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Nu-Tec in-Desk Power Hub w/ USB-C PD 30W & Surge Protected Power Outlets $10 @ Bunnings


Saw this at Bunnings Bankstown Airport (NSW) plenty of stock left.

Update: Confirmed at other locations (VIC, ACT, WA etc). Should be nationwide.

Update 2: $5 at some stores

Update 3: Stock level (not live, can be inaccurate, use as guide only) checker by Delca (Huge thanks) on Google Sheets

Update 4: a more streamlined table by clear and plague69 stock checker

Has 4x surge protected mains outlets, 2x USB chargers (2.4A) and USB-PD 30w port. Can also be used on a desktop laying flat against the table. I think it's a steal for $10! Good hunting!

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  • Went to grab some from Fountain Gate but they’re a very specific design that won’t work for me. Grabbed a couple of these instead https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510240#comment-8191927

  • Just bought 3, noticed they say "surge protected" on the box but can't find a mention of surge protection anywhere else. Could someone confirm?

    • After reading your comment, after grabbing one this arvo also checked and find nothing on unit or included paperwork re Surge, only printed on box two sides. Who knows?

    • A surge protector's level of protection from a spike in energy is rated in joules. Unless that is shown (usually in the manual specs), it is unlikely there is any surge protection.

      If the unit was opened, MOV devices are normally visible. Unfortunately I don't have the right bit here to check.

  • No more stock in Blacktown.

  • Looks like I'm off to bunnings, brb.

    • +1

      14 now at Frankston

  • Thanks. Now 41 at Bunnings Cannington aisle 65. Plenty for broaden

  • 10 in aisle 44 @ Preston, Vic store. There's apparently 38 (minus my 4) showing on stock. Trying to find bunnings staff to help locate stock is all part of the thrill also…….

    • Pro tip, the boxes under the empty box have stock in them.

      • This was floor standing. No extra box.

  • Does Bunnings price match other store?

  • Called Kirrawee they said they had many. When I went they said they have 27 but they don’t know where they are????!!!! Save yourself a trip.

    • Check the aisles or promo sections. They're tricky to find because they're clearance items.

      I forgot the term the lady used at my local, but they're in the boxes they have free standing in the aisles (not on shelves) and or hanging on hooks in random aisles.

  • Thanks! Picked up 4 from Albury.
    Plenty in stock, situated in the electrical aisle.
    $10 each.

  • Anyone at Lidcombe NSW? Location to find them?

    • Saw at least 14 left at Lidcombe. It was two or three aisles away from the power board aisle.

      $10 each.

      • Dang it, I fell asleep. Heading there soon. Hopefully available!

      • Sold out at Lidcombe

  • So how do they look lying flat, can anyone take a picture?

    • I’d say weird as the hub is attached to the power board. These are specifically designed to drop through a desk

      • +2

        They actually look fine flat.
        Given the price tag, they can look ugly if they want haha

      • I think he meant just flat on a desk. Can’t see how the way in the picture would work for anyone, just looks odd.

    • +1

      You can lay flat, with USB ports over edge of desk. Works in my situation. Loop cables back through cable management slot, run beside powerboard, onto desk.

      Could place on something to raise powerboard (on a book etc) so USB end is flat. Or cut off cable management, making it almost flat (it's plastic & should be safe low voltage in that area).

      It's a weird design for a specific purpose, if you have a cut out in desk top to take this unit vertically, cables pop out the cable management slot onto the desk.

  • None in West Footscray. Myself and 2 other ozbargainers cleaned them out this morning. Were marked as 20 but scanned at 10

    • There were 40+ as of this morning ! Wow even power boards being resold on ebay when Victoria burns, well done brodens

      • +2

        There is a special place in hell for people buying and reselling ozbargain deals.

        I bought 4 this morning for personal use.

  • Picked up 2 from Bankstown Airport. There's still an unopened box full left.

  • Just picked up 3 at Smithfield, NSW. There's two unopened boxes of stock left.

    • Bonnyrigg (asle 40) has quite a bit left

    • Thanks!

    • Whereabouts were they located?

    • I’m here now. Do you remember where they were

      • Sorry for the late reply - you've probably left by now, but they were in the middle of the store next to the DIY bathroom/kitchen section (strange place I know). They're right next to the water filters, 2 boxes on the floor.

        • +1

          Yeah found them in the end. Very far from the powerboard section haha

  • $10 in Cairns QLD, but they were down the back of the Storage Isle (next one over from the other powerboards).

  • 2x full boxes at Bunnings Malaga (WA)

    Isle 38, stacked as a floor display in front of other poweboards

  • Dropped by Shellharbour NSW as I'm on holidays nearby and they said they couldn't find them. They suggested Warrawong. Yep, they have about 12 left after I bought my 4. But they're not in the power board aisle. They are in the lighting aisle to the RIGHT. Look out for that one…

  • There's plenty in stock at Edwardstown SA

  • Still around 30 at Victoria point. The display stand in the powerboard aisle is empty. Theres another stand in an electrical aisle, a few aisles away where they all are. A standard Bunnings tactic to make us work for it.

  • At least 11 remaining at O'Connor (WA)

  • -1

    Picked 3 of these from Seven Hills Bunnings.

    First went to Northmead - couldn't find it in electricals and was redirected to front of the store by a staff - it said they had one in stock. They just kept throwing me like a ball from one section to another until I finally gave up and asked for alternate store. They told me Seven Hills had 42 of those. Thought I'll call and ask the staff to put 2-3 of those aside for me. Bingo - I was on hold for eternity and eventually gave up and just went to the store.

    Gosh Bunnings staff have no idea and rarely give a shit - no wonder our brick and mortar stores are going down hill. The Seven hills store staff told me to look in the lights section(aisle 42-25). I told them Northmewad had discounted items in the front still 2 of the staff members disagreed and sent me chasing the electricals. Couldn't find it there, so went to the desk staff near by the electrical dept and they confirmed again it should be in those aisles only after looking at stock levels. Couldn't find it after hunting for it again. So I asked a staff stocking up electricals - She told me that these are on specials and will be available only in the front. Went to the front and couldn't find it easily so the same staff helped me locate those - they were stuffed in a not so easy to find corner. They moved it to a slightly more visible location after the incident.

    Bingo to the one's who work and suggestion to the rest to get their fat asses moving coz Bunnings will die if they continue with this attitude.

    • +1

      It's a promotional line with limited stock. It won't be restocked. So fitted in where they find a space. Same with quite a few Bunnings Deals here.

      Front of store rarely know where promotional lines are. They know where the sections of the store are & may call staff from a section for help.

      Rang store & they didn't have a clue when I gave them the barcode.

      Staff in Electrical knew where it was in my local & were putting stock aside for people ringing store.

  • About 10 left in Malaga WA

  • Nothing left at Notting Hill, I just went there, and the guy said that

  • Bought 5 from Bunnings Rockdale $10 each as they are not able to price match other stores. Probably 10 left. Showed the lady the barcode to find the item. They are on the lighting section instead. Happy hunting.

  • LOTS of stock at Vermont south, aisle 56

    • All gone.

  • Less than 20, more than 10 left at Carrum Downs 👍 located in the powerboard/electrical aisle

  • Alot of stock at Camden ..for $10

  • None at Notting hill VIC. 2 on hold and 6 showing in stock but gone missing.

    • In the days before Dick Smith collapsed, was searching for $2 surge protected powerboards showing as in stock. Talked to store manager - they were using them in store for displays & in coffee room😉

  • +1

    None in stock Mile End SA. One guy bought all 42.

    • +1

      An early (deleted) comment from someone reported buying entire stock at a store to sell @$20.

    • Yeah very annoying. There are plenty left at Edwardstown though.

  • Managed to find only 2 at Ashfield. After some lengthy discussions They eventually price matched ($5 each), thanks to @hemant for posting the receipt!

    • Lucky you. Normally they won’t be able to price match other Bunnings stores

      • Yes the checkout assistant said no initially, then noticed it was a “deleted” item, said it is possible, asked a manager, more lengthy discussions, phoned the relevant department, they said yes!

  • +2

    Quite a lot at Nunawading this morning. Picked up two myself. Nearly two full boxes worth of stock

  • +3

    Still lots left at Bunnings Dural. They are at the back end of aisle 41 (which is the lightingsection) and not aisle 42 with the rest of the powerboards. There is still 1 sealed carton with about 20 units left. The open display box has 1 unit left.

  • +2

    More 20 left at Altona, marked at 49$ but scanned for 10$ aisle 52.

  • +3

    Bunnings Belconnen has a few left in aisle 60

  • +1

    Aisle 1 at West footscray, at least 2 boxes left

  • +1

    Got 3 from Seven hills for 10 each. 1 still left.

  • +3
  • +1

    Anyone got a receipt from a WA store for $5 they’d be willing to share please? WA store says they won’t/can’t price match eastern states stores

  • +1

    Plenty in Wollongong, facing the back wall at the end of the aisle in lighting section.

  • +1

    14 left at Lidcombe. $10 each.

    They were located 2-3 aisles away from the power board aisle.

  • +1

    20 left at Preston Vic in aisle 44.

  • Got one. Thanks. 2 more are left in Bonnyrigg NSW.

  • Grabed 2, about 20 left Arundel Gold Coast

  • thanks OP

  • Wollongong store, end of aisle with fans and floodlights. Still marked as $20 but scan at $10.

  • Just picked 2 from Belrose NSW.
    Plenty left there

  • +1

    The design is strange.
    Not sure if anyone would drill a hole on their desk for this.

    But 10 bucks is still a good price

    • Many office desks already have holes 😉

    • I'm going to drill one in mine for it. Its a crappy desk to start with anyway haha

  • Lots available in Malaga WA

    • Are they selling it for $10 or $5?

  • Caroline Springs was apparently Ozbargained this morning.

    • Not by me. I left 20+ at about 8am. Don't bother checking Sunshine or Taylor's Lakes they sold out too as I was looking for star wars doormats

    • I grabbed 2 at about 11.30am from Caroline Springs.

      There was a few left in the box (maybe 3 or 4) and another box underneath which wasn't open but I assumed was full of more.

  • Bought the last one off Chatswood NSW.

    • +2

      I left one for you :) = I bought the second last one from Chatswood about an hour ago :)

      • +2

        Thank you! That’s very kind of you! :D

  • Still half a dozen left in Lidcombe

    • None in stock

  • Anyone in the industry know the rough cost price of this? That is, would B make a loss on it at $10?

  • Got 2 for $5 each this morning. Also had the desktop version with tablet holder etc. Good little things.

  • Any left in Gympie QLD (4570)?

  • Tried many places to put this awkward device.

    Mounted one vertically on side of metal 2 drawer filing cabinet. USB end protrudes above top. Glued a strong largish fridge magnet to back of powerboard. (May need firmer attachment to cabinet.) Cable management slot is convenient spot for remote. So power points down side & USB at top. Will see how it works over time.

    Mounted one in similar way to side of microwave.

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