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eBay Plus Membership $1 @ eBay

Check this link if you haven't received an email!

According to the change history, it looks like the title is wrong and that the offer will be $1.

1.Offer Period. This offer commences at 9:00 AM (AEST) on 2 September 2019 and is valid until 8:59AM (AEST) on 5 September 2019 (“Offer Period”).

2.Eligibility. To be eligible for your first year of eBay Plus for $5, 10:00 AM (AEDT) on 18 December 2019 and is valid until 9:59AM (AEDT) on 20 December 2019 (“Offer Period”).

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00 AM (AEDT) on 18 December 2019 and is valid until 9:59AM (AEDT) on 20 December 2019 (“Offer Period”).

  1. Eligibility. To be eligible to join eBay Plus for a membership fee of only $1 for your first year, you must:
    have received an e-mail invitation to redeem this offer;
    register for an eBay Plus as a paid member during the Offer Period.

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  • good deal

  • +4

    Link says $5 for me…

    • Because it's tomorrow

      • ?

    • +1

      T&C says $1.

    • Title has now been corrected to reflect $1 offer -

      eBay Plus $1 Membership Signup offer - December

  • +6

    $1 for targeted, looks like $5 for every one.

    • Still worthy right?

      • +3

        $5 is paid back with 1 order that had a postage fee

        • My trial ends in 13 days first time dealing this any idea if

  • +5

    What does everyone use ebay plus for?

    I ended up with a subscription after I forgot to cancel the free month which I got for a discount on a OnePlus 7. I got some of the subscription fee back from a deal with Coles but I haven't seen much other real benefits to take advantage of.

    • +8

      Free shipping.

      • +4

        Double flybuys points

      • +14

        I've made numerous purchases since getting ebay plus and not one has had free shipping, only 2 products I wanted were on free shipping sites but were considerably higher priced, a total waste of money so far, $1 seems about right, be careful with auto renewal, that's what this is about.

        • +4

          $99 AirPods

        • +7

          Couldn't agree more, I hardly see the benefit. Amazon Prime on the other hand gives you way more, loads of free shipping offers and Amazon Prime Video.

          • +2


            I hardly see the benefit.

            Whereas my eBay Plus membership paid for itself several times over with the double flybuys points alone…like anything it's utility will vary depending on your needs. I have Amazon Prime as well, but I get a lot more benefit from eBay Plus.

    • +5

      got a few of their $1 Deals so can't complain

      • Are they easy to find or do you need to do a lot of searching to find them?

        I haven't seen any.

        • +1

          easy to find cause they're posted on here. but they're flash deals so sell out in minutes

        • +2

          I've found OzBargain has been the best source for eBay plus deals so far

    • +1

      Dodging overpriced shipping from the likes of shopping square, flybuys points and that free express shipping on plus items promo currently going on

      That's it. $1 is about all it's worth to me.

    • +1

      Free returns

  • +10

    Nothing here

  • +5

    Mine says 5 bucks. I might dive in for that.
    I've found more value in Amazon prime though.

    • +10

      And amazon has a good shipping timeframe (might have struck a deal with Auspost to have all regular - treated like expresss delivery)

    • +4

      Actually scrap that, I can take up the 49 dollar, 50 dollar gift card offer. So I'll do that instead.

      • +4

        Except you'll be waiting for weeks for your gift card to come through. Then have to contact support just to be told to keep waiting. Then you don't get it in time for Christmas gifts to arrive. Then you're still sitting here waiting for the damn voucher to come through.

        • +3

          I'm not in a rush for the gift card. I have a phone case and some other things to grab eventually so I'll wait. Sorry if you've not had much luck :( hopefully you get it soon

        • +1

          I didn’t wait that long, had it on time for that silly $99 AirPods day and couldn’t get anything, ended up using it on some of the great beer deals lately

        • Took me 5 business days to get my $50 emailed gift card

      • I've got an email for that deal aswell, but I dont know if it will work anymore

  • +9

    I signed up a while ago for the trial and forgot to cancel. Realised I accidentally used my works PayPal account instead of my own. Thankfully eBay reversed the charge.

    Thankfully they also forgot to cancel the eBay plus, so refunded but still have the benefit

    • +3

      The exact same thing happened to me when they charged me for a trial I cancelled

      I wonder how long I get free ebay plus.

      • They wouldnt cancel the transaction for me when i did cancel it but it stayed active. Or for my partner who had an offer for free trial yet got charged as she had apparently used it before but hadnt to our knowledge.

    • Similiar for me as Ebay appears to forgot to deactivate my plus benefit. It just made me hesitate to buy this $1 deal as I don't have a clue how long before they realise.

  • +3

    For $1 it's a now brainer. I've been playing the long game.

    • +29

      As opposed to a then brainer?

  • +21

    Well that's one way to screw existing members…

    • Did they revoke your membership?

      • -1

        I have nfi what you are going on about. Nice to see the ebay shills negged me lol

    • +1

      Agreed. I'd really like to see some offers for renewing members rather than new ones.

      Whilst I've had good value from my plus membership, I'm getting a bit annoyed at all the great deals for newbies. It's like banks and insurance. Loyalty buys you full price.

  • +1

    Says $49 for me

    • +6

      Starts tomorrow 10am.

  • +6

    Why is this a Deal?

    Currently you can pay full $49 membership and get a $50 gift card. You make a profit of $1 vs spending $1 on this "deal".

    Unless you have no plans to spend over $49 in ebay at all.

    • +6

      I haven’t received that offer.

      • Oh wait…I can't seem to find that deal anymore! :(

    • +2

      I still haven't received the gift card from that deal..already been a couple of months

      • Looks like you're really on the ball.

        • Call ebay.

          I got mine 1hour after hang up.

          • +1

            @mooreshady: Called a zillion times, the last time I did they told it was some issue with working with their marketing team and offered me a 50 off coupon until I receive the gift card

    • That’s what I got too, good deal I guess,

      • changed to $1 offer at 10 AM

    • +1

      It's targeted. I never received the offer you did. Looks like I never received this deal as well. Damn.

  • Do they stack? As in can you still pay for another year if you are already a member?

    • +1

      It looks like the answer is no. It required registering as a Plus member and the discounted offer is for first year of membership only, with future years at full price. I don't know if it would work to cancel your subscription and try applying again - I am guessing it will not count as your first year as your current membership will continue until the prepaid period passes.

    • "for your first year" means if you are a member, or was once a member, this is not for you.

  • +6

    The title changes to $1 if you follow this link
    $5: is $50 digital voucher.

    So I guess it depends on what link you’ll get in your targeted email (if you even do get an email)

    • I did not get an email, however I went to the ebay plus website (linked at top of post) and clicked 'sign up' (was saying $49 with a 1 month free trial), as I had already done a free trial, it said I needed to pay $1 for membership.
      So perhaps try to sign up and see how much they will charge you?

  • +16

    Waiting for the T&C's to be updated to read 'Available to everyone except:'

    • Members who cancelled their eBay Plus subscription on or before 18th December 2019
    • New eBay Plus members who joined on or after 1st July 2019
    • Current eBay Plus members who joined on or before 30th June 2019
    • eBay Plus members who have had not yet completed their trial
    • Members who have com completed an eBay Plus trial but never renewed
    • Amazon Prime members
    • this would not exclude me.. a current member who subscribed after June 30.

      • you'd be a new member then.. but also says $1 "for your first year" so any existing members are out.

        • +1

          Never mind, I'm an Amazon Prime member so I'm excluded.

    • +1

      How would they know youre a Amazon Prime member?

      • I think they're joking about the arbitrary and exclusive nature of these targeted eBay offers

  • +11

    See if i get the offer, not been able to sign up to any of the offers recently and i aint paying $50

    Buying more and more from amazon and less from ebay though now too

  • wtf i just joined few hours ago with that $39 a year offer get $50 voucher (but my paypal got debited $48.99 not $39)

    • $39 a year offer with a $50 voucher
      Sounds good. Do you have the link?

    • +5

      It’s $49 with $50 gift card.

      • yes it is one offer of $49 with $50 gift card.
        but there is another one $39 a year.
        clicking both after another, somehow i got them stacked. but paypal still showing paid $48.99 instead of $39
        when i got my voucher i will ask ebay

        • +1

          I already asked, and they said the $39 offer was a separate one that had already expired in Aug, so unless you joined during that period then it’s not valid. I’m still waiting on my $50 gift card code and I joined at the beginning of the month.

  • +1

    So what happens if you're not targeted but go through the links above?, will you still get the $1-5 dollar membership or will they hit you full price?

    • Try this link tomorrow.

      • +3

        doesn't work for me

      • +2

        Just get the 30 day Free Trial period - $49 p.a. therafter

        • same for me

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