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St.George/BankSA/BoM Amplify Business Card - 70K Bonus QFF Points, $0 First-Year Annual Fee ($3K Spend in 90 Days) (ABN/ACN Req)


Amplify Business Card offer from the St. George, BankSA, and Bank of Melbourne group of banks.

  • 70,000 bonus Qantas or Amplify Points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days (but you're obviously better off with the QFF points over Amplify points).
  • $0 annual card fee for the first year ($89 thereafter).
  • For new cards approved by 29th June 2020
  • ABN/ACN required.

Earn rates:
Overseas purchases: 1 Qantas Point/$1
Australian purchases: 0.5 Qantas Points/$1
Government payments: 0.25 Qantas Points/$1

St. George offer linked in deal URL, here are the other two:
BankSA Amplify Business Credit Card: https://www.banksa.com.au/business/credit-card/rewards
Bank of Melbourne Amplify Business Credit Card: https://www.bankofmelbourne.com.au/business/credit-card/rewa...

Pretty much the only card offer right now with $0 AF while still getting a reasonable signup bonus.

(Edit: forgot to mention, first post! Let me know if there's anything I need to improve)

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      • +9

        Ahha exactly.

        Why should they do you a favour?

        Funny how we ridicule the banks for being too soft, giving credit to everyone and not doing enough due diligence (royal commission).

        And then we ridicule them for following the strict procedures we have imposed on the banks.

        They can't win.

        • -1

          Ahahha, what legislation forces a bank to sell a $5000 loan for $800 to a collections company instead of allowing the bank to wait three months for it to be paid in full?

  • +1

    if I have an existing Amplify St George credit card, am I eligible for bonus points?

    • +3

      From the T&C's:

      Switches, upgrades, customers accessing employee benefits or packaged cards and customers who have held another Amplify Business credit card account within the last 12 months are ineligible for this offer.

      Looks like you'll be OK as long as it was a personal card and not a business card.

      • yeah, read that as well. time to close the personal and get this!

  • Do you need a business?

    • +1

      Looks like you need ABN or ACN number

      • +1

        Do I need to earn certain level of income?

        • It's a personal liability card, so it will be based on your personal income, not your business income.

  • Left my job for a few months, and in the process of starting a business. Have an ABN ready, but is it possible to apply for a credit card without a current income?

    Not sure if it's relevant, but I do have two other credit cards which I have used regularly the last few years without any late payments.

    • +1

      They will ask for recent tax returns to prove income. If you have history with St George it probably makes it easier.

    • +1

      But fundamentally you have no income. Is it worth risking rejection?

      You may need other loans for your business that would in turn get rejected. Now is not the time for you to abuse cc offers imho

  • I closed my st george cc only in July so cant apply with st george yet but will it be ok if I apply with either of the other two banks (or both actually) ?

    or are these banks linked so if I apply for bank SA for example I wont qualify to get the points.

    • If it was a personal CC should still be eligible. Business and personal treated separately.

    • It’s one bank with three trading names.

  • +1

    do business cards in general have a vastly different approach to credit limits? and min income?
    Without going into the T&Cs, I note there is a 'contact if requiring >80k limit', rather than the usual minimum 3k if platinum or 15k if signature card that applies to personal cards.

    • +1

      Wow 80k? Really? I can buy 400 iphones then run away from this country hide in Panama?

      • Got until 8 January to return them all too! (make sure to order them each separately)

    • Good question. I clicked on the 'increase limit' tab. It says $Nan … I asked her and she said she will chip in $2 ;) No idea what $Nan means?

      Also, proving business income would be tricky if U don't have a business (not sure a normal pay G payslip would count).

      • NaN = Not a Number. Usually a result of a divide by zero or similar.

        The code that is producing that page is broken.

    • I couldn't for the life of me find any mention of minimum income required, or even minimum credit limit. Though the application form does want you to specify your preferred credit limit in multiples of $100. Did a quick test and it seems to be happy with $100 on the dot, so no real minimum apparently.

      Starting to think that perhaps this might actually be the entry-level business card? Would be highly unusual to offer such a large signup bonus if so. Maybe they're just trying to drum up interest in the product line.

  • +9

    Worst bank I've ever dealt with no bonus would get me back there. Plenty of others with the same opinion on this website based on previous offers.

    Two major issues, signing up to an automated payment is nigh on impossible and making a paying is extremely difficult. So I was constantly in Collections through no fault of my own. Even they couldn't out me on an automated payment lol.

    Secondly, their fraud team blocked my card and when I called them to unblock it they closed my account lol! It doesn't get much more pathetic than that.

    • I didn't experience those issues but I too wouldn't sign up with them again.

      For signup process they require you to go into a branch to verify identity. And to pick up the card. Not sure what decade they think it is.

      • -2

        Oh no, you had to put the phone down and leave the house. How did you manage to survive?

        • Phone? Every credit card I've applied for is done online without any branch visit needed.

          St George also wanted my wife to visit to verify identity for additional card holder. Never experienced this with any other credit card. Extremely inconvenient when you both work during the hours they are open and there aren't too many St George branches in Melbourne compared to say Comm Bank, ANZ, etc.

          Unless your applying for a loan, depositing cash, or old, who tf wants to go into a branch?

    • Automatic payments are a pain but not difficult to set up (at least on a personal card). Why couldn't they set it up for you?

      Fill in a form and either take to a branch or fax it. When I fired up on twitter about it being 2019 and me of a generation that doesn't know what a fax machine is, I eventually got an email address out of Westpac to send a scan of the form to ([email protected] for anyone else interested)

    • Yep I've said this before.

      My experience with their credit cards was that in order for you to set up a direct debit link to your bank with their cards, you have to go into a branch and fill out PAPER WORK. wtf.

      They also made it extremely difficult even find the Bpay details to pay your card off. This was not available on their website until I made a fuss on it through Facebook.
      Their original response was "you can call us to find the bpay details".

      Every other bank seems to allow you to set up the link online e.g. 28 degrees MasterCard.

      • All the brick and mortar banks seem to want direct debit forms on paper. It's a PITA.

        As far as BPay details, it's on the bottom of your statement…

  • +1

    What is the equivalent value for 70K bonus QFF Points? How can you redeem easily?

    • you need about 80K for a return economy flight to Hong Kong which is $650-700.

      • Depends on when you using it to go to Hong Kong or anywhere else.
        $650-700 is offpeak. QFF and almost every other frequent flyer programs don't vary their points redemption according to seasons.
        So you could get tickets during xmas which would cost over $1500 for the same 80k.

    • It's 25k pp from Brisbane to Tokyo economy class. So 100k return for two people.

  • +3


    Did the CitiBank CC in November.
    As soon as we hit the spend requirement, QFFs in our account.

    Got StGeorge CC in September, hit the spend requirement first month…
    Called them yesterday to chase our QFFs. They say 3 more months maybe.

    • +1

      They give the points with the second statement after the 90 days are up, regardless of when you hit the minimum spend. So it will be between 4 and 5 months from when you first signed up, depending on what billing cycle you end up on.

  • I'm curious to know how many credit cards everyone sign's up for and in what period of time.

    • +2

      Lots. If you read the Australian frequent flyer forums, the churn rate on cards with points offers is huge. People on there reporting doing multiple cards a year, and earning hundreds of thousands of points. If your credit rating is fine, and you have no bad marks against your name, no reason why you couldn't do multiple cards a a year and churn away. I do one or two a year, to get myself around 100k in points for a trip away. But don't have the income or spend level to get the massive black or premium cards with the 100k+ bonus offers

      • +1

        Flew first class return doing this exact thing. Credit rating took a minor hit (with the smaller credit providers who look at number of open & closed accounts with more of a focus) , but worth it IMO

    • +1

      Average of roughly one per month for me.

      • How do you meet the minimum spend?

        • +3

          I wish I could say that my monthly expenses were less than $3k, but they're not.

      • +1

        Wow a card a month. That’s some serious points hauling action right there.

        • No kidding! If we're talking Black/Signature/Ultimate cards, that would work out to be around a million points per year.

      • Are there 13 different banks???
        Or u do average 1 a month between u and ur partner….

        • +1

          Well, ANZ generously operate 3 separate rewards systems (Travel Adventures, Rewards, Frequent Flyer). Off the top of my head there is NAB, Westpac, Macquarie, Amex, Bendigo, St George, BankWest, Citibank, Coles, Qantas Money, Virgin Money. Lots of options! Usually all have at least one promo once or twice per year.

          Yes just me.

  • No way in hell i will ever be supporting a bank that allowed customers to pay for child sexual abuse etc
    (BOM/STG/BSA: Owned by Westpac)

    • +2

      Well that's all of them I'm sorry to say. Just because only 1 has publicly been outed, doesn't make it the only one.

    • So almost all the employees of the Westpac group had no idea of what happened, and the negligence was on the part of a small group.

      In any case, taking out offers like this is kind of the opposite of supporting the bank, given they'll be forking out nearly a grand to buy the points, and most likely people here will all churn out once the points have been received.

  • +2

    I have an ABN a few year back but still active, now i am employed, can i apply this with PAYG income?

    • +3

      good question, is the abn just a tick a box exercise or they assess the income based on business..

      • I want to know this, too.

    • +1

      It says a couple of times thru the process that it is supposed to be used only for business expenses .How they
      would ever police it I dont know . I didnt have to show any "business" income yet but I did have to tick the box
      saying self employed.

      • Thanks for sharing the info. It seems risky to apply with just an ABN without carrying on a business.

        • +1

          You could have the intention of starting a business and start getting your admin in order, then change your mind.

  • so you can't get any of their cars if you don't have ABN

    • +1

      You can't get any of their business credit cards without an ABN. They have other cards aimed at individuals, and there have been similar offers for those before.

  • +2

    How does a business card affect your personal credit rating?

    • I want to know this answer too

    • +1

      It goes on your personal credit rating. its really just a pseudo business card, No business info required,(turnover, P&L etc) no directors guarantee. Really just a personal card with I'm guessing a company name below yours on the card.

  • query: do i need an actual business to apply for this card?

    or do i just need to key in my ABN + use my payslips to apply for this card?

    • Just asks for ABN and industry, and then personal income/expenditure.

  • "I declare that the credit provided to me by the credit provider is applied wholly or predominantly for:
    - business purposes; or
    - investment purposes other than investment in residential property."

    • I could invest in a new washing machine…

      • +1

        Or better yet, an 80k high-yield investment vehicle?

        Sorry, I'll show myself out…

    • Noticed that too, but I doubt it would be strictly enforced. It's not like they'd really gain anything extra if you did spend it on investment/business expenses, nor would they lose anything if you spent it on anything else. It's unsecured credit after all.

  • +1

    Has anyone been approved for this?


  • Note the fineprint: "The first annual card fee will be debited on the 12-month anniversary of the first transaction on your account and annually thereafter."

    In other words to get $0 for the first year, you'll most likely be made to use the card into a second year, by which time, you'll be charged the annual fee for the second year.

    • +1

      What you talking about?

      Thought everyone here cancels card after they get points after couple months. Then waits 12months then reapplys

      • Yep exactly.

      • +1

        If you read it carefully you realise you will pay the initial $89 first and then get refunded that $89 on the first anniversary of the first transaction you made. Meanwhile your card has elapsed into a second year and you will be hit with the second $89 annual fee, which you will not be refunded for.

        • ^Discounted annual card fee in first year promotion Amplify Business: The first-year annual card fee waiver is available when you apply for a new Amplify Business credit card between 28th November 2019 and 26th February 2020. The first annual card fee will be debited on the 12-month anniversary of the first transaction on your account and annually thereafter.

          Above is all I could find.
          Meaning, upon approval and after u make first use of card, on 5/01/2020, means 5/01/2021 u will get slapped the $89 fee.

          Banks are dodgy with these clause. Ambiguous sometimes.

          Anyone who already made the spend and got statement share your feedback ..

          • @lovepub: Ah sorry, I interpreted it differently. Reading it over a few times I think your interpretation is correct. But it would be good to have someone confirm anyway. I always interpret Debit in the accounting form which is a positive rather than negative, so I thought you would get charged first and then get it back on the 12-month anniversary.

  • +1

    Has anybody applied for this card yet?

  • +1

    I am full time permanently employed and have a ABN (sole trader) that I don't very much use, hence not much business income. I applied for this card using my payslips. I just got a call from an inexperienced st george staff, who spoke poor english and answered my questions like a bot (kept repeating the same bland non-answer over and over) and had to put me on hold for multiple times to consult with her senior.
    she said the payslips i uploaded were useless, and i had to send them the notice of assessment and bank statements specifically for my business in order to get this application assessed, which I don't have. what a pain!
    what people said above regarding this card required only personal income was all bullshit.

    • hmmm, i wonder how i will go then. i've got a full-time job and just started a side hustle (which i have registered an ABN for) but i haven't made any money from it yet.

  • +1

    Have applied as well, and now they are requesting for something to show business income/activity.

  • +3

    Same here applied for the card conditionally approved subject to income verification which I did online

    Now they tell me I need 2 years ATO statements for my business

    I explained this is a new ABN and business

    Nowhere does it say you need to be trading for 2 years - there’s even a checklist you get provided when you enter you ABN on their website

    Will be making a complaint and requesting the enquire be removed if indeed I am not eligible

    • +1

      any update on your application?

      I've been sending 'status' sms to the number they provided everyday and they just say they're still doing credit checks, which is ridiculous. not impressed with how slow this process is. if they don't want to offer credit then why are they promoting credit cards?

      • +1

        Same boat absolute disgrace

        Nearly worth negging the deal tbh

  • +2

    swear to god, they are the worst evil people/bank, stay clear of them, it will cost you tremendous amount of time, headache, and a few million dead brain cells, and you won't get what you want. talking to their Filipino staff is enough to give you a stroke and send you directly to intensive care unit, it's completely waste of time when it comes to St. George bank.

  • +1

    Update on my application.

    Not eligible due to new ABN - say you need to be trading a minimum of 18 months

    I explained that is not disclosed.

    I said that if I'm not eligible then let me apply for the consumer product

    7 days later they call me an say we will remove your credit inquiry which could take up to 30 days

    Said I had to re-apply for the consumer product

    Disguising - sorry OP ive negged

    • what a joke, should report to ACCC to teach them a lesson.

    • +1

      how did you go with the credit inquiry removal? were you able to re-apply for the consumer credit card?
      I tried to get them to do the same, but they said they couldn't remove it because it did not fit the criteria (did you get a rejection or did you withdraw the application? I withdrew the application upon their advice, should i have waited for them to reject it, i wonder?)
      so all i ended up with is hours of wasted time and 3 rejected credit enquires and nothing else, never had any trouble with other banks, always st. George, true blood suckers, so frustrating.

  • conditionally approved, then received generic rejection letter.

    Might be that my payslips are from non ABN related salaried work.

    • i've now been asked to register for online banking even though they are still re-verifying everything. they are incredibly inefficient i swear it was a week ago when they said they will give me a 5K limit, which isn't even that high so why does it take so long to issue it?

  • +1

    Applied 23rd Jan, multiple requests for documents and statements which were all supplied promptly over the next week or so after each delayed response.

    Got everything they needed to them by Feb 4th.

    Then got a "We have received a high volume of applications and are behind in processing, we'll get back to you if we need anything.

    Checked status on the 6th Feb and got "We are still behind in our credit assessments, we'll get back to you if we need anything".

    Checked status on the 6th Feb and got "We are still behind in our credit assessments, we'll get back to you if we need anything".

    Checked status on the 11th Feb and got "We are still slightly behind in our processing, but it wont be much longer We'll get back to you if we need anything".

    Checked status on the 18th Feb and got "We are still slightly behind in our processing, but it wont be much longer We'll get back to you if we need anything".

    Checked status on the 23rd Feb and got "We are still slightly behind in our processing, but it wont be much longer We'll get back to you if we need anything".

    I am not sure how this bank has functioned for so long.

    So, it looks like they managed to drag it on long enough for the offer to end! I am guessing the application may probably be processed soon now.

    • +1

      yes they are horrible to deal with , they dragged it out getting me approved nearly 1 month and did multiple credit hits on my file a few years back that i didnt know until i checked my credit file recently. hopefully they are better organised this time round. not sure if you had to be approved or just apply by 26 feb as the wording in t and c weren't very clear. anyway they extended until june now so should be ok. anyone know the minimum credit limit? i think its 1k so might get the wife to applied later on towards june.

    • don't bother with the text message thing, they just keep coming back with an automated response. call them and you'll get a proper answer as to what is actually outstanding. they will then come up with crap that you've already provided, or you stuff that you are wondering why they haven't asked for it if it was outstanding. just fire up at them, and eventually they'll bend and give you the card.

      looks like i'm one of the few that applied successfully. i've spent 3K in less than 2 months, wondering how long it'll take to get my bonus QFF points.

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