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[eBay Plus] Hisense 65R6 4K Series 6 TV $709.20 + Delivery @ VideoPro eBay


Update: Price updated, was $760. Reduced to $709.2

Key Features

65" 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) Smart LED TV


100 Smooth motion rate

Hisense VIDAA U

Dolby Digital

HD Tuner


Freeview Plus

PVR Recording

Built-in Wi-Fi

4 x HDMI Inputs

2 x USB Ports

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    These PREZTELS…are making me thirsty.


    would this be good to replace my kogan 50" with? looking to get a smart tv to flog my xbox (i use it to get "smart tv" capabilities) off since i dont use it anymore.

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      Look at The Vodaohone android box. It is cheap and amazing.


      It depends a bit on how much you eventually planned to spend, but yeah it would make a good replacement I would have thought; as far as I know most of the Kogan panels have average processing, and pretty ordinary OS’, at best, sort of thing. Plus obviously this would be a significant larger panel. Just be aware that 65” is going to be a much larger bezel, so just check it will fit where you’re putting it.


    How would this compare to say the Sony X7000G range?


      I have both. The Sony color is better. However, I also happy with the Hissense one. With much cheaper price, the Hissense is hard to be beaten. Dont know about longevity thought


      I have the 75R6 and am happy with it. Contrast is not as good as OLED's obviously. Built in apps work well - although and android OS would be better. I don't game on it, so I can't comment on that side of things.


    Is it worth spending a bit more for the series 7?


    I hear the 6 series has less if any issues over the 7.

    Anyhow I got this TV from the previous deal a few weeks ago and so far so good. No issues with it, just waiting on a soundbar sale to come along.

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    Price drop!

    Now $709.20


    Anyone know the width of the stand itself? Quick google just gives me the overall width


    Does this have speakers? Does the RG model also have speakers?


    Delivery date says March 17…I'm sure there will many sales between now and then..