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Cashback Flash Sale: 4-6pm First Choice Liquor 25% | 6-8pm iHerb 25% (Cap $30) | 8-10pm Catch 15% (Cap $30) @ ShopBack


Some nice cashback deals coming up for Shopback today.

Moneyback Madness is back!
We're running 3x 2 hour flash sales today only, starting from 4pm AEDT.

Just for members of this group - here's an exclusive preview of what's coming:
4pm to 6pm AEDT: 25% cashback at First Choice Liquor (uncapped)
6pm to 8pm AEDT: 25% cashback at iHerb (capped at $30, one transaction per user)
8pm to 10pm AEDT: 15% cashback at Catch.com.au (capped at $30, one transaction per user)

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$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    Anything worth catching though?

  • +3


    Japanese brewed Asahai for $36 after CB.

    • +1

      $34.88 actually.

      Not sure why you got negged though, Asahi is a tasty beer. Have a +1 to help start balancing it out.

      • +2

        Lol thanks …. Yes, and I mentioned "Japanese" brewed, as many of the asahi beers that reach Australia are often brewed in China.

        Maybe the price is a little higher in Bottle deposit states? ($48 NSW}

        • +4

          [Update] They're Chinese brewed according to FC store! Misleading mistake on website!

          The trouble is other stores list the country of origin of this size Asahi bottle as China. There's often a warning in Deals when offering these.

          Sometimes stores make mistakes labelling this as from Japan, as the large cans are from there.

          Possible these bottles are from China, like others imported. Can't imagine FC import them differently.

          Best to check the label (ring store) before ordering.

          • @the INFIDEL: Fair enough, I never knew that, always assumed it was from Japan.

            Still a nice tasting beer though, and for less than $35, may as well grab a slab or two.

            • +1

              @mangobango: Not as nice as the Japanese brew - often mentioned in Deals for these bottles. I wouldn't waste my money on these.

              • @the INFIDEL: Oh, so some stores do stock Japanese brewed Asahi?

                I assumed most, if not all, would just be the China one judging by the comments.

                Might give this a miss then.

                • @mangobango: Have a carton of 500ml cans - brewed in Japan, bought from First Choice. Currently $68 @FC

                  Plenty of great Deals in past
                  Have bought cartons cheap from Boozebud with voucher.

                  Example of criticism of the bottles brewed in China

                  I've drunk Asahi (many times) in Japan & China (once!).

                  • @the INFIDEL: Had a quick look at the deals/comments and yeah, seems to be pretty unanimous.

                    I've personally had the bottles pretty often and tastes fine to me, but I'm sure once I buy the cans then I could never go back.

                    • @mangobango: Currently $68 @FC & less in non-deposit States.

                      With $15.45 cash back with this Deal - not a bad price for 12L of good Japanese brewed beer­čŹ║
                      Paid about that for last carton with Flybuys code & cashback.

                      It's a good beer I reserve for special occassions. Have cheaper beer for "everyday" drinking. I'm not a big beer drinker.

                      I'd buy more, but have just received 3 cartons of $30 Hoegaarden beer from Kogan.

                    • @mangobango: Nothing wrong with the bottles. Here's one view, which I've posted before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLL5BeHaRUU I agree with him, although he was comparing can with can.

                      Still have half a carton the 500ml cans left and won't be bothering again. Blind taste test for knockers would be interesting.

            • @mangobango: I cant stand the China brew, it is awful. 500ml cans only for me. But I only buy when they are under $55 per case.

              • @nubzy: So bottles are generally from China, and cans are from Japan?

                • @mangobango: Yes. Dans and First Choice both stock the 500ml brewed in Japan cans. Prices are often a bit extreme but they have sales ocassionally. Not bad with this cashback.

                  • @nubzy: Just over $50 for a carton of 24.

                    Could do a lot worse, especially for Asahi. Might pick up the cans then, thanks for the heads up!

      • +4

        The bottles have always been China brewed. Unless something has changed in the past couple of months..

        • +2

          Nothing has changed. A mistake on First Choice website!

    • +3

      I'm sure all bottles are brewed in China and taste much worse. Would love to be proved wrong!

      • +1

        Yes, as lovers of Asahi know too well - these bottles are brewed in China. FCL store checked.

    • +3

      Rang local FCL store - they checked - made in China under license!
      Carton stated China's favourite beer!

      Glad I checked - almost ordered these inferior Asahi beers.

      • +1

        Wtf! Thanks for the heads up.

        Clearly says "Japan" in the description, I thought it unlikely at that price point.

        • Yes - not your fault. Error on website. Put it in bold to hopefully stop people making a mistake.

    • +2

      500ml Asahi cans brewed in Japan are good price @$68 or less - $15.45 cashback (cheaper in non-deposit States)

      That's 50% more beer (12L against 7.9L), making it cheaper per L than in the bottles­čŹ║

    • Bought a slab along with a Penfolds Grandfather port (overpriced but still cheapest around after the cashback). Don't like relying on cashback for a discount but 25% was too tempting. Shopback had better get it right.

      • I haven't had any issues with cashback not tracking with SB. I'm nearing $500 now.

        • I have. No probs with Cashrewards though.

    • +1

      Thanks. Have a plus from me. Dun give a feck about those bashing the China brewed beer. Almost got misled until I tried one myself. Still taste great.

  • +10

    25% uncapped is very decent.

    • +4

      I prefer my liquor 100% capped. Easier to transport, less spillage etc.

      • Isn't it click and collect available?

    • -1

      Not really IMO
      I believe the standard is 20% cashback + 2000 fb pts for C&C

    • Wedding beer purchased, very happy with the timing of this!

  • Great stuff. Time to stock up.

    • What are you stocking up?

      • Not sure yet, got to check what I want on First Choice website and check my stock levels at home :D

      • +2

        Liquor, vitamins and junk

        • +1

          Sounds like a Friday night alone…

  • +3

    Very good deal for First Choice, especially for already discounted items that can not be combined with typical discount codes.

  • +4

    Jack has visited Catch HQ. The stuff I were watching have gone up 10%

  • Anyone know who First Choice uses for delivery? Would prefer AusPost as I am in a unit (couriers are hit and miss here) and the PO is just across the road. Toll are tolerable but I haven't used them since their recent IT issues.

    • I believe it depends on where you live, but my delivery in Sydney is Auspost. I would call them after placing the order and request delivery via Auspost to make sure. God forbid that you might get Fastway

    • +1

      They do use AusPost for shipping, at least all the times I've used anyway.

      • Thanks mate. I'll give em a go.

        This is the first time I've actually used Shopback as well. My order isn't going to be that big but hopefully it works smoothly. Already read about no extensions etc. Gonna use Edge browser as I never use that normally.

  • +3

    The deal on First Choice is remarkable - beer margins are usually between 5% and 10%, so anything you get there is going to be a wicked deal.

  • Hopefully they track my cashback, and not get declined like any other order over $50 when I have used shopback. Looking forward to spending ~$599 on beverages. Will come handy next for next xmas season, if any remains after 4 weeks.

  • +1

    I wouldn't risk it with ShopBack. Still waiting for an answer with regards to my Groupon order. Mine was rejected saying I didn't click through the link. Too bad I didn't video record the transaction. It's better if you can video record you making the transaction clicking through the link if not they will just give bullshit excuses and reject your cashback.

    • -1

      Turn your extensions off in your browser before you buy.

      • +1

        I a following all the regulations, I am computer savvy :) They simply don't track, or don't want to register it that it has been tracked

    • +2

      I actually had this negative experience with ShopBack last time as well. Note, I've performed around 30 transactions with them so they're generally good, but for 1 transaction of $10 they rejected me and I don't exactly know why (imagine it's some browser not tracking issue).

      CashRewards has always helped out even though I've followed up at least 10 times, so they're a lot better in this regard (based purely on my own experiences of around 60 transactions).

      So it's a fair point atom1319 raises and you do need to be wary that ShopBack is a little more strict on that and can definitely reject you even if it gives you the little green box saying it's activated.

      • Exactly, it was an app only deal so did it through my phone and even used the exclusive ShopBack coupon for Groupon. This was when Groupon had 30% cashback. Even though it's tracked they rejected it.

  • Probably going to get this:


    $37.50 after cashback for 24 cans.

    • Any good? Even at normal price seems cheap for ginger beer what with it coming under the alco pop tax…

      (Actually a big of Googling shows me that if they increase the alcohol to 8% it's taxed at the lower fruit wine rate)

      • Just an FYI, it actually is a fruit wine. It tastes absolutely horrible, worse than little fat lamb. However, if getting drunk is your only intention this will definitely do the trick

        • Thanks - I love ginger beer, but that doesn't sound nice.

    • Cashback works before GST, so $38.75 just fyi :)

  • +1

    first choice liquor aftersales/email support is horrifically bad. Sent an email through asking why my order still hasn't shipped 3 weeks later. They responded in 2 days saying the line has been discontinued (yet somehow its still on their website and purchasable?). They told me they can exchange for similar type of liquor (but it was only half the cost of my original purchase). I asked for a refund instead but I never heard back from them. Had to resort to calling them for a refund.

    • I agree. I called them twice and each time I was put on hold for at least 40 mins. The first time I got through, but problem wasn't solved. The second time I gave up after waiting 1 hour.

  • +3

    Beware they will cancel your whole order if 1 item is out of stock (even though store showed stock at the time of ordering) for click and collect.

    Maybe worth doing multiple small orders instead of 1 large one if possible.

  • Does this stack with the 2 for $30 offer?

  • Any good drops worth picking up? Im up for some whiskey.

    • +4

      $81.38 for the Lagavulin 16 is an absolute cracker of a deal.

      • Thanks Dingus

        • +1

          Tasliker 10 should be $66.65 if my math is right too.

      • $69.75 for Aberlour 12YO Scotch Whisky 700mL is not too bad.

    • +1

      Ardbeg 10 if you are into the Islays.

      $80 before cashback

      • Yeah, good deal. $80 before any cashback is already a decent price. I bought a bottle of this and the Lagavulin 16.

        • I did the Taslisker Storm and Lagavulin…..nice choices ;)

  • Does anyone know if iHerb's payment processor based outside of Australia? Looking to avoid the credit card charges for international transactions (even though the currency is AUD). I don't have a fee-free card either

    • It's not listed on here but I wouldn't say it's an exhaustive list.

      Might want to look at having an debit card account with the non-big-4 banks like Up or Xinja as they say they don't charge those fees.

    • They charge you in AUD I thought.

  • Shame you can't get the cashback using vouchers with Catch as I have quite a few to use.

    • Are the vouchers gift cards?

  • +2

    Mumm and Piper @ $44/$42 before discount

  • With catch cashback, can we buy goods and sim card and get the 15% cashback plus the $10 from catch connect on the same order? Or I have to do separate order?

  • I think the site just crashed.

    • +1

      I had trouble paying through First Choice and had to close the window and start again. Worked eventually.

      • Same thing happened to me. I had to refresh the page and try again. I hope it didn't affect the cashback.

        • +1

          Yup, also had issues. Couldn't delete anything from my cart, couldn't reduce amounts, couldn't pay by PayPal, could pay by credit card, couldn't pick up, couldn't deliver….. chatted with Shopback and offered to show all my screenshots But they dusted their hands at it.. No transaction no help. Wouldn't even consider honouring 25% Shopback once I was able to process an order.

  • Ordered the Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire again. Quite enjoyed it. If you like the cinnamon flavor, you'll like this bourbon.

  • +2

    The Asahi bottles are brewed in China under licence. But a slab of 500mL Asahi cans brewed in Japan is not a bad deal at $48.75 after discount

    A few whiskies that stood out as ok bargains:

    Talisker Storm is $57
    Glenmorangie 10yo is $48.75
    laphroaig 10yo is $69
    Ardbeg 10 yo is $60
    Caol Illa distiller sedition 2003 (moscatel cask) is $90
    Lagavulin distillers edition (PX finish) is $112.5

    • +1

      Note: Beer price depends on if deposit is charged. So dearer in some States. (Dearer for me)
      Cashback is on pre-GST price, so is less than 25%.

  • +1

    Ordered the Malibu Rum 1L for $38 before 25% cashback.

  • cashback doesn't include tax right? how much tax typically ?

    • 10% of the price?

    • The just is GST which is 10% of price before cashback. So to work out how much something is

      ((Item price)-10%)*0.75+Value of initial 10% GST

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