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Vittoria Mountain Grown Coffee Beans or Ground 1kg $15 @ Woolworths


Better than half price ! been a while …

Vittoria Mountain Grown Coffee

  • Mountain Grown is an intense coffee with full rich flavour and a slightly spicy aftertaste.
  • A 100% premium Arabica blend of high altitude coffees gives a fine espresso taste whether served “black” or with milk.

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  • I am after a coffee machine, searching on this show a lot of options, can someone suggest one?

    • I am after a coffee machine

      What kind?

      • Sorry, need give more info: the one with grinder. I prefer beans rather than pod.

        • Breville BS820

        • Ideally, grinder + coffee maker without grinder would be a better option… I'm enjoying the combo Breville Smart Grinder Pro and the BES840.
          Or a DeLonghi Magnifica S if you don't like the ritual… Sometimes I just wanna press a button…

          • @tderevko: We just bought the Magnifica S. It definately is just "press a button", well press a couple of buttons anyway. We are still trying to figure out the best coffee from it though.

    • aeroPress

      • is this coffee ground good for coffee produced by aeropress? I heard for aeropress its better to use lighter not too roasted type of coffee beans or powder

    • +2 votes

      We have a DeLonghi Eletta automatic machine. Use Vittoria organic beans (on sale $18).

      Never had a problem, ever. Just look at its stats in the settings, we’ve made 10519 coffees. Yes, a lot of coffees. All whole beans that it’s ground itself. Great machine.
      It has a million settings, water hardens coffee amount, strength, water etc etc as well as all different milk settings and temps (we don’t use that often). Once we got what we like we saved it as my settings and that’s it.

      Before we had a Gaggia until the pump packed it in and was too expensive to fix and I couldn’t find that brand anywhere now.

      • Recently changed from a delonghi dinamica to a breville oracle (previously tried many models like barita pro/touch), i can easily say what a waste of life until i changed to a breville.

        • That’s good.

          But we are super happy with our delight.
          Tried others, used others. Prefer this.

      • I have this one too.
        Also the best I've owned.

      • Gaggia still around, but all new machines are best bought on demonstrated performance:

        All pumps are sourced from 3rd party manufacturers. Always hard to decide on quality by consumer brand as every model is full of a different selection of parts. Best to go off what reliable people say about machines they've had actual experience with, the longer the better

    • I bought this one a few months back and it works a treat, especially if you are short for time in the mornings.


    • If you need to save space then the Breville Bambino Plus is amazing. You'll need to also get the Breville Smart Grinder Pro though. However, I have them in separate places so it definitely saves a lot of space.

      • I have them in separate places so it definitely saves a lot of space.

        saves a lot of space… Just not all together in one space :)

    • Breville BES920 with the Breville Smart Grinder is the way to go.

    • Steer clear of Sunbeam/Breville et al. They're overpriced considering they're made with lots of plastic.

      Something like a Lelit PL82T will last for yonks.


      • I disagree. Sunbeam are mostly plastic, but the Breville machines are quite good. My missus has been trying to kill our BES960 for years (she's angling for a sexy looking Delonghi), to no avail.

      • That LeLit is nice with its 300mm boiler. I wonder if it works as well as the Breville BES920. Nice. May be worth the extra (one day, so long as it fits under my cupboard :-p

    • If you don't mind a bit of manual labor, the Hario Skerton Coffee Mill (https://harioaustralia.com.au/hario-skerton-pro-grinder) will produce the best grounds on a budget.
      You can find them for around $50 on sale.

      "This grinder uses ceramic conical burrs for grinding, which are considered the best configuration for hand grinding coffee as they hold less static and are cleaned more easily than steel burrs."

      The same mechanics you will find in the professional level $1000 coffee grinders.

  • These beans are pretty good and I've been through kilos of them, but lately I have found I prefer the flavour of the Aldi dark roast beans, and they are cheaper, too. My 2cents.

    • each to their own, but i don't fancy ALdi dark roast beans.

      • Fair enough. I think I just got sick of the Mountain Grown beans. Bought a few bags on sale and ended up resenting the taste. I'll probably tire of the Aldi beans, but for now, they are hitting the spot.

      • They aren't brilliant. But they taste a lot better than Vittoria. This Mountain Goat one tastes pretty hideous in Soy coffees.

      • At Aldi, we find Blue Crema type are the pick, although the Colombian are nice, at an extra dollar fifty or so. Hardly worth it ;-)

        But freshness is king, that's why I avoid most branded options esp Vittoria (sold everywhere+dog)- so much depends on speed of supply post-roast. Aldi do okay with that, but since they diluted the range of beans they stock with so many options, many sit on the shelf longer. (I've learned to look for 'Best before' dates 14 months ahead of the day I want to buy)

    • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B075P2F1F3

      Give these ones a shot, been through two bags and I don't mind them. I'm not a coffee connoisseur though!

      • Cheers for the recommendation. I did consider these the last time they were on sale, but I couldn't decide between the Crema or Espresso. I like my coffee strong but some Espresso varieties just taste over-roasted. I'd rather make a strong brew with a non-Espresso if the flavour is good.

        • Agree with both the Mountain Grown and Grinders Crema and Espresso ( tried them all,

          including the good older Grinders Espresso no longer available ), and even bought at half

          price or less I find myself going back to the Aldi Medium and Dark myself. I do also like

          Aldis newer single origin varieties as well to mix it up a little.

      • Woolies also stock this. Can't remember the price.

  • Vittoria Mountain Grown Coffee

    Which mountain?

  • Tried this: if after weak taste then this is for you

  • These are so bad my housemate complained about the smell they left behind after brewing…

    If you must buy supermarket coffee beans, buy the Aldi ones. They're kind of okay and their turnover is high enough that they're not 6 months old by the time you buy them

  • If you're going through the effort of buying whole roasted beans, you might as well go Aldi ones for the money.
    Step it up and get some from dedicated roasters.
    Even better, buy beans green and roast them to your preference using a popcorn maker!

  • I have tried these. Bought two bags of these during the last similar sale. I would stay away from these.very weak taste

  • I tried the coffee beans at Jasper Coffee, much better than this. But I guess you pay for quality.

  • technically aren't all coffee beans grown on a mountain?

  • Taste like mud.

    • Hey, don't insult mud! Seriously, I really hate this stuff too, I wouldn't drink it if it was free. Aldi beans are a far better place to start IMHO.

  • Have to agree with most other opinions here, these are far from 'Premium'.
    And 'Mountain Grown' is far from a great endorsement, there's no such thing as a Coffee Bean NOT grown on a bloody mountain.

    If you have to get the cheapo Vittoria, get the 'Organic' variety (https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/781407/vit...)
    They're also half price at the moment and MUCH better for $3 more a kilo, I get these when cash is tight, but they're still pretty crappy honestly.

    If you want to step it up another level I recommend Manna Beans for actual premium quality coffee. BEAN buying from them for years.
    This deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/503544) is on for another 2 days.
    It's twice as expensive at $30/kilo delivered (Vittoria's RRP) but it's well worth it considering every cup will be an experience you actually look forward to.

  • I am shocked no one has mentioned bay beans. They have the ongoing deal on ozbargain. They roast on demand.

    • how expensive are they compared to this?

      • 2KG - $50 delivered, so assuming delivery is say $10-12, that puts the beans around $20/kg


        Probably not bad for a one off, at least try something different then decide if its worth making it regular.

        • 2KG - $50 delivered, so assuming delivery is say $10-12, that puts the beans around $20/kg

          how can you calculate the beans to be around $20 per kg and exclude the delivery? how much are you paying for the 2 kg? fiddy right? so it's $25 per kg and this one is $15 per kg.

          I am shocked no one has mentioned bay beans.

          so i am not shocked that no one mentioned bay beans.

          • @tempura: The shipping cost isnt really free.

            However we're comparing supermarket vs gourmet beans here, you do pay a little extra for quality (if you can appreciate the difference).

  • Just as an alternative Aldi Bondi Junction have Lazzio Colombia Single Origin for 13 bucks. Expiry is 9th Mar 21 so i think the roast date may have been relatively recent!

    • that's just beans right ?

    • ^ I was just about to mention this. The Aldi Colombia Single Origin is amazing value. It's 1000x better than anything sold at Woolies/Coles for a crazy cheap price. Whole beans only, but a $160 Breville Smart Grinder will be paid off pretty quickly with the savings.

      • but a $160 Breville Smart Grinder will be paid off pretty quickly with the savings.

        What savings? Coffee isn't cheaper in whole bean.

        You are buying a grinder for potential taste benefits. Not savings.

  • Manabeans and a Miele coffee machine, there is nothing better imo.

    These supermarket beans are just rubbish. The amount of money we have saved by using mana/Miele combo is quite astonishing, it pays for itself quite quickly compared to buying from a coffee shop each day.

  • Sorry guys the coffee snobs of this place have taught me and the secret for starters is freshly roasted .
    This and Aldi definitely don’t make the cut !

    • To be fair to Aldi, they are roasted pretty recently, and for $11/kg or whatever they cost, they're the best bang for ya buck coffee beans you can get until you hit the $30/kg mark from somewhere like Manna Beans.

  • I find the Vittoria ORO better
    but they are always $5 more expensive when on special than
    mountain grown even though they are $4 cheaper normal price

  • These were terrible. Tried the beans. Hardly any aroma when opening the packaging, grinding, or brewing. Coffee tasted like cheap petrol station machine coffee. Avoid.

  • I find the best supermarket beans are Coles branded arabica, $12 a kg too.

  • I'm drinking Vittoria Mountain Grown right now and quite like it in my lattes. Good quality and nice aroma.

  • There's a lot more complexity to coffee then more people like to believe. The key is finding a style of coffee and bean that suits your style. I love a good cold brew and own both a dripper and infusion style batches, as well as a double ristretto on the run or experiencing new roastery's.

    Not all coffee beans translate well to milk (or substitute nut/grain milk) and some translate a lot better due to varying factors.

    Personally I wouldn't buy anything from a supermarket, the inconsistencies of handling, age of roast and environmental factors during the supply chain make it difficult to sustain a consistent coffee (not saying it doesn't for you, only my experience).

    At the end of the day, everyone's coffee journey and choices are different, enjoy what you enjoy, if it is this blend then, by all means, try and find the freshest beans on the shelf.

    • Good advice. The other thing is that the quality and freshness of the beans are only part of thr equation. The correct grind setting, the tamping pressure, the extraction length and the machine will make big differences. I'm looking to test the freshness element of the equation a bit more to see how much of a difference it makes because buying 1kg of freshly roasted beans and using over 4 weeks rather than buying 250g of freshly roasted beans each week. I can't find anywhere online where blind testing has been done on this before and all of the articles are just anecdotal.

      • On the freshness topic, I worked as a coffee roaster for a couple of specialty roasteries for a few years and we conducted some blind tests on freshness. Up to 6 weeks old there was only a slight drop in overall score, then it seemed to deteriorate notably after week 6, and then again after about 12 weeks (at which point it was probably well and truly stale). Anyway, in my opinion the best time to drink espresso is between 2 and 6 weeks after the roast date. Filter coffee tends to taste better a bit fresher, 1-4 weeks after roast date. Obviously there will be variations on what beans are used, how old those green beans were before roasting, what roaster they were roasted on etc, but that info should be a good general guide.

        • This is the first test that I've heard of but it would be good to know more detail. For example, we're the beans that were 6 weeks old get opened and used every day up until 6 weeks or were they opened once on day one, then sealed in and air tight container and reopened 6 weeks later and tested?

          Please expand as it's interesting.

  • The Aldi Peru single origin beans are decent. Just bought 1kg of these mountain grown to try.