Is Not Liking Women Sports Sexist?

Question comes to be after some conversations at work regarding women sports.

I enjoy a select few female athletes let alone sports, but my general opinion is on average it is a grade less interesting than mens.

Is this view sexist?

Am i dickhead for having this opinion?

I know its not smart to discuss these things at work, but i am generally straight up with all my interactions. Should i reconsider how i behave?

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    Not dickhead

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    I’m female and have to agree. I don’t enjoy watching women’s sport as much as men’s.

  • Women's netball is better than the men's.

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    Whats wrong with dancing with the stars?

  • Nothing wrong with not enjoying anything, just don't go around telling people they are idiots for liking something you don't and you are OK.

  • I dunno, I'm all for female mud wrestling

  • Different strokes for different folks.

  • No it is not sexist.

    I love Basketball. I watch NBA, NCAA and NBL. I cannot stand womens basketball. It is horrendous to watch.

  • Is it racist not to like anime? Nope.
    Neither is it sexist not to like women's sport

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    The women's volleyball is good. Much better viewing than the mens.

  • No different to preferring soccer over rugby or hockey over track and field, if you don't like it don't watch it, life is too short to watch something you have no interest in. Personally i hate tennis but will relent and watch womans tennis at times with my wife because the ball is slower and I can keep up with it…..

  • Women's beach volleyball, women's ice skating… I can think of quite a few women's sport I like watching

    • women's ice skating

      If you are referring to figure skating (any gender), then what a waste of perfectly good ice ;-)

      Women's ice hockey is actually a much better introduction to the sport than men's ice hockey. It is a lot less intense and much slower, which means that it allows a "novice" spectator to comprehend what is going on and the commentators have more time to explain the sport. Men's ice hockey at the Olympic level is awesome if you understand what you are watching, but don't expect to be able to figure out what the hell is happening if the sport is new to you.

  • Any LFL's fans here?

  • Find sports really boring, guess I hate humanity.

  • Women's sport has been hyped unbelievably by media so as to provide maximum content for filling device screens and news itemry .
    If one was to criticize, one would probably get whacked by the ebullient PC brigade .

    • Fcuk the PC brigade they are cancer

    • Yeah it's getting a bit much. It's good that it's accessible but as a recent example, I follow cricket quite a bit and forgot the first mens t20 in South Africa was on. When I realised I had a look at my phone because normally there are a bunch of warnings for it. I had 3, all for womens cricket with one from the Kayo App, one from Cricket Aus, and one from the news. Not a peep about the mens until the day after.
      I have given women's cricket more than a fair watching but it's hard to care when they bowl slower than the local bush league players.

  • yeh much prefer watching mens sports as they seem to be more entertaining.

    i do watch the womens hockey and soccer though when australia is playing.

  • Female synchronised swimming is alright.

  • Sport is entertainment. If it doesn't entertain you it is worthless.

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    No, it is just a preference.

    Me - male who actually prefers women's cricket and football (soccer) and AFL. I think those sports, in the male version, have become far too serious and hyped up. I find the women's versions are more representative of them as sports, with a lot of respect shown between opposing players and with the referees / umpires.

  • As others have said it really depends on the sport. I'll happily watch the top Netball comp or Internationals on the TV but women's basketball, cricket or AFL is a bit dull to watch compared to the mens comps so I don't watch them. To be honest a feel a bit for the Netballers. Netball has the highest participation of any sport in Australia, the Super Netball games have full stadiums yet they are relegated to channels like SBS Viceland or Nine Go! on the TV and the AFLW & WBBL get prime slots on 7 & 9's main channels with barely anyone in the crowd.

  • If you dislike it just because it’s women playing, then yes.

    If you dislike it because it’s lower quality, and the lower quality happens to be coming from female players, then no.

    Unfortunately, many people are incapable of understanding that the latter is possible, and throw you into the former category. Thankfully, this site (and poll) seems to be bucking the trend somewhat (or maybe people are cooling off on this BS stance).

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    Am i (profanity) for having this opinion?

    No, but you are a (profanity) for joining OzB just to troll.

    • Nah man im not trolling, i genuinely had this interaction at work… zz

      edit: i made this throwaway obviously cause i dont want people to know my real account, and i asked ozbargain because i identify with the culture the most.
      what is wrong with making a throwaway account?

  • Only a leftist SJW would vilify you and call you sexist for not liking women's sport. If the game is entertaining, I'll watch it regardless of gender. I find women's tennis, for example, to be equally entertaining. It has nothing to do with gender but more so the quality of the game.

    • preech it brother fu*k the SJW

    • That's quite a disproportionately angry statement you've made there…vilify? Really? If someone at my work, male or female ranted on about how all womens sport was rubbish, I'd have an opinion about that. Equally I'd have an opinion if someone ranted about how all mens sport was rubbish, and it would be the same opinion (although for some reason we hear it much more about the former).

      That opinion wouldn't be SJW or RWNJ leaning, it would be that the espouser sounded a bit ignorant. Not sure that's vilification so much as it is simple disagreement.

    • Username checks out.

  • I don't mind watching women's cricket. Australia has produced some quality cricketers.

  • No its sexist that they separate Sports into genders, like why is Golf not yet gender neutral???

  • No you're not sexist if you don't like watching much women's sports but there are a number of sexist men out there who refuse to watch them simply because they believe women should be in the kitchen rather than playing sport.

    From a general talent level yes women's sport is usually inferior to men's sport but women's sports can still be enjoyed in their own right. I enjoy watching women's tennis, cricket, basketball and football (AFLW) too.

    • From a general talent level yes women's sport is usually inferior to men's sport

      Pretty much a chicken/egg situation here.

      Women athletes generally don't get paid as much, so they don't get as many people keen to dedicate their life to training, so the skill level tends to be lower, so people don't watch on TV, so they don't get paid as much…

      Tennis, for example, has paid women pretty well for some time and hence has great quality players. Other sports will catch up if they can pay the players (I don't really watch ANY sport but I get the impression that cricket and AFL are getting there pretty quickly).

  • I would have liked women's tennis a lot more if they weren't grunting so loudly (as compared with men's tennis) 99% of the time, it's like watching 2 severely constipated players.

    • Fun fact! Did you know grunts and screams actually have physiological benefits when performing a difficult feat? It helps re focus breathing and increase adrenaline rate to get a burst of power and oxygen for muscles.

      That being said, I find it very distracting when watching tennis as well.


    I think except netball and maybe volleyball, all other sports are much more faster and exciting in men.

  • Somewhat comparably, many females would be into female fashion but not men's, each to their own I say.

  • I don’t really get the explosion of women sport in everything. I do enjoy some traditional women sports from time to time like volleyball etc. but to see so many women sports in everything is too much. I must be another (profanity) just like OP.

  • I generally don't find sitting around watching other people play sports to be interesting, so I don't see an issue with it. I don't mind watching gymnastics occasionally when the Olympics are on, I prefer the women's.

  • On the contrary I really like a few female sports and have been called sexist!

    Can’t win in this world anymore…

  • I don't mind watching women sports but I understand why some people don't like it. For example I think the AFLW need to play on a smaller field to make it higher scoring and more exciting for the fans.

  • Im female, and i cant stand watching women’s sports… then again i don t like watching mens sports either!

  • Depends on the sport and what sports I do like tend to be very competitive and long running.

    For example - tennis. They don't have the power of the men but they do have the skill and that's in no small part because women have played tennis for a very long time, including competitively, and it's one of the sports that's considered totally normal for a girl/child to play and pretty much has always been. As a result the level of competition and skill is high.

    Alternate example - MMA. In womens MMA there are a handful of people who have good skills and usually it's because they came from a specific martial art and applied it to MMA. And even in those top handful of well skilled people they often aren't well rounded enough to not run into problems with unfavorable skillset matchups (see: Ronda Rousey and to a much lesser degree Joana Jedrzejczyk, Holly Holm and Valentina). MMA itself is pretty new but it's moved hard into the gap that various karate, judo etc. "dojos" filled. Girls are welcome but they're not common and there's more taboo on a girl doing it than a boy. It is improving over time but right now watching the majority of women's fights is like watching those early UFCs where they got a local in a HW fight and Big Bois stomped out and threw ugly punches. Yes, they're less powerful but the thing that stands out is they're less skillful.

    I have a hunch any women's sport could be entertaining to watch if you had 50+ years of it being a normal thing for girls and women to train and compete at where almost everyone tries their hand at it to find out if they have a talent for it so the amount of talented, trained, competitive women in that sport was high. I can't think of any examples where that's the case that watching women do it is worse than watching men.

    • Agree, its an interesting concept that everyone will rise to amanda nunes's level as did the middleweigh division with anderson silva etc.
      Will be fun to see how Womens MMA unfolds.

      • I would argue The Spider was a bit of a specialist who has trouble with certain skillsets. Basically a strong wrestler who did enough jabbing, kicking and feinting on the feet with smooth/hard level changes was a real problem for him. I fully believe that in their heydeys GSP would've won that fight. And he also had some problems when people didn't come forward into his counters, although not nearly as bad.

        It wasn't as obvious at the time he reigned. In hindsight Maia was being pretty clever in their fight, essentially taking Silva's big thing of well placed counters off the table by not coming forward. It was actually a pretty even fight in the end but people remember it as Silva dicking around and could have won it if he'd chosen to - he couldn't have because Maia wasn't playing into his skillset.

        I'd say Nunes is pretty well rounded. She definitely has exploitable habits and some of those have been exploited before. She can over commit and get caught off balance and at bad angles at times. But I don't think she has that glaring weakness Silva did of getting taken down.

  • "Women's sports" is a huge brush though - it's fine if you don't like every single womens sport there is but using that phrase just makes me wonder how much you've actually paid attention to! And a huge part of it is that as yet, there's no easily definable culture around it like there is mens sports. Men's sports have happy rituals of getting together with other guys and lots of tradition around it. Women's sports are far 'younger' in terms of how long they've been around in a mass sense (no Roman colosseum fighting for us!)

    I've not followed either gender sports much - but I love watching women's tennis and womens gymnastics. Love watching mens basketball and martial arts (although I don't like MMA much). Next time the Olympics is on check out the gymnastics - the difference in physicality of the genders in sports is great - there are plenty of things men can do that women can't, and vice versa. It's the vice versa that's so interesting and probably why gymnastics is the best example of this. Tiny ladies get amazing air!

  • I quite enjoyed the lingerie football league

  • Nice thread. Is it because of the Womens T20 that is currently on? Because i mentioned the same thing to somebody at work only a couple days ago. Not interested because I want to see the most elite play a sport. Same reason I don't go and watch the local suburb play cricket but I will go watch the Big Bash. One person agreed, the other made a sly comment saying I am not progressive. I still stand by what I said.

  • Womens horse riding is the best form of all sports to watch with eyes

  • To summarise people's general opinion:

    Women sport meh unless they are scantily dressed or in a bikini, then it is okay. (I am not to say that this is wrong in any way shape or form.)

    Grappling sports with high level female competitors is also really entertaining.

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    i would put forward the notion that not liking women's sport is not sexist, and liking women's sports because you obtain some gratification watching it is what is sexist.

    eg. water polo - sometimes titties pop out, bathing costumes are regularly torn
    beach volleyball - wedgies galore
    synchronised swimming - wedgies often even before they start
    speed skating - tight lycra, big glutes from all the power coming from the legs
    bob sleigh - there's that youtube video of the girl bending over and splitting her costume.
    gymnastics - wedgies, very firm buttocks (do need to do an age check though, but it's usually obvious)
    triathlon - they go from the water to the bike and don't change so plenty of opportunities there
    basketball - didn't they wear lycra once?
    track and field - more wedgies, toned glutes from sprinting muscles
    swimming (diving) - when they hit the water all kinds of swimsuit adjustments are made, sometimes even when hopping out of the water they don't adjust at all or conveniently 'forget'.
    tennis and netball - mini-skirts with granny panties (if that's your thing) exception: anna kournikova

    LFL was like it was for so long because nobody would otherwise watch it…

    also, if the above description enrages you don't think for a second men's sports are any different. bulges. oiled muscles. tight 'footy' shorts.

    • damn i always wondered why i only watched those sports during the olympics

      makes so much sense

      and lfl, the ladies hit harder than the men in nfl

  • Is pole dancing a sport?

  • I enjoy women sports, gymnastics, ice skating, swimming, tennis… What's wrong with that and am I sexist not really…

    I just feel those sports more suitable

  • Here's an interesting question for everyone - we have a separate category for women's sports because if we didn't, then women would not really be competitive.

    However, in a sport such as the 100m sprint, only 3 white guys have ever gotten a time below 10s, no white guy has held the record since the 1960s and no white guy is in the top 10 times. There's basically no chance a white guy will ever place in the top 3 at an Olympics. Should we have separate categories for race the same way we do for gender?

    All of the usual arguments for gender segregation in sports applies. I'm not saying this is a good or bad idea, just an interesting thought experiment.

    • A logical extension and entirely supportable with the arbitarily used intersectional frameworks.

      However all such arguments throw in modified marxist class theory (privilege) leading to discussions like "white people aren't oppressed and therefore shouldn't be priviledged" or perhaps "only if the white people are queer" because activitists just talk endlessly about their distorted notion of "gender".

  • The media have recently jumped on this must promote women's sport as much as men's bandwagon but they will likely jump right off again if the viewing figures don't get high enough and there aren't enough $$$$ to be made from selling ad slots which is ultimately all they care about.

    Sport is like anything else in that people generally want to see the highest level it has to offer. Quite simply in most sports the quality of the men's version is just better. That's not to say the women's games are not good, but physically they cannot match men. Therefore women's sport is not as high quality. It has come a long way though, women's football for example is light years ahead of where it was 20 years ago.

    I would liken it to say the 4 professional leagues in English football. The premier league is the highest quality, attracts the big money and the international TV viewers. The other leagues are gradually lower in standard and attract less interest, lower crowds, less TV money etc. That's not to say people don't want to watch it, many people loyally follow those teams, but they will never be able to have the same spotlight as the best.

    Tennis shows it can be done, even when the product isn't on the same level as the men's game, but its a big ask to persuade the public to embrace all women's sport to that level. For a start, men are just generally far more interested in watching and following sport than women are. Women tend to care about stuff that actually matters more.

  • sports that are better to watch when females are playing

    • netball
    • beach volleyball
    • lfl