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FFalcon 65UF1 65" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV $598 ($100 off) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Out of all the cheap 65" TVs atm this one is probably one of the better options. Don't forget to use discounted JB Hifi gift cards. Don't know how long this will last, probably until Boxing Day. Last time it was this price it was for Black Friday and only lasted 2 days.

Here are your other cheapo options:

PS If you can still find the Aldi 58" for $444 then that's better value in terms of square inches per dollar (even after discounted gift cards factored in). But the expired $539.10 Linsar 65" @ TGG was the best value actually.
PPS The Polaroid one looks interesting with Android but a lot of reviews are bad.

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    Probably a dumb question but any idea where to get cheap JB gift cards?

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    it's a great price, thanks for post.

    but then you realise you have to look at this cheap rubbish that barely qualifies as a TV for the next few years,
    and you realise why a Samsung or Sony is double the price.

    been there done that, never again.

    it's probably ideal if you're colour blind

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      Hmm yeah I guess the Hisense 65R6 for only $118 more was a great deal

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      Good deal. Bit scared of the cheap brands nowadays. Had a Soniq "4k". Rubbish compared to my LG I have now. Left that with the ex partner it was that bad…

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        Yeah Soniqs are pretty poor. I've had a 48" FHD one and pic quality was rubbish.

        FFalcon is TCL's budget brand though. Take from that what you will.


          I dont think its their budget brand; i think its their 'au/nz' brand, since we dont 'know' TCL like the asian nations do.

          You might be right; but its not how it read in their own advertisements.

          Love TCL; always quality.

          Phones are great, tv's handle 'shop display' duty above stupid hot-plates and deep fryers in chinatown.

          I dont see why id doubt them now :)


        How much more did you pay for your LG compared to the Soniq?


          400ish for the soniq, 700ish for the LG. Both 55"

          Edit: actually 900ish for the LG. Regardless, very satisfied with it. The LG was early 2018. The soniq was mid 2017.


            @obit11: There you go. You can't compared a 400$ TV with a 900$ one and expect to look as good.

            I have a 2013 FullHD TV still working well after all these year. I have recently bought a 65" and 55" Soniq TVs for $500 and $369. I play games and watch movies on it once in a while since I am always busy and only have a few hours per week to sit infront of a TV. However if you do spend hours and hours everyday in front of TVs then yeah invest a bit more. As for me a cheap TVs are fine.


      That's not how being colour blind works.


    Only the polaroid one is a true android tv which would be superior to this.


    how bad are kogan ones?

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    Don’t go entry level TVs*. Stick with Hisense mid tier or go higher tier Samsung/Sony/Panasonic if you got the money.

    *maybe if it has 3 years local warranty but even then I wouldn’t…

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      Each to their own but id argue that TCL (FFalcon) are higher teir than Hisense.

      Im sure milage varies though.

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        This is a TCL?

        I've had a 1080p TCL that lasted forever and looked better than any other tv during its time. Really great PQ, super sharp.

        Currently have a 65" TCL, looks amazing even though not real HDR it still implements it to some level. You would need a 10-bit panel to start with.

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        Hisense better than tcl given its more expensive


    For those interested in the brand, I bought the ffalcon sound bar from the $99 deal @ jb a few weeks ago. Whilst initial impressions where ok, the sub woofer has started making random scratchy noises and has now been turned off. I will see if I can diagnose the issue after Xmas and, if it is terminal, will have to test their warranty process.


    Just wanted to point out that it can't actually do 4K at 60Hz, it only does 29Hz at that res, dropping frames so it noticeably stutters.

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