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Delta Keyless Wall Safe $16.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Keyless wall safe. Great for storing spare house keys outside you home.

Bunnings have two brands of similar products for between 23 and 35 dollars.

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  • +13

    Doesn't at all look like my pot plant near the front door!

    • +9

      Put it under the Star Wars doormat and be protected by the Force!

  • +40

    After getting hooked on LockPickingLawyer's YouTube channel, I don't trust locks anymore.
    Especially combination locks.

    • I love that channel but not everyone's a pro lock picker like he is.

      • +3

        That's true. Combination locks seem to be a lot more susceptible though.

        • Only ten thousand possibilities.

          • +1

            @sween64: Yeah, but you can feel how much play each number has (the amount of slack when spinning it) and find the correct combo in about 2 minutes.

      • +1

        He has one lock safe video even a child could understand and use.

      • +1

        I've seen two methods for cracking these combination locks from him. Lots of locks, but really only the two methods. I can't imagine the Aldi one is any more secure than the ridiculously insecure locks he's shown.

        I'm tempted to go buy this just to test his methods!

    • +1

      Bosnian Bill has a series on these type of key storage locks.

      • I prefer Boris The Blade, personally.

    • When I was a kid I bought a combination lock second hand no code….I unlocked it during the drive home…. Same with my mates bag at work while we were having a beer… game

  • -2

    Unless it says "Keys inside!" it is still pretty inconspicuous

  • +4

    I wonder if insurance companies would invalidate claims if someone managed to open one of these and enter the property using the key.

    • +1

      They use em at work so I'd say no.

  • +9

    These are handy for homes for elderly. We had one similar to these installed at my grandparents, if you have to call the ambulance you can give them the code if they will beat you there.

    • +5

      Hide the safe in an out of the way location where it won't be found by thieves. Ours was hidden by plants. This one may not last long outdoors?

      Had a KeySafe for my Father. Unfortunately while I was overseas he thought it was unsafe leaving the key there & removed it. So may be best to keep the code from the elderly person.

      An emergency was triggered when he could not be found by carers & the key was gone. Police were called - $400 glass replacement cost. He arrived home to find so many people & cars…
      His GP said he could no longer be left on his own.

    • +16

      How's an elderly person gonna live in that?! What are they… ants?!

      • Oh dear. I like it, but oh dear.

  • +6

    These are useless, and can be opened by simple feel or an object on the sides of each tumbler. Do not get these for anything more than stopping a child from accessing keys.

  • +6

    Lots of air bnb houses use these.

    • +1

      It's become an eyesore in the CBD. They're everywhere…

    • And I'm surprised they do. Quite easy to keep an eye on one and breakin

  • +1

    Geez, it’s big.
    Catalogue (via the link) says it’s Size: 115mm x 905mm x 40mm

  • +10

    These are great. I have 2. 1 near front door with false key and 1 hidden with real key!

    • +10

      Why not just have the one hidden away and save some money?

      • +1

        That's the Ozbargain spirit.

        • +4

          It was the logical question to ask.

      • +1

        No, better have the one safe in plain view with fake key to waste time.
        The hidden key does not need a safe, especially if your back yard is as full of junk as mine. You could be searching for months.

      • +3

        Reminds me of this

    • -1

      Username doesn't check out

    • +4

      Right, at 3 seconds each that's barely 8 hours (non-stop).

      • Doesn't take 3 seconds to turn the dial by a number and click unlock (more like 1 sec). Can also do this across multiple days and will be "cracked" eventually, not to mention you the number isn't always 9999 and the thief starting at 0000.

        It does become a bit suspicious after a while if a person is there over a period of time or days. So if you are going to use this, then stick it in places where neighbours can spot people potentially doing this and notify you.

  • +6

    You can see the combination for most combination locks by looking between the wheels if they move side to side, if you cant push them to the side and see the gates on the wheel you can often put a shim down the side into the gate. Usually you turn all the gates to the underside and it opens. This works on most suitcases and works on ikea combination locked filing cabinets.

  • Fake rock off eBay does the job

    • +10

      Or a small plastic snap lock bag and bury it, then put a free real rock on top.

      • +3

        this guy ozbargains.

    • +7

      Real rock doubles as a universal key.

  • +2

    Worth buying and putting some random keys in to divert from a real hiding spot.

    • +19

      Lightweight, I bought the house next door to mine as a diversion.

    • I hid mine at neighbours nd they hide there's here.

  • What's stopping the thief just smash the heck of this to get in easily.. It's not you're announcing to the world, come get my key if you want

    • The easier option is to smash a window

      • +1

        I beg to differ..window too much attention and noise.. Surely you could use a jack to pry open this thing

        • A jack?

    • -3

      I prefer using a circular glass cutter. I should know, I've broken into 1200 homes in my career

  • +2

    I have a similar model, mine has a removable shackle. I like it.

    At the beach it's attached to the tow point on the car. At home, it's well hidden.

    Everybody seems to be worried about them being picked. A junkee is putting a rock through your window, far easier than carrying around break-in tools, which is an additional offence

    • +4

      I replaced the obvious window glass to break to get in with lexan. That surprised the hell out of the kid who threw a rock at the window "glass" when the rock just bounced back off it and hit him.

      • my boarding school did that - it was a surprise indeed

      • i assume this is just one window? I'd be concerned about escaping if caught in a fire.

        • The obvious window for a thief to break to get in is one that opens. They smash a hole in the window, reach in, release the catch, open the window, and climb in through the opening. Its smarter than climbing in through a broken window and risking injuring yourself on the broken glass. So if you need to get out its an opening window. You just release the catch, open the window, and climb out.

          In my case it was a window that if the thief broke they could reach the lock on the door. Same applies. If you need to get out you just open the door.

  • If you install this"WALL SAFE"then you wall dont safe anymore.

  • +1

    This looks like the kind of junk LPL would open if he sneezed on it.

  • on youtube these are easily lockpicked

  • +1 For those who doesn't want to attach the thing to a wall, the padlock model is available at $19.90 at bunnings

  • I”ve got similar “safes” at home. Too small for most things other than a couple of keys, perhaps, wedding rings, emergency cig and condom.

  • +1

    Electronic keypad on a door like the laundry or rear of garage is probably better

  • Put a digital lock with keypad and card, no need for this safe out the front of your house.

    • Where does it say it has to go out the front?

      • Was in relation to previous comments and discussion.

  • +1

    If you've used airbnb you've seen these things before..

  • +2

    These look like a rebranded Masterlock key box, which are super easy to open, as demonstrated by the Lockpicking Lawyer

    • I can confirm this, I have a model that looks similar to the one sold here. It came with the house but nobody knew the combination, I tried to go through 10k combinations but I got bored at 1 point, I saw a movie like this then I broke in it in 5 minutes. If I would need to do it now it would probably take 1 minute as I know what I am doing. I would not leave the keys in it full time.

  • +3

    Everyone is worried about lock picking but it’s not that common.

    When asked what their most common method of entry into a property was, the respondents said the following [4].
    Participants could include more than one answer so the % may total more than 100%
    Through an unlocked door - 40%
    Breaking a door or window - 35%
    Through an unlocked window - 28%
    Picking or breaking a lock - 20%
    Other - 15%


    • +1

      And of the lock picking incidents I imagine a good number were the houses lock itself (some door) given those locks are susceptible to picking also.

    • +1

      Picking or breaking a lock - 20%

      I think a large proportion of these would be breaking shed hasps.

      • I pick as a hobby, I couldnt believe how easy it is to pick the locks around my house..
        Seriously, made me feel less safe knowing this

    • Participants could include more than one answer so the % may total more than 100%
      Breaking a door or window - 35%
      Picking or breaking a lock - 20%

      Ergo, up to 20% of the 35% broken doors/windows had broken locks thrown at them. 🔒🧱🤽‍♂️🖼

  • +1

    Best protection: leave this in plain sight with a fake key in there.
    Put the real key wrapped in a nappy in plastic bag right next to the door (clean nappy, but they won't know).
    Spread Nutella on inside of plastic bag for extra effect.

    • Doing none of that is the best protection.

    • +1

      Best protection: Until someone throws that disgusting bag out - with your key!

  • Last time I was at an Air BnB, this is how they stored the keys and changed the code every time they had a new guest.
    They also had IP cameras outside so they could see who was coming into the townhouse.. I quickly logged into their wifi and removed the cameras connections.

  • Probably a silly question but could one not smash it with a hammer or something hefty a few times? Beats breaking in a window?

    • That makes noise, you could do that but in a remote location probably. I would say people smashing with a hammer something near a door would attract attention.

  • Came here for the LPL LOLs. Was not disappointed.

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