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nbn 50/20 Unlim $58.95/Month, nbn 100/20 Unlim $69.95/Month ($20/Month off First 6 Months All Plans) @ Superloop


Was looking at https://superloopadl500.com.au/ and noticed there was a banner for $20 off for 6 months. I believe the previous deal has ended.

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    Superloop business services had horrible support, might not be the same with the consumer services however.

    • +3

      The one time i used them 6mths ago it was quick & efficient.

    • +7

      can confirm that their customer service is the worst that I've experienced.
      took over a week to response to support email
      Waiting in queue for about 3 hours to get support

      Can't really comment on the speed as i had problem since day one, so still waiting for it to be resolved (should be with NBN since early last week, but no news just yet)

      • My service has been great. Had a two week wait with useless nbn but there support staff were really nice and helpful.

      • +3

        Shame, I was moving house during their transition/acquisition of skymesh so was due to cancel our service anyway but had nothing but praise for skymesh.

        The writing was on the wall though even in its early days as without batting an eye, superloop increased prices right from the get go of their takeover. I've had a bit of negative outlook towards them ever since and most of the stories seem to reflect that.

        • +1

          Had them for 6 or so months. Been great.

    • They are same with consumer; I had dropouts throughout the month and when asked them whats going on they said, I need to report when its happening. I mean, you serious you want me to call you everyday to report it. You are provider and you should know everything like other providers (ABB or my republic). I just moved to ABB and happy customer so far.

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        ABB is a victim of its own success these days. I suffered through 6 months of troubleshooting with them where support was full of clueless monkeys and they dropped the ball so many times.

        • +1

          Personally, I've had success with any troubleshooting any issues I've ever had with ABB through talking with reps on their unofficial Discord server & Whirlpool. John and others are great. I don't really expect Lvl. 1 Helpdesk to know shit. They're their to do basic troubleshooting, document and then pass it up the line; they themselves can't really resolve even slightly complex issues, as is to be expected.

      • You are provider and you should know everything like other providers (ABB or my republic).

        I'm a huge fan of ABB and a super happy customer. But their response was the same to me as you got from Superloop. I was having drop outs and asked them if they could tell me how frequently or if there was a wash via the dashboard I could see how frequently I'm experiencing drop outs. They told me to keep track of it myself…I'm still an ABB customer and I'm happy but its just simple stuff like this that previous ISP's used to be able to tell me. They just fob me off.

        The only real good experience I've ever had with disconnections has been with iiNet (pre-TPG days).

    • Got off the phone with them literally a minute ago and the CS rep themselves were very helpful and polite.

      Only issue was that hold time was about 20 minutes and their website had out of date address data.

      Customer service can entail a lot of things, but at least the staff (Australian, informed and helpful) are great.

    • Is it nbn Co or superloop being efficient?

      From the time I submitted my request to activation was 10 minutes unbelievable.

      I can't complain with one month free and $58 next 6
      So far 5 stars.

  • +4

    Have been with Superloop for a few months now, very happy with them so far. No dropouts, great speeds and haven't had to contact support once yet. Highly recommend them.

    • No dropouts, great speed. Wouldn't be the case with any ISPs for your specific case?
      Genuine question, I'm curious. Or does it depends on how much bandwidth they buy to the NBN/how many customers they have?

      • +3

        exactly congestion ruins the experience even on fttp

      • +2

        Fair question, I was with Telstra NBN FTTN previously. A few months prior to switch over to SL, I noticed my streaming quality wasn't consistent (even outside of peak hours). Since switching providers, I have been able to get constant 4K streaming with no drop in quality any time of the day. My internet speeds also improved a little as well which was a bonus.

        They also show you the CVC bandwidth on your member page to show if they are getting congested. For where I am, the highest I've seen it go was 60%.

      • +4

        A lot of cheap providers skimp on CVC bandwidth which will cause slowdowns whether you’re on fibre/HFC/FTTN/etc. Superloop allows its members to see CVC utilisation - in my area when it started hitting 100% at peak they upgraded it within a week. Very happy with them.

  • +7

    I also switched to them. I don't think they have a large staff base as I've been on hold close to an hour a couple of times. But the speeds are good, no dropouts here either, and good value with the current promotion. No complaints.

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      if you read/believe whirlpool, they have apparently just hired 25 support people in the last month, so that might improve

      • +4

        Well in the last month I've called them twice with 40+min wait times and it was the same person on the phone. I doubt they have many working there.

    • +1

      Same with me

    • +1

      Why were you on the phone to them if the speeds are good and no dropouts?

      • +1

        I had to ring them for modem config settings, which for some reason isn't listed on their website. Haven't had to call them since though.

      • +1

        They told me that an NBN technician had to attend my home to setup NBN, even though i've had NBN for 3 years.. I was super confused, but they booked an appointment. I argued the fact this shouldn't be needed because i have had service and was swapping from another provider, but they insisted a NBN tech needed to attend (7 or 8 days later). So i was without internet for over a week which was annoying. Eventually no NBN tech arrived and i got an SMS saying my service was active.. go figure!

    • +2

      FYI for those looking to churn just for the promo, they don't offer pro rata billing so if you only use a few days of a month you get charged for the whole month

      • Thanks for this, so we'd need to time it right. Do you stop getting billed the day you sign up to someone else, or does it take time to churn"?

    • Yep, SL are fantastic.

  • Anyone who uses international services (gaming, usenet, streaming) they've got low pings & excellent speed (I usually get in the 90's for Singapore, UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada. Etc).

    • Intervals rubber bands me in cs

    • +3

      Maybe low pings to south east asia but US and UK/EU are always going to be over 200ms

      • +21

        don't let physics limit what's possible.

    • Do they stack ip addresses or give you a static one? Currently with Aussie broadband at 50/20 unlimited on hfc for 79/month. Static Ip and I get over 95% of my advertised speed in peak hours. Is this the case with Superloop? I also get an average ping on speedtest to most aussie servers of about 9-10ms so I am happy and don't really want to downgrade for $20 a month. Maybe on 100/40 at $10 cheaper would make up for it? What are the average pings and peak time speeds like?

      • +4

        I'm afraid I'm on hols.l, so can't do any pings for you. If you check on their whirlpool thread, and ask there.

        I asked one of the reps in whirlpool nicely for a sticky/static IP and got one for nix.

        But at the end of the day, if your happy at ABB, maybe stick with them. I wasn't happy with ABB after dealing with their multiple screw-ups, so I moved, and the 100/40 plan was $10 cheaper. International traffic was noticeably quicker.

        The whirlpool thread.

        • Thanks for the info. I'll look into it a bit deeper, I run a gta 5 and assetto corsa servers from home quite often so the international ping might come in handy.. Happy new year!

      • For me ABB was given me better ping than SL, but both much better than MyRepublic.

  • +8

    Support is really bad, I have had 5-10 dropouts every day. worst NBN experience ever. Theres no follow up calls, no courtesy calls. Very bad support and have to wait 40-50 at least every time I call. moved to Aussie Again after 2 months

    • +3

      What NBN connection do you have? It's unlikely your RSP is responsible for drop outs, its usually NBN infrastructure or your equipment.

      • +16

        I'm on FTTN, I know they are not responsible for Drop Outs or anything, but since I'm paying them for service, Superloop needs to help me get it fixed. I called so many times and Never had any luck. Booked NBN people to have a look multiple times. No one came to check Nor superloop bothered to call or email to check with me.

        I was so pissed with the whole scene, that I decided to pay $20 extra and go to Aussie.

        • I have same problem with SL. How good with ABB? Dropouts remove?

        • ring the TIO and lodge a complaint with them if ABB/SL/NBN arent helping you…

          End of the day, someone needs to take control. .. and if no one else will, then the TIO will.

          just make sure you have a copy of emails / dates and times you made calls / appointments made+missed. It will help build your case against whoever

    • +1

      I found more drop outs and issues with ABB than Superloop.
      Superloop was noticeably fast for me too - just cancelled ABB and going back

      • +4

        I had no issues with speed. its the customer service / Waiting times / and not getting follow up email / courtesy calls / or even updates that what was happening pissed me of..

        Rang last week to find out what was happening. After been on wait for 50 mins, the lady told me that the guy whos looking after my case isnt working right now and she can't help (they dont even had a unified inbox to keep track of customers requests) and she will get me a call back next morning. 6 days and contact from superloop so I decided to move back to Aussie

        • +2

          Go to nbn twitter.
          Belong had a spent a month waiting for a reply. I got one within the hour.

          • @iamhurtin: Thanks Mate, will do if same stuff happen with Aussie.


            • @letmesingh: Oh I forgot though. It would speed things up if you get a reference number or something that the ISP got from nbn co

          • @iamhurtin: Belong sh??? Services 💩💩💩💩

            • @yvesmpicard: Eh, didn't bother me waiting
              Got 80 dollar sim and modem out of it
              I just stole wifi and used my phone as hotspot

    • +6

      I had the same experience with Superloop, customer service is so hard to get a hold off and sometimes the call just dropped off whilst waiting. ended up moving to Kogan who suprising managed to liase with NBN efficiently and resolve my drop out issues as well as sync speeds. Now syncing at max rate of 128mbps and happy with Kogans service.

      Superloop called me back saying NBN couldnt find a fault a week after I switched to Kogan.

  • So I signed up to Vodafones deal a few months ago, not really impressed with the drop outs I get. I have FTTP if I sign up to Superloop how long does it generally take to switch over?

    • +1

      I believe it takes 5-15 minutes.

    • +5

      I have FTTP

      If I was any more jelly I’d be see through and jiggle.

      • +10

        daily reminder that the fibnat COALition gutted the NBN

        • +1

          Yep, don't mention the f(ttp) word or peeps will get jelly for sure.

    • +1

      Don't you have 4 Potts, so they enable it on a new port so you can have 2 concurrent services and shut the old one down at your leisure?

      • +1

        one small caveat with FTTP, doesnt cancel the previous service. i superlooped on the 27th and canceled ABB on the 27th. Although superloop sent it through on the same port but ALL ISPs want a formal cancellation

  • +1

    Been with Superloop for a few weeks now. Haven't had any issues so far, very happy with the service.

    Had to call support when I was first setting it up. There was a prerecorded message about long wait times, however I only had to wait about a minute. Spoke to an Aussie guy who seemed to know his stuff.

  • best NBN isp imo, only downside is they dont give offer to existing customer but quality of connection is top notch even peak times

  • Superloop more reliable than Kogan NBN? Anyone that has used both care to give an opinion?

    • +1

      Signed up with Kogan (Vodafone) from Telstra cable, so bad (slow and drop out) I was forced to leave within 2 weeks. After 6 months of promotion with ABB, I jumped to Superloop a few months ago, so far a happy customer. IMO, Superloop > ABB >>> Kogan, in my case.

      • +1

        What makes Superloop better than ABB for you?

        • If we believe the CVC charts, the peaks of download at my POI with ABB had always been >95% of the maximum capacity, on the other hand usually <80% with Superloop. I was annoyed by the random hip ups with ABB (might or might not be their fault), and I am happy with the smooth/fast Superloop connction so far.

      • So what usually happens at the 6 month mark when you decide you want to leave since we all pay a 1 month advance payment?

        • I got the first month for free, not thinking to leave for now.

  • +1

    Title and description should be updated to correctly reflect the deal which is $20 off per month for 6 months. Otherwise to me it reads as though it's only $20 off over the course of 6 months, which is kinda meh.

  • Switched from Superloop to Kogan a few months back- tempted to switch back to Superloop with this deal - will I be considered an existing customer?

    • +4

      Only superloop customer service can answer … when you get an answer, please let us know the wait time and the answer.

      • Managed to sign up online without issues as previous experience with calling up has beem terrible - but I will likely port out once the 6 mths is up.

        • +5

          That's the problem with these 6 month $20 discounts. They make a loss for 6 months in the hope of making money later, except they just end up attracting people who are chasing bargains, when the bargain ends they go for the next bargain with some other provider.

          It's a nasty spiral, playing in the part of market were everyone in that segment is trying undercut everyone selling plans at or below cost. Service is the first to go, then speed, then things get all telecubey.

          • @CJ31: They likely aren't taking a loss, but also wouldn't be making much. NBNco has a campaign running at the moment offering rebates to RSP's. Superloop are simply passing on the savings with these 6 month promos.

            I've been with superloop for a few weeks now on 100/40 FTTP with a similar 6 month deal and am very happy so far.

    • Hows the performance?

    • For the difference of under $3, Shyteloop deal available a few weeks ago on whistleout was 500gb plan on top speeds around $64 per mth. Kogans deal via whistleout, which may have just expired, is unlimited data/ 100 down 40 up for under $66 a month.

  • +2

    I've been with superloop for 2 months and been happy with their service (HFC). No issues with speeds or dropouts.

  • +7

    Hands down worst support ever. I've regularly had to wait over an hour to talk to anyone. The guy told me only two people are staffed on weekends, not sure about other times. Had a few issues when I initially connected but it's been working fine since. I regularly get speeds of 94 down 38 up at all times on HFC.

  • +4

    Waited over an hour to speak to someone. They have no customer value or loyalty and won't compensate you for any nbn downtime. As one of the smaller players in the game that probably purchase small amounts of bandwidth, I'd steer clear. If you're looking for an better deal based on speed and download limit only - Kogan have 6 months at around $65 a month for 100/400 unlimited data via Whistleout posted on here a couple of weeks back. Neggong the deal as a former very short term NBN customer. They have no idea of customer retention… What a pitty.

    • +11

      Superloop have a market capitalisation of $351m and telecomms is their only business. Kogan is a dodgy online retail outlet who resells Vodafone nbn on the side.

      No residential internet provider has ever offically compensated customers for downtime. If you want such an arrangement you should look at plans with SLAs and compensation arrangements. I can tell you that won't cost $65 a month.

      • That's more of a bashing/hatred for Kogan comment than a "I have experienced both providers and this is how I found their speed, service and support" type of assessment. I'll take the dodgy boys ahead of shyteloop as I know, at the very least, their overseas support is already better - Kogan support confirmed if outages exceed 24 hrs in a month they will compensate (as its better than paying for a TIO enquiry investigation, that I can assure you)

        Best way I can describe Shyteloop is they are a backyard-style mob based out of Adelaide that probably pay ~5 people to man phones for an existing customer base they (by reading obvious reviews above) simply cannot adequately handle nor care about.

        • +1

          Ask Kogan for that compensation arrangement in writing as a part of your customer agreement with them. See what happens.

          • @tp0: Recorded it on the phone mate. All good, cheers.

      • Not true, I am with ABB on FTTN (Residential), have been credited on multiple occasions for downtime due to NBN issue/stuffup. Their support is excellent!!

        • +2

          I was with ABB for over 1.5yrs until they decided against helping me for the very problem you just mentioned. I gave them An option to compensate, they didn't, so I happily left… Other than that they are a very good ISP. Support is rather good, speeds were never an issue (as they don't oversell on any exchange) and purchase plenty of bandiwth from NBN which is generally one of the biggest issues around speed and bottlenecking around peak times.

          • @ro0sta: Yeah, it's so hit and miss! For people who are on FTTN with known NBN issues it pays to be with providers with faster and better support (in my case ABB), if I know support times are not fast and/or bad with provider then it's not good from get go!

      • +3

        Superloop have a market capitalisation of $351m

        Im wondering the relevance of this

        • It's relevant because Kogan market cap is $700m, making Superloop cheaper from OZB's point of view.

          • +2

            @nfr: ah, so buying the family fish and chips business with almost zero market cap is the ozbargain investment advice?

        • +2

          The poster referred to Superloop as a small player. An ASX listed telecom business with a reasonably large market cap is not a small player.

          • @tp0: ah I see, funny though, as the other guy (nfr) said, Kogan is even bigger than Superloop, double the size. It made me look at Telstra, even bigger still by a huge amount.

            • +2

              @cloudy: Kogan's primary business is retail though. They're simply reselling Vodafone's nbn service.

              Regardless I wasn't really looking to compare the pair. Just wanted to highlight that Superloop is not some backyard operation.

              For the record I completely agree with all the feedback here about their customer service wait times. Thankfully I haven't had to contact them since the wait times have blown out.

              Every time I have had to contact Superloop in the past I found them very helpful and professional. Better than my previous experiences with Aussie Broadband who I found a little unprofessional.

          • @tp0: In comparison to another 4 or 5 other players, they are small.

      • I have been compensated multiple times for internet issues by Optus, Telstra and TPG.

    • +1

      See above my exact experience has been superb with Kogan and horrible time wasting with Superloop.

        • +2

          lol ok..thanks for pointing this out.
          Getting 100/20 with 500GB never makes any sense to me.

          • +4

            @beOson: depends on use. I rarely go over 500, yet stream, game, download in most of my spare time.

  • +1

    Very happy with Superloop. Switched from ABB where I had issues with certain websites loading slowly and FaceTime dropouts. Both issues resolved when I switched to Superloop. Also ipv6 is working well whereas ABB disabled it due to problems with their routers.

  • +4

    Can't recommend

    Time to call and initiate transfer took weeks - that's before we had a deal with them! If sales support is really slow - then support must be even worse

    We didn't proceed. The discount wasn't worth the potential pain.

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