drill Kit $49 @ Bunnings


drill kit includes fast charger and 3ah battery.

Perfect match to go with the $29 trimmer skin

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  • Awesome deal! Unfortunately I don't think I can justify buying it. :(

  • haha just happened to be at bunnings and checked deals page before leaving. awesome needed one. Thanks OP

  • Lol omg i was looking at this yesterday thinking i could replace my old 14.4v one that never holds charge!
    Damn you black Friday for denting my Amex!

  • I'm guessing it's to price match the Kmart Black Friday one?

  • How much is this normally?

    • Price dropped from $129

    • $129 normally. $99 for the non-hammer model kit.

      I was going to get the $69 "2 battery plus charger" pack (in stock Morley WA) for a project,
      but changed my mind and got two of these instead, thanks to OzB as this deal was not displayed.

      Stock everywhere, but not for long when word gets out.

      Might flip the drill skins on ebay/gumtree - normally $49 :-)

  • Pity for the limited stores that actually have stock.

  • That's why I cannot find someone interested in buying mine (used)… A brand new is too cheap…

  • I have a brushless one and found it veey hard to drill into brick with 6mm bosch drill bit in hammer mode. Not sure if its the bit or the drill though

    • prob the drill bit " The only thing that will get through concrete is a good quality masonry bit."

      • He said brick not concrete

      • Yup, it was Masonry bit. Any particular bit that you recommend?

        • Any masonry bit should do for clay brick. Something was seriously wrong.
          Sure it was not a concrete brick? (i.e. crushed rock in it)

          • @manic: I bought a single masonry bit after I suspected the bit I was using from a pack of drill bits wasn't that great.

            OMG, the difference was night and day. Seriously, with the shitty bit I was leaning into it and all it was doing was getting hot. The new one, it just dived straight in.

            Spend $10 or so on a good drill bit. The ones in those packs of bits, while good for a very occasional job, aren't up for any serious work, especially the masonry bits.

    • Long long time ago Bosch had the best drill motors with the worst chucks. Then they went back to the drawing board and invented SDS.
      I missed the special on the Ozito SDS hammer but have time to wait for the next time. Meanwhile I use a corded SDS, it is stronger than my arms.
      The fun starts when you hit the rio bar.

  • quite good i have this. useful.

  • Purchased one yesterday. Really decent drill for the price. Drilled into bricks easily with a 10mm bit.
    5year warranty is a plus as you can take it back to Bunnings and they'll swap it for another instead of repairing.

    • Can you recommend the bit you used please? I had a lot of problem with mine

      • It a bit surprising.
        Any brand name masonry drill will go through bricks easy with hammer drill driver.
        My guess is, it's not brick you are drilling or you not using hammer mode on the drilldriver ?
        You would struggle with concrete - concrete really needs an SDS drill or usually it's one hole - one "drillbit" if using regular masonry drills and hammer drill drivers.

  • I just got one from Artarmon.

    They said they had three in stock but they couldn’t find them, so they got the “cherry picker” out and searched the shelves high & low, they found one!

    Christmas present for me sorted!

    Thank you OP!! (And OzB)

  • Great deal OP, thanks.
    I'm in SA and the 5 closest Bunnings all within 20 kms all say they have stock. Might have to pick up one tomoz.

  • Anyone know if there's a way to convert the old Ozito green 18V Lithium Ion gear to Power X change? I'm guessing its a no as I believe they swapped who was making the gear at that time (i.e. original OEM before they rebadged).

    I've got a green drill and two batteries already that work fine, just need a new impact driver/wrench. But I'm guessing that it may just be time to swap over to Power X change which means this deal would be good to jump on.

    • sell it in Tasmania. Plenty of choices with brands to compete. Stick to the same battery series depending on your present and future needs.

  • Ozitos recall other item?

  • Battery on old Ozito died Wednesday so picked this kit up for $99. Thought it was discounted already so wasn’t expecting it to go for half that price. Anyone know of a way to get it for new price or am I out of luck?

  • Ahhhh damn. I just brought the $279 Dewalt hammer drill/impact combo. Oh well, at least now I’m in the Dewalt ecosystem.

  • Anyone looking to buy these in Brisbane, can pick it from Bunnings in Toombul shopping center .They have plenty in stock as of Thursday night.

  • Got one thanks for posting ! Cannington WA had at least 5

    • They have another 20 up high in their middecks if anyone needs one from here just ask them to get one down

  • Hi OP, where do you find the trimmer only for 29$? Bunnings is showing 69$

  • What are some good bang for buck drill bit sets for a beginner? I work on my car and do some very basic repairs or building ikea furniture?

    • You can go Ozito on a driver but do yourself a favor and buy good quality drills. Its like tires on car.
      Sutton is my go-to for reliable quality.

      What I do is I get a box set of cheap "disposable" drills for the box and veriety. Then replace the drills that I use most with good quality (black for me) Sutton drills.
      That gives me the benefit of having that odd size for that one hole, but not shelling out heaps for a full Sutton set.

  • Recently bought the heavy duty version of this drill. The spindle had so much run out you couldn't drill a hole without it wobbling all over the place. Took it back to exchange it and the next 4 units were the same, even the Bunnings dude was surprised.
    Then I got lucky, they had a superceded Makita hammer drill driver kit discounted to $129! I snapped it up, a far superior tool in every way. I've never been so happy to have bought a faulty product in my life!

  • Thanks. Just bought one on the way to work. I've been eyeing off the other (non-compact) hammer drill kit for $99 for the past few weeks, but I'm glad I waited for this one.

  • Is there any good deal on any screwdriver kit?

  • stock galore at Bayswater (WA) store

  • Shown as in stock in Lidcombe. Went there and nothing is on the shelf. Asked the guy and he says no stock but there’s stock of the $99. The only different I can see is the I/N number.

  • Heaps at the Balcatta WA store

  • Ah balls

    I hope they still have some when I knock off work.

  • I think nothing left in South East Melbourne. Guy told me total 4000 pieces sold today.

  • I just got these for $25 on Black Friday special at SA Windsor Gardens, underground carpark. About 10 left.

  • None in stock at Blacktown, Seven Hills, & Castle Hills.

  • No stock in ACT. I found one that looks almost identical but with 2aH battery but it was $99!

  • Just got one in Tuggerah. Still 4 left

  • 4 left at myaree

  • Dang it, I somehow missed this one and no stock remaining near me.

  • Plenty of stock at Innaloo

  • Can confirm there are heaps at Bunnings Midland. Was also talking to the Ozito rep while I was there, there will be a battery combo promotion coming in the next couple of weeks and 5 new tools by the end of January

    • HO Ho Ho! That battery combo will go well with my newly acquired $29 Ozito X Lawn trimmer skin… ;)

  • Will be on the lookout for the battery combo promo.

  • Still available at Crossroads

  • Anyone with a spare in Brisbane?

  • Any stores in VIC that still have stock? The ones near me all have the latest stock that's $99 now.

  • Just opened my one of these. The charger has a foreign wall plug on it, it’s not an AU one. Anyone else get this too?

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