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Apple MacBook 12" 256GB (Gold, Intel Core M3, 8GB RAM) $1133.10 @ JB Hi-Fi


Key Features

Dual-core Intel Core m3

Intel HD Graphics 615

Fast SSD storage

8GB of memory

USB-C port

Up to 10 hours of battery life2

802.11ac Wi-Fi

Force Touch trackpad

Cheapest price. Not a bad deal.

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    Not bhed
    Good pryce

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      Downvote frenzy!
      Brain is good, I wish everybody had one.

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      well this man speaks facts but you are all sheep'n on him. it is INDEED a mid-2019 discontinued model absorbed by the MacBook Air or an entry level Macbook Pro after being a huge failure of a product.

      $400 for 2 is an unnecessary addition though. Something in the realm of $800 would be a decent price for this laptop…personally would pass on this model in favour of the MBA. The Dual Core Intel M3 chip is slow and powerless so unless you are using it for MS Office and general web browsing, this is not the one for you


        Why is this product a failure?


          It was expensive for its specs…even for apple standards. It is slow and powerless. Back then most people in that market would have opted for a MacBook air or pay a bit extra for a entry level MacBook pro. There was 1 USB C outlet which was also the charging outlet so you couldn't charge and use peripherals simultaneously. It was a 1.2ghz processor dual core M3 which is pretty low end but probably a move to boast a decent battery life but would sacrifice on multitasking


          The iPad Pro killed it. It's simply better at doing the things this was meant to do.

          If you have a look at what Apple's doing, they've been consistently trying to push the iPad as a laptop alternative.


            @p1 ama: 'What's a laptop?'

            Yeah, but I still find laptops better for browsing and typing. Plugins work better in Chrome laptop.

            Multi tasking also, can't live without taskbar.


              @OzBargein: The 12" MacBook can hardly do any of the things that you're staying here.

              1) Browsing - it's super slow when dealing with complex webpages or opening more than a few tabs. iPad does this much better.

              2) Typing - keyboard is lousy and has several well-documented issues.

              3) Multi-tasking - it can hardly single-task let alone multi-task.

              All of this is moot though - ultimately people bought the iPad and not this.

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      They are both extremely underpowered and slow, however the Mac Air is better in terms of performance.

      However, the 12 inch Mac will be extremely lightweight and portable which could appeal to your laptop usage style

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      This one is way better than the one you linked in terms of everything e.g monitor, disk space, size, cpu etc.

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        Worse keyboard and ports. I think the Air CPU is actually faster but it doesn't matter, both are slow as shit by modern standards.

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      5th gen i5? I'm surprised that's still being sold. We're on 10th gen now so that must've been ~5 y.o by now

      I'd go with this if you only had a choice between these 2

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      I recently got a 2015 Air of Facebook marketplace for $300. Clean as hell and low battery cycle count, so it will still last for quite a while. It's basic as can be for a laptop but stacks up with specs of the 2019 model they are selling now (basically exactly the same as the link you sent).

      If anyone is looking to do the same, just be sure to get one with atleast 8gb RAM. That's where your show does will primarily come from when multitasking.

      The good thing is the 2015 model only came with one configuration, 8gb/i5/128gb, so you won't make the mistake there. Older models mix between 4gb and 8gb, and most the people selling them have no idea what you're talking about.

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        Non-retina though. High res screens are addictive and make old screens look unusable.

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          This is very true. Depends on the use case for how important this will be. Personally I just needed an in-between computer that's not as constricting as my PC and not as basic as my iPad and phone that I could use on the couch… Air is perfect for the basic use

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      Moved from 2013 air to 2017 12” 2 years ago, would recommend 12 more.
      12 makes the air feel like a brick to carry around. I now carry a ipad 11 and macbook 12 in a tiny sling bag for portable dual screen setup.
      Single usb c helps when i carry single charger, but minor inconvenience for peripherals.
      I use macs for productivity, web and videos etc low power scenarios, never feel too slow in my case.
      Have another gaming pc master race at home just for gaming and nothing else.

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    I used to have this back in 2017. It was pretty slow back then, it won't really stack up well today. It's a really nice computer, super thin and light, nice design and feels good in the hand. It's okay for just browsing the web and basic office tasks, but even then it will struggle as soon as you have too many tabs open. For comparison, I get a much better experience from an iPad Pro.

    If you want an Apple laptop, I would say the minimum you should consider is the MBP at $1600, if you just want to browse the web, type some documents and watch some videos, then maybe an iPad would be a good choice.


    I am still using this in 2020, never had any issues (inc keyboard). Perfect for media and web consumption.

    At this price it's a steal provided you intend to use it for non-intensive uses, the m3 isn't nearly as bad as you would think thanks to MacOS.


      it's a steal provided you intend to use it for non-intensive uses, the m3 isn't nearly as bad as you would think thanks to MacOS

      It's really not a good price at all. I used to own one and I liked it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

      The only real case for this is if you just want the thinnest device possible at all costs. It's certainly a beautiful device, but a strong case of form over function.

      If you just want a device to do light tasks, an iPad Pro is a better choice. It's seriously fast and is such a joy to use. Even within Apple's own lineup, a MBP isn't that much more, especially when you consider that it'll last much longer. This is not to mention plenty of Windows options too (e.g. Surface).

      There's a reason why Apple discontinued these.


    Good deal for the lightest MacBook. Obviously not a powerful machine but I would be happy with this if I was back at uni running all over campus and up the damn Basser stairs.


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    get an ipad pro at this price

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    All the people suggesting to get an iPad Pro over this are probably the same mob who proclaimed the launch of the original iPad to be the death of the laptop…. LMFAO