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eBay Plus Membership $1 @ eBay

Check this link if you haven't received an email!

According to the change history, it looks like the title is wrong and that the offer will be $1.

1.Offer Period. This offer commences at 9:00 AM (AEST) on 2 September 2019 and is valid until 8:59AM (AEST) on 5 September 2019 (“Offer Period”).

2.Eligibility. To be eligible for your first year of eBay Plus for $5, 10:00 AM (AEDT) on 18 December 2019 and is valid until 9:59AM (AEDT) on 20 December 2019 (“Offer Period”).

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00 AM (AEDT) on 18 December 2019 and is valid until 9:59AM (AEDT) on 20 December 2019 (“Offer Period”).

  1. Eligibility. To be eligible to join eBay Plus for a membership fee of only $1 for your first year, you must:
    have received an e-mail invitation to redeem this offer;
    register for an eBay Plus as a paid member during the Offer Period.

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    • +1

      My thoughts exactly. I don't understand why people that have already used the free trial for eBay Plus are being offered this deal. I've been an eBay member for nearly 10 years so this feels like a slap in the face…

    • +2

      Amazon is soooo much better. Free 2 month Amazon Prime at the moment. Sign up for 30 day trial, cancel 1-3 days before expiry and they'll give you a further 30 days free :)

    • +1

      Yup I'm not gonna use eBay any more after this. Most deal posted here need eBay plus for free delivery.

      I won't be interested any longer

  • +2

    Got the email, bought, was charged full price. Spoke with eBay Customer Service rep, said they'll "add me to the report".


  • Only got charged $0.99 so another 1٪ off for me lol

  • +2

    Please rename the title if you don't have an email don't go for it, they will charge you non refundable full amount

    • Even i receive promotion email also charge full price,my account never activate free trial,but paid $49 for one years subscription last year.

      • +3

        Yeah and eBay won't help you or refund you. I suggest you go to Paypal dispute under the item was not given as described. It is not as described as they charged you for a service at a different rate at full rate rather than what you saw at $1

  • I received the warning "You have already tested ebay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the annual membership fee is due immediately." but was only charged 99c. Thanks OP.

  • +8

    Dear moderators, can we please have the deal text edited with a line in bold to warn people to check they are not being ripped off? Ebay seems to be charging most of us $49 after confirming in writing at payment screen that we will only be charged $1. What's more, commenters here are reporting consistently being denied refunds by ebay for this illegal activity.

    • +1

      totally agree with you. this eBay deal is a misleading advertisement and a lot of people got caught thinking they can get the deal only to find out eBay charge in full. Its also like a SCAM and non-redundable scheme

    • I had this problem with another account, signed up for the $49 deal with one months free trial but they charged me $39 immediately despite the deal being the $49. I had all the screenshots and contacted ebay but they wouldn't help so I lodged a PayPal dispute which ebay wouldn't respond to so around 3 weeks later I got a refund and immediately an email from ebay cancelling my membership.

      So sick of having to spend an hour or more on the phone or chat with ebay support over problems with everything from fraudulent returns, incorrect selling FVFs, postage stuffups where you don't get the correct postage from buyers and so forth. With the fees that are charging they should be offering awesome service with close to zero errors but they rely on so many people not bothering to contact them to sort out errors.

      Ebay 10+ years ago was so much better, cheaper fees, very few errors, much more seller focused, able to leave negative feedback for buyers etc.

  • I didn't receive the email but I'm seeing $1 under "Add payment method" when I click on the offer from eBay portal. Am I going to get scammed or am I safe?

    • I saw $1 at every turn before signing up, but my invoice states $39, as does my Paypal transaction.

      Edit: that's not to say that'll happen to you, but it did happen to me, so just be aware that at least 1 person (me) has been bitten this way.

      • +1

        What a scam!! Downvoting OP

      • +2

        This is exactly what happened to me, except for $49. Ebay says I should have read the t&c’s regardless of whether it said $1. Have lodged a PayPal dispute.

  • +1

    Same boat as most others. Didn't receive email offer but had it offered on the banner, said I'd be charged $1 but ended up paying the full amount.
    Chat won't help saying its in the T&Cs that I needed an email offer.

  • Received the email and signed up! Cheers OP!

    Update: Payment was made through PayPal but for some reason got Declined, never took Payment and don't wanna risk being slugged $49 so not gonna try again. In every cloud….

  • +1

    I got the offer on email however signed up with the link in the post and got charged $49 :(


    Revoked my upvote and can't neg vote

  • Got the email. First targeted eBay email, win!

    Hopefully Amazon have a similar promo for Prime as my trail period is about to end.

  • +3

    I got the email, said $1, charged me $48.99

    On hold now.

    Update: they wanted me to agree to a credit on my account for the overcharge. Credit would only be valid 90 days and I've done all my shopping, so I pushed for the refund, which they weren't happy about, and they say it may take a month to process. I've launched a PayPal dispute to be safe.

  • +6

    Meh. eBay Plus is not worth it. I cancelled a while back. Looks like I'm excluding from this offer. Yay.

    Amazon Prime is soooo much better. Better deals. Faster delivery. Extras like Prime Video. When Amazon take over deliveries themselves (next year?) the speed of delivery is going to be amazing.

    eBay is only good for cheap second hand stuff and you generally never got Plus delivery with those items anyway.

    • -2

      I agree.
      Im trying to return an item bought on ebay for which I had to open a not received case on PayPal. The item was delivered and I closed the PayPal account.
      Now I want to return the item to the seller. The Gamesmen seller is happy to accept return as long as I start the return process with ebay. Unfortunately ebay refuses to do anything about it cause I had previously opened up the not received case with PayPal.
      PayPal won't do anything cause the case is closed!!And they won't open up another cause you can't just change your mind and return items you bought for no "good" reason. The item has to be either not as described or damaged..

      AMAZON PRIME ROCKS!!!!!!No questions asked on returns,,,EVER!!

  • +2

    This is a trick by ebay to get me to give them $1

    rack off ebay

  • got it for $0.99 just now :D

  • +1

    I signed up after receiving an email from eBay offering eBay Plus for $1. However, my PayPal account was charged $48.99!

    If you have had eBay Plus previously (like I did and cancelled it when the 12 months was up) read the email etc very carefully.

  • +2

    Seems to be the same problem people had last time they offered this $1 deal and eBay haven’t learnt a thing

  • Received different offer email. If I sign up for the full $49, I get $60 worth of eBay vouchers ($5 a month for the year from what I can tell?)
    Free $11.. should I pull the trigger?

    EDIT:nvm, found other thread with this deal

  • +1

    No email, signed up with the $1 banner - just charged $39…jumping on chat now.

    • +4

      Haha so the chat guy asked if I received the email to which I said no. He then ignored my advice and said "since you have received the email, you are eligible for the promotion". He offered an eBay voucher to make up the difference. Here's the kicker - I told him I was charged $39, but he is offering a $48 voucher. Most others on OB seem to be charged $49 so he must have gotten confused.

      So I was effectively paid $9 to get eBay Plus.

      • cool

      • "So I was effectively paid $9 to get eBay Plus."

        Sounds about right, only way someone would join Ebay Plus

  • -3

    I signed up after 10am, was charged 0.99 to PaPal. Received the email offer subsequently. Not sure why people are having problems :(

  • Guess i was one of the lucky ones that was charged $0.99. Best of luck guys

  • Work fine for me, charged 0.99c on PayPal.
    I hadn't tried the 30-day before, and didn't get an email.
    Banner was there when logging on to ebay.
    A year for 0.99c, not bad.

    Looks like I can select to 'cancel' now, meaning it won't auto-renew, but still keep the current year active?

    • Yes, you paid for a year so valid for a year.

    • I just did the same (signed up to the 99c deal and then went to cancel membership to prevent autobilling in 12 months) and was offered a $30 voucher on the second confirmation screen if I didn't cancel.

      I've accepted and the voucher will apparently be credited to my account after payment for eBay Plus goes through. So, in effect I've been paid $29 for one year of Plus.

      • See people reply below, the $30 voucher only available to you if you stay with ebay plus after Dec 18 2020,in that case you would have paid them $49 for your next renewal, so effectively you will pay $19 for the 2nd year, not they pay you $29 for 1st year.

  • Just signed up via email (previous trial member).

    $0.99 charged to eBay invoice, PayPal account and linked credit card.

  • Well they took the full money Paypal.
    Said did I get email and checked and said yes I was eligible.. I assume people signing up without email and not working
    Said can give me a voucher have 1 month to use..
    I said no refund please. No idea if I spend the $ do not want to be rushed.
    So they process a refund could take a while.
    Hopefully not a follow up chat.
    They keep stuffing up offers and such.

  • Just signed up @$0.99.
    I have not received an email. Just went to my eBay account (via Android eBay app) click on ebayplus. That showed me $0.99 for 1 year membership. Payed through PayPal.

    Thanks OP

  • +5

    It's insane to me that ebay is potentially losing hundreds of customers over $1

  • +1

    I signed up for the $1 deal. I don't like subscribing with auto renewals so I normally cancel them straight away after I join. e.g. Netflix, Stan etc.

    Did the same with Ebay and immediately cancelled my subscription. Before confirming Ebay offered me a Free $30 voucher. I selected “Keep my Benefits and Receive a $30 Gift Card” within the eBay Plus cancellation flow.

    The screen appeared to indicate I need to keep membership active after 18th December to receive my voucher. Hopefully it comes tomorrow soon so I can then cancel and let it expire in 2020 without auto-renewal.

    Edit: Terms above says $30 voucher should come within 10 days, not a bad freebie if thats true!

    • they might not give you the option to cancel anymore

    • I just had it and it says active after 18th December 2020… so basically you'll have to renew to get that.

  • +2

    thought it was $1/$5, got charged $49 instead. anyway to cancel and get a refund?

    • Smoked

    • Try getting in contact with eBay's help chat. Good luck.

    • I tried PayPal resolution centre instead.

      • So with Paypal, we just start a dispute and then wait for them to contact back?

        • Still no reply. Maybe dealing with ebay is faster.

  • Got the $0.99 for 1 year but I don’t have anything worth buying that makes use of the subscription.

  • +1

    Signed up my second year for 99 cents.
    My last year where they payed me $1 to sign up expired a few months ago

  • Finally heard back re: the error, they're offering the choice between getting a $48 voucher now or wait for the refund to be processed in the next ebay monthly statement.

    • +1

      What does 'wait for the refund to be processed in the next ebay monthly statement' mean?
      As in, wait until this time January for the refund? Seems ridiculous from ebay

    • This is what I was offered too. I chose the refund and also opened a PayPal dispute.

  • +1

    Didn't get the offer on any of my 6 eBay accounts.

  • +1

    Im trying to return an item bought on ebay for which I had to open a not received case on PayPal. The item was delivered and I closed the PayPal account.
    Now I want to return the item to the seller. The Gamesmen seller is happy to accept return as long as I start the return process with ebay. Unfortunately ebay refuses to do anything about it cause I had previously opened up the not received case with PayPal.
    PayPal won't do anything cause the case is closed!!And they won't open up another cause you can't just change your mind and return items you bought for no "good" reason. The item has to be either not as described or damaged..

    AMAZON PRIME ROCKS!!!!!!No questions asked on returns,,,EVER!!

  • +3

    Received a follow up email from ebay stating what has already been stated here in regards to a refund:
    - $48 voucher with a 3 month expiry
    - it can not be used with any other voucher
    - and can only be used once in a single transaction, forfeiting what ever is unspent

    Ridiculous conditions, I will decline this rubbish offer and will also be starting a dispute with Paypal

    • haha I got offered the same thing, I wrote back stating how ridiculous that is and request a refund

  • +2

    FiretrUCK EBAY!

  • -1

    Didn't get the email but was charged 99 cents to my account.

  • I wasn't intending to attempt to take up the offer when I saw the deal posted this morning as assumed I would be ineligible having previously had eBay plus 3 month free trial, but then during the day received the target promo email, so went ahead and clicked through the link in email (never touched the link in the ozbargain deal).

    Promo page stated "Welcome back to eBay plus" and specified $1 now for 1st year, then $49 at next renewal.

    As many others experienced, my credit card was charged $48.99 and same reflected in eBay account finance summary.

    Jumped on chat and they advised refund in 3-5 business days.

    08:44:07 UTC Jed
    Hi Justin, I understand that you took an offer for $1 on eBay plus subscription but was charged $48.99.
    08:45:26 UTC j.britts
    That is correct
    08:47:10 UTC Jed
    I do apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused you.
    08:48:01 UTC Jed
    Please know that we are currently having an issue with this promotion as there are a lot of members affected.
    08:48:17 UTC Jed
    I will include you to the list of affected members so that you will be reimbursed.
    08:48:38 UTC Jed
    The reimbursement will take 3-5 business days.

    I can live with that, provided no further stuff ups… even if the 3 months of plus I had before was entirely useless.

    (The only time I thought it would have been useful was for free eBay plus returns on a purchase I made for some windscreen wipers; advertised as hybrid aero type, but the piece of turd seller sent the cheapest most basic crap wipers worth a third of the price I'd paid, and didn't respond to any messages. I set up an eBay plus free return, but the seller only provided a parcel plus return label which was useless as they don't have any drop off points anywhere remotely near FNQ, and when I clicked to pay the courier pick up charge discovered they don't even collect here. I spoke to eBay support for this who didn't seem to comprehend the problem, and just suggested I contact the seller to request an Auspost return, which of course they never responded to. So I ended up paying for the return postage anyway to get the refund. I had hoped plus might have been more useful.)

    • So you will be reimbursed the $49 and ebay will cancel the ebay Plus membership?
      Or do you get to keep it?

      • you get to keep the membership for $1 they refund $48
        else let ACCC know

  • Resigned for $1, didn't see the value though @ their full price

    • You got payed to resign?

      Nice job man, when I quit, I got nothing, nadda. Good for you for getting some coin and a gold one at that.

  • +3

    wtf ebay.. It this a ploy to get interest free dollars for a short period??!!

  • +1

    look like everyone got stink with the $1 deal and ebay want to keep that money by offering a voucher
    reject and demand a refund and start shopping on Amazon

  • Didn't get the email, didn't read the comments (just used the link posted in the deal description), activated the offer just now and was charged 99c only (PayPal).

  • +1

    I have received a few of these emails over the last few weeks. I click on link and it tells me that I don't qualify OR that I have already had Ebay Plus trial.
    Today I got another email offering $1 so to amuse myself I clicked on it. This time it said $1 and I signed up. I checked paypal and indeed only 0.99c was charged. Excellent as happy to grab again for $1.

    Observation. For what it's worth…… I clicked on the email link and logged into the ebay account using a different email address that the email was sent to (I have multiple email addresses associated to the account). Regardless of it being the same account the offer only appeared by me using the specific email address that the email was addressed to.

  • +1

    Bought it, not charged. Says next billing is 19/01/2020. Assume it's only started the free trial… headache.

    Chatted to them said I wasn’t eligible after mentioning the banner said $1/yr. Now I have an active free trial I didn’t want to consume right now and have cancelled it. What a bunch of sheit.

  • +2

    To add insult to injury the flapwits at ebay sent me another $1 invitational email…

    Ebay ruined Christmas ;(

  • only thing I like about eBay plus is free returns.

  • had chat with them this morning and was offered a $47.99 ebay voucher with 3 months validity or a refund (5 business days). Took the refund and happy with $1 ebay plus for a year.

    But what I would have liked is to for them to have proactively informed the customers who were hit with this, and not provide solution only after you went and complained. I am sure there could still be someone who signed up and got charged $49 but never checked the charged immediately.

  • +2

    I was targetted with an email for the $1 promo

    Signed up

    Charged $48.99

    I contacted ebay via Paypal before I lodge a dispute.

    • +1

      Same happened to me,
      They offer refund which take 7 ~ 10 days with investigation or ebay vouture for value difference.
      I felt like that is a scam to get spend money on ebay. I asked for refund and make a dispute on paypal as well.

  • +1

    In July, I was offered a 4 month trial, which I took up. That expired at the end of November, and I didn't renew it at $49.

    I've had no email offer to rejoin, so I clicked on the link on page 1 here and I was offered another free trial, but this time it is only for one month. And the sign-up fee will be $49.

    I can't see any deal, let alone one worth taking.

  • Got it on one of my accounts

  • +2

    Also offered a $1 promo via email and was charged the $48.99.

  • +1

    Ugh - also emailed the promo, but got charged $48.99. Rang them up and they offered a voucher to be used within 3 months or a refund which will occur in 30-35 days! Regret not choosing the voucher option and then just buying a gift card. What a shambles.

  • how are people getting charged $48.99, does it not say $1 on the paypal confirmation screen before you hit submit?

    ETA. looks like it's not stated. that sucks.

    • +3

      From reading some of the comments: the payment screen would show $1, then ebay would charge $49.
      Which seems illegal - You agree to pay one dollar and they instead take 50 and make you jump through hoops to get your own money back

      • +1

        This is what happened to me. Confirmation screen said $1. Ten minutes later I then received a paypal receipt for $49. I knew I should have screenshotted the final page.

  • For those people getting >$1 at checkout, delete ALL YOUR EBAY COOKIES & try the links again.

    • or re click the link from the email. That worked for me.

  • Works for me $0.99

    • Same here

  • is ebay plus even worth $1?

    • Probably not for crackheads.

      • how bout $0.99?

  • more competition on ebay plus flash deals :P

  • So eBay just rang (as promised) and they said I would be refunded in 7-10 days but would try and expedite it. No offer of a voucher instead or anything, just confirmed my PayPal address. Tick from customer service in resolving the issue.

    • +1

      You give them a tick? rofl. I messaged them yesterday and was basically told the same thing. I then messaged them today to get an update and am now being told that I must have received a generic email sent to everyone, and only people who received a message via their message centre are eligible. What a joke. I called them afterwards and they're now repeating what I was told yesterday and wanted me to send them a screenshot of the email I received.

      I'm skeptical any refund will be sent and so I've already filed a paypal dispute. I'm so angry I went against my instincts to use a credit card for this (and instead used paypal credit that I recently received).

      Edit: I just received this from the email address they told me to send the screenshot to. "Thank you for taking the time to send your email. However, the address you sent the email to is not available to contact eBay AU Customer Service." What a joke.

      • -1

        Yes, in my case they resolved the issue. Why shouldn't I give it a tick? Just because inn my case I do doesn't mean everyone elses crosses aren't valid.

        • +2

          Why shouldn't I give it a tick?

          Because they made a botched offer and it shouldn't have happened in the first place. I've been offered a refund too but I shouldn't have to wait 7 - 10 business days to get the money back I never agreed to pay.

      • Don't worry they get the email just fine it's just generic stupid email reply.

  • Just signed up and was charged $0.99.

    Before I signed up, I span my chair 3 times clockwise, did 5 pushups and 2 star-jumps. All under 20 seconds and in that precise order.

    So if you do all that, it will work. Otherwise be prepared to pay $49 and spend hours on chat with a small chance of getting anything back.

  • I tried chat again and was offered $50 coupon, I accepted it.

  • +3

    Just posting back to say I have just received a refund from Paypal for the dispute I filed with them (didn't even bother trying to contact ebay after seeing their useless responses reported here). I filed my dispute on 18 December and It's only just been approved today.

    If anyone else was overcharged, don't bother trying to reason with ebay, just file a paypal dispute. FWIW i did submit a screenshot of my payment screen, which clearly stated I would only be charged $1.

    Ebay is such a bunch of scummy grubs.

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