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Youfoodz $30 off - Min Spend $69 (before Discount)


Can also use the above code with the cheap meals today Flash Sale

Min Spend $69 (before discount)

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  • +1

    What do you mean by feedback? Do you need to have ordered before to do this?

    • +2

      I wonder how this overlaps with the other deal where prices changed between adding to order and paying: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/504852#comment-8102957

      • Yeah, just noticed. I don't think many people would have pulled this off while the prices of some items were lower. I guess I forwent $10 extra saving but I bought few items at cheaper price. So I guess it evens out

    • sorry, i got the code for giving feedback but its a generic code, so i posted it.

  • +4

    Where were you 15 minutes ago….

    • guessing you used the $20 off code also?

      • +2

        Oh well just placed another order for what was still cheap.

        • Same here :(

    • damn it, same here.

  • +5

    Just ordered 12 x $5.95 meals that were on special. Totalled to $71.40 - $30.00 discount code, so got 12 meals for only $41.40!

    Thats only $3.45 per meal, delivered.

  • +3

    Ordered 11 meals @ $3.68 each after code :)

  • +31

    Trying to cover their institutional racism in deals and coupons.

    Edit: you can see for yourself here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/494589

    • +40

      They also deleted hundreds of comments on their Facebook page posts of anyone mentioning the racist issue.

      Unfortunately Facebook allows the page owner to do what they want, so it's very biased. You also can't rate or review the Facebook Youfoodz page.

      Edit: whoever just negged me, go ahead. Does not phase me

      • +2

        Got everything in cart about 10-12 meals, now saw your comment, bye bye youfoodz. No support for me

    • +17

      Would not support this company.

      • +1

        Agreed, no support from me either.

    • +9

      Agree. Would not support them.

      • +7


    • +12

      In addition to this, their food is pretty ordinary anyway.

    • +11

      thanks for raising that

      • +7

        Disgraceful racist behaviour. Hope more would vote with their wallets because of shit like that

        • +2

          God damn it, I wish i'd read about this before i had purchased.

          • +5

            @josephnds: the important thing is that you didnt neg the deal :)

            • +4

              @elcap: Well, no, its still cheap, ethics aside. i've never seen a neg on 711 fuel prices even though they are proven to take advantage of their workers.

      • I am also glad they raised that

    • +3


    • -4

      Are all comedians racist? Tons do voices of other races

      • +3

        Are youfoodz comedians? Cant see the similarity.

      • Yes. should be banned !

    • -2

      Do you understand what the term institutional racism refers to?

      The term "institutional racism" was coined during the late 1960s by Stokely Carmichael, who felt that it was important to distinguish personal bias, which has specific effects and can be identified and corrected relatively easily, with institutional bias, which is generally long-term and grounded more in inertia than in intent. Institutional racism is the differential access to the goods, services, and opportunities of society, and is distinguished from racial bigotry by the existence of institutional systemic policies, practices and economic and political structures which place minority racial and ethnic groups at a disadvantage in relation to an institution's racial or ethnic majority.

      Reviewing the footage, I am pretty sure you can define the racism displayed as personal bias or personalised racism. There is no insurgent political motivation behind the video, no hidden agenda to subjugate the foreign masses. Just a display of ignorance, racial stereotyping, bigotry and thoughtlessness.

      Fun fact, in Australia institutional racism is endorsed in the constitution. Section 51 (xxvi) gives the Commonwealth head power to make laws with respect to any race of people, whether that is for their benefit or detriment. Section 25 of the constitution allows for people to be potentially disqualified from voting in state elections because of their race.

      I personally struggle to remember a time in my life where I wasn't subject to some form of racism. My earliest memories or learning to read are coupled with memories of racist comments scrawled in a library book, or trips into the city mingled with being spat on while riding the tube. Or relishing the chance to learn mathematics and geography, tempered against the headmistress at my school who was later dismissed for systemic racism and bullying.

      At best this could be seen as endemic racism, not exactly institutionalised, but perhaps caused by the remaining level of institutional racism prevalent in our society. There has been a lot done to address the disparity between treatment of indigenous peoples and the Caucasian majority, and similarly with the Islamic community. However, I don't recall there ever being a big push by the government to curb the disparity perpetuated to those of Asian descent.

      Anyway. After reading a wealth of reviews, I have decided not to purchase based on meal size, and lack of flavour. After all, how good could food designed by bogans taste?

      • +1

        Good thing you didn't
        https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1015685178420735... (read the last comment)

        Huge red flag :(((

      • +1

        Nice whinge

        I'll give you a bit of advice. People aren't going to change for you, people hate whingers, lead by example and try your best to be the best human you can be.

        Don't worry about anyone else.

        • -1

          Don't believe I was having a whinge.
          I was however:
          1) Correcting the misuse of the term institutional racism.
          2) Providing examples of institutional racism, vs personal bias.
          3) commenting that racism has existed for a long time, pervades pretty much every aspect of life, and will continue to exist. After children tease the fat kid, or the one with yellow shoes, of the girl that is taller than the boys, or the kid that eats the crayons. As long as there are differences, someone will find a way to discriminate.

          Read my other posts. As I've stated time and again, if you let racism bother you, then you are giving it the power to hurt you.

          But I disagree with your comment about not worrying about anyone else.
          We should all strive to show respect for everyone else.

          • +2

            @Tiggrrrrr: This probably isn't the proper forum. People are hear for bargains not be lectured on social issues.

            • -1

              @frazel: In case you haven't noticed, this whole post has been hijacked by outcries of racism and social injustice.

              I was just trying to correct the misuse of the term institutional racism.
              Just one of many terms that is constantly misused in social media.

              But if people don't want to learn from their mistakes, that is their prerogative.

      • I understand the literary distinction you are making but it so absolutely unnecessary. Why not quickly define the term but agree with the negative sentiments towards awful, hurtful and racist conduct?

        What I was arguing is that the lack of any appropriate response to such a blatantly prejudicial action - the continuing success of YouFoodz and, from what I can see, an utter lack of condemnation from any institution or body whether private or public - is what proves that these actions of 'personal racism', as you seem to like to refer to it as, are enabled and legitimised by a culture of mainstream institutional racism.

        • I'm not going to explain the differentiation between forms of racism any further, as judging by the negative votes, no one cares.
          I will just say that language is everything. It is what differentiates us and has allowed the societal structure we "enjoy" today.

          As for agreeing "with the negative sentiments towards awful, hurtful and racist conduct", I don't agree. Negativity breeds further negativity. There are ways to effectively reduce racial bias, but calling people racist isn’t one of them. When when people feel threatened, they won't listen and they won't change.

          But that is all beside the point.

          I don't feel the need to argue the positives or negatives of moral outrage. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Do what makes you feel best. Walk the enlightened path.

          • @Tiggrrrrr: They won't listen and they won't change. That is besides the point. Individuals and how they act become narratives in the media - it's important to address those narratives correctly so others aren't encouraged to repeat that type of conduct when they find themselves in a similar situation.

            • @egodrip: "it's important to address those narratives correctly"

              And you are saying calling people racists and actively shunning them is the correct way?
              I will have to disagree.

              Positive education would be my preference.

  • +17

    Dont buy from this racist company. Please google it. Racist owners.

  • Wow can order again with the code bought a 2 nd order and sent to my parents .

    • How is the food?

      • +1

        i find it pretty meh these days and quite small, though its not too bad if you can get it this cheap. ive moved on to my muscle chef, but thought id post the deal for others

        • How do they deliver? Is it like Menulog, Uber eat or is it once a day?

          • @whooah1979: they deliver all the meals you order in one box (eg. 10 meals in one box). you put the meals in the fridge (or freezer if for longer than 7 days) and reheat in the microwave as needed

            • @elcap: Ohh. I see. thanks.

            • @elcap: What dishes do you recommend to reach the minimum spend?

              • +1

                @whooah1979: its been a while since i ordered last but most of the meals i went for are not on the cheap list. in saying that, the smokey bbq chicken, honey rosemary pork and spag bol werent too bad

              • +1

                @whooah1979: I only buy from them when it's dirt cheap like this - otherwise, I can cook for the same price or cheaper and it'll taste much better (not tooting my own horn, but the food is average at best).

                In light of that, I went for mostly the cheapy options. At under $4 a meal, they're pretty decent value.

  • Unless they are losing money from this deal. Lets milk them

  • +2

    11 meals for $41 (splurged on a $9.95 meal). Not bad

  • +1

    Meals , unless they’ve had a change are typically pretty small and average sized person would probably need 2 to be full. To me they are snack size. Taste is not bad,”.

  • +26

    This deal is not worth saving money on. Don't support a racist organisation.

  • +2

    10 meals and a few protein balls for under $40 delivered - works for me.

  • +1

    I think at that price being a lot at around 1/3 of their RRP after code , subsidies are in play thanks to the neg guys . If that incident didn't happen I wouldn't have this deal for sure :)

    • +1

      The haters are fueling the deals.

  • +25

    Institutional racism by the CEO and plastic lip fiance. No from me.

  • +21

    Don’t support these racists

  • +19

    Racist company, NO DEAL.

  • +22

    Miss me with that racism in 2019 fam not supporting these scumbags

    • +12

      Hope these racists go bankrupt, but also, what is the point in adding "in 2019" to your comment, it was never ok.

      • +13

        I agree racism is never ok but society is constantly moving forward so every day it is less acceptable.

      • You might think again if you have a look at some of Disney's older works, etc. You'd be amazed what flew 50 years ago.

        • +3

          Accepted and ok are not the same thing. Racism has been practiced and accepted, but it was never ok.

  • +28

    (profanity) this racist company. hope they go bankrupt.

  • +13

    Never ordering from them again.

  • +11


  • +2

    24 spaghetti bols to freeze.yeah boi

  • +5

    Unsavoury owners and single use plastic. Pass.

    • +1

      All their packaging is recyclable

      • +2

        Can you point it at the direction where it shows that the packaging is recyclable ?

        • +1


          Can I recycle the packaging?
          YES - our packing is 100% recyclable!

          Meals: Meal sleeves are made from recyclable cardboard. Plastic meal trays are both biodegradable and recyclable. Plastic film used to seal meal trays can be taken to soft plastics recycling points (e.g. most major supermarkets).

          Snacks: Snack packaging and wrappers are recyclable, just pop 'em in your yellow recycling bin.

          Drinks: All bottles can be recycled or taken to collection points in some states for a 10c refund.

          • @frazel: Thank you, that's good to know that they have updated their packagings .

            I guess it's the polystyrene box & bubble liner that is not recyclable

            • +1

              @Bahngain: The polystyrene box was recycled, they reuse them. You hand them back to the driver on the next delivery.

              However, they dont use the polystyrene boxes anymore, they use cardboard boxes, and obviously they can be recycled also.

              The bubble liner, is soft plastic as is also recycle.

              All their packaging for at least 18 months has been completely recyclable.

              • +1

                @frazel: Sorry, I meant reusable, as unfortunately just recycling will still adds up to landfills :(

                And deliveries are quite unpredictable so w the poly boxes, I ended up keeping it & donating it instead. Same w the cool pack unfortunately!

                Hopefully they will find a solution to reduce the packaging!

                Thanks for your explanation btw!

                • @Bahngain: Actually in WA at the moment all recycling is going directly to landfill.

  • Bad overpriced food

    • +11

      It's $3 a meal 😂

  • Yay, more deals.

  • +6

    I was saddened to learn that this company is racist. No deal!

  • +6

    Racists! Deserves a neg!

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