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Free Flight Cancellation (Travel Credit) @ Virgin Australia/Tigerair


As expected, Virgin Australia has followed suit and offering free cancellations.

Virgin is allowing cancellations for travel up to 30/6 whereas QANTAS/Jetstar is till 31/5.


Virgin Australia has announced a similar policy for its customers.

“We are aware of new travel restrictions announced by the Australian Government and are assessing our response,” the airline said.

“We understand these restrictions may affect guests’ travel plans. Virgin Australia guests with international bookings from now until 30 June 2020, who no longer want to travel, have the option to change their flight to a later date and/or to a different destination, without incurring a change fee.

“They’ll just need to cover the difference if the value of the new fare is greater than the original. If they want to cancel their flight, they are eligible to receive credit to a Travel Bank with no cancellation fee.”

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  • Questions:

    VA: international flights only?
    Qantas: international and domestic flights

    How about flights booked using points?

  • (profanity), my booking is the 21/7

  • How long the credit last for?

    • if Qantas, 12 mths from date of issue.

      Virgin doesnt mention in the announcement. I guess it must be similar Qantas offered.

      To ensure, call up and ask.

      Btw, i found below. https://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/plan/fare-types/fare-o...

      If you cancel your flight in accordance with the fare rules, you may be eligible to receive a travel credit to Travel Bank.

      Travel credits can be used to book eligible flight and holiday packages available on the Virgin Australia website and will be valid for 12 months from the date the credit was issued, unless a shorter expiry date is notified to you. Some exclusions apply, please see the Travel Bank Terms and Conditions.

      If you elect to receive a travel credit, you cannot subsequently apply for a refund to original form of payment even if the fare rules permit.

      You may have additional rights under the Australian Consumer Law. For more information, please see: https://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/experience/service-exp....

      If you cancel your flight and are eligible for a refund in accordance with the fare rules, or if you are eligible for a refund under the Australian Consumer Law, you may elect to receive either a travel credit to Travel Bank or a refund.

      Refunds can be requested by contacting the Guest Contact Centre or by emailing your booking reference number, the name of the passenger and flight dates to [email protected].

      An administrative fee may apply to refunds depending on the fare rules and reason for the refund. For flights to or from the US booked from a US point of sale, the applicable administrative fee reflects the fee published on our website at the time you make your booking. For all other flights, the applicable administrative fee reflects the fee published on our website at the time you make your request.

      Payments made by cash or EFTPOS will be directly refunded into your nominated Australian or New Zealand bank account.

      Refunds are not available if you booked your flight with Velocity Points, unless you are otherwise entitled to one under the Australian Consumer Law.

      Refunds of tickets that were paid for with travel credits will result in the travel credits being returned to the same Travel Bank account. For more information, please see the Travel Bank Terms and Conditions.

  • Just refund the money.

    The flights are not viable, cancel them and refund.

    What is a travel Bank?

  • Fair chance they’ll be in administration by Tuesday.

    • I'm so worried about this. Should have built my membership level with QANTAS. I also have no clue what to do with 20,000 points

      • More than likely Qantas will status match Virgin if they go broke. The points though are a complete loss unless you convert them to non-flight gift vouchers.

      • Donate them, 20K points is not something that has any serious market value.

    • I would expect a government bailout if that happens.

    • No doubt this refund policy will hurt but VA has around one billion dollars cash on hand so it should be ok for a while.


    • What's the reasoning behind this…?

      • The reasoning is that airlines are a notoriously tough and marginal business anyway, even at the best of times. High largely-fixed wage costs and capital costs, selling a discounted competitive product - so they really need planes to be almost full to make a decent profit. Being a (relatively) new entrant versus the incumbent makes it even harder.

        Virgin in particular have been losing money for a while - they have had 7 years now of consecutive losses - and that was before COVID-19, which has caused unprecedented mass cancellations, refunds, cancelled routes, etc - so there is far less money coming in, whilst there's pretty much the usual amount of money going out.

        It's a bad situation for Qantas (who generally make a profit), but it's a worse situation for Virgin (who generally make a loss).

        Therefore there is a line of argument that governments should help airlines somewhat (e.g. extend them 5 year interest-free loans), because despite us all presumably being capitalists (thus expecting airlines to take care of themselves) the simple fact is that we'll need those airlines when this is over to get back to normal, and if we let airlines fail now, then it will take a much longer time for that to happen, plus we'll all pay through the nose if there's just one supplier left.

        • Thank you for the explanation, and it does make sense.
          My understanding was that in such a situation the government would lend a helping hand due to the necessity of them as a business once all this settles down.

    • This is my major concern:

      If I cancel my existing flights and receive travel credit and Virgin goes into administration, I'd likely be an unsecured creditor and after restructuring the company my travel credit could have no value. This is what happened with DSE gift-cards.

      Wouldn't it be best 'ride it out', wait for the flight to get canceled and get a full refund to your credit card?

  • Damn I called and cancelled my flights 4 days ago. Paid cancellation fees for international travel in April

    • +22 votes

      Rookie mistake, never cancel until the very last minute because the fees are the same. You can't reinstate after you cancel but you can always cancel later.

    • It will be worth a call. Worst case, they say no, best case, you get money back.

    • nvm… we all learned from our mistake.

      Besides, safety first mate. Proud of you.

  • FFS. I fly out on the 30th June till 5th July. I'll have to ring to see if they will honour. Still happy to go to Fiji at the moment, but can't afford 2 weeks for house arrest on return

    • That's still 3.5 months away. Hopefully things are a lot better by then.

    • Your outbound date will determine whether you can reschedule a return ticket for free - unless you booked your inbound leg as a separate ticket, in which case you'll have to try your luck.

  • Wonder what will happen if you book using Amex Free domestic travel benefit.

    • will need to contact anex travel, usually they don't refund travel credit, but maybe they make an exception ?

      • i've asked. I'm in the same shoes. Book with amex travel credit. Still no travel credit refund if asking for flight cancel for full refund.

        Best possible way is to get travel credit from airlines with 12 mths exp date from ticket issue date.

        Pls share if anyone got better outcome.

    • I'm in this exact situation, I will let you know! Amex said I have to contact virgin direct to make changes, and to complicate things more I booked a cash fare for my husband and paid for us both to have economy X seats.

    • I asked the same question above (but ANZ issued). Getting negged, not sure why? Probably based on my suggestion of booking the highest valued trip, but surely commonsense as with this offer you still need to pay the fare difference for any changes. If a few airlines disappear, then then competition disappears and your most basic domestic flight becomes much more expensive (let alone the cost of any new protocols added). I'm not looking to make $, just future proofing. I'd suggest to do similar with Amex (ie. Use your full credit).

  • Nothing from Tiger? :/

  • Can you only change domestic flights by phone without incurring any fee?

  • guys what happens if i booked with Qantas points? on qantas

  • +2 votes

    This affected me. As of last week:
    - The offer is only for passengers who book directly with Virgin.
    - If you booked through a travel agent Virgin will hold your airfare in credit for 12 months from the date of booking.

    • So we just contact our third party booking agent to sort out the credit ?

    • This. I booked through an agent. Called Virgin. They said that they could make my flight flexible until 3 March 2021.

      I'd been on hold for 2h25 by the time I got through to an agent - so I have a ticket number and that's about it now! Presumably I call them when I am ready to rebook!

      • So you call Virgin first to make the flight flexible till March 2021 then the agent?

        • I just called Virgin. I have not called the agent. Virgin said "Since you booked through an agent, we can't give you a flight credit, but we can make your flight flexible. It will be eligible for rebooking until 3 March 2021 (i booked on 3 March 2020). Here is your e-ticket number. xxx-xxx-xxxx"

          And that was pretty much the conversation. I haven't dealt with my agent.

  • I booked directly with Virgin back in November for flights to Bali on 28th March,

    The manage booking tab won't let me cancel or change online and I'm required to call up.. (Probably hours on hold right)

    This booking was paid for using POLi, Velocity Points or a Gift Voucher / Card, therefore can only be changed by calling our Guest Contact Centre.

    • I called virgin yesterday, took around a total of 40minutes and I got Travel Bank Credit, valid for 12 Months,

      Was sent emails showing my total etc, all good. I logged into the portal and could see my credits

      This morning went to login to the travel bank website and it isn't letting me in, says no velocity account linked with a travel bank account.. I've sent Virgin an email as I'm not wasting another 40mins on hold.. anyone else experience similar?

      • It's working again they still haven't responded to me but at Least it's now showing my credit

  • Ahh damn I rebooked last night

  • Has anybody had any luck getting through to their reservation centre @ 13-67-89?

    • Yes last night. Only took me 1 hr 40 mins too. For flights in next 48 hours, if looking beyond that.. Goodluck!

      • Yes,thx,I managed to get through after roughly 1hr 30.Then,it cut off !!! But,I just rang their holiday booking #.Was told I am not in the current block.(I don’t travel until late May/June,rep,said to ring in about 2weeks or so.Any how,I am not to worried about it,they will just put in their “travel bank”? I will book for same time next year.As long as I get all my points back.Cheers:):)

  • What about partner airline flights? We've booked via VA for flights to Europe in April (all flights are on Singapore Airline as code-share).
    Over the weekend we received a Singapore Airline email informing us that 1 flight (out of 4) of our trip has been cancelled, no further details or info, should I expect a full refund or just some travel bank credit?


    • Consumer law should apply - no service=refund.

    • you should call up SQ to find out mate. If that cancelled flight will stuff up the rest of your trip probably you can nagging about it.

      Unless you expect not to travel and get the credit to all your flight.

  • I have flights booked in April, I wonder if I wait a few weeks is it likely that I'll just be able to get a refund instead due to flights being cancelled? Or if I don't take advantage of this travel credit option now is it likely that they'll retract this policy? What are other people's thoughts on this?

    • there's no way they'll retract the travel credit option after announcing it.

      I would just wait.

  • Wasn't there a guy who was complaining about not being able to cancel his Virgin flight to the Gold Coast cause he couldn't go to South Korea any more? Looks like things are going his way.

  • Note this is travel credit for international flights only.

    Domestic flights you only get to re-book for free (but still pay the difference between fares)

  • To everyone saying they should refund outright:
    You know that's not how a business stays in business right?
    The virus was not their fault, why should they go broke and put all their workers out of a job for you?

    • Works both ways.
      It's not the customers fault either.
      A business stays in business by making their customers happy and getting repeat customers.

      • ugh brand loyalty is not a thing anymore, you'll take the cheapest.

        All airline staff & airport workers are going to be the absolute hardest hit workers over the next few months, most will be taking the entirety of the leave they have accrued.

        Can/Will the airline be able to afford to pay thousands of staff if no one is flying?

        • ugh brand loyalty is not a thing anymore, you'll take the cheapest.

          Not always, otherwise non-budget airlines like Qantas, Cathay etc would be dead before all this happened. If you're stuck on a plane for 9 hours, I'm sure most would pay a little extra for comfort and reliability (not necessarily business or first class).

  • itll be nice if you can actually call up to cancel

  • I'm still unclear what this means for bookings with points. I have 5 tickets for travel in April fully booked with points. Will I get the points refunded?

    • +1 vote

      Pretty sure you can cancel bookings with points. They may charge a fee of $ or points.

      Looking at the Virgin bonds (VAHHA) - the market is pricing in that Virgin will be insolvent soon.

      Personally transferred all my Velocity points to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer this morning which is 56% Government owned.

  • When I login to the manage booking section, it says this booking can only be changed by contacting our customer service center.
    When I call the center, i get a message that unless I have a flight in next 24 hours, call back later. Anyone has a working way to cancel their booking?

    • Nope. I have a booking in 24 hours, and even then they say call back later and hang up.

      Last night I sat on hold for 2 1/2 hours without anyone picking up.

    • I filled in their form on line yesterday requesting my flights be changed to later this year (original travel 4 April). I received acklowledgement today saying: "…you'll receive a notification from us once your booking has been changed or cancelled."
      Might be worth emailing if you have time.

    • I just cancelled online in exchange for travel credit using: https://apps.virginaustralia.com/booking-cancellation/index....
      That link was not available this morning. Hopefully this takes the load off their call centre.

      • Thanks for that. It didn't work for my flight tomorrow (<24 hours), but did for a flight in April.

      • @murphy09 did you receive an email re the cancellation? I didn't receive any email acknowledgement even though I submitted the request. When I checked my booking details - it's still active!

  • I booked my flights through Expedia.
    Do I need to contact Expedia or Virgin?

    Does anyone know the process?
    Thank you.

  • I've been having issue getting through to an operator all day (was getting a message that they were having issues and the call would end).

    However just tried again and got through after 15 min wait.

    • Were you able to get what you want? the credit?

      Did you book direct or through an agency ?

      • I just rescheduled a domestic flight, so only got no fee change of flights to later date in the year.

  • Virgin Just cancelled all international flights until 30th june.

  • Yep Virgin have grounded ALL intl flights from Australia


    And Scomo just banned ALL intl travel.. you can't leave even If you want to..

    • apparently he 'misspoke' it is not in fact a BAN, just advice.. but either way, all VA flights are canceled so bring on the refund :)

  • Does anyone know if Virgin Australia goes bankrupt if travel insurance would cover it if purchased now?