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Apple AirPods Pro $369 (OOS), Airpods w Wired Case $219, with Wireless Case $285 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Airpods Pro include shipping $368.98 Sold out
Airpods 2 with wireless case include shipping $284.99
Airpods 2 include shipping $218.99


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  • Can you post the link? <forget that, someone fixed it>

    And I think the details in your description are not 100% correct. <someone has fixed this as well now>

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      are you sure? <someone else has fixed this as well>

      • Ebay had them for $99 during one of their sales

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    Membership required also

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        Try and checkout then.

  • Am a member and just bought the Airpods pro price is including shipping and received a confirmation email & text

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    Is 219 normal price now a days? Officeworks same price no membership needed

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    costco do delivery now?! holy crap I did not know that

    • Just started today/recently.

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      Looking forward to Costco - Amazon price match game.

  • Can I price match the Pro's at Officeworks?

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      Officeworks can argue that Membership is Required, YMMV.

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        Tried and failed for the reason RichardL mentioned

        • Bugger.

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    BBQ chickens are listed for pickup.
    minimum 20.


  • Hmm, I just bought the Airpods Pro from Apple a couple of days ago, maybe not worth the hassle of returning though. Quite impressed by them.

    • Same - while waiting for mine to ship from Telstra Plus. I love them.

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        Waiting for delivery, I love them? I cannot commute

        • I got a pair from Apple while waiting for the delivery from Telstra

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        Apple has a 2 week return policy, they will accept the AirPods

  • Will it be cheaper to buy them in store?

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    Hold on a sec, people are paying $370 for airpods? Damn that is crazy.

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      airpods second gen if price around 180-200 buy it. No need of pro

      • Wot

    • +1

      Crazy why?

      • It's kinda expensive when you think about it.

        I get that it's the most advanced tech you can get now but at the end of the day it's an earphone.

        • Kinda in line with other NC headphones like the Sony's

  • Are these better than Bose Free wireless ones which are water resistant too?

    • Different beast. Airpod Pro are NC headphones.

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    Costco online store is pathetic… every item is increased by $8 then what it is in store to cover delivery. So basically you have to pay an extra $8 per item no matter how many items you buy…

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      Was just on the news about Costco starting online shopping & all products will be slightly higher to cover shipping

      Realistically shipping is a killer when selling online if you are working with tight margins, Amazon is just taking massive losses with the way they offer free shipping on majority of items don’t how how long they can last with that strategy

      • Still its $60 a year membership. Kind of a slap in the face when compared to Amazon and their membership benefits.

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          Slot of people use the $60 to buy fuel as it never goes universal $134 for deisel and $132 super

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      $8 to deliver a dishwasher sounds like a bloody bargain to me

      • I'm more talking everyday grocery items. I'm unsure the increase to compensate for those bulkier items.

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    Interesting all the items are actually marked up, since it includes delivery but it's kind of crap because if you bought multiple items you're probably paying more overall as opposed to a one off delivery fee.

  • Anyone checked in store if they are cheaper than online price?

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      In store now, Airpods Gen 2 are at same price as online $219.99
      They don’t have Pros in store at all, only Gen 2.

  • Reckon we can price beat this with jbhifi ?

  • Do the Pros fit better than the 1st generation AirPods? (I assume so as they sit in the ear canal). I know that it very much depends on the individual, but my original AirPods saw very little use as they kept falling out of my ears.

    Anyone who had issues with the fit of the originals have better luck with the Pros?

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      I dont have them but from reviews I have read the answer would be yes. The pros have interchangable silicon tips

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      3 sized interchangeable silicon tips with the pros vs. the fixed size of the Original AirPods

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      I have both and I'd say the Pro is a big improvement in fit, form and function. Well worth the upgrade.

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      I had AirPods 1, then just couldn't handle it anymore as it doesn't fit well at all, so got the Sony ones, but the sony's felt clunky, the experience was crap, didn't connect as well and it just felt painful for me at least.

      Got the AirPods Pro for 2 months now and it's the best ones I feel, they feel great, sound good, and the noise cancellation is quite good.

      • Thanks mate. I'll probably give them a go - was considering the Sony's (WF-1000XM3) but Apple's seamless integration is very tempting - especially if they fit!

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          You can try them on at the Apple Store, they clean the set after every use.

          • @Hayness: Damn - I was hoping to get some free ear wax in the true OzBargain spirit! Looks like NSW Apple stores are out of stock for a month - unless you go to Charlestown.

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              @Drewbo: If you keep an eye out, they pop up. My local was saying a month wait but I checked the Apple Store app one evening and it had them for pickup the next day.
              Apple have no questions asked 14 day return policy too, so it's a good opportunity to try them out.

              I hated the fit of the original AirPods but these fit fantastically. I love them.

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    Good Guys Commercial has
    Aipods 2 with wireless charging case $263.00
    Aipods 2 with charging case $205.00

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    Bigw $219, I bought from jbhifi $219 last weekend price match with officeworks.

    • +1

      Officeworks will price beat BigW

  • airpod pro out of stock?
    it said - Unfortunately the quantity you chose exceeded the maximum order quantity for this product. The quantity in your cart has been reduced to the maximum order quantity.

  • Pros Not available anymore

  • -1

    Apple solves a problem of its own marketing by ditching the headphone jack then producing outrageously priced ear buds that fanbois trip over themselves to buy. These are not, and never will be, a bargain.

  • Hi Guys - anyone's order got shipped yet as there is no further update from Costco yet after placing the order yesterday, just one email?

  • I'm actually due for my monthly Costco shop. Does anyone know if Lidcombe has stock instore of the Airpods Pro?

  • Back in stock online (AirPods Pro), just ordered one.

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