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QANTAS: Tokyo Rtn from: Bris $650, Mel $665, Adel $666, Syd $667 & Osaka Rtn from Bris $664, Sydney $671 & More @ FlightScout


Qantas sale to Japan!

Airline: Qantas Airways
To: Tokyo/Osaka, Japan
From: Most large ports in Australia
Alliance: OneWorld
FF: Qantas Frequent Flyer
Dates: various from March to November, 2020 excl school holidays and other peak times

Evidence - example of a Brisbane flight for $649.80: https://imgur.com/a/Umvrf5f

Flights to Tokyo from $650 Return: https://www.flightscout.co/au/cheap-flights/anywhere-to-toky...
Flights to Osaka from $664 Return: https://www.flightscout.co/au/cheap-flights/anywhere-to-osak...

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  • +2 votes

    Good price, pair it with:
    - Optus roaming data - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/494831
    - Cheap JR pass - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/503470


      As per the description - Dates: various from March to November, 2020 excl school holidays and other peak times.
      If you click on the city eg Brisbane, it shows you the cheapest dates found so far.


    damn if only these were the prices to seoul… holding out for it


    Anything Japan I vote up

  • +2 votes

    This wouldn't have anything to do with Virgin Australia's launch of their new Brisbane to Haneda route, could it? Hmmmm…



      Need Sydney to Tokyo by Virgin


        Will likely expand services in future - takes time to negotiate gates etc. And Virgin Australia has been based in Brisbane.

        Similarly, a few Japanese food chains (e.g. Mos Burger) start up in Brisbane to test the Australian market.

        Most Japan services make their money on the service from Japan. So destinations are driven by the Japanese travellers.


      Of course!


      yeah they got the new haneda route on sale at the moment too. Haneda way handier than Narita in my opinion….


      There has been a steady stream of Japan deals for ages, including Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar, JAL, ANA plus others such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. Possibly too much capacity.

      Whatever the reason, competition is appreciated.

      • -1 vote

        These are deals involve direct flights out of Brisbane - not a common deal. But that's where Virgin is flying from.


    Should still be plenty of snow around?

    Where would people recommend for a first timer to Japan, who knows very little about Japan, but has some 'smarts' getting around the globe (and obviously a tight @ss being on Ozbargain).

    Normally book twin/ ensuite rooms and lift passes for not much. Previous snow trips for reference (Hotham - Accom around $50/ per person - lift pass $1/day , NZ- Accom - $50 per day RV -Lift passes $1, Whistler - Relocation RV - lift pass $200 for 10 days).

    Flying from ADL (not sure if that make any difference to arrival ports).

    Snow Experience, pretty confident in riding almost anywhere. Enjoy a nice tree line equally to a powder bowl.

    In summary, best bang for buck that isn't a dorm shared with a snore machine!

    Cheers all.

    • +2 votes

      "Previous snow trips for reference (Hotham - Accom around $50/ per person - lift pass $1/day , NZ- Accom - $50 per day RV -Lift passes $1, Whistler - Relocation RV - lift pass $200 for 10 days)."

      If you really did this then how about sharing the love on Ozbargain next time? I've never heard of a $1 per day lift pass…

    • +2 votes

      An opinion piece with nothing really new.

      Geisha & Maiko being hounded in Kyoto is not a new phenomenon! Even Japanese chase them for photos! I've been visiting Japan since 2005 - there were complaints then.

      Tourists can be insensitive. That's nothing new either.

      I've travelled with Japanese who were in training as tour guides. Was stunned they ignored signs not to touch artifacts in a museum. We can all be insensitive travellers.

      Tourist numbers to Japan have exploded in recent years, promoted by their Government. Australians are a small proportion by what I've seen. Chinese tourist numbers have exploded.

      Certainly enjoyed my visits more with few Foreigners - like after the terrible earthquake & tsunami in 2011. Enjoying a culture is easier without so many others from a culture like mine.

      Spending time with locals has been a highlight of visiting Japan.
      Invited back for New Year by a rice farmer in a rural village of 200. His daughters have both had babies, so he wants me to share in the celebrations. We eat his rice in the kitchen - because he says I am family.

      I spend most time in the less visited areas - the country & small islands. There's plenty of old Japan to see.
      Just be respectful.


    japan airlines hands down beats qantas in every way. id rather go with jal

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