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½ Price Quorn Meat Free Mince 300g $3.10 @ Woolworths


"I Can't Believe It's Not Mince"

Quorn Mince is a good source of protein.
Love cooking with Quorn our mince is great for spaghetti bolognese, homemade meatballs and spicy chilli tacos.
Proudly meat free. Deliciously versatile. Good source of fibre. Low fat.

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  • +35 votes

    I can’t believe it’s not in stock!

  • +18 votes

    I work in the meat industry, and we have been marveling at the fact that this and other plant based meats have been left alone at stores during the panic. Incredible really, considering two months ago the world couldn't get enough of it. People showing their true colours in a crisis.

    • +47 votes

      it's quite simple. this stuff is expensive.

      people are hoarding cheap things so they can get "more" stuff.

      • +10 votes

        Exactly, all the expensive cuts of meat (well marbled rib-eye steaks, etc) still available at Costco.

        On the other hand, mince meat from 30 different cows in one package, all gone.

      • +10 votes

        Yes, I've noticed people are hoarding food, but only the cheap stuff. Expensive rice at $3/kg is still on the shelves at most stores. All the plant based burger patties that sell for $50/kg are untouched.

        Generic brand milk powder is sold out, but the brand name stuff at $9/kg languishes next to the empty shelves.

      • +3 votes

        How cheap can meat mince get really?

        Woolworths showing me the only thing left available is some Woolworths Beef Mince 1kg at $10 making it $10/kg.

        This Quorn Meat Free Mince 300g at $3.10 makes it $10.33/kg.

        Is 33 cents per kilo really a big enough deal to not make the switch to Meat Free Mince is my question now.

    • +3 votes

      I don't think I've seen a supermarket where Quorn is flying off the shelves.


        Need to go to hipster central.

      • +2 votes

        It's not cheap anyway and a lot of those fake meats and substitutes are really aimed at people transitioning, or who want something similar (but healthier) than meat. Some of that stuff is a novelty to try, I don't really bother with it. Real whole food plan based foods are better and cheaper. At least vegans and vegetarians won't starve.

        Funny people hoarding grains and tin stuff they'd never know how to cook or eat.

    • +20 votes

      because the sort of people who are panic buying all the meat aren't the sort of people who care about the planet / other people


        Hahahaha, wow. Gee, I wonder why vegans are hated so much.

        • +1 vote

          Its because people are forced to examine their own actions and they don't like it

          • -1 vote

            @realrift: So is all life valued for only farm animals? When you kill billions of living insects and animals to make crops that use fossil fuels to harvest and package it, does that become ok? I just want to know where the line is. If you’re gonna come back with ‘At least it’s better than XXX’ don’t bother, that’s called hypocrisy. I hope you check how your clothes, shoes and electronics are made, or humans don’t matter in your eyes?

        • +2 votes

          Panic buying and over-consumption of anything isn't normal and are generally signs of a selfish person. Meat production (especially cattle) has a huge deteremental effect on climate change and taking more than you need, knowing it takes away from others, is a weirdly non-compassionate gesture that we pretend is okay and justifiable due to the capitalistic values instilled in us from our culture since the day we were born despite knowing it isn't the morally correct way to treat others.

          • -1 vote

            @Ninternet: See post above. Morally correct, please. I’d say sbout 80% of ‘vegans’ do it because they like to seem all progressive and hip.


              @snagseb: I think these people you're referring to are simply compassionate and trying to make a small positive change despite how they may come across at times. A small change to create a bigger difference is better than no change at all.

              • +2 votes

                @Ninternet: Those ‘compassionate’ ones cause the most trouble. Road blocking. Assault. Heckling. Theft of farmers livestock. Etc.

                Not very compassionate to the people who want to eat meat. No, they are called murders and selfish while the compassionate film their harassment on their expensive phones and slave made clothes. Or the ones who literally claim the moral high ground calling carnivores murders and stupid and many other forms of harassment. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. No one cares what you eat. But if you’re going to act in a certain way, expect the backlash.


                  @snagseb: False dichotomy. Not all vegans fall under the same banner.

                  Don't confuse compassionate people with extremists either. This is just like racism or Islamaphobia.


                    @Ninternet: Let me clarify. Not all vegans are like this, obviously. But if people were left to eat whatever they wanted, there wouldn’t be a problem. Meat eaters don’t go out of their way to harass vegans because we don’t care what you eat. You’ll only cop it back when you harass others.


                      @snagseb: The problem with that ALMOST perfect idea is that the cattle production industry is a key contributor to climate change if you don't care about anything else.


                        @Ninternet: Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t Brahe real truth is nobody really knows. At at least to what extent would be a more accurate description. Anyways, I’ve said all I want to really say on this matter. I appreciate the civil and friendly argument for a change.

    • +1 vote

      Stupid really, all the local butchers and meat wholesalers have loads of meat at better prices. Really don't understand why there's a run on mince.

      Not like we're short on cattle in this country

    • -1 vote

      Nah its more to do with The quorn brand being mediocre. Tried chicken strips once and it was really unpleasant. Would prefer top just eat chilli beans over this. The good vegan foods are hard to get though.

  • +15 votes

    Lol it’s great for me. I’m like all the stuff I like everyone hates. Walks in grabs, meat free meat, gluten free bread, lentil pasta. 😝 Sadly I cant wipe my ass with any of those things.

  • +11 votes

    "I Can't Believe It's Not Mince" cause it's fungus.

    • +17 votes

      Right? I bet they also think climate change is real and like gay people. Unbelievable!

      • -2 votes

        I think climate change is real and i am a gay person
        and if i had to choose to starve or eat this crap.. i would happily starve

        • +3 votes

          Hahahaha. Bet you would if you see desperate enough. Try not eating for 3 days and then tell me you would rather starve. Fortunately for you, your primal instincts will save you.

          • +4 votes

            @Matt P: But it's ok for meat eaters to talk down to vegans/vegetarians…. Because that happens all the time.

            I don't see why someone who eats meat gets so upset about the passionate point of view from someone who doesn't eat meat.

            We are talking about the lives of animals after all and the terrible living conditions that they live with just so humans can eat them…

            • +2 votes

              @bobmonkey17: I 100% agree with you. I love vegetarians and appreciate the sentiment of veganism. Our capitalistic ideals have completely messed up the way we see and treat animals. I personally still really enjoy meat though and honestly wish there was a true, affordable meat alternative that actually tasted and felt as good as the real thing. I'd jump ship in a heartbeat.

              What I don't like is ANYONE talking down at others about things like this because usually both sides are missing vital pieces of the information puzzle. You can easily see that throughout this comment section


                @Ninternet: No need to get defensive, I am not attacking you at all. You probably talk down at others who make immoral and unethical choices, but they enjoy doing those things. Should I give you examples or you can think of stuff that are unnecessary and immoral? Someone enjoying doing something doesn't justify that action, especially when those acts and "choices" involve others. In your case, certain species of mammals and birds and marine animals. Your taste pleasure shouldn't worth more than a life. And there are plenty of ethical/healthier alternatives to animal's flesh.


                  @nagev5: You can't use these blanket arguments do defend moral ethics. In nature, carnivores and omnivores exist. You can't feed a pet cat a plant-based diet, nor can you call a cat a morally bad cat for eating meat.

                  Surely you have a favourite animal too.

                  My favourite animal is an orca which is, of course part of the dolphin family you want to defend, but it is entirely carnivorous and occasionally plays with its food before eating it. It's also known to kill great White Sharks only for their livers and humpback whales only for their tongues. Are orcas bad people? Or bad dolphins? There is a whole ecosystem in place that ensures none of the energy of the dead animals is wasted.

                  If you're morally against meat, that's good for you. It's also rational, to an extent. But again, humans are omnivorous meaning we're partially designed to eat meat and process it. Maybe not to the extent we consume meat today, but our biology is not subjective.


                    @Ninternet: The difference between us and a wild animal though is that we possess moral agency. Wild animals rape other animals, does that justify us doing it? Could you argue that we are “designed” to do it? If you’re talking about our physical attributes such as our canine teeth, I’d encourage you to take a look at the hippo and the gorilla, both herbivores.


                      @tomski182: Interesting points. However I still don't necessarily think we're exempt from the natural world just because we invented class-based and structural hierarchies to keep people in check, despite how ugly it is at times. Obviously nobody condones rape or killing towards other people and it's entirely justifiable to not wish that upon animals. I am not arguing that. I just don't believe the way certain people are approaching the issue through shaming and ridicule solves any problems.


                        @Ninternet: We shame and ridicule rapists, because the act they commit (regardless how natural/biological or whatever pleasure they get from it) is immoral. Because one's pleasure shouldn't cost other's freedom/bodily autonomy/life. We also know that rape is a legal/social norm in many countries. But that does not justify the action, does it?
                        If you were logically consistent you would see the hypocrisy, and you're not the one to blame, it's the social conditioning. But everyone can open their minds and eyes. Then you won't even need the Quorn products. I could shame you all day but if you still continue committing unethical/immoral acts upon animals (regardless of whether you agree they are unnecessary), it won't matter. Because you need to see the truth for yourself and put yourself in the victim's shoes.
                        We are advanced/intelligent enough not to be dependent on animals at this day and age. Therefore still continuing to exploit and kill them for taste, clothing, entertainment, consumer products is immoral and unethical. Have a good day.


                      @tomski182: I hate to be that person but hippo's are mostly herbivores, however there is recorded cases of carnivory https://journals.co.za/content/wild/28/2/EJC117046 and gorilla's can and will eat insects(don't see why insects don't count as they are living too…)

                      • +2 votes

                        @Forfiet: These people have made up their minds and don't want a discussion. They want to be told that they're correct even if it means creating arguments themselves.

  • +8 votes

    cheers big ears, not made of pigs ears

  • +1 vote

    Are these any good?

    • +2 votes

      yeah we use it in spaghetti sauce and for taco/burritos. Works well.

      • +1 vote

        Can I get a copy of that spaghetti sauce or taco/burrito mix.

        Been dying to find some good vegetarian recipes.


          Sorry i almost never use a recipe. I just add stuff until it tastes decent :)

          I'll post the following just as an example of my regular thrown together mix.

          Burritos i just add the Quorn couple of cans of beans (4 bean or whatever i have at hand), store bought taco seasoning if i am feeling lazy otherwise plenty of cumin, paprika, ground coriander seed, some chilli, pinch of salt (or a bit of sweet chilli works ok to add some salt and a bit of sugar).

          As i said though, i don't follow anything that closely, other herbs if i have them. Refried beans if i have them are ok but cost more, if not stick mixer and regular baked beans work fine as well.

          Pasta tonight i just browned some diced garlic added some diced onion, chucked in a bottle of passata, handful of basil leaves ripped up, bit of tomato sauce as i couldnt find any salt so used that instead. Had no mince or quorn as people are panic buying morons so left it at that. Tasted decent, all the kids ate it so it must have been acceptable.

        • +2 votes

          Try cooking bagged coleslaw or salad mix in a frypan for 5 or more minutes with a little oil. Then add a can or 2 of Coles Mexican Chilli Beans. About one can serves 2-3.
          Then just throw it in a wrap hot with a little cheese or vegan cheese (let the cheese melt in the hot bean veg mix) and your fave hot sauce like nandos etc and some fresh shredded lettuce. Really good and really cheap. I do this when my veg or salads are getting a little wilted. It gives unused veges or salad mixes longer life. And you can fridge it for a few more days of even freeze portions for later. Suspect it would work well in a taco also.

    • +1 vote

      I've used it in Spag bol, cottage pie and for a burrito mix - works just as well as beef mince for any of those. Taste and texture is basically indistinguishable once it's in sauce.


      I have tried it in the past, it is not great. I would pass even at 1/2 price.

  • +9 votes

    Beware Myoprotien can cause previously unknown food allergy reactions.

    Happened to our child when the childcare centre fed this stuff to them.


      I don't mean to seem disrespectful, but if your child is still in childcare, there may be a myriad of previously unknown allergies that they have yet to experience in their few years they've been exposed to things on this planet.

      Unless there's evidence supporting a wider observation of these allergies, this is fear-mongering.

      • +10 votes

        Went to an specialist allergist doctor to confirm
        Also the allergy advice on the packet is clear
        And I contacted the supplier and they also confirmed quite a few cases of allergic reactions
        Was enough evidence for us to avoid in the future

    • +5 votes

      Beware red meats likely and processed meat products definitely cause various cancers.

      • +2 votes

        ‘Mycoprotein, is not classified as an allergen in any of the 16 countries where it is currently sold. The UK Food Standards Agency states that ‘between 1 in 100,000 to 200,000 people will react’ or be intolerant to Quorn products.’ They added that ‘[b]y comparison, one in 200 people are thought to be intolerant to soy.’

      • +2 votes

        So does paint, smoking, drinking, sex, sugar and the sun. Are you publicising that too? While you're at it, where are the long-term studies that show alternative meats don't cause cancer?