This was posted 2 years 3 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 2020 AFL & NRL Live Pass for Telstra & Boost Mobile Customers


Similar to last year for Telstra and Boost mobile customers.

You can stream live matches and watch replays, all at no additional cost and no data metering.

The T&C’s and webpage haven’t been updated yet but I just tested the AFL and NRL apps on a Telstra Pre-Paid and Boost Mobile service and have a pass for the 2020 season.

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    This is always free for Telstra and Boost customers.

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      Until Telstra decide not to offer it. Or the leagues sell the streaming rights to someone else.

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        It's been free for quite a few years now.

        It's a real pain not getting full screen on a ipad anymore…

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          JV speaks the truth. Kayo shits all over the official AFL app for the fullscreen function alone.

          • @ExtraSalt: does Kayo run okay yet? I tried it quite a number of times and while it runs okay at first after streaming for a while it always causes my PC to lag like a boitch, something about the wya it caches or something, not sure if it still has that issue?

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              @Iggemo: No issues with Kayo here, not heard of any from friends who have it either.

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              @Iggemo: You should check your internet connection, I've had Kayo for free for many months during the footy season and never had a problem.

              • @jv: nah its not an internet connection, NBN here, it's more likely a CPU loading thing cos my PCs are a bit behind the times, although as i said they run okay for a while, a bit better in Chrome but invariably if im watching something for more than an hour and i dare to minimise it to check something else or what have you it always just stalls the PC at that point.

            • @Iggemo: Kayo ran perfectly for me, on both pc and android.

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              does Kayo run okay yet?

              It can be a bit of a shit show at times, other times it runs amazingly well.

              If I use it with Firefox on my PC it has a massive memory leak so can easily use up 11-12GB after an hour or so, Chrome doesn’t seem to have this issue as bad (only uses 4-5GB after an hour or so).

              On my VTV the streaming can be hit and miss at times, Shield TV generally seems better but I don’t stream it much with live events so could be the reason why it seems better.

              If you manage to find a couple of mates to share it with, it’s well worth the ~$11.66 a month for sure.

              • @Porthos: Yeah i think you are describing my issue, it is definitely worse in Firefox than Chrome i have also found.

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              does Kayo run okay yet?

              I find it runs really nice on Matt Huisman's Kodi plug-in. Added bonus is full EPG.

            • @Iggemo: I’ve had Kayo since it became available, first couple of months there were some streaming issues but now it’s great. AppleTV 4 works wonders.

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            @ExtraSalt: But you have to pay for Kayo.

          • @ExtraSalt: The stream to Chromecast is the most important for me. It's a shame the AFL app doesn't offer this as it means I need to purchase Kayo anyway.

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          Its still possible to get it in fullscreen with Kodi

        • Kayo + Telstra tv (2 or 3) = awesome picture, no lag

        • H

    • Do you have to be a knob all the time?

      • +1

        It takes one to know one.

      • How is it knobbish to tell people its always free? Seems more informative… maybe youre a tad sensitive?

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    Should this be “NRL”? Super bowl fever today

    • Whoops. Fixed.

  • The title had me excited when I saw NFL on there.

  • Is this as simple as buying a $2 SIM, with no top-up?

    • -1

      If it’s Telstra I don’t think a top up is required because you can link the Live Pass via your Telstra account. If it’s Boost then you need a data allowance which would require a recharge.

    • +2

      Vaguely remember seeing something saying it was available to customers paying $30 or more a month for a service or something like that. Might have only been for mobile users. I use my mates log in since I'm with Optus and it works fine but obviously it uses data unlike his.

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    can only watch it on your phone cant you so its not really great.

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      Download kodi nrl app and you can watch it on your tv. I have mine setup on my shield.

      • does this work for AFL and do you need a kodi box or can you cast it with chromecast?

        • It works for AFL. Not sure if you can cast Kodi. Kodi boxes don’t really exist, Kodi is software not hardware. Kodi can run on any device that runs Android TV. Kodi also has versions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux.

          • @sween64: cool thanks ill look into it im just not really keen to buy another piece of hardware or another subscription because ive already got plenty but hopefully i can send it to my TV somehow, ill play with it.

            • +1

              @sirlothie: I cast from the phone to the TV. Both are Samsung so it's easy to use Smart View. I assume there are other ways to do it but I have no need to look it up. The apps work on tablets too but watching sports on a 10" screen isn't ideal either.

              • @JerryB: Ok. I have a dumb TV but a google chromecast attached to it, I can send the phone screen or my laptop screen to the TV and it doesn't know what it is unless it's cast from within an app. So I should be able to do it, just got to figure out how. I'm going to be at most of my team's games anyway but would be handy, i had kayo last season, it gets expensive.

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    Mine auto renewed.

    • Mine seemed to as well.

      • Me three. Expiring 31.1.2021. Did the same for the Netball app too.

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    FWIW there is a Kodi plugin which allows you to enjoy full screen AFL Live Pass streaming goodness on your TV or PC.

    AFL Video - Aussie Add-ons

    Read instructions here

    • Tried testing with a team video, just getting an error with the video player input stream

    • The St Kilda v Adelaide match isn't showing up for me on KODI using the AFL Live app, it just says "LIVE.TV" and keeps playing some AFLW match.

  • +1

    Between this and free apple music streaming boost has pretty much paid for itself.

    • my yearly boost recharge saved me about $300 on monthly recharges anyway and i got nothing else out of the others except a dollar of movie tickets.

    • Could you please give instructions on how to set up apple music with a Telstra Sim? Cheers, Phil

      • It’s data free. Not a free subscription.

        • Thank you.

    • (cr)Apple Music? Gross.

  • So glad to be a Booster

    • +14

      Ok, Booster.

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    What happens if you try to airplay the video stream via iOS ? If it’s even available..

    • Keen to know same answer. A friend had mentioned when they tried to cast to Chromecast it wouldn’t let theM.

    • Usually blocked. Can possibly be unlocked if your device is jailbroken.

    • Only SD stream from memory.

  • Can i just buy a $2 telatra sim, activate the number and use that for the pass?

    • Yep. Just gotta create a Telstra account. T&C’s in previous years have stated that an active recharge is required but that wasn’t the case in practice.

    • I just activated a boost 240Gb bought for $228 at Officeworks. i got send me a blank sim less than 12 hours from Sydney ( i dont know how Telstra did that so effectively)
      It took less than 20 mins on the phone to actiivate the blank sim and transfer 240Gb voucher to the blank sim.

      • can you share some more context on how to transfer from boost to telstra ? I am currently on a 12 month plan with boost

        • If you want Teltra Pre-paid, buy a SIM Starter Kit and initiate a port. If you want Telstra Post-Paid, sign up for a plan online or in-store. Not sure why you would want to leave Boost for Telstra, Boost are much better value…

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    Shane the stream quality is substandard . Still.need to pony up for kayo or something

    • +11

      Who is Shane ?

      • +1

        St Shane, the patron saint of Ozbargain

      • seems shane forgot how to spell

  • +1

    Worked for me. Thanks OP!

  • I cancelled my prepaid service with Telstra to switch to Boost, yet 4 months later I'm still able to use my redundant telstra account to watch the back catalogue of games through the afl live app

    • +1

      Your Boost account is linked to your Telstra account.

      • How so if its a new account without a ported number?

        • When you give them ID for your account, they know who you are.

          • @jv: Right, then that would account for it.

            • +1

              @tarkine: I've ported a few services to Boost, one from Virgin, one from Vodafone and one from Aldi (in that order) and all got linked to my Telstra ID.

              I can now run the AFL app on two separate iphones at the same time. I just need to find a good pair of 3D glasses.

    • Boost and Telstra use the same network so the account will pick up that you're still using Telstra.

  • +1

    Boost too? Sweet, didn't know about this last year.

  • My car is with boost - I’m with Aldi…

    Anyway to keep my number with Aldi and use the boost log on?

    • +1

      Hotspot from the boost device.

    • As above, hotspot to register Live Pass subscription in the app. After the subscription is activated you can connect via wi-fi, Aldi, whatever.

    • What type of car?

    • My car is with boost

      Why did boost take your car? Service?

  • Any way to stream it through TV?

    • Not easily.

    • +1

      Easy to cast from Samsung phone to Samsung TV via Smart View.

      I've recently installed the CastItAll app on the tablet to see how that works but I haven't got around to testing it out.

    • +1

      Vodafone tv + Kodi. Aussie add-ons repo.

      • +1

        How’s the quality doing it this way?

        Edit: Nvm. Saw below it’s 720p.

    • Or Nvidia shield with Kodi -

      • Or Xiaomi Mi Box S…

      • Got a guide by any chance, bud?

        • For which part?

          • @sween64: Throwing this onto Kodi.

            I only downloaded Kodi for the first time ever last night for Foxtel Go and tbh I can easily figure this out and or Google it, but apparently I commented here and forgot.

            I'll probs Google it on the weekend anyways tbh.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: Here’s instructions for adding the repo

              AFL and NRL Add-one should be in there.

              • @sween64: Couldn't get the Live Pass to link to a Telstra ID, will try again later. But I got the app going, and the Kodi add on.

                I really understand why people say Kodi is so (profanity) cool now. I never got it, but it's not just a basic ass media player like I thought clearly. This thing is hella cool. Thanks dude, look forward to getting it going proper, curious to see how the quality goes on a 55 incher.

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