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Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Edition (Luxe Silver) $101.97 Delivered @ Bose Australia (Hack Required)


Black out of stock

I know this post has been flying around last 2 days.

Some of you have issue with over-charged $157 instead of $143. I'm struggling with it either. I bought one and they charged me $157 (but I already make a claim through Paypal)

Today I try again with Code SPEAKER20, but i don't know what it does. Price now even goes down to $101.97.

Please note: voucher codes are case sensitive.

Method 1

What I did. I install Honey add-on into Chrome, when adding speaker to cart and use Honey, It drops down to $101.97 by itself. Wondering if this is price error. Pay with PayPal.

Here is my proof


Method 2

Open two tabs to the deal. In tab 1, click Buy Now to add product and go to cart. Switch to tab 2 and go to cart. Enter coupon code HOLIDAY15 and apply. Switch back to tab 1, enter coupon code SPEAKER20 and apply. Proceed to checkout and pay with PayPal. (Thanks to OO.)

Happy Hunting everyone

Original Coupon Deal

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  • $143 for me still.
    Maybe try refreshing your browser?

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      Came out $101.87 for me. Bought 4 for $407.87.

      Great Christmas gift for family & friends. Awesome deal.

      Thanks OP.

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        I need Friends like you.

        • In Broden We Trust

  • $143 for me too

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    $143.96 for me.

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    The Honey Extension allows you to stack 2 codes, 'SPEAKER20' & 'HOLIDAY15', lowering the price to $101.97 Delivered

    • how did you apply both codes on the extension? does it do it automatically?

      • Honey Extension auto input codes, once activated.

        • Not working for me for some reason.

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      how am I just discovering this extension now?? cheers

    • It works. $101.97 pull the trigger.

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      So basically it breaks sites that use browser-side enforcement/validation of coupon code rules? Fun.

      Sounds like a good lesson for e-commerce devs: do your validation on the server-side. Never trust a browser to do what you expect.

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    Worked for me, $102

    • Which payment do you use?

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        Doesn't matter, but used paypal and it said $102 on there as well

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    Yes. It worked, I had to install honey extension in firefox.. 1st and 2nd time the code application didn't work but when i removed the coupon and refreshed third time, it applied it and it came to au $101.xx.. Then paid by PayPal.

  • Giving it a shot! Ordered. 101.97

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    Use Paypal.

    Price changes to $129 when using Visa as payment method!

    Cheers OP!

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      I proceeded with my visa - only paid 101.97 even thought the checkout page showed $12x. some weird stuff going on in their website.

      • It’s because the plugin literally breaks the website coupon code validation JavaScript. The backend doesn’t know what to do, because it’s getting garbage data.

        Luckily, most people seem to get the lower price. But someone in the Bose store software dev team is going to be fired as a result.

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    Has anyone received their orders made on Sunday yet? Bose says it has next day delivery included, but it's been almost 2 business days now and I've not even received a "shipped" notification.

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      Sounds like the Soundsport Free circus

    • Got my Bose invoice at 1am this morning, shipping notification at 8am saying it will be delivered by COB today

    • Mine was delivered today

    • I ordered yesterday, and nothing since then (apart from order confirmation).

      • I ordered on the $143 price yesterday morning and just now got an email from Startrack saying it will be delivered today.

        i checked my paypal / cr card it been charged for $143 not $159

        • AH crap… just checked my PayPal and I have been charged $159 even tho email says $143!! I was going to cancel it after I saw this post, but looks like its been shipped…
          How do I get this $143 fixed - via PayPal?

          • @javab0y: Check your bank account transaction list linked to your PayPal, for me it showed up on my PayPal account as $159 charged but when I checked my bank account online, only $143 was debited.

            • @hoons: Yes you are right. Bank shows $143, PayPal web shows $159, email from Bose/PP show $143.
              I have already called Bose (who seemed to be aware of this and said they will fix everyone up) and also lodged a PP dispute… bugger.

      • I've ordered mine Sunday evening and received it today. Since it does not come with a charging cradle and could not find it on Bose website, I called the sales rep and ordered one for $21.73 as well.

    • Still waiting for mine. Nothing since the confirmation email.

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    You legend

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    Okay, so you can do this with any product that allows you to add both HOLIDAY15 and SPEAKER20 btw (I think it is only speakers)


    Bose Home Speaker 500


    It said $530

    After using this method, it became $319.97

    • How? Once I've entered a code I can't enter another, only remove the first one.

      • you need the HONEY plugin for firefox, chrome etc.. otherwise, it will not work.

        Its pretty much an add on that will apply discount codes for you and you get credit towards a gift card when you use their service.

        • Wow, that makes the Bose Home Speaker 300 $159! It's usually around $300.

          • @ldt: Both vouchers apply individually… calculated against the full RRP!
            But the discount is applied against the already discounted price!

      • +14

        If you don't want to install HONEY plug-in, you can duplicate the checkout webpage, enter HONEY15 in one webpage, SPEAKER20 on the other webpage. Then, you get $101.97 final price. Remember to use PayPal as payment method.

        • Thanks for this tips!

        • Can't download Honey at the office but this duplicate checkout trick works perfect. Only $101.97 charged. Thanks O O

        • +1

          It's HOLIDAY15, not HONEY15.

    • It is also working with a 'Acoustimass® 10 Series V home cinema speaker system' from $1499 down to $974.35 but are they going to honor such a deal?!?

      • That one is $1100 on Amazon

        • I just completed the buy via VISA (Debit Card) from $1,499 to $974.35, reviewed my bank details and they confirmed only that amount has been transferred. Email;
          "Acoustimass® 10 Series V home cinema speaker system Black
          Quantity: 1 $1,499.00
          Subtotal $974.35
          Shipping $0.00
          Voucher (SPEAKER20)20.0
          Voucher (HOLIDAY15)15.0
          Order total $974.35"
          I'm happy I almost bought 2 days ago with just the Voucher (SPEAKER20)20.0.

    • bought both. THanks.

    • Bose Home Speaker 500 is good?

  • Wow, worked! So good

  • $143 for me

    • Use honey and pay by paypal. It works

  • If you use honey though, you can't use cashback right

    • +2

      Honey is a affiliate system as well, but it's worse than SB and CR because they payout in gift cards

    • +1

      If you use honey though, you can't use cashback right?

      That’s correct. Many don’t realise that Honey is an affiliate program just like CR and SB. Only difference is they keep all the commission and pass nothing back to its members. Be careful not to use or activate Honey if you ever use Cashback sites as the sale will be attributed to them. So many untracked purchases are exactly because of this, and stores will decline any missing Cashback claims.

    • +3

      Getting a $300 speaker for $100 means I am quite happy to forfeit a 2% CB.

      • +1

        Couldn't agree with you more. The comment was more an FYI going forward when attempting to use Honey as a coupon finder and unwittingly having it steel the tracking cookie for your purchase :)

        • I'm all-in for SB and CR before anything else, but yeah, there are so many subtle nuances to these affiliate sites it's hard for many to keep track of what's what I'm sure.

          This little trick though worked a treat though, so now I've got two coming my way. I bought one on Sunday but at $100, this new deal is an absolute steal! Might sell the other one and try make a profit :-)

          Big thumbs ups for the op!

  • +3

    How is this the first time I'm hearing of Honey

  • Awesome deal - thanks works!!!
    Download Honey - let it add the coupon for you (extension runs automatically for me) then use Paypal

  • thanks OP, got one.

  • Would you guys say this is an upgrade from a JBL Flip 4?

    • definitely better than jbl fip 4

    • Yep. You sit this thing against a wall or in a corner and it can fill a room.

  • Dammit, should we just return the previous order and order a new one?

    • I think you can return it and order a new one. Again, refund takes 6-8 weeks so…

    • That's my intention. Might try and flog it on ebay/Gumtree first and see if there are any pre-Xmas bites. It would be quicker to get the "refund" that way rather than waiting 6-8 weeks.

  • For those who bought 157/143 deal. Is it possible if we cancel that deal and order this one again with 101.97
    Any ideas ?

    • You can go through the hassle of returning it as the returns are free. You can just buy a new one and post back the old one when it arrives.

    • I'd advertise against it just because this maybe a price error.

      Like you said in your post, you need HONEY plugin to do it otherwise its not possible.

      I'd just place both orders and wait, if you receive both then you can always just ship back the $143 and get a refund (just don't open it)

      • That is true. FYI, I have just contacted Bose and they have just cancelled my previous order.

    • Buy one. You can always return the old one.

  • Thanks bought one! Hopefully doesn't get cancelled!

  • +2

    worked for me as well, did not order. not needed, lol.

  • Does anyone know what version of Bluetooth is e.g 4.1 4.2 5.0 or something else??
    I can't find it on their page, I even download the user manual and could not find it!!

    • Bluetooth 3

    • It's Bluetooth 3.0

      • +1


        • It's actually not a big deal. Bluetooth 4 is just about the low energy devices like smart pedometers. Classic Bluetooth has been largely unchanged since version 3.

          • +1

            @pinchies: True. 5 is better, right?

            • @PvsNP: Ug the Caveman: Bigger number, me likey!

          • @pinchies: As far as I know it's Bluetooth 4.0. That's why it has 20% more running time.

  • Thanks, OP! I ordered it just now using the Honey extension for Chrome. Paid $101.97. Didn't need it but how often do you get to apply two coupons at once? ;)

  • This will get interesting…

  • +17

    Given that this is a bug (being able to apply two coupons at once), I hope people don't get disappointed and pissed off if Bose doesn't honor the error.

    • +7

      ^ this. Some tool is going to say something stupid to Bose and ask if this is a pricing error only for them to start an investigation and work it out, which they probably are going to do regardless given the amount of orders going through for this.

    • I just made a test order for silver model and saw:

      We're sorry, something went wrong.
      Your voucher is not applicable here. Please check its terms of availability.

      The total price however still showed up as $101.97 and accepted delivery details

      • Ignore that message and proceed forward, you can checkout with $102.

        • +2

          Yeah, I had no plan to buy as already got a Sony speaker but well what can I say …. OzB peer pressure :)

          Paypal & Bose receipts both show $101 price

  • +1

    good marketing for Honey here!

  • Does the honey extension works on the phone i am trying to order it but it doesn't work ?

    • Laptop/PC will always be your better option over mobile devices.

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