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Sony WF-1000XM3 - $242 with Express Delivery @ Addicted To Audio


Limited time deal, whilst stocks last - $250 for both colours! in stock with free delivery.

now $242!

We will refund all existing orders before shipment.

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      Meowth uses payday

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        It's ineffective.

        You are still broke. :(

  • Wow nice price

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    how about some cheap wh-1000xm3's. Say under $300

    • Say under 250$ lol

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    I'm still waiting for WH-1000XM3's to have a good discount.

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      They are currently for AU $316.00 at Good Guys with eBay's 20% off disc.

    • I picked up a pair during the Black Friday sales for $281. OfficeWorks price match got it down that extra 5%. No doubt it'll get under $300 again soon.

      • Does the store need to have stock to price match or can they order you the headphones? Seems like no stores around me have them in stock but I can order them online.

        • I've pricematched with them twice and they haven't checked stock as far as I'm aware. I did mine over the phone and it seems as though they simply look up the price. If they have difficulties, offer to send them a screenshot and email it to them with the URL. But I didn't get the feeling that they checked store stock as I wasn't put on hold at the time.

          • @KangaDrew: I meant does the office works itself need to have the item in stock, my bad. The OW website shows no stock in basically any stores in Sydney but Click and collect is available so I was wondering if an OW store could price match and order one in for me to collect later.

            • @FormulaWon: Ahh, in that case, yes, they will process the order over the phone and you can do CnC at your preferred store. The Sydney CBD store doesn't stock these headphones, so they just ship them there from their warehouse for CnC orders. That's what I did for mine.

              • @KangaDrew: Great, thanks for the info! Will hopefully try this when the WH version goes on sale for a good price again.

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      Info and photos of the WH-1000XM4 have been leaked so it’s only a matter of time before big discounts on the XM3s leading up to its release.

      • they look identical to XM3

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          Yes, the improvements so far look underwhelming. Bluetooth 5.0 is fine, but an extra 4 hours battery life and being able to say "Hey Google" rather than hitting a button aren't exactly a quantum leap

          • @y2k: you could always say "Hey Google" though, if connected to your phone. You didn't even need official support for it.

            There are some people who find Bose slightly more comfortable than Sony, so I thought they would chip away at that lead, but if they didn't redesign the body then it will be the same as before.

  • WF vs WH?

    • WH have better sound but WF have some of the best sound for TWS

    • Do you want in-ears or over-ears? I find overears more comfortable, but portability might be more important to you. The usual advantages vs. disadvantages of over and in-ears apply.

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      See review https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/apple-airpods-pro
      [Edit: Answered the wrong comment, meant to be for the next one]
      Anyway for the Sony, side by side spec comparison here, just determine what features fit your needs best:

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      IEM ANC headphones can never have the noise-cancelling attenuation and isolation of over-ear ANC headphones, nor the battery life and usually, have more issues with maintaining an uninterrupted signal.

    • if they're the same price I would get WH. But I have one of each, and a WI neckband.

      • WI-1000X or WI-1000XM2? How does it compare to the other two? Would love to hear experiences from someone who actually owns all of them.

        • 1000X. I don't think XM2 has released in Australia yet.

          Honestly, its sound and ANC is similar to the WF but has longer battery life and being a horseshoe around your neck is harder to lose. ANC might be slightly better than WF but still not as quiet as WH.

          If you don't mind having something around your neck, I'd go for the WI over the WF.

          WH is the best and isn't much more expensive than the other two, but only if you don't mind its bulk.

  • This one or airpods pro?

  • Even better.. this one includes Silver.

  • Anyone know if JB will price match this site? I have some gift cards to use

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      I got JB to match A2A's previous deal of $285. A tad salty that I got them for that price a few weeks ago, but ah well.

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    Tempted by these but also interested to see what the Pixel Buds 2 will be like….

  • Any deals for apple AirPods pro?

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      bro get this instead of AirPods pro

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        Too big, don’t look as good imo

        Btw, I didn’t neg you.

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          i was tryin to rhyme.

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    Hope this deal stretches till Monday. Going to go try some on in-store as I've never had wireless in-ear headphone but have been looking into some

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      Didn't think you'd be able to try in-ear earphones on in store. Where can you try them on?

      • Any stores that aren't lazy like JB. Sony kiosks will do it for you. Independent stores like A2A and Minidisc might as well. Typically they will have alcohol/disinfectant wipes to clean the phones between customers. Obviously too much work for JB.

        • Actually JB hi-fi Chadstone has a Sony rep all month with a bag full of ear bud tips for customers to try the WFs

          This is what compelled me to buy them today - and they price matched good guys eBay discount

        • Is that what it is - laziness. A month back I asked in JB if I could try some airpods and they said nup coz hygiene. Seemed reasonable so I let it slide.

  • Amazon or Addicted to Audio?

    • How much cashback with Amazon?

      • None As no cashback for electronic products now

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      Local business paying local tax and run by good people or a conglomerate that pushes to deteriorate workers rights.

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        A local business which will likely ignore you in case of any problems or a conglomerate which will just give you a refund.
        Tough choice.

    • A2A doesn't have a proper stock system, I've ordered in the last couple of months just to get an email saying no stock and the item was on back order. With Amazon I know what I'm getting and when.

  • Anyone know any mid range wireless earphones? Looking to spend around 100 ish, no need for sound cancelling.

    Seems to be either these,airpods for almost 300 or el cheapo $30 ones.

    • If you are patient, wait for a refurbished deal like Bose soundport (hopefully another price error), or even the air pod gen 1, they might get close to $100.

    • Have a look in the sale section of A2A’s website. There are some wireless in there for under 100 and they don’t sell junky brands.

    • 1MORE Stylish

  • These or the Galaxy Buds?

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    I am looking for headphones I can use in bed when I sleep. Are these a good choice, please?

    • Probably not? They're phyically kinda big vs others and stick out a bit from your ear.

      I suppose if you only face up itll be fine, but I've never tried sleeping with any earphones

  • I lost my Bose qc20s. Does anyone have an opinion on how the noise cancelling on these compare to the qc20s?

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    Price matched JBHiFi Southland to match this price today.

    • surprised the staff member matched eBay prices

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    Even at $250 I would happily buy it from addicted to audio than Amazon. The way they treat their workers are horrendous

  • Sigh… bought it for $250 last night and now another price drop. 😭

    I wonder if Addicted to Audio will do a price guarantee and refund the difference given it hasn't been shipped yet?

    • Haha read the OP … all existing orders will be refunded

      • Yup just saw that and was about to edit my post 😊

        Thanks ATA

  • Are these any good for phone calls?

    And could anyone who has used this and the Samsung Galaxy Buds compare them by any chance? I have the Galaxy Buds and I use them mainly for phone calls but I'm wondering if it's worth the upgrade or not.

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      No these are not good for phone calls, but I can't compare these to galaxy buds

      I would probably not upgrade if I were you

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      My phone calls experience with this goes like this:
      - Other end can hear me no problems when I speak clearly.
      - If I do not mute, other end can also hear the other guy 5m away from me also no problem.

      Basically it picks up everything, but nobody complains that I am too muffled.

      • Yeah that is my current experience with my Galaxy Buds, no one complains that they can't hear me clearly but if there's a car driving in the street, or absolutely any background noise they hear that loud and clear too. Looks like the Sony's have that same problem and given I mainly use these for calling, I'll stay away.

        I was hoping they would use the same noise cancelling tech to improve call quality but I guess not :(

        • how do the buds know what sounds you want to silence and what sounds you want to keep? It's kinda tough. Either you want all sounds to be easy to hear or no sounds to be easy to hear.

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    This be my third claim for price protection on the same buds.

  • Any deals on WH-1000xm3 please?

  • Hi OP,
    Any deals for MDR-Z7M2? Any chance to get a good price as in 2019?

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    I'm genuinely surprised that Addicted to Audio reduced their price AND will also reduce the charged price to all existing buyers.

    It's the first time I've purchased from these guys but I will definitely keep an eye out for them now.

    Thanks for the nice gesture, it's a small saving that Ozbargainers will really appreciate.

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      Yep, can't agree more! Just got the price difference refund.

      I've visited their store in Newtown a few years when they were price matching the WHMX2s, really good bunch of people and it's local.

    • Bought my XM3 from these guys, they were awesome.

  • Has anyone had both these and the AUKEY Key Series T10?

    I bought the AUKEY Key Series T10 as I was chasing a decent quality usb wireless headphone. Didn't realise how much I would use them - a lot. How would you compare the two? I do need them to stay affixed for sports, etc.

  • Any more deals on this one?

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