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Arlec Smart Starter Kit with Grid Connect - 2x Smart A60 BC LED Globes and 2x Smart Plug in Sockets $29 in-Store @ Bunnings


Saw this morning marked for clearance at Rydalmere, not sure when this started but seems to be in-store only.

The starter kit comes in 2 versions, B22/E27 bulbs.

As a reference similar to these below but appear to use different model numbers

Check Stock of BC
Check Stock of ES

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  • My local has them for $10 at the moment

  • FYI. Grid Connect doesn't support IFTTT or ZigBee or 5GHz Wifi. Maybe not a problem for you but limits the use for many.

    You can link to Google Home or Alexa for voice control.

    • You can use this with the Smart Life App, which is IFTTT compatible.

      • Yup you can use alternative app to Grid Connect to link with IFTTT.

      • Awesome. The globe has controllable colour temp. Do you know if this supported in Smart Life app too? TIA.

        • I tried this on my in-laws Brilliant app, the brightness and colour was controllable so it's possible it'll work in Smart Life app too. Someone who uses the Smart Life app care to share?

          • @jeworge: I've used Brilliant app before, it is a replica of Smart Life. It should work too. Been to over 4 Bunnings, no luck finding it.

  • Hub requirement?

    • No hub required. Can work with Grid Connect App, but you are better off using the Smart Life app.

  • No hub, uses Wifi. Has the tuya chip so can be reflashed with tasmota for use in Home Assistant without the app and cloud.

  • FWIW, these smart power sockets don't make a high frequency buzzing noise, unlike some others I've tried (e.g. TP Link and Xiaomi) which I'm replacing.

  • I just installed the smart plugs on the wall and noted that they don't block the power point next to it like the TP-Link smart plugs. The Arlec smart plugs have a narrower profile.

    Provided you're not plugging in a power brick, you could possibly use both power points.

    • I'm at Ryde looking for it but seems to be sold out. Which aisle was it in mate?
      Edit: used your photo for reference. Aisle 45.its gone! All OOS here.

  • I love how you dropped the Nu-Tec powerboards on floor to take that pic. I have been to Bunnings twice today for a Star Wars door mate, powerboards and now maybe a 3rd time

  • I highly recommend their smart powerboards.i have 2 at home and paired them with the Genio app rather than yet another App

  • Looks like I can't find them on bunnings' website. On Clearance then?

  • Can confirm I saw these for $29 at Bankstown Airport (NSW) too.

  • $29 at West footscray

  • 29 at Preston too, marked as 49 but scan ok

  • $29 at Gungahlin ACT

  • Price is $15 at stores in Geelong. Price hasn't been updated yet on signs

  • anyone found any in S.A. ? just went to Windsor gardens and a guy in the electrical department thinks all the SA stores sold out before Christmas

    • I was going to stop in at Windsor Gardens on the way home but you have saved me a trip now haha. Cheers

    • Yup same with me Can't find any at Windsor garden and Modbury store

    • 1 left at Churchill Centre (Kilburn) SA
      Note: $15 each

      • Bugger, I was going to go to Prospect but Windsor gardens has an undercover carpark so decided to go there instead. I just called them and they are sold out. So disappointed, my son is really keen to try them out.

    • gawler had them when i bought the brilliants. aisle item so not necessarily in the correct spot

  • Can confirm $29 at Balgowlah NSW. Bought these and Nu-tek power hubs and plenty left of both.

  • Cant find any in Ashfield, NSW :( though I saw the arlec smart DC. Pedestal fan has dropped to $85. Was $99 before Christmas.

    Anyone has experience with this? I'm tempted to try as alternative to my Kogan 2018 one

  • $29 at Castle Hill HOME, but only bayonet packs left. In aisle 51.

  • I got a couple of these a few months ago on the clearance rack for $20 a pack (the only 2,so didn't post here). They work great connecting to Google and the GridConnect app is reasonable.

    But the dimming on the globes wouldn't go low enough for my needs (home theatre room with projector) whereas traditional globes go waaay down to almost nothing, which is what I wanted.

    In the end, didn't really find any good uses for the plugs either, so sold the two packs (1 new and 1 used) on Gumtree for $70 total 😉

  • Grabbed one from Chatswood (for $29) - they don't have them out on the floor - I had to ask for it (they had many out the back)

  • Guys apologies for the novice questions but would appreciate any feedback.

    1. Are the smart plugs also controllable via voice through google mini?

    2. If you have multiple bulbs and plugs how does google know which one to put on? I assume you set it up with a name and call out that particular name?

    3. Real silly question coming up! Without google mini can you operating this by voice through ur google home app on your phone?

    Many thanks

  • Do these smart globes work in a socket that is on a dimmer switch?

    That is, can I do the normal dimming on them with the dial as well as use the app when they aren’t dimmed?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Leopold also had them at $15. Got the last ones.

  • I price matched with Geelong for $15

  • Warning these may not work for you. I have tried my best and they dont work onmy network.

    Also it needs and will send your location back to their servers……:)

    I run a server so comp savvy.

    • I literally in the last half hour setup 8 lights. Was easy and quick and already connected to Alexa. Couldn't have been easier.

      What issues are you encountering?

      • His tin foil hat is causing interference/connectivity issues.

      • Wont connect to my wifi network. I have only tried the power sockets though.

        Will try that other app as well. Grid connect certainly didnt work.

        • What does won't connect mean? Can't see network at all? Or after pressing connect it fails to join, or joins but fails due to no dhcp lease…

        • Admitingly power plugs did take a few goes to me, the lights were super easy. As soon as I added the power plugs in Grid Connect app, I had to restart Alexa and then it was discoverable or able to auto connect.

          The lights after adding them to grid select Alexa automatically detected them.

    • Do you have client isolation enabled on your wifi?

      Can you list the steps you took and the result? Perhaps you run a 5gHz network only and these only use 2.4gHz.

      I have not tried these devices but what do you base your claim on, it needs your location and sends it to their servers.

      Asking for location permission is due to needing wifi access on the phone if that's what you are basing it on.

      • Yes my guest network has isolation.

        My main network doesnt.

        5ghz has been disabled but will check again. Wonder why they cant handle 5ghz eh?

        Thanks for your help.

        • A lot of older, cheap or low powered internet devices only use 2.4 as it has the most compatibility, longer range and a lot of routers don't even have 5ghz (pretty sure telstra only just added it to the included modem they offer in the last couple years that my grandparents made me set up for them)

          • @AlmightyBeing: My router is a Fritz box 7490. It has 5ghz but I have seperate SSID fir 2.4 and 5 networks. Guest network runs on another ssid in 2.4.

            • @Naigrabzo: Ot but its best to isolate your IOT stuff into one seperate vlan if possible. These things have major security flaws that come out later.


              Most dont mind a compromised network though. Spoken to many people lately who said they dont care about privacy as long as they can control their lights and sprinklers without lifting a finger.

              • @Naigrabzo: Good advice for the security concerned.

                The problem is though for the average user this is not a workable solution and can add troubleshooting complexity that is beyond the standard support articles. Many points already discussed on pros and cons in your article.

                All things considered Zero Trust would be best…at the end of the day pickup a VPN deal on OzBargain, check the webpage you're visiting is trusted and secure your account where MFA is available.

        • Wonder why they cant handle 5ghz eh?

          Because in most cases the wifi component of these devices is an ESP8266 and that chip simply wasn't designed to operate on the 5ghz band.