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Galax GPU Deals: RTX 2080 Super $989 | RTX 2060 Super $559 | GTX 1660 Super $339 | GTX 1650 Super $229 + Delivery or CC @ Umart

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    Solid price on the 1660 Super.


    hi Op, any deals on routers?


    Hi op, any deals on AMD motherboard? Can you make one?




      Next-gen is literally months away, don't waste your time on what is an expensive card (because it's difficult to produce). Just get the 3080.

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        Regardless of whether the TI is expensive to produce, the price point has been set and the gauging will continue into the next range.

        If you think that the 3080 will be anything less than $2k AU on release, you're living in a fantasy world.

        I hope I'm wrong. But probably not.


          It is literally 60% more expensive to produce the TU102 (2080 Ti chip) than it is to produce the TU104 (2070 Super/2080/2080 Super chip) because of silicon die yields for such a large die, because it's stretching the fabrication tech to its economical limits. Hell, the 2080 Ti appears to be bandwidth constrained, which hampers its value proposition further versus the lower cards.

          Factor in the extra VRAM (that was brand new tech), the larger bus, and you start to understand why it cost what it cost, particularly so early in the product cycle (they have always arrived 9-10 months after first launch as part of a refresh, which instead got titled as 'Super').

          There was no gouging, you can price everyone of their decisions perfectly fine when you look at the bill of materials. Next-gen should be cheaper because the cost of producing the chips should be roughly the same despite a more expensive wafer, and all the other costs should be down significantly compared to Turing's launch (including R&D). Maybe a smidge of supply issues with GDDR6.

          USD $300-$325 for the next-gen version of the RTX 2060 (~ 46 SMs, versus 30) should be about right.

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            @jasswolf: All fair commentary

            But it is also fair to say that a pessimist might look at the priced in cost of the "best card" and not necessarily expect any discounts on production to be passed through to the consumer.

            Not to mention the weak dollar and the large premium on the best card added by the retailers, exploiting demand.

            I reiterate - I hope I'm wrong. I just don't think I will be. Appreciate that you're able to have a discussion without a lame downvote war.


              @f23lda: Same to you!

              FWIW, I don't think there will be a Ti at launch this time, and instead the 3080 will outpoint the 2080 Ti by about 20-40% with seriously improved raytracing, so that alone is going to make pricing much more appealing to people given it shouldn't stretch far above $1200-$1300 depending on a couple of design factors.

              Though I'm not looking forward to people screaming about there being no 3080 Ti…


      Hi Rokkz,

      Deal: Asus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Turbo 11G Graphics Card / $1,692 (RRP:$1,999) - End in 7 days

      Cheapest we have: Galax Geforce RTX 2080 Ti SG 1-Click OC 11G Graphics Card at $1,599

      You can see all our RTX 2080 Ti cards here.


    Wish it was the 2070 Super EX model.. I'd be all over that….


    No Hall Of Fames? They're the best in the business

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