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2000 flybuys Points (Worth $10) with $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card ($5 Card Activation Fee) @ Coles


From the upcoming catalogue sale starting on Wednesday 18 March.

$5 purchase fee applies. Bonus Points can only be collected once per account.

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    Will this be one per flybuys card? or can you purchase multiple?

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      Obviously, once per flybuys account….If you fill in the missing line on the linked picture…..

      • Thanks!

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    Does the T&Cs say exclude $50? The picture is incomplete.

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      Only saids to purchase a Coles Gift Mastercard.. Although the picture has only a $100 card so not sure

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        T & Cs does not exclude $50. It is eligible.

        • That would be excellent.

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    Sweet, will be jumping on this

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    After these are empty, they're still useful for things like Kogan and Apple Music free trials. also useful when you sign up for a service like Catch Connect, myus.com where they require card details on file at all times. Even if I've turned off auto-renew, I'll enter the empty card details just to be sure my actual credit card doesn't get charged.

    • Didn’t know you could use them in lieu of an actual card for signups. Shall get one this week.

      • i've also added it to my flickr pro account as i'm unsure if i want to renew it after my current sub is up. haven't tried it for amazon prime yet.

    • I thought services like those check the balance so if you give them an empty card, then it will deny it….? Isn't that how they deny invalid (fake details just to bypass the paywall) cards?

      • the ones i've used the card on don't seem to post an authorisation to it. i thought it was unusual, too, but it works.

        • hmmm, guess you got lucky….that they don't check…

        • Prepaid debit card can not be used for authorisation transaction regardless of empty balance or not. For a merchant like Suncorp Benefits/Catch Connect, I am pretty sure you can not update credit card detail to this card.

          • @Neoika: I tried to use one at Suncorp Benefits and it did not work.

            • @Yola: It was OK long time ago. I did "add & remove" many times to buy "$100+$5" Coles eGCs.

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            @Neoika: and yet all 3 of my catch connect accounts have this empty coles mastercard as my default card right now.

            • @tdw: Thanks for this info. I just did it and it really works. But last time a VISA prepaid one did fail.

              • @Neoika: they've also been sending me nag emails to update my payment info by 31st March as they have changed their payment provider. so not sure if it will still work after this date.

  • Do these prepaid Visa cards have a pin number? I used it before which I had to sign it without pin.
    Now, I gave missus one card, she said she couldn't use it it without a pin everywhere except Uniqlo.
    I haven't tried hers yet.

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      when I am prompted to enter PIN I just press the Enter key without actually entering the PIN, not sure about Uniqlo

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      There's a pin on the back.

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      These Mastercard cards have a pin, but not the VISA ones.

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      They do not have a PIN and a PIN is not needed to use them.

  • Has anybody successfully used this card to register for a netflix trial ? (Seen streaming services doesn't allow prepaid cards for registration in various posts, but just thought what would be the case with Netflix.)

    • Didn't think you could do (Australian) Netflix trials any more?

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        I tired last week and they wanted a mobile# tied to the account as well as a new payment method. It would never accept any of the different payment methods I tried, new email accounts and new numbers (all verified).

  • Is this a deal of
    2000 flybuys points for $5?

    Except that, you pay $100 for a $100 Coles Mastercard deposit card.

    • Basically $5 off, then you can do some spending on the card most places anyway

      • If you use them at Coles 5% saving is pretty good.

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      i buy this with my amex card to earn points
      then use it at places where amex isn't accepted.
      also use them for free trials.

      the extra flybuys points is an incentive, for sure

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        I do this too. My AMEX gives me double the points over my Mastercard. Also I can pay my energy bills and many allied health procedures.

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          i bought a few coles mastercards to earn enough points before the amex points armageddon lol

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    This Coles catalogue can not be seen online. The announcement is somewhat ambiguous.
    "As a temporary measure, we have reluctantly decided to not distribute the Coles catalogue to households from this week.We do not want our customers to be disappointed that the specials they have spotted in the catalogue are not available at their local store due to the unprecedented level of demand we have seen in recent days.We will still continue to have a wide range of products on special each week in store and encourage customers to keep an eye out on the yellow tickets when they visit their local Coles store."
    I wonder if this deal is affected.

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      I have just purchased one from Coles
      Will see if the points come through

      • Did you buy the $50 or $100? Please let us know. I am not planning to get it till tomorrow lunchtime.

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          I bought the $100 - fingers crossed. Worst case scenario the points don't come through, I lose $5.

          • @itslittfam: Ahh bugger, I was hoping someone could confirm the points on a $50 GC before I purchased mine.

            • @knobbs: Any particular reason why you want the $50 and not $100? As value wise, the $100 is better considering both has the same $5 fee?

              • @DaBz: I just use them for new 'payment' methods. Having to spend the $50 on another gift card is the annoying part for me.

              • @DaBz: You would get a 10% discount on the $50 vrs 5% on the $100, after the fee.

                • @Yola: Do you get 2000 points for the $50 as well? I thought you only got 1000.

                  • @DaBz: See discussion above from Neoika and others.

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          I bought the $100 today, they had the print version of the catalogue on store which still has this deal so I'm hoping it's all good.

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            @RIPwallet: I bought 3x $50 on 3x accounts. Hopefully points come through too

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              @knobbs: Confirmed 2k points on $50 gift card. Got it today

              • @knobbs: Me too. Thanks OP. Quite likely would not have known about this as I could not see the catalogue on line this week.

    • As a temporary measure, we have decided to not distribute the Coles paper catalogue to households from Wednesday 18 March. Look out for a digital version of the catalogue next week at www.coles.com.au that will include specials and recipes for the products on which we have availability

      • Yes, but what about this weeks.

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          This weeks catalogue specials are still available, yellow tickets in store and the special price showing online. This deal shouldn't be any different, you just can't verify it on the Coles website like you can with a regular product. There should still be signage in store though on the gift card stand advertising the offer.

          • @hamza23: My local Coles store does not have signage on this promo. Has anyone receive the FB 2000 bonus points?

            • @F1ngolf: Coles in Malvern Vic had a small sticker on both $50 and $100 stacks of cards quoting the amounts on each specifically and stating 2000 bonus points apply. I took a pic but do not know how to post it.

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                @Yola: Great! I plan to check out other Coles stores tomorrow. I had a rain check for rice which Coles said they would not honour due to current demand situation. i.e. I would need to buy at normal price. With their frequent T&C changes, I just feel that Coles is trying to take advantage of current situation to improve their profit. So far, Woolworths is doing better in this aspect. I would try to avoid Coles for time being.

                • @F1ngolf: Does Woolworths offer Rain Check?

                  Which aspect Woolworths is doing better? Not take advantage of the situation?

                  • @SnoozeAndLose: I'm not sure if Woolworths is still offering rain check. But at least they still honour my rain check this week.

                    • @F1ngolf: From 13/03 no more rain check from woolworths. As of today Coles also honouring my raincheck for 6 can of Spam. So I see no different.

                      But pushing mobile alienation from Flybuys is a big fail for Coles. They are losing massive amount of 'members'.

                      Not sure what happen to the points from my 4 spare FB

                • +1

                  @F1ngolf: Totally agree. They are also making everyone connect a mobile number to their flybuys account - "for improved security". Why announce that now? You would think they would be busy keeping the shelves full and their staff safe right now. Good luck with the rice its a bit scarce.

                  • @Yola: Any more news on these new restrictions to Flybuys accounts. Unique email, 2 steps authentication through a mobile number…
                    More than a bank account!

                    • @Mad Max: You are right. I do not have any insider info. Just what the email stated. But really do not think its about security at all.

                      • @Yola: They have stopped al bonuses anyway. I suppose they have enough demand at the moment that they do not need to offer incentives.
                        But I would be careful taking advantage of this offer on multiple accounts as they could suddenly freeze the flybuys accounts that do not provide a mobile number

                        • @Mad Max: Yes sure would need to plan for that eventuality ie. convert and spend any points already earned if cannot or decide not to provide a mobile number when requested.

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      Print catalog still exists. I bought two $50 ones without doubt.

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        Can you let us know if you get points?

        • Yes please.

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        Can you confirm if you received your points and how many?

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      Got 2000 bonus points tonight for $100 value gift cards.

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    chock full of $50 cards. the $100 ones were never in stock.

    • Alot of $50 and $100 at Malvern and Caulfield, Vic.

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    For those in doubt, $50 one is eligible for 2k bonus points in this promotion.

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      thanks so much for confirming.