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Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Edition (Luxe Silver) $101.97 Delivered @ Bose Australia (Hack Required)


Black out of stock

I know this post has been flying around last 2 days.

Some of you have issue with over-charged $157 instead of $143. I'm struggling with it either. I bought one and they charged me $157 (but I already make a claim through Paypal)

Today I try again with Code SPEAKER20, but i don't know what it does. Price now even goes down to $101.97.

Please note: voucher codes are case sensitive.

Method 1

What I did. I install Honey add-on into Chrome, when adding speaker to cart and use Honey, It drops down to $101.97 by itself. Wondering if this is price error. Pay with PayPal.

Here is my proof


Method 2

Open two tabs to the deal. In tab 1, click Buy Now to add product and go to cart. Switch to tab 2 and go to cart. Enter coupon code HOLIDAY15 and apply. Switch back to tab 1, enter coupon code SPEAKER20 and apply. Proceed to checkout and pay with PayPal. (Thanks to OO.)

Happy Hunting everyone

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +1

    I want to get this sorted out but I can't face sitting on hold for an hour ughhhhh

  • Sharing my experience to help…
    Bought 2 Soundlink minis last Tuesday, got initial email but nothing else, called Wednesday and was told it should be shipped by Friday.
    On Friday order vanished from paypal and bank, however, like many others i could click the paypal link and still see the order.
    No other emails received.
    Called this morning at 8:02, on hold for 40 minutes, was told that they had a "technical issue" last week and my order had been cancelled in their system (still hadn't received email, paypal/bank vanished, could click link from initial email to see paypal transaction, but didnt show up in paypal otherwise).
    Lady asked for alternative payment (credit card), resubmitted my order, said i should receive between wed-fri.

  • I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon. Got sent an invoice on Saturday and just received the speaker today.

    • Same here. :)

    • Did you receive email about delivery? I also got invoice on Saturday but got nothing updates

      • No. No email that says it's getting delivered. Only an invoice email. You just gotta check with your AusPost app.

  • Ordered on the 10th, got the Confirmation / paypal receipt immediately. Haven't checked it since, got the bose invoice yesterday and can see i have a delivery due today. Glad I didnt waste my time calling them ;)

  • Just got through to them, was on hold for about an hour. They are saying that my order has not been cancelled (PayPal) and that they will escalate to get it shipped asap. She's also going to provide the tracking number to me after she takes me off hold in a sec.
    I ordered 10/12 4:14PM.

    Edit - no tracking provided as not ready yet

    • please update when yours gets shipped. I ordered at exactly the same time too

  • those who have received their speaker, what time did you place the order on the 10/12 (based on order confirmation email) ?

  • hmm my tracking that was on the app last week, has now disappeared off the app…

    • no tracking , but just got it delivered (ACT)
      Well done to bose for coming through with the goods!

  • I got my speaker this morning.

    Ordered on the 10th of December at 3:30pm.

  • Ordered one on 10/12 at 14:48 and paid via Paypal. Did not call. Invoice received on 15/12 at 01:12. No tracking information received but on board for delivery today via the AusPost app.

    • No tracking information, how do check on AusPost App

      • You need to register for an account with your identification. There's a couple of comments about it on page 11.

    • Just received my order.

  • Anyone calling Bose today? Whats the wait time roughly?

    • Have been on hold for 35 mins so far

    • I was on hold for 60 minutes.. Finished the call about 15 minutes ago

      • I have no need for this before Christmas (in reality I have no need for it whatsoever) so I'll be waiting a few days to give them a ring I think :)

  • Received my order this morning, along with the Refurb Bose Soundsport Free.

  • +1

    Order about 3pm on 10th, never checked or paid much attention to confirmation emails etc figured it would show up or refund would come through but it got delivered this morning. :)

  • On the phone with Bose for 1 hour and 50 mins (55 mins initial waiting time). Got my order sorted.

    They said because of the amount paid and the order in the system had a different amount. Hence, order was cancelled.

    My bose order was removed from my Paypal account

    The amount was also removed from my credit card

    No cancellation confirmation email sent to me

    • Hi, may I have your pm - searched for mi vacuum firmware issue and found your post but the link expired.
      You don't have message enabled so I can't message you :)

  • received :)

    Original Order confirmation email received Tue 10/12/2019 2:07 PM

  • +1

    Got mine just now, it's an excellent bluetooth speaker for the size and (hack) price! Thanks for honouring, Bose.

  • I had to forward my paypal receipt by email to prove I had placed my order. Let's see what happens next.

  • +1

    Just got off the phone (50 mins wait + 14 min talk). Same info, couldn't fulfil order as the price is different from their system to what I got it for. Order got reprocessed with the same price I paid the Bose 300 (159.97) but through my CC directly. Shipping would be 3 to 5 days.

    • This is different to what I was told.. dreading having to call again zz

      • Oh, I read somewhere in this thread the same info mentioned to me so I thought it was the same for everyone. They also mentioned that my order was not cancelled and was, in fact , still open but wouldn't proceed due to price difference.

        Hope yours get sorted out for a Merry Christmas!

        • Haha thanks - they maintained the order was still open yes but nothing about price difference!

          Ah well not urgent anyway :)

  • Got order confirmation for Bose Home Speaker 500 on Tuesday 10 Dec at 1539. Then, the order cancellation apology email on Thursday 12 Dec at 2218.

    Today, I called up at 1222 and was on hold until 1313 (51 minutes), with the call lasting five minutes.

    Now, waiting for the tracking email (was advised that delivery would usually be by Friday 20 Dec, but may be pushed out by 2-5 days given this is a "re-order").

  • -1

    Was one of the lucky ones who received the speaker today for $101, all without contacting Bose once.

    Problem is that I've no use for it. Got a UE BOOM 3 which I can't part with. Can anyone advise how they compare?

    • +1

      Bose will shit all over the UE boom specifically, think it's more comparable to the megaboom but I would google

      • I agree. Bass on my dad's Bose Revolve (not plus) kills my UE Megaboom 3. Can't wait to use my soundlink mini

      • I have received the bose mini ll today. Compare it with my brother jbl charge 3 and the charge 3 is louder with more bass. So if you are after an outdoor speaker with strong bass, this is not for you. Get the charge 4 or ue megaboom 3.

  • +3

    Speaker arrived today (in Perth) without any need to contact Bose. Happy with the outcome, it was a wild ride.

    • Damn.. I'm Perth as well.

  • Yeah. Thank you Bose.

    Invoice arrived early Sunday morning, and speaker came via Startrack at midday today. Just charging in now, fully, before I use it.

    • I got the invoice also last Friday, but no tracking. Did you get a tracking? I still need to check and see if it got delivered

      • +1

        No tracking email. It just pops up in the AusPost app if you have your details registered with them (AusPost).

        • +1

          Thanks! This helped. Logged into my Auspost and saw a parcel coming tomorrow via Startrack. Sweet!

  • Nope no tracking. I should have said that I'm in Brisbane, and there is a date on the parcel of the 13th. I guess it was packed on the 13th and sent from NSW.

  • -1

    Absolutely useless. So I called on Friday regarding the email asking for my CC. "Oh no need your CC we will send it out no problem bye.." after being on hold for ages and asking multiple times if everything is good for BOTH orders.

    So now I have received my mini but not my Speaker 300. Now I have to call them again and ask what happened to it.

  • My PayPal transaction disappeared a few days ago with no communication since. I probably won't receive anything hey :(

    • You should still have the Paypal email received immediately after payment. I was told to email that in then they would follow through.

      • Hmm, i've only got the initial email which links me to the transaction. But the transaction isn't on my PayPal so idk

        • That should be sufficient. That is what I had to submit via email. That way they can see you attempted to place an order and the price at the time of payment.

  • Ordered Monday last week at 3.38 pm. Yet to receive an invoice and the PayPal transaction has disappeared. Currently on hold for 30 mins and waiting to see what the go is.

  • +1

    My speaker (BOSE Soundlink mini 2) arrived today (Perth, WA). Was charged $101.97.
    Happy customer :)

  • +1

    Is there an email or chat we can use?
    Instead of waiting hours on the phone…

    • I haven't been able to see the chat popup on their website at all today…

  • Just spent an hour on the phone with customer service to order 4 minis, 2 blacks and 2 whites. I told her the order total was $407.83. she processed the order via credit card over the phone but only charged me $203.84 which is the price for two…. Back on hold again now to figure it out lol ! So much hassle.

    • Maybe just wait to see if 2, or 4 arrive. Lol

  • Speaker arrived today for $101.97.

    This just shows that to be a true OzBargainer you have to be in it to win it. All the nay sayers who said Bose won't honour the deal should go back on their Ls for a month on this website ;)

  • Thanks @op and Bose

  • Got the Soundlink delivered today. PayPal is (finally) listing it as a Purchase now (from Authorisation) but credit card statement is still listing as Purchase Authorization.


    Only good can happen from this point onwards so I'm happy.

    Soundlink needed a firmware update from 1.0.4 to 1.0.8.

    p.s Anybody found a retailer to get the original speaker travel case in Australia?

  • +1

    For people who didn't order, can they get in on this as well? Or do Bose ask for an order number?

    • +2

      Nah, you'll have to wait for some of the 1,500 units to show up on ebay I think…

      • Or on ozb forums haha!

      • +1

        "Unwanted gift"

        • 4 available
    • Yeah mate spot on..just let them know that their website crashed and you were unable to order due to the technical glitch …mate of mine was able to order one at the discounted price of $101.97…give it a go mate and you never know …have a merry xmas cheers ..

    • Wait for 30-45 days and you shd lots of Refurb one for this price.. ;)

  • +1

    Delivered today. Never had a tracking number prior to missed delivery.

  • +1

    Order confirmation received on 10 Dec at 16:09, didn't receive anything after that, no invoice, no shipment notice, no delivery. Just wondering is there anyone received their speaker only with a Confirmation email?

    • You should have received an order confirmation email and an invoice email. No tracking email though.

      • I already got the order confirmation but no invoice email yet.

    • UPDATE 17/12
      Just got email confirmation and invoice from BOSE this morning, without getting a touch to them(no phone calls no emails, etc)
      Delivery estimate arriving tmr or Thursday.
      Paid by credit card, the transaction record disappeared.
      Not sure what gonna happen next? Charge through Credit card or a Free gift from BOSE?

    • BOSE 300 Received without any charge right now….(Paid by credit card initially)

  • Contacted them to get my 2 X minis sorted.
    I did receive a home 500 last week from the same deal. Can't see any charges anywhere on it. Will see what happens with that.

    • +1

      How's the home 500?

      • Haven't opened it yet…no time at the moment lol

  • Called them today, was on hold for 36min. Spent 6min talking to them and they've reprocessed my order with 3-5 day delivery.

    I ordered 12:22PM Brisbane time on 10/12/19 and it did disappear off my Paypal just today.

  • Try and hit up the live chat if you can, I had mine sorted out in a few minutes. My tracking number wasn't showing up in the AusPost App but live chat rep gave me a tracking number anyway. If you live in an apartment sometimes AusPost doesn't pick up where you live I guess, depending on how you entered your address number at order (xx/xx or U xx, Appt xx etc.). Didn't receive any emails that it's been delivered, only a confirmation email on the 10th and an invoice on the 13th


    Live chat on the left side with Chrome (sometimes it doesn't show up, can be a bit fiddly)

  • Just called up and had my order processed at 649 for the 700 bass module with 2-5 day delivery

  • Received today at the bargain price and I never contacted them about this order. Surprised at how small and heavy it is, just charging it and lok forward to giving it a go.

  • Just did online chat and they gave me tracking number for Star Track saying it is due for delivery today

    • Do you happen to have a link to the online chat? Can't seem to find the option.

  • Speaker delivered.

    10th Dec around midday - Ordered (PayPal)
    10th Dec around 1pm - PayPal email received for submitted amount. ($101.97)
    10th Dec 1.30pm - Bose "order confirmation" received. ($199.95 less voucher -$20, less voucher -$15, ORDER TOTAL $101.97)
    13th Dec - PayPal status changed to paid (PayPal website listed transaction amount as paid)
    15th Dec - Bose confirmation email with attached invoice
    16th Dec - delivered.

    No calls to Bose or other engagement undertaken.

    Speaker was 40% charged. Is nice, and sound is outstanding, but no real volume can be pushed as the bottom end just turns to fuzz. Great for my desk at work.
    Smaller than i thought it would be. USB-C charging cable was an unexpected bonus (wasn't paying close attention when ordering as usual)

    • Does it still come with a charging dock thing?

      • No. And above comments say that was for previous model - even though this model still has the metal pegs that would sit on the dock. I won't need or use a dock, so no probs for me! The bottom of the speaker is a nice rubber matt that has good grip.

  • Received mine today, silver. confirmed it's the special edition.
    my order came through without cancellation.
    charging it now, very heavy for such a small device. no complains though.

    • +1

      It’s heavy because there are decent quality speakers built in.

  • Mine arrived today :)

  • Enjoying, replaced my aging and broken soundlink gen 1. Swap the case over all good. USB-C is definitely a plus.

  • Two ordered :
    First : arrived!
    Second : paypal and credit card charges disappeared… but I CBF calling them. Happy with the one Soundlink mini 2. :)

  • +27

    This is OP

    And I can see you guys have won the war over the glitch. Congratulations to all. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year

    • Thanks Santa.

  • I'm not sure this thing was worth the hassle. It arrived with 20% charge. I've had it charging for 8 hours… it now has 20% charge. WTF?!

    • Check that the cable "clicked" in securely. I thought mine was charging initially but I realised I hadn't given it enough muscle.

    • I have the same problem!!!

    • Mine wasn't charging to start with. I was using Oppo Reno Z VOOC charger. Changed it to older pixel charger and it was fine.

      So try a different charger.

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