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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - PS3 Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel - $89 @ DickSmith.com.au


ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - PS3 Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel - $89 @ dicksmith.com.au

Make your PlayStation 3 experience even more realistic with the PS3 Logitech Driving Force GT. Enjoy unprecedented integration with Gran Turismo 5 game functions, while advanced force feedback recreates bumps, crashes and traction loss with great realism.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Is it the same as this one from logitechshop?


    Is Yes, it is a very good price but I don't have a PS3 :(

    Also if you can buy more than $200 u can get $30 off this weekend (online only)


    • YUP! It's the same thing. And it's compatible to PS2 as well.

      You might consider, the "wheezing" noise from the feedback motor it's little bit loud. G27 it's more smooth but pricey.

    • Works on the PC too.

  • Excellent price, and yes it is the same as above.

  • Will LTS beat this price?

    Apparently this deal doesn't include free delivery.

    • Delivery is $7.50 to me (Sydney metro) so comes to $96.50… your move BC

  • Is this only really good for Gran Turismo 5?
    Wondering how well it would work on other driving based games. Anyone got one?

    • +1

      I would say this wheel is the best option out there if you don't want to spend big money for the G25 or G27. Most other wheels have compatibility issues ie not all games support all wheels. This supports all the racing games with wheel support as far as I know and I don't think games will stop doing so any time soon because not every one will be able to afford G25+ models especially when most of the ppl out there will be casual users. An absolute steal at this price and I think this is the lowest price it has been since it came out.

  • Any idea on the stock levels? I'm not 100% sure I want it…

    • DSE have a very generous returns policy…

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    Saw a banner ad for this on the website last night and was going to post it here but when I clicked on it it went to a broken page. Good to see that it now works. Great price!

    Oh and you might either want to fix the problem of charging people for delivery or change the banner on the gaming section, cause it says free delivery.

    Oh and don't forget 3% cashback from moneybackco people! makes this $86.33! (should be delivered for that price)

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      wait for the shipping being removed

      • +8

        Free delivery will be updated on the website for tomorrow. We will be in contact with anyone who has already placed an order, to refund the shipping charge.

        • Please refund on order #110805493442

        • REP, please see my comment request below.

        • Please refund on order #110805494004.
          Thank you!

  • Saw this at Warringah Mall DSE a few weeks back for $50. It didn't register as a bargain to me as its not too dissimilar to the one Aldi was flogging for $50 a few months back (and reduced to $30 last month) that was from, according to its backplate,"Futuretronics", thru "Fission" (which is Tevion an Aldi brand)

    • The one selling for $50 most definitely would not have been this Logitech one. It would've been the cheap DS or some other no name third party toy.
      This wheel is miles better than any $50 wheel from Futuretronics and is well worth the normal price of $120 and definitely worth it for the casual racer at $89 delivered!

      • Do you have to put the wheel on top of a table ?

        Never had a wheel before so no idea.

        • +1
        • +1

          You'll need to attach it TO the side of the table or stand. The thing doesn't just sit ontop of the table it needs to be "bolted" by these brackets to the table.

        • Cheers excite & Trance N Dance.

          So it won't work my current setup as I only have a sofa in front of TV & PS 3 :(

        • Haha that's my setup atm, except when I'm playing I move the table (which by coincidence is the exact height I want it) infront of the sofa and away I go! Except if you're gonna use a table, make sure it's sturdy, the forcefeedback has some bite to it.

    • Are you sure it was the Logitech Driving Force?

      I can guarantee it's never been below $89 before, If I recall when it was first on sale at Dick Smith it was around $129, and recently it went up to $189.

      I know the Dick Smith branded wheel has been $50 every now and then, which is basically a re-branded model that you see at other electrical stores.

  • How does this compare to the G27?

    • Better than I thought, amazon rating is high. It'd still save up for a G27.

    • How does a $100 wheel compare with a $300 wheel? Like something that is 1/3rd the price. No leather here.

      Up/Down shift only rather than a H pattern gear shifter as well iirc.

      • +2

        the quality/price doesnt go up in a linear scale. u dont get 3 times the quality/features for 3 times the price.

        • Arithmetic 101, I LIKE, I LIKE!

        • I didn't say the G27 was 3 times as good. I said this was 1/3rd the price of the G27 and that it was comparable to something that costs 1/3rd the price. I think we all know the quality/price relationship isn't linearly increasing.

    • +3

      If you're a casual gamer it'll do the job, when you're using it you'll be more worried about handling the force feedback more than anything. Unless you're a hardcore racing sim fan than there's no need to fork out the ~$350 to get a G27. At $89 delivered it'll do the job, all you want is the force feedback really.

      But to answer your question, this wheel is no where near the G27 in terms of feel, especially with the pedals. The wheel on the G27 is much nicer to grip and definitely feels nicer than the GT. The G27 has the added benefit of having a proper separate gearbox as opposed to the sequential gearbox that's attached to the side of the GT. But that's only my opinion, although I do own the GT as I couldn't justify spending $350 on a steering wheel for my PS3/PC.

    • +1

      I've played the G25 (hopefully not too dissimilar to the face lifted G27) and Driving Force GT. The main difference is the pedals (GT has a very soft pedals, not meaty and there is no clutch) and the lack of H gearstick. Having played both wheels, I find the H gearbox makes you slower compared to sequential, which is true in real life as well.

      The most important part is the force feedback of the wheel. In that regard, I find there is negligible difference. I'm able to tune both wheels to my liking and feel the traction of the car. With the right setting, I can workout how much I should slow down before a corner and react to understeer and oversteer according to the feedback.

      Is it worth 3x the money for G27? For me, nah… I love my GT wheel and the G25 H pattern gearbox does not feel realistic when compared to Fanatic.

  • +1

    I have this wheel. Bought it at DSE for $99. Works with PC as well. I used this for GT5, problem is I'm faster with my controller then the wheel. Would take time to master it..

  • hmmm thanks for that, now to decide on a G27 or a fanatec wheel

  • DSE rep. Good deal. I missed out on 29.98 UHF radios which are now 49.98 in store. Any chance of holding that promo again or letting me grab one.

  • Hi dicksmith, are you going to give us free shipping for this?

  • I've got this wheel for $95 more than 3 years ago! played it at least 1/wk with 3+hr session. It is still as good as new!
    Best game toy I've ever invested!

  • it cost me a fortune when i bought it before last xmas to match my gt5. played for only a couple of times. just not used to it. cant find a way to securely fix it on somewhere. but at this price, i am tempted to buy a new one and sell my old one (exactly same actually :P) on ebay when dick smith's price goes back to above $100. what do you guys think?

    • You're still competing with LTS who's price is $119 delivered.

      • That's a special price though normally it's around $140 and up. At DSE the normal price is around $190 so they took $100 off their price.

        • Really? I swear it's been $119 at LTS for ages. And DSE only just hiked their price a few months ago, before that it was $149 and before that when they first restocked it was $119/$129, forget how much I picked it up for on re-stocking.

      • -1

        maybe what i can do is just return the old one to dick smith so that i can have a "brand new" wheel. crazy mind, i know!! i just really like the wheel at this price, but hat the fact i already have one bought at iirc 178aud.

        • +5

          good one, now you're going to get negged for that clever idea and because you posted it here the REP is going to send out a message to all managers in the morning to:

          look out for anyone attempting to return the wheel with the name eric and wearing official ozbargain uniform aka free globe tshirt, an ecko hoodie from the hut and jeanswest sample jeans. oh and he'll probably have a mytab in his hand too.

        • @ccrap, very funny :D
          i did try to get that globe tshirt, but failed.
          i still remember the ecko hoodie from the hut. didnt order one for myself, just because i have enough jackets.
          never care about jeanswest.
          do have a mytab sleeping on the coffee table.


  • When does this expire ?

  • This in store too? If it was Free Shipping would have got one to stop the craving for a G27 for a while

  • Wow awesome deal too bad I picked one up just a few days ago for $119. A great wheel.

  • ahh great news, now all they need to do is make the G27 $300 http://dicksmith.com.au/product/YG0928/logitech-g27-racing-w...

    hahaha I think I may be pushing it

    • Cause ones a bundle.

  • microsoft suck, I want to use this on my 360 :(

    • mate google/ebay/dx "ps3 to xbox360 controller converter" its only $15-$25 delivered depending on where you buy.

  • So this one comes with peddles? What's the difference between the $89 and $189 one?

    • +1

      Look at the second thumbnail in the link or
      " Boxed Contents Force Feedback Steering Wheel, Gas and Brake Pedals, Power Supply, User Documentation"

      $89 is online exclusive price, $189 is in-store I'm assuming.

      • Thanks

  • this is a good deal.


  • @DSE Rep - my order number 110805494562 for shipping refund

  • this is a great wheel, I've had mine for a year or so think I paid $150 and its awesome, I use it with GT5 and its a sturdy unit and was well worth it at $150 so at $89 if you dont have a wheel, especially if you have GT5 go buy it now. Oh and they come with pedals in the box you cant buy them seperate from each other.

  • +2

    So much for waiting for shipping to be removed.

    • The rep did say for those who ordered before shipping was removed will have their shipping refunded before they sort it out on the website.

    • I made the same mistake. Thought i'd wait for shipping situation to be resolved on the actual page before ordering… alas, bad call.

  • any more stock being released??

    • +1

      Spent too much time looking for something to make up to >$200 to get $30 off. Should've just bought a spare.

      Looks like must have been a limited number available. The item is still available online at "normal" price.
      Maybe they duck over to LTS for those @$189

  • Looks like an awesome deal.

  • +1

    You won't find a better wheel for the price. Used one for a bit before upgrading to the G27.
    This wheel is actually MORE compatible on PS3 as ALL the buttons work perfectly in GT5, unlike the G27 LOL.

    • That's because this wheel was made to specifically be used with GT5.
      The G27 however missed out on having official support, so only limited buttons work.

  • http://dicksmith.com.au/product/YG2331/ps3-logitech-driving-...

    In stock for 189? This seems a bit suss DSE!

    • +1

      It was an online only special, I don't see anything suss about that.

      What I do find suss is that it's now available online for $189 even though the offer was meant to run till the 8th.

      • +1

        My point exactly. The price for in-store is fine. The fact it is still available online, but only at the higher price is suss. Sorry if my post came across differently.

        • Whoops, partially my fault here, I read "in stock" as "in store"

  • +1

    I THINK REP, has gone into hiding!

    • Hope not

  • cmon rep, extend the deal! restock!!

  • Not that great, I got this three years ago for the same price…

    • And obviously inflation isn't a word in your dictionary. Nor does supply and demand.
      Assuming an inflation rate of 3% per year which would make this $98.35. But then add supply demand, there was a supply shortage at the beginning of the year that lasted till at least April and only now has supply reached a point where it's freely available. Factor that in and the street price should be well above the $100, therefore this going at $89 delivered is a bargain!

  • Damn, I am too late. It is out of stock now. any more stock REP?

  • +1

    Hey rep,

    how do we get our shipping refund ?

    • +1

      more stock in today. Ordered fine no shipping.
      Note that PCShopper claims to have these at $50 but web page probs and possibly only pickup in Brisbane.

      • Im guessing the shipping wont be $39 right? From what I read in the FAQ, they do ship the products.

      • Thanks! Just canceled my order as PCShopper is only 10 mins drive from my office!

        • Hi YTS, can you confirm PCShopper is selling the same one, there's no discription on their website, picture is quite small, thanks

        • Hi Haoye, I just gave them a call and was told it's already sold out, and they can't get any more stock as it's discontinued product :(

        • Hey can you confirm that they are selling genuinely new Logitech Driving Force GT wheel?

    • Yer would like my shipping refunded too

  • MORE STOCK IN TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY …. just picked one up

  • I guess DSE took the product offline for a while so they could fix the shipping problem. Easier to stop sales and not have to issue refunds on shipping than continue sales and refund shipping. Although it did take them quite a while to solve it 48 hours….. (although it was the weekend, must give them that).

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered one.
    An absolute bargain at this price!!! +1

  • it's $189 now…….

    • Use the link given here. It still work for me

  • its 189 for me… and i tried checking out wiht it too, god dammit!!! 2nd time i missed it!!

    unless, anyone got a better link?