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nbn 50/20 Unlim $58.95/Month, nbn 100/20 Unlim $69.95/Month ($20/Month off First 6 Months All Plans) @ Superloop


Was looking at https://superloopadl500.com.au/ and noticed there was a banner for $20 off for 6 months. I believe the previous deal has ended.

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  • Had to wait long times, shorter if you press sales and then get help from them. But great value and speeds otherwise. Pretty happy with them

  • Last month I switched to Superloop (FTTN) at a new address (after previously being with ABB (FTTP) at my old address) and the speed is terrible! 70Mbps on 100Mbps plan. Boxing day night it dropped down to 20Mbps (which is what I used to get at my old address on ADSL2).

    I'm assuming it's not Superloops fault, just the fact that FTTN is crap at 400m from the node. Sadly I can't compare as I haven't had another provider at this address, but I have emailed support 2 weeks ago with no response.

    If nothing can be done I may as well downgrade to 50Mbps rather than pay for 100Mbit are receive less than 3/4 of the advertised speed.

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      Those kinds of speeds should have nothing to do with FTTN or NBN. That'll be the superloop backend causing the problem.

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        It could be node congestion or copper degredation. It could also be the user's local network or issues with the servers they're connecting to. They didn't say if it was sync speed or speed test results.

        CVC is rarely an issue these days especially with premium providers like Superloop

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      Are you connect via cable or copper? The reason I ask is because my father is connected to FTTN over copper and was getting terrible speeds. His ISP suggested he get the copper line in his house rewired from the street to the modem (having only one line and no extensions) and that fixed the problem for him. It's not a cheap fix but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

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        Could you tell us the company that did the rewiring? Who usually does these sort of jobs? And the price?


      • If you move to a new address,my experience is choosing the lowest speed plan then upgrade later. When you connect the modem to the network, you will see the physical speed of the line. Mine is FTTN and the physical line speed is 66/30. It means i can only use nbn50. Using nbn100 is wasting money in my case.

      • Thanks for your reply, I'll be on copper I assume given it's a 60s house (Just checked and I'm only ~250m from the node).

        Currently it is a mess with three old 600 series phone sockets throughout the house (however only 1 is active). I was always planning on stripping it out and replacing with cat6 and RJ ports in most rooms like I did at my old place. But I'll also look to getting it rewired to the street and see if I have any luck with that too!

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      Yeah I had the same problem, getting 70mbs at best on the 100 plan, downgraded to the 50 plan and now constantly getting 47+mbs and don't notice the difference in speeds at all

  • Been with them for two months (hfc) coming from Tpg (adsl). I was very cautious to enter this brave new world after reading all the nbn horror stories. Delighted with the setup. I bought a netgear orbi mesh system and have full speeds (50/20) throughout the house all day.

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    Moved from Origin (never go with Origin) to Suerloop and couldn't be happier! Speeds are great and no issues yet (2 months in)

  • Do these guys have ppoe or ipoe(?)? Eg do you need a login and password?

    • IPoE.

      • Ripper thanks, may give them a crack.

    • No need for login/pw

    • Shyteloop and Kogan only offer dynamic (automatic) ip connection. No authentication required to connect. Kogan wholesales through Avoidaphone so they just on sell at good prices. ABB would be recommended if you need static IP for hosting purposes, etc, or other required services.

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        Superloop offer a static ip at $5 a month.


        • I asked for a static IP when I was with them (late 2019) and was flat out told they didn't offer it. Inl wonder why their 'support' team would say that?

      • Double NAT?

        I had to call my last ISP to turn off double nat but at least they had that option.

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          No. Superloop assign you a public IP.

      • Im with Aussie at the moment, they are good but expensive, which is fine. They also charge extra for a static IP. I'm on fttp so can just try out superloop before disconnecting Aussie.

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    If your internet works, SL is fine. If you have problems, you're screwed. After 2 solid months, I started getting several dropouts daily. I waited 160 mins to get through last week only to be told the person that can help isn't there/systems were playing up. I called back a few days later (they were meant to call back but didn't). Waited ages on hold again only for the "expert" to tell me they can't see anything wrong on their end (even after ten 5 minute dropouts over 3 days). Their "expert" staff didn't seem to have much experience & the wait times to speak to someone are horrendous.

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      So maybe its better to go with ABB or Kogan ?

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      I have been with them with the special offer @$55 and I have been having constant drop outs.
      It happens at least once a day. I am going to give Aussie bb a go, I just hope there is a deal coming.

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    I switched from ABB to SL with the last deal so probably been with them 3 months now. Definitely notice more dropouts and needing to reboot my router with them compared to ABB for some reason. Other than that, speed is about the same, mid 90's down and high 20's to low 30's up on HFC. Glad I haven't had to call them going by the other comments here.

  • I've been with SL for nearly 4 months now. No issues here.
    I've no need to call support yet so I can't comment on that front.

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    I churned from ABB to SL a few months back to take advantage of the $54.95 offer.

    I will be churning again when the promotion ends.

    I have two accounts with SL. One on FTTP and one on HFC at different exchanges.

    Started off well but has been downhill since. Really disappointed.

  • Hah. I just asked for this in the old thread yesterday (and emailed superloop)!

    You may thank me now :p

    (Not serious. I'm sure I had nothing to do with it)

  • I asked them to connect my nbn at particular day, but it not happening, call them after 6pm on Fri, they can't do anything as the team already left, but it connect my nbn on Monday morning.

    In term of internet connection, it stable and I didn't face any drop out. But compare to ABB, the ABB has lower ms than superloop for gaming.

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    Aflgree with the negs above. Superloop don't have their stuff together.

    • -6

      Careful, you get negged for accuracy on here.

      • +3

        As one of the smaller players in the game that probably purchase small amounts of bandwidth, I'd steer clear.

        Negged for inaccuracy rather. You could hardly have been more inaccurate with that statement. You have every right to complain about poor CS if that's what you received, but when you come out with statements like that it doesn't inspire confidence in the truth of your situation.

  • +5

    There will always be people with gripes, both legitimate and minor, with all ISPs. It's a fact of life, some are better than others, they have ups and downs, some know how to work with a company better than others. Some people just have bad luck and complicated factors others do not. I've been working in the industry for 20 years and freely admit have no brand loyalty to my employer or anyone else. FWIW, i've been with Superloop (no affiliation with them) past of 6 months now (coming from Telstra HFC which was brilliant when it worked, but support were infuriatingly unreliable drones) and its been pretty smooth failing. Of course, that being the case i have not needed to call up.

    • +7

      "smooth failing" lol.

      • Gets the best of us :D

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    Decent speeds, but also non-existent customer support, sent an email enquiry over a month ago, still no update despite more emails being sent, might have better luck with the hour holds on phone (i waited 45 minutes to move 2 positions in queue)

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    This or belong?

    • +3

      Anything but Belong

      • I'm with them now. its okay get good speeds but then drops off a cliff.

    • +1

      I've previously had Belong NBN and had no issues with them at all. Customer service was great. They did credits for outages.

      When I moved to a new place that didn't have NBN available, they paid the $280 connection cost for a home phone and then connected the ADSL.

      When I moved after a couple of years to another place that previously had a phone line already in place, the connection was easy as. I did experience speed issues and after numerous complaints over a period of time, I ended up speaking to someone from Telstra technical. It was discovered that I was connected on ADSL1 and that was why I had crap speeds. (Problem was that they ran outta ADSL2 ports and just connected ADSL1 as per standard practice).

      Anyways once everything was resolved, I was credited the full monthly cost for the whole period I had issues.

      So yeah. That's my experience :p

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    Just FYI this deal is not active yet. I just tried signing up, and ended up having to call them. The website is buggy and posted this deal before it was active. Rep said it is not going to be live until end of the month.

  • +2

    Called them up, after waiting for 50 minutes, they said the offer is not live yet. Don't waste your time.

    • +3

      Also, if it takes 50 minutes for a sales call to be connected, how log it may take for a service related call?

      • +4

        160 mins for me last time

  • +1

    I recently called support. Was 7th in the queue and waited about 35 min. When I got to the front of the queue they hung up on me. Pretty pissed.

  • not active

  • +1

    Haven't had any problem's with Superloops speeds if anything they actually seemed to hold better than AussieBB for me.

    Waited approx 30 minutes twice when i called customer support rougly 2 months ago. Haven't needed to call since.

    (I called for sign up, was told that signing up online is faster and done automatically, i was churned from AussieBb to Superloop in 5 mins or so)

    Besides wait times, speeds are very good.

  • How do I get the discount? going to the link and following the sign up to the summary page, it still says $70+ minimum charge?

  • +1

    I ported over to Superloop not long ago. Good speeds, no issues with the sign up. I'm on the 50/20 plan getting 49mbs download. Very happy with them.

  • Can't sign up to the discounted deal!

  • So hard to connect with customer care. Always says caller number 1 waiting

  • Do you get a modem or BYO?

    • +1

      Im HFC so didnt need one (just a wifi router). If required, you can BYO or they will sell you one (for $100(?))

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    On hfc with super loop. Definitely more drop outs than ABB. Also support is non existent, please note this is not an exaggeration. They do not reply to emails whatsoever. Calling up you will be queued for minimum 1 to 2 hours. There is no call back service, some days even though it says phone support is 8am till 10pm you will call up and get sorry due to unforeseen circumstances support is closed please call back tomorrow. The owner is on WP spruiking that they are training more staff but it hasn't made any difference.

    Now with all that said if your connection is flawless than it's worth it for the extra $20 off. Once my 6 months is done I'm outta here.

    • +1

      Unfortunately I have also a similar experience. Before superloop I had Telstra and they were perfect.
      I am probably not even gonna wait the offer is over. Some days the drop outs are pretty often and I need to reset the router. Thinking of going to Aussie 100/20, it’s expensive at $90 but I hope to get a proper connection like I had with Telstra

  • +1

    Got dropping out since day one. Still waiting for a solution. I ordered 100/20 speed, it can down to 60, very disappointed at the moment.

  • +1

    Signed up with these guys a couple of days ago and today internet keeps dropping in and out. I know it's not nbn as I never had issue with previous ISP. I'm on fttc and dsl sync is still on, just not getting ip from superloop. Damn, hope I can work form home tomorrow.

  • just tried a few combinations of promo codes. SLADL500 worked

  • why nbn has so many dropouts ? I got only 3 times with old ADSL cable in the past 10 years. I'm going to sign up the $69 500G optus 4G mobile broadband if they can't fix the problem.

    • +3

      Because parliament decided that Australian's wouldn't need more than 25meg down on NBN and it's just turned into a joke from there. NBNco has just been milking the country of everything due to blowouts.

      I don't understand why when they do contracts they don't put clauses in that any extra costs that arise are dealt with by the company doing the submission. If they quote one price, then that's it. That's the price. If they stuff up and blow out by 5 years, too bad.

  • I signed up a month ago , no issues here , perfect so far.

  • Can it be cancelled anytime? Thx

    • Yep.. it's a month to month service anyways… Which is pretty awesome..

      Plus no setup fees !

  • So with the 1 month advance payment, assuming someone wants to change ISP after 6 months, do we ring them and tell them on the 5th month?

    Is that how it works?

  • After being a ABB customer since March 2017 and getting no loyalty discount I decided it was time to try Superloop for 6 months. Have scheduled my new connection for 15/01/20 so I’m interested to see how smooth a transition it will be.

    Customer service appears average, no support ticket area or chat just an email or phone number. Calling them you will wait up to 30 mins and emails can take a week…..as long as I dont have to talk to these guys it should be ok

  • +2

    I wont touch them even it they are providing free service. I was with MyRepublic and hard had 2-3 drop-outs in 2 years; With SuperLoop, its dropped about 8-9 times in just one month. Signed up with ABB and happy customer. Also, their staff is not well trained. They can ask you question but when you ask them question, their answer is like .. I don't work in support department.

  • +1

    Just switched over to superloop and pretty impressed by the signup time and activation… with in 15 minutes the connection was up and running. Been 3 days so far…
    Called them up and didn't experience any extended wait times over the phone, as noted in the comments above . It was smooth, pretty happy with the entire process. Fingers crossed.

  • Just signed up after fibremax accidentally cut mine off (I gave them notice of porting, but instead of riding out the billing date they made a mistake and terminated immediately). So I don't know if this sped things up for me (new connection vs a churn? dunno how it works), but I received an sms saying it was active within 4 minutes of signup. Haven't actually had time to reconfigure my modem as I'm at work, but yikes, if it works like it should then that was fast.

    Also got through to sales very quickly (1 min) and she was excellent.

    • Worked fine. Took a while for the ipoe to kick in it seems, after setting up the modem it had to sit there for half an hour before it actually connected to the net. Bit strange, but no matter.

  • I just signed up with them, 8 Min and service is up and running.

  • +2

    Just churned from Telstra NBN HFC. Within seconds of signing up, my connection died. Logged into router, did a release -> renew, connected. SL speeds slightly higher download, about 2Mbps lower on upload than Telstra. So nothing in it.

    • same here and RIP telstra.

  • Can anyone with superloop run a tracert to: ?
    Curious about the route it takes there.

  • +2

    After using them for 1.5 months, I've gone back to ABB. Ludicrous amounts of dropouts.

    Support keeps blaming NBN (especially when I asked for the remainder of the month to be refunded) whereas their own CTO and co-founder is acknowledging it's a SL issue on Whirlpool.

    The frustration I've had and time spent trying to fix this is not worth the $21 savings a month—seriously a false economy.

    • +1

      Hi nickevelli, I am on the offer @$55 but I also get a lot of drop outs! Thinking of giving Aussie a try soon. The saving is not worth all the time wasted resetting router.

  • I've been with Superloop for about 3 months now and whilst their speeds are decent, customer service is abysmal. On a weekday you would be lucky to speak to anyone in under an hour. And when you do, getting the help you need is another challenge.

    In my case, their system stuffed up and miscalculated my data usage and in turn shaped my connection. Superloop, despite admitting that this was due to an error in their system, tried to make me purchase additional data blocks to unshape the connection. It was only when I threatened to escalate to a complaint that they finally agreed to not charge me for the extra data. This is the second time it has happened in 2 months and there's no guarantee that it won't happen again next month.

    Will keep a lookout on here for deals from other providers and jump ship ASAP.

  • Been with superloop for 3 months and they have been fine, sure the service center takes a while to get through but at least it’s an Aussie call center. When you do get through things can be fixed. Yeah they are having drop out problems at the moment but it’s all explained in the members area. The speeds are great and the service has been fine.

  • +1

    Just got connected after seeing this deal and the speed is less than 1/3rd of that of ABB! Churning over next month.

  • +1

    I had signed up to superpoop with the $55 offer. Constant drop outs. Not happy. I just signed up to Mate. Month will restart on 21/01 but couldn’t bear having to stay until then and I’ll be on holidays for a week, so wanted to switch before I go.
    Saving $14 a month isn’t worth it.

  • When will the offer expire as my current contract will be expired at end of the month, anyone knows?

    • +1

      You can set the connection date in advance, so sign up now and just set the date to whenever you want it to be connected.

  • Switched from ABB to SL on Tuesday, internet was down for about 12 hours (quiet hours)

    So far so good, really seeing a huge improvement over ABB (minus the customer service which Superloop has none)

  • Thanks OP, just signed up and was connected within an hour or so. Let's see how we go on HFC.

  • Do I need to contact ABB if I churn to Superloop? Or does my ABB account automatically gets cancelled once the churn is complete? How long does the churn usually take? I'm on FTTC.

    • +1

      Yeh it's a good idea to contact ABB after you churn to confirm the account is closed. You can also ask for a pro-rata refund on any unused days. Depending on when you sign up the churn normally happens within a day (most of the time within an hour)

  • +2

    Wow, I signed up at 11.30am and the connection was ready at 11.34am!

    • same , mine took about 2 minutes from confirming signup to getting a text to say it was active (already on FTTP)

  • I just joined up on this deal 100/20 - on FTTP already so didn't have to get anything installed etc (i just did new service not transfer) and they activated on Port 1 (currently on Port 2). Signup was very easy and my service was active within 2 minutes of signing up - got an email and a minute later a text confirming service active.

    After quite a bit of speed testing , am getting 90-92 directly connected via cable but on Wifi anywhere between 50-80, seems to be around 50-60 at peak times. I lose quite a bit on my wifi which isn't Superloop related, not the best router (ex MyRepublic) the signal drops off a fair bit from the room where the router is to the living room and much slower at the other end of the house.

    So for $10 less than I was paying with Tangerine on 50/20 and am getting at least 50 on wifi im happy.

  • +1

    Swapped from Kogan to Superloop last week and couldn't be happier. Fast switch, and speeds have been faster and more reliable than Kogan ever was, especially accessing overseas.

  • +1

    Got my first month bill today. Started my plan on the 15th January.

    My bill for 15th February should be $53.95 for my first month but Superloop are trying to slug me $107.90 to "pre" pay up until 15th March. If I wanted pre-paid internet I would have signed up for that. Cheeky behaviour from a company who has terrible customer support. To get in touch with anyone to contest is extremely difficult. Tempted to leave and go back to ABB

    • There’s nothing ‘cheeky’ about it at all. You don’t get charged for the first month in advanced, but then pay for the 1st and 2nd month when your second month is due which then puts it that you’re paying ahead.

      Every ISP I’ve been with has charged in advanced, only thing that is charged in arrears is/was generally phone calls and the like.

      ABB are exactly the same, go look at your invoices from them. Only difference is SL raise the invoice still during previous month and then it’s due on the date your new month rolls over whilst ABB raise the invoice on your rollover date and invoice 2 weeks later.

      If you choose to leave SL, you won’t get charged for the next month as long as you leave before the rollover date, ABB are exactly the same in that regard (but I do hear now they give prorate refunds with SL and most others don’t).

      Source: Was with ABB before, then SL, now back to ABB so I know both their billing systems.

  • Is Superloop better than ABB?

    • my understanding is it depends on your area …

    • I switched from ABB to Superloop (100mbit HFC) and could not tell any difference with speeds, pings and uptime. ABB had excellent customer service. Haven't had to deal with Superloop yet but it's been noted here that it is not as good.

  • Superloop vs belong.
    Belong streams netflix fine but any other streaming service via vpn just lags drops out and loads. Currently pay $60 to belong for 50/20 so considering 100/20 with superloop for $10 more. Worth it?

  • Superloop referral only $30 for the referrer and $0 for referree, do I have that right? That's kinda weak isn't it?

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