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Sign up to eBay Plus ($49/Year) & Get a $50 eBay Digital Gift Card


Check your mail box. Use the link in their email to obtain the offer.
'Got an email this morning from EBay for the $50 voucher promotion.
Membership $49. EBay voucher $50.
Effectively get paid $1 for signing up EBay Plus.
This is a lot better than the $5/month voucher deal with too much limitations.
T&Cs: https://pages2.ebay.com.au/plus/terms-and-conditions3

FAQs for those who don't read the whole T&Cs:
Will I still get a 30-day free trial to eBay Plus with this promotion?
No, customers who take advantage of this promotion will not be eligible for a free trial.

I’ve signed up, when will I receive my eBay Voucher?
In most cases, you should receive your eBay voucher code via email and My eBay Message Centre within 5 business days of your eBay Plus membership fees being processed, although in some cases it may take up to 19 business days from this date. If you can’t find it, make sure you check your Junk folder in your email. If you still haven’t received anything after this period, please contact your eBay Plus Premium Customer Service team.

The Offer will only be available for the period that it is advertised on ww.ebay.com.au (‘Promotion Period’).

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  • +2

    If you read some of the other comments from past deals, they never got their gift card

    • +1

      i just get my vouch by calling them

      • +1

        Hello Senhan,

        Good day! I hope you're well.

        As promised below are the voucher details:

        Redemption Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Expires 29/01/21

        Amount: AU$50

        Good luck on your future transactions and thank you for choosing eBay!

        Kind regards,

        Kristy B.

        eBay Plus Ambassador

    • Check your eBay Inbox, there wasn't an e-mail sent out so it's easy to miss :/

  • +4

    Except they conveniently don't send the gift card. When you enquire they say 'just wait another xxx days'. Then when you enquire after that they only give you a voucher for $50 that expires in 3 months.

    • I got mine ~5 days from a signup in December.. Expires in 3 Years per Australian Law

      I'm also getting the $5/month eBay Plus codes.

      • +2

        I found out this morning that the $5/month eBay Plus codes are only valid on Plus purchases >$50

        • +1

          Yeah, terrible deal if that's all you're signing up to Plus for, but an unexpected bonus after getting the eBay Gift Card as well.

          I've barely bought anything eBay Plus in my 3-4 months, but I'll easily spend the $50 Gift Card (valid for anything on eBay, not just Plus) in 3 years!

          • @ESEMCE: I have not bought anything yet myself, but it has not cost me anything.

    • +2

      That's exactly what they did to me….

      Got offered a voucher instead of gift card 2 months after signing up for the deal.

      On top of the 3 month expiry, you can't combine these vouchers with any 20% eBay codes they have from time to time.

      • I just rejected the offer of a voucher and insisted I want my gift card. Still waiting though

    • Me the same, got a voucher instead of a gift card after two calls, except that my voucher expire in one month.

      • The operator makes up the expiry date. First I got the $50 with 3 months expiry. Wasted it on a $3.60 item not realising it was a one shot deal. So rang and explained. That operator gave me another for the balance of $50 with an end of year expiry!

        • do we need to use $50 voucher in one transaction? Can I split $20 now, $30 next month?

          • @jjj123: Voucher has to be used in one transaction. You can add multiple items to the cart in that transaction. Gift card can be multiple.

  • +3

    You never get the gift card

  • +1

    you cant use the gift card with other coupon codes tho

    • I would use the voucher to buy item that does not get any discount code (auctions, private sellers, used, etc).

      • ebay plus doesnt cover postage from most of those

        • True but it's the net price I am interested in. I would probably buy from them any way for items that I need (e.g. a used camera lens from a private seller), the voucher would be icing on the cake for me.

  • Is the ebay membership just going up and up in price

  • +3

    FeeBay are so lame these days. eBay Plus is basically worthless, they never send out their gift cards and their "special codes" for deals are always a bunch of items that have been marked up by sellers days prior.

  • +1

    Paid $49 get one year eBay plus but get $10 voucher and $50 gift card and $5/month code.

    So yeah thanks eBay I'll support you till I die…

    • was it a gift card like the eftpos type?

      • No. Just an EBay discount code.

  • Coincidentally, today I cancelled my subscription (expires 9/2) after receiving an email from eBay that marketed the benefits of eBay Plus. They offered me a $30 digital card to encourage my ongoing commitment. After some umming and arring I proceeded with the cancellation. These things just encourage me to spend more.

    • +2

      It's good to have someone else to blame for your overspending, isn't it?

      • +2

        ozbargain is most peoples reason to overspend isnt it ;)

  • +6

    I've pretty much buy more stuff from amazon now. Better service, better value for money (You get prime video, music, books and deliveries)

    • IMHO They are complementary. I'd choose the best deals from either site for new items. Amazon have the added benefits of Prime Videos, Music and photos storage. Ebay have used items and auctions.

    • +2

      Same! Prime has been excellent value for me. I've easily saved so much in free delivery alone. In stock with Amazon warehouse delivery is SO quick. Even to non-metro areas. Can't believe it could potentially be even quicker when they take over all deliveries themselves.

      I only jump on eBay when I'm looking for a cheap used\rare item, and Plus offers absolutely no benefits there.

  • +1

    I still haven't got the gift card they promised months back

  • +1

    With the free shipping gone on most plus listings it's not worth it anymore.

    • We have to thank the stores that repeatedly took advantage of free EBay Plus shipping, selling items a fraction of their usual prices for that. E.g. The $5 Samsung SD card that cost $0 shipping with EBay Plus, $15 without. ;-)

  • +2

    Last year I signed up for Ebay plus with the promise of 3 months free access to Stan. I never saw Stan. I inquired twice with Ebay cust support but I was told to wait. Still waiting… and thinking what a lowlife scam.

    • +2

      You not missing much

  • +2

    I wouldn’t trust this anymore

  • Wish eBay would die and go away

    • But where would all the price jackers go

  • +1

    I signed up to this deal in December and received my digital gift card. Took about 5 days to get it via email.

    • How long do you get to use the voucher? It doesn't say it in the Ts and Cs.

      • Don't know whether it is intentional, but many of their T&Cs points are vague, like this:
        9. The eBay voucher must be redeemed by the date specified in the email in which it is sent to you, after which time the voucher expires and will no longer be valid.

        • That doesn't actually sound vague to me. Just check the expiry date mentioned on the email. Is the expiry date of the voucher specified in the email? If not then I would agree with you it is vague … or misleading.

          I am a member of ebay plus (one year free trial) but not used it so far, so I am not promoting them.

      • Signed up in December as well, came within 5 days with a three year expiry stated clearly in the email.

  • +1

    Not this again :( "Issue with retailer."

  • What is the validity period? I've got a cancelled trial period running until Feb 23rd. Hoping that this offer lasts longer…

    • Ebay is vague with the promo period like they have been with some of the site wide promo codes, according to the T&Cs in my link above:
      "The Offer will only be available for the period that it is advertised on ww.ebay.com.au (‘Promotion Period’)."

  • +1

    When I click through, it says I only have to pay $29. Do you think I'd still get the voucher?

    [edit] by click through, I mean click the link in the targeted email I received.

    • +1

      My offer email specifically said "Join Plus and Score a $50 EBay Voucher". I think you may have a different offer if it does not mention anything about the voucher.

      • +2

        The email definitely says 'Join Plus and Score a $50 EBay Voucher', when i click the link it goes to a payment page that only charges $29, and has no mention of the $50 voucher.

        • +1

          You might want to contact EBay. If you only need to pay $29 and get a $50 voucher, that's an even better deal!

    • +2

      I'm getting the same. Email says sign up for $49 and get $50 voucher. But when I click on it the page says pay $29 but no mention of voucher.

      • Mine says pay $49. You have a better deal there. Keep your email as proof to claim the $50 if it fails to come through.

        • I chatted with ebay support and she confirmed the $29 offer did not include the voucher. They will email me when they have more info on this issue. We'll see.

          • +1

            @Vieira4: For a mega company and tons of developers behind it, Ebay seems to have a flaky system for managing vouchers and promotion codes properly, or is it intentional…

          • @Vieira4: That's unfortunate… I used a "join to get $50 ebay voucher" with the $29 first year membership deal. My case was extraordinary tho as they charged me 49 dollars instead of 29 so I messaged them to refund me the 20 dollars overcharged. They ended up refunding me the whole $49, giving me the $50 voucher and I had ebay plus for a year!

  • Never got mine, had to contact them twice.

  • Dont know if its targeted or maybe its changed… I get to the offer just by clicking ebay plus at the top of an ebay page, scroll down one or two frames.

  • +3

    Dunno why eBay plus (pay-to-buy) deals are pushed here so aggressively. If you have to pay an additional fee to get the deal, it's a garbage deal. Ebay plus only hurts and reduces the non-plus casual ebay promotions. It's almost like ebay has ozBargain under thumb, and using it as a vehicle to push its subscription product, and hope for perception of acceptance among general users. That concludes my reason for thumbs down.

    • If you have to pay for EBay Plus, you are doing it wrong :-p

  • Another click bait from eBay. Yet they don't specifically tell you if you are eligible or not. I personally find it very annoying eBay constantly send out these ads to me via email but it doesn't seem that I am eligible to have any since I have had 1 month free trial very early on when there was no deal at all. Feels like they are trying hard to get attention and tricking people.

  • I have had "free" (one year trial) ebay plus for a month or two yet never seen anything I want to buy in that category. Just have to be careful to unsubscribe from it before next Xmas.

    • Pretty sure terms and condits say if you unsibscribe now it will continue to the end date and then will not renew, no need to remember.

      • Correct

    • I have saved several times over with the EBay Plus exclusive codes. Not that EBay Plus cost me because I made use of the $50 voucher on a non EBay Plus item from a private seller. May be it's just me, I am a shopaholic so it's not too hard for me to find something on EBay to spend on ;-)

  • +1

    I have got a $50 ebay voucher instead of gift card :/ . But it does work on any product on ebay, not specific to ebay plus items. Got 1 year to use before it expires.

  • Can you cancel before the trial period and still get the $50 gift card/voucher?

    • yes, cannot see why not.

    • Will I still get a 30-day free trial to eBay Plus with this promotion?
      No, customers who take advantage of this promotion will not be eligible for a free trial.

  • +1

    My experience was quite worthwhile with a similar deal in the past, I combined this with the $29 ebay membership for first year deal so was supposed to profit $21. Ebay ended up charging me $49 dollars instead of $29 so I had a chat with them asking them to refund the 20 dollars they over charged me. In a couple weeks I received a refund for the WHOLE $49, got the $50 ebay voucher and had ebay plus for a year!

  • +1

    So ugh… Here's an interesting twist

    I just got my $50 gift card. For when I signed up in November…

    But the thing is, when I didn't receive it back then. I called to complain, got a $50 voucher. Yes, I know, not the same thing as a GC but luckily I had an order which didn't have any applicable ebay promo codes.

    So now i'm technically up $51. Yay?!

    And yes, I tested the code on a dummy order. It works.

  • +2

    It took them 3 months to send me the card, they said it was due to a technical issue.
    I was very frustrated at the start because I didnt receive the card, but in the end they sent me $150 to compensate the wating time.
    Guess it was worthwhile after all, extra $100 to spend.

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