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FOXTEL: Drama, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Documentaries, Reality and Kids Packages Free + More until 31 May


Foxtel have announced some COVID-19 initiatives - most probably to stop everyone cancelling due to no sport.

Effective from today until 31 May, Foxtel customers will have access to:

  • More content with access to Foxtel’s full range of Drama, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Documentaries, Reality and Kids TV channels and on demand libraries.
  • Customers will have access to Multiscreen, giving expanded access to watch on up to two additional devices at the same time including casting the Foxtel GO4 app to additional TVs.
  • Foxtel Now customers will have Drama Extra, Docos, Pop, Lifestyle and Kids added to their Essentials, Pop or Lifestyle packs.
  • Unlimited broadband data for all Foxtel Broadband and Foxtel NBN customers who are on monthly data allowances for streaming and home internet without limits.

The initiatives are available to Foxtel customers including those that subscribe to Foxtel through Telstra and Optus.

Customers do not need to activate the changes. The additional tiers of content, multiscreen and unlimited broadband will be opened up by Foxtel this morning allowing customers to enjoy the premium content and features immediately until 31 May.

What happens if I’m already subscribed to these channels – do I get a credit?

There will be no change to your package if you’re already subscribed to these channels. We appreciate your loyalty and we hope that you see the value of Foxtel’s extensive range of programming. At this time, we’re focused on opening up all of our general entertainment packs to Foxtel customers as quickly as possible. We’re all in this together and we hope our customers appreciate the intent of these changes.

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  • +4

    Well that’s better than nothing. It keeps me from cancelling Foxtel until the 31st of May.

    • +16

      Can I ask, why haven't you cancelled already? Sport?

      • +1

        I keep it for 3 or 4 channels that I watch a lot, which are not availability anywhere else in Australia.

        $50+ is a lot of money for a few channels, but maybe Robert is keeping Foxtel until something better comes along.

        I know there is Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Apple, etc. but my channels are not included in those packages.

        I have access to US Hulu and US Netflix too, and I can access paid live channels too, but sometimes there's a problem with buffering, or geoblocking, or updating account or card details, etc.

        These problems don't happen often, but often enough for me to pay the Foxtel extortionists, so I can watch my favourite channels in peace.

        I know it's not the ozbargain way, but I don't see an alternative, with Foxtel locking in my favourite channel distributors, with exclusive rights in Australia

  • +24

    If you're already paying for these extra packages, why wouldn't you just cancel them if they're free? Shame there's no movies package - that's the main one worth watching. Also, you still have to pay extra for HD, which is absurd in today's age.

    • +12

      Also, you still have to pay extra for HD, which is absurd in today's age.

      So true. It’s almost like paying for free-to-air.

      • +3

        I thought so too. But then again Netflix charge extra for plans that include HD

        • +2

          Many people watch Netflix on their phone where you can get away with SD (and might be preferable if you have a small data cap). Anybody who’s shelling out the $50 minimum for a decent package is watching it on a TV with HD.

          • +3

            @BargainGeezer: I principally watch Netflix on a 4K TV but I only pay for the basic package because I find the quality to be perfectly adequate.

            People really need to stop assuming they everyone is the same as they are…

        • +1

          Stan too. I don't think it's that big of an issue as I think the price for standard HD is pretty great (assuming you like whatever shows the platform has). I imagine some remote areas or other areas with bandwidth restrictions it would come in handy to have the SD option, even though I guess you could technically just adjust the quality in the normal HD plan for SD content.

        • +2

          Netflix isn’t just paying extra for HD though, it’s also allowing for extra streams (so can easily allow account sharing as many do).

      • its almost like paying for Foxtel channels that show adds.

        how does Foxtel get away with that shit?

        • Because virtually every pay TV channel on the planet shows ads as well?

          If you want no ads then you'd need to pay a much higher subscription fee.

          • @callum9999: Netflix is ad free and less expensive
            The library's of the free to air catch up apps is pretty extensive. Don't know if you need pay tv today

    • +5

      This is another factor to why pirating will never stop.

      People can pay a cheaper amount and get everything for free in HD, UHD and above.

    • For existing customers I take this as meaning a course of action is to drop back to the mini pack for $10 to just keep the box. Not sure you can then add on HD seperately with this.

    • Contract ending in 2 days and discounts revert. Wait times on hold advised are over an hour. Reports of people waiting 4 hours and giving up waiting after trying this for several days.

      Might just cancel the direct debit to get their attention, and pop a registered letter in the post to cover it.

      Section 11 calls out you can do this. (PDF prevents copy action…)

    • In the Terms and Conditions (or it's in the Q&As) it says that customers who are already signed up to these packages or services, will not be charged for them, with their bill being reduced automatically, with any prepaid amounts refunded to the customer.

  • +3

    Customers will have access to Multiscreen

    This is a nice freebie, because as of last month, those with the Foxtel app on their TV / Nvidia Shield / Vodafone TV / PS4(?) or the Foxtel Now Box can now login with your satellite details:

    • -1

      Not sure about this. I use my parents Foxtel HFC multiroom account and linked it with Kodi on my shield and it is working fine but Foxtel Now app is still not letting me login.

      • Foxtel Now is a separate service/product from Foxtel.

        If you have satellite or HFC cable and a set top box setup, you get free access to the Foxtel Go app.

        And just an fyi Foxtel Now prices have skyrocketed recently, probably because people were dumping the traditional service, for the same (or very similar) content on Foxtel Now, at a much lower price.

        They've been changing packages, changing channel names, service and app names, etc that it's practically impossible to keep up.

    • I'm finding the Foxtel app on Vodafone TV really great. For some reason casting content was really glitchy, but the app has been buttery smooth.

    • Can anyone explain why I cant get FOXTEL GO to work on my KODI box? Genuinely says because the KODI box is connected to a external display that it wont allow me to connect to the APP

      • KODI box

        There's no such thing as a Kodi Box. Kodi is an app that runs on Android, Linux, iOS, Apple TV, Windows, Mac and Xbox One devices. What is your device?

        • Must be a android box then.

        • Kodi Xbone doesn't support Widevine because it's the UWP version, but I'm having no problems using Go via Kodi on my SHIELD.

      • Foxtel Go was made for mobiles, and could only ever be used on the big screen using a PC.

        The Foxtel app is for TVs and Android TV boxes etc.

        You could try using the Foxtel Go Kodi add-on on your Kodi box:

        • Thank you for the link. I recently updated the box to 18.6 and started the Xanax build so still working it all out. Just need to watch another tutorial

    • So if I buy a Foxtel Now box I can log in and watch all the channels I get with my satellite subscription? The link says I need multi room enabled is that true?

      • +1


        "Multiscreen lets you watch Foxtel on a supported Smart TV or on the Foxtel Now Box through the Foxtel app. You can also cast Foxtel to a big screen from the Foxtel GO app.

        To watch Multiscreen, you’ll need to log in to the Foxtel app or Foxtel GO app using your Foxtel ID."

        • Is Multiscreen free or do they charge for that? Thanks for the info.

  • +10

    Can I signup now to access these packs and get free until may?

  • +1

    I was thinking last night I might as well cancel Foxtel cos of the no sport thing….but maybe I'll stay on cos of this good gesture

  • +2

    Is essentials the cheapest plan to signup to, to get the free channels on Foxtel Now?

  • +8

    F Foxtel.

  • Wondering what’s gonna happen to KAYO - with no sports! Not so long ago KAYO was being trumpeted as the best thing to happen in terms of long term subscriber base / revenue for the group.

    • +24

      You could say it’s been K-O’d.

    • Probably will fill it with old Matches

      • +1

        It's already filled with old matches. Most things that it covers live and kept on demand. They are doing more sports related talk show content, facetime to players etc this week but yeah they are going to struggle hardcore. Maybe they can get creative and do some e-sports stuff with footy codes etc. Probably have some comedy value to it.

        • Probably, there's going to be a Supercars esports thing with all the normal drivers doing it.

          • @Agarwal: That will be available on streams all over the place. There's no commercial contract in place to stop any of the competitors etc streaming it.

    • I cancelled mine. I emailed and asked them if they're going to cut their rates, but they just directed me to a cancellation page, so I did it.

  • +3

    Everyone seems to think may 31stnis some magic day cov id looses the war

    • Or the day society officially collapses

    • +1

      Everyone seems to think may 31stnis some magic day cov id looses the war

      It would be great if it was over by then, but doubtful :'(

    • They probably negotiated pricing with their content providers until that day, then are going to reassess/renegotiate for pricing for June 1 onwards.

  • They should give also movies free!!!!

  • +3

    Thanks OP, wonder what time today, mine isn’t available yet.

  • Are the new Westworld eps on it?

    • +1

      Sure are

      • And how! I’m loving it.. even the behind the scenes is fascinating

      • Sweeet!

  • Have Foxtel with Sport through Telstra. Can't cancel the sport as they're not taking calls unless they're urgent

    • Live chat ?

      • +1

        Same message, live chat not available. Slightly irritating to be paying $20 p/m for nothing. But in the grand scheme of things, it's a small inconvenience.

        • Send them an email. They likely will backdate it then.

  • -1

    does this apply for foxtel from telstra customers?

    • Read the OP again.

  • Thanks. I just checked And was surprised. It still has the keylock next to the channel name But it works. I'm also a Foxtel from Telstra customer with sport added only

  • +4

    For anybody wanting to save money, you may be able to switch online as long as the total price you pay Foxtel is the same.
    E.g. drop the $20 a month Drama pack and add the $20 per month Movie pack, or drop the kids pack and add HD.

    I'm on the base pack only so unable to confirm it won't affect the free offering but would save a phone call.

    • The aim is to be on the cheapest pack possible so you can do this.
      Can't go below the contracted miniumum amount online, so have to call still.

    • +1

      "save money" was the wrong wording. I should have said "get better value" as the net cost will be the same.

    • +1

      I have just swapped the Drama pack (that I currently pay for) to Movies pack online now. Hopefully that means I get both now for no extra charge. I'll let you know.

  • Awesome - with no sport I don't really have much use for Foxtel until now.

  • +2

    Crap, still no movie channel. Cheap bas****s.

  • Hmmm… i wonder if I could remove sport from my offer and just do essentials + movies with these extras…

  • Works with Foxtel Now too, which is nice. Only paying a tenner a month so this is a nice inclusion while housebound.

    • How are you only paying $10??

      • +4

        Grandfathered pricing (originally, you only needed to sign up for one pack, so you could get onto Foxtel for $10).

        FWIW, I'm only paying $15 for Drama. Was about to upgrade to include docos but no need for the next couple of months… :-)

        • This, I cancelled it when the 12 months Telstra free thing ran out and then I realised to get it back I would have to pay full whack. So I messaged them and had them stop the cancellation as I figure I can bounce around the packs every other month to get my moneys worth.

    • I am paying $0 per month :p

  • The extra channels aren't available for me as yet. I wonder how many people will get used to these channels and upgrade their package after May 31?

    • Mine arent on yet even now either….is yours working yet?

  • +1

    Was expecting this to happen any day, although would have thought they would make everything available. Still one year left on my Foxtel Now subscription obtained from that awesome Telstra offer posted here, 2 years free. I hardly watch it as channels are pretty average but the addition of docos will be good.

  • Nice, I’m on the $10 plan, too so this is awesome!

    • I am assuming this $10 plan spoken of i no longer obtainable?

      • +2

        I'm on the $10 plan too. You can only get it if you call up to cancel and say you're not using any channels. I said I only use the lifestyle channel (as I knew it was included in the $10 deal). For $10 per month you get to keep the set top box and get a handful of channels such as fox 8, lifestyle etc. I mostly did it to keep the set top box as I quite like it.

  • +1

    So if I sign up to foxtel now, I'll get all those packages free until May 31st? Or will I still only get the two week free trial?

    • +1

      It's for existing customers only, as far as I know.

      T&Cs or Q&As just mentions existing customers, and used the word "loyalty" as part of the reason why they are doing this.

      That's why I assume it may be for existing customers only.

      They don't mention new customers anywhere that I could see (but I just scanned it quickly).

      Maybe a new customer could confirm if it's available for new customers too, or not.

  • +1

    i just called up to cancel and try to move to the $10 mini pack, however it looks like they won't offer it anymore following this announcement.
    Cheapest the would offer was the essentials pack in SD for $19.95. I was told outright they are no longer offering the mini pack.

    • Bugger! I was only offered it after I declined every one of their counter offers to stay with them (and I had every intention of cancelling), albeit a few months ago.

      A friend of mine called and demanded the mini pack (again with every intention of cancelling) and they gave it to him.

      If you are willing to actually go through with a cancellation, it might be worth asking again - $10 in their pocket is better than zero!

      • My billing date is tomorrow, and I went all the way through the cancellation process before saying "I will talk to my partner before I confirm the cancellation" and the operator wouldn't budge on the mini pack.

        Might call back later today and try again.

  • Awsome still on the foxtel now 24 months I got for free with just the essentials pack. Great to know thanks OP.

  • Thanks op. Received an email from their Foxtel CFO offering this and it’s good. Just wished that OPTUS NBN would manage the high traffic in our street now that everyone is working and studying at home to be able to watch the shows after work.

  • Anyone know how much it is to add multi room so I can watch on a Foxtel Now Box?

  • Is there any way to make the changes not greyed out?

    They work but it’s annoying that they appear greyed out.

  • +1

    Channels still not working for me - anyone having the same issue?

    • +1

      They appear locked but if you actually open the channel they do work.

  • +1

    I called today to find out what was going on with sports because my contract was ending in a few weeks anyway, I had hd sports and movies for $48 per month. They offered me $39 per month (Base pack and HD) and I get to keep sports for 3 months free and movies for 6 months free with no contract plus all the other channels they already offered for free.

    • Sounds like a good deal. My husband was paying $139 for the platinum HD package I think smh lol. Called after 80 minutes on hold and was only offered to keep the same package for $109 we said no and just got the lowest pack for $29.

  • Xioami Mibox 3: Anyone running foxtel app on this and how?

    • Don't think it's available in the Play Store on the Mi Box, but you can sideload it - get the Foxtel_1.4.8 apk from here:!PaJQELqY!dg3wVzOFIybj6an5Yeq7PA

      • I'll give it a go, thanks.

      • Works well on Vodafone tv

  • can someone let me know which is the cheapest package available ?

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