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iPhone XS 64GB $999, XS 256GB $1149, XS 512GB $1349 (Save $100) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just picked one from the store in Parramatta NSW. looks like the price has dropped by $100 while I was talking to the rep instore.

Was originally part of the iPhone sale @ JB HIFI. As of Friday 20 December, you'll save an additional $100 off the sale price on iPhone XS series.

Apple iPhone XS 64GB - was $1099 $999
Apple iPhone XS 256GB - was $1249 $1149
Apple iPhone XS 512GB - was $1449 $1349

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    Go back and talk to the rep some more, see if it will drop another $100.

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    Price match at OW for extra 5% off. But Do it quickly before they update their prices.

    • its out of stock every where i tried

      • Try their call centre.

  • Thanks. Just purchased this the other day. JB happy to reimburse the $100 difference.

    • Do JB have a price protection policy?

      • Not sure. I ordered a few days ago but hadn’t picked up my order. I just called and they said they would honour the lower price. Otherwise I would have got the same result by lodging a price protection claim through my credit card.

      • Yes they have it for up to 14 days.

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          Is that with JB only or also includes other retailers?

        • I was told by JB Hifi Blacktown that the price back is only up to 7 days. Where does it say it’s 14 days?

          • @bikuta: Just to give you an update, I bought the phone 9 days ago and went in anyway. The guy at the counter didn’t even mention the 7 days and I got a refund in gift card as I paid with gift cards.

    • Same I was stoked, happy at original price but I’ll take $100, thanks op!

  • Time to get $100 back from JBHIFI. Purchased a week ago for $1249.

    • Update: jbhifi happily refunded $100 and new updated receipt.

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        Was yours within 7 days?

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          Exactly 7 days.

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    $100 is big discounts for an old phone

  • Today only?

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    HarveyNorman price match was rejected - as always!

    • Did they give a reason?

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      Just buy at JB Hifi to support them and boycott Hardly Normal.

    • Doesn't their PM policy state that they will?

      • Yes, they rejected on the basis of the price being too low - lower than what they bought it for. I tried the online chat and also talked to a store rep on call.

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    tossing up between this and the 11 looks like this is the better buy, $200 cheaper for better screen, slightly worst battery life and arguable performance differences

    • +1

      can anybody vouch? debating this as well

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        I went with the 11 (128gb) for slightly larger screen(albeit lower resolution and lcd), night mode and better battery life.

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      11 has ultrawide lens, better low light performance and better video. It’s also a bit larger than XS.

      Wished the 11 Pro will be this price this time next year…

      • Video quality is excellent on both

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      I had the same dilemma. I ended up going with the 11. Newer.

    • I would base the decision on 2 things: camera performance and form factor (it's actually a significant difference, the XS is more pocketable). Only if you prefer the more compact design, I would go for the XS.

      • +1

        Im just going to go for the cheaper one which is the xs thanks

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      Priorities, between XS 256GB and 11 128GB:
      XS - OLED screen, telephoto camera, smaller size, lighter, ‘premium materials’ and smaller bezel
      11 - Battery life, better wide lens (Low light), ultrawide lens, bigger size, faster processor

  • Also tossing up between this and 11 pro.

    Unsure if $700 odd difference is worth it.

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      As I posted in another thread, it depends on how long you think you'd keep the phone for. Personally, I'd buy the XS at this price and sell it in/within the next 2 years for half the price. I don't think the XS will be sluggish or feel dated for another 2 years. After that, you could buy a proper 5G flagship iPhone with all bells and wistles and keep it for 3+ years.

      • 5G is overrated.

        It’s no faster than 4G, except if you’re in range of a microcell. But the microcells have range not much better than a WiFi router.

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    These prices are cheaper than the iphone XR and it's a better phone too.

    • Yes, you'd be crazy to buy an XR if you can get an XS at the same price!

      • -5

        Don’t know if you’d be crazy, the ultra wide lens, better primary camera, A13, and longer battery life could sway it for some.

        • +1

          That’s the 11

          • +2

            @Fancydancer: Yep, I didn’t read that properly, and saw comments further up above about XS vs 11.

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    The XS 256GB or iPhone 11 128GB?

    • Depends on your preference for the camera imo
      I prefer wide angle for tight spaces, you can always digital zoom on a photo

      • +1

        XS 256GB then in 2020, get the iPhone 11 Pro at today's XS prices.

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    Remember port to Telstra, $500 GC, either stay on $65 plan for 12 months or cancel for $390 ETC. $100 cheaper again.

    • Not sure why this comment is being negged, it takes a few minutes to activate a prepaid number and port. I’ve done it and haven’t been charged ETC yet after swapping to Telstra monthly plan and canceling.

      • Is the deal for $65pm 12m contract? Thought it was only there 24m contract.

        Shame, I’m with Boost now. Flying out Monday.. would’ve done this otherwise.

        • Yes to get the $500 GC it is. :)

          • @wellzi: Have any ideas for a Boost customer looking to sign up? But need it before Monday?

            Appreciate my chances are incredibly slim lol

            • @passwordistaco: From my experience - if you wanted to port your number to the $65 12m contract, you won't get the $500 gift card (because you're going from Boost to Telstra).

              If you didn't care for the gift card, you can still port and it takes usually 15-30 minutes and up to 24h on a bad day so I can't be sure if it'll be done before you go.

  • Nice deal, but where is the best place to buy iPhone 11 pro? Need for Christmas.

    • +1

      Probably only after scoring discounts on giftcards if you're planning to buy in store.

    • +1

      Telstra $500 port-in gift card bonus at JBHIFI (if eligible) + Suncorp/other discount gift cards would be the cheapest way atm.

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    iPhone XS is definitely still a good phone in 2019. Don't underestimate that Bionic 12 CPU, nor the screen.

    • +1

      For $1000, I'd hope so!

    • +2

      It's still a great phone, particularly at this price. It feels and looks a lot more 'polished' than the regular 11. I love the screen. Just picked one up for a Christmas present, it's going to be a big update for them going from a 6s.

      • -9

        I still have a 6s and would appreciate a Christmas present if you’re feeling generous.

  • +1

    Arrived swiftly and perfectly packaged. Adore the phone. Cannot recommend enough!

    • Have you compared it iPhone 11

  • Cheers. Copped the last stock at my local OW

  • Battery seems a bit on the small side 2600 mah, maybe iOS efficiency makes up for it?

    I remember my samsung getting hot as hell even 1 year after buying.

    • https://youtu.be/c06HoSJdDjo

      One of plenty on YouTube.

    • +3

      When it comes to iPhones, the numbers usually don’t matter. iPhones have half the RAM and smaller batteries than flagship Samsungs but still end up performing much better.

      • I'm sure that probably comes down to ISO but yes good comment

    • Again, it's not about the size remember. It's all about performance.

  • -2

    not worth it, get the iphone 11 for nearly the same price, dont think of the screen as its not a big deal as most reviewers are saying.
    the iphone 11's camera is leaps ahead, wayyyy better, specially video recording

    • -1

      Not really same price when this is $200-250 cheaper. Camera difference isn’t even noticeably better unless your literally comparing next to each other

    • +1

      The screen difference is actually massive. If you care about black levels (especially with dark mode now at thing) it's definitely noticeable. Yes my Mum probably wouldn't notice / care, but for someone who appreciates a nice display, it is 100% noticeable.

      I'm still throughly impressed when I unlock my iPhone XS Max and my background picture comes up on the OLED display. I also absolutely love dark mode, which on an OLED screen looks amazing and can save a shit ton of battery life.

      Also in IMO the stainless steel design is far more appealing.

      For a saving of $250 bucks, I'd go XS easily.

  • I am wondering if I should upgrade from iPhone XR…..Brand new xs 256gb $1149 is very tempting. I’m also going overseas in a month so I could also claim the gst, but I don’t know if it’s worth it (I would sell the xr probably for $800 as in excellent conditions 256gb)

    • Do it if you can. $800 for XR is very promising.

      • You might have problems getting $800 for the XR, given we are getting these sort of prices for the XS and the cost of the iPhone 11.

        • +1

          Maybe, thing is brand new xr 128 is $1149 so I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask $800 for a mint one with double the memory and still 11 months consumer warranty.
          However I will still think about it, as i love my xr.

          • +2

            @fozzie: Whichever way you decide to go I hope it works out for you :) I bought the new XS 64Gb, because that should be enough for me now and I'm getting a replacement for an iPhone 6; mostly so I can look at getting a watch when I see a decent price. Officworks had a sign for the 44mm iWatch 4 for $500 yesterday, but when they checked they had no stock :(

            • @try2bhelpful: Congrats on the upgrade! That’s awesome, coming from a 6 you will notice a big improvement.
              I have the Apple Watch 3 42mm and love it!

            • @try2bhelpful: The “refurb” Watch offer on OzBargain a few weeks ago was rather popular.

          • @fozzie: Very fair price

          • @fozzie: Try looking at sold items on Ebay and $600 is realistic .

            Too many disillusional iPhone owner's do not know how much the new iPhone 11 price point depreciated their phones !

            • +1

              @profar: Not really if you look the price is between 800-900. Anyway if I go ahead I will pass onto my half. We all use iOS hence it’ll make sense to keep.

              • @fozzie: my problem is, everytime I try to stray away from IOS, the Gods conspire against me. I looked at a friends Note 6 and thought - I'll get me the Note 7 when the new ones come out. I then decided I really liked the Huawei phones for their camera technology and.. thank you Mr Trump!

                I suspect, that any Adroid phone people should chat to me before they release a phone to see if I would be interested in it. They can, then, write it off before they get too far down the track.

                • @try2bhelpful: Ahhha, poor you… I love android, but I have all the family on iOS, so easier to control kids. Also work has given me a MacBook Pro and I like to send iMessage.
                  If my family wasn’t so invested I would move to android as I think it’s better value, but currently I need to stick to iPhones.

                  • @fozzie: I want my apple watch and I can't have it unless I have a phone with the latest IOS level. We like the "imessage" and "find my friends" apps, easy to keep in touch; it also allowed me to find where my phone was when I left it on the tram the other day. Wandered down to Preston depot and picked it up the next day. I did actualldy buy an Android phone at one point and it kept, sporadically, rebooting itself. At least with IOS I know there will be regular upgrades and I can trot off to the Apple store to get them to look at my phone, if it is misbehaving. Their default seems to be "here's a refurbished one, now go away".

  • Friends! Can trs be claimed if paid with gift cards?

    • Yes u can, as long it states GST paid. Make sure if it’s over $1000 you need full name on the receipt.

      • Thanks heaps. Last question, can GCs bought from OZb classifieds and send electricity able to be used in store?

  • +1

    thanks op. Bought one and save $700 over the 11 pro

  • +1

    Unless you need the latest and greatest get the XS

    • +1

      That was my thinking. Get the XS now, mainly because I want to get the watch and the old iPhone 6 doesn't do the latest IOS, then see what is around next year. The XS will last me a few years to come if Apple doesn't come up with a "come to Jesus" phone and you can use the Xs as a "trade in", somewhere, if it does.

      • yeah probably a good idea to hold onto that phone, until Apple gets rid of the notch.

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