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[VIC] Restaurant quality sliced wagyu $49.90 for 2kg - Free pick up in CBD or $20 Delivery @ Pokémart


Hey ozbargainers!

Premium thinly sliced wagyu, sourced locally and used in our delicious Seared Wagyu Bowl. Perfect with our teriyaki sauce, seared and served on our steamed white rice.

Comes frozen in a 2kg block

This is the stuff we use on our premium wagyu bowl. Super delicious and super easy to make.

Would love any other feedback on the site! Still a work in progress.

Thank you for all the support!

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  • +1

    looks great OP, do you deliver to SA by any chance?

  • I'll order 10kg if you can ship to Sydney.
    This will go well on my lodge hibachi grill that I got in a previous ozbargain deal.
    My family often do yakiniku sessions.

    • They probably won't do it, but there is also another post on the front page from earlier today that is in Sydney.

    • +1

      haha thats exactly how it should be! We are working on it at the moment!

  • Hey @justinh93 - would love it if you could get 1.5-2" thick cut of it! let us know when you can! Cheers mate!

    • Hey Matt,

      Thanks for your interest

      We are working on it and will do it as a seperate deal once we confirm with the farm.



  • Hi, were you able to get the 1" thick cuts? I'm also interested in the thicker cuts.


    • Hey,

      Thanks for your interest

      We are working on it and will do it as a seperate deal once we confirm with the farm.



  • hi pls msg me too if you can do it for 1.5-2" thick size . thanks

    • Hey Tiki,

      Thanks for your interest

      We are working on it and will do it as a seperate deal once we confirm with the farm.



  • +1

    is this halal?

    • Very

    • +1

      Inquiring minds would like to know (and would order if the answer is YES)

    • If it is i would buy this in a heartbeat! Please reply Op!

      • -4

        I hope not I’m not paying the tax

  • I am interested on 2" thick cut 4 kegs please

    • Hey,

      Thanks for your interest

      We are working on it and will do it as a seperate deal once we confirm with the farm.



      • -1

        Hi Justin, any word if it's halal or not?

  • Can I pick up 4/1 Wed? I live in docklands can pick any soon?

    • Not at the moment. Next week would be best for us.

  • hi op delivery is only showing 30km radius?

  • OP, I can see there is a note for stopping pick up, does it means only delivery is available? If pick up, is it only CBD?
    Please confirm. If pick up a fine, when is the earliest pick up available if ordering today?

    "Due to unprecedented demand we have put a halt on pick up orders to facilitate social distancing. We will be in contact if there are any changes to your order. Delivery is still available."

    • Yes, pick up is back available now. We just needed to make sure we could make everything work.

  • +1

    when is the delivery?

    • Still confirming at the moment. Either this weekend or early next week.

      • It would have been cool if you stated your slow delivery in your post . Too slow for me I wouldn't have ordered .
        Yes I'm aware of the times and my normal meat delivery place has gone back from 1 day to 2 days delivery !

  • Are the Sweet Potato Chips and Edamame pre-cooked? If yes, how long can we store it for?
    Thanks OP

    • Yes to both, airtight sweet potato crisps can last a few months. Edamame can last a week.

  • Please could you reduce the delivery minimum and delivery fee?
    I don't mind if you wait 1 week and then deliver everything at once in the area. It doesn't have to be fast.

    • We will look at this for our next deal!

  • You mentioned in a comment "we could arrange for pickup from one of our shops that opens until 9pm.". Which stores could I pick up the order from? I have already put in for 2kg pick up on Friday :)

    • +1

      Hey! We will be calling tomorrow to lock in pick up times with everyone. Want to make sure we don't have any issues with social distancing.

      • +1

        Great! Thanks for running this promotion, I look forward to trying this wagyu and will be back to get more if we like it

      • Hi

        Just ordered 2 kg and the teriyaki sauce. I picked the pick up date for next Thursday but is it possible to pick up this weekend instead?
        Sorry I wanted weekend pick up but the system won’t let me.

        It’s fine if not possible, I’ll just wait till next week.

      • Mate, I didn't get the call

        • Me neither.

  • The site is charging $20 pick up too. Shouldn't it be free?

    • Pickup should always be free on the website, are you able to let me know if you're still having troubles?

  • +2

    Please enable Paypal as payment method :]

  • anyone actually got it? any comments?

  • Thanks OP, just bought 4 kg plus kimchi and edamame , could I please have it deliver on Tuesday 7th (or earlier) for wife's B'day dinner. Order #1483

  • I got the email from Mark Laughton, but I didn't get the comfirm message…

  • +4

    I just picked up mine.

    Honestly im disappointed. It’s really nothing close to the photo displayed on the website, thickness or colour.


    • Is that frozen?

      Looks like beef jerky

      • Yah, a frozen block.

        Colour-wise, it looks pretty jerky, or heavily-discounted beef from coles or woolworths.

    • yeah i picked mine up and am a little disappointed too.

      but its frozen and vacuum sealed, i'll see if it changes color once i thaw it

      • +1

        thawing it as well!

        we will see.

        • +1

          do give us an update! ill be thawing it tomorrow

    • +2

      Omg that actually looks terrible and looks really old. I dnt think the colour will change post thawing.

      Errr now I want a refund……

      • I wonder if they’ll let me cancel my order. I didn’t realised it comes in a big frozen block.
        I won’t be able to finish the whole 2 kgs at once. Meat loses its texture and taste if defrosted and re-freezed.
        Feel a bit disappointed now, was looking forward to having BBQ. Have even bought an electric grill for it 😩

        • Please PM me and I will be able to help you

    • +1

      Hey guys,

      Unfortunately, that is the way it comes to us. The colour will change a bit but we will be uploading some short videos tomorrow to show how to prepare it for best results.

      As it thaws out slightly I would recommend portioning it into smaller packs and keeping them in the freezer as it is pretty hard to eat 2kg of meat in one go.

      The colour is due to it being sliced and the blood will oxidise a bit, this shouldn't affect the taste though.

      It is our best seller across our 9 stores and it is very delicious. I am sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations and feel free to PM me if you are really disappointed.

      • +5

        You should’ve mentioned it came frozen, especially when Aequitas on page 1 commented “please don't freeze meat unless it's a cheap cut“. That would’ve been the time too.

        • I am really sorry. I have updated the description. I must have missed that comment.

          • @justinh93: I send a message to via your website to cancel my order . It will save the hassle of a chargeback . No telephone number at your site . It a bit different than your photo is the reason and frozen not acceptable .

            • @popsiee: Please pm for me and I will organise for you.

      • I am the only meat eater in the household. So can you provide instructions for the best way to split this down for storage? My aim is to get through this meat over the next month

  • +3

    I don't have any issue with frozen meat as I freeze any leftover anyway and I take it's an honest mistake not mentioning it earlier.

    However, displaying product pic not even remotely close to the reality is deceptive at best, if not straight scam. :(

    • +1

      We're really sorry about that, the staff member responsible for putting together the website had put placeholder photos for each product. We have now changed all Wagyu pictures on our page to only reflect our finished product and a real picture of the meat itself from the kitchen. Unfortunately ozbargain doesn't let us change the picture on the deal. We don't want to make up excuses, we are learning the ropes after pivoting from a chain of restaurants to an online ecommerce site and we will definitely learn from this experience going forward.

      • As long it's still delicious after BBQ(will be the same colour/burn anyway), it should been fine yeah…

    • +3

      Agree, the meat is like a soon be expired clearance meat from frozen food aisle. I have defrosted mine, and it looks horrible.. no way near the photo that was put up by the seller. Very disappointing… will never buy again.

      Any suggestion on how to get rid of it, beside throwing it into a bin :(

      • +1

        If it is that bad, I would suggest you ask for a refund.

      • Consumer laws haven't gone away with the pandemic . Return it for a full refund .

      • Hey Bargain12,

        Shoot me a PM and I will arrange for you.

  • +5

    Pick it up today, it didn't smell or taste like quality beef at all, could probably get better from the butchers or Coles to be honest.


    It came in frozen package like the image above, the beef had a funny smell even after cooking it. Beef was also very chewy, you can tell it the meat is very old, in the end, would not probably recommend

  • +2

    I bought 4kg and I like a refund too pls. I m thawing 2kg and the meat is dark brown. It doesn't look like what is shown on the website. Very disappointing.


    • That looks like it has been refrozen at least a few times.

    • meat with pore/holes are signs it has been refronzen more than once, that pic looks like at least frozen/thawed 2-3 times.

      Not don't judge the meat freshness by colour for vacuum sealed meat, the meat will usually turn red after being exposed to oxygen, if it doesn't its old meat

    • Jesus christ that looks horrible.

  • +4

    I had some today. It's very average. Quite chewy. Sorry, i have to neg even though i want to support restaurants in these tough times. I felt that the post was deceptive. How could you not know that the product looks nothing like what was shown in the picture? It's not just the colour. The marbling is nothing like the picture either.

    Edit: What? Can't neg after revoking positive vote??

  • +4

    Got a screen shot of the page before it was 'updated'.

    "Premium thinly sliced Australian Restaurant Grade Wagyu, sourced locally and used in our delicious Seared Wagyu Bowl. Perfect with our teriyaki sauce or sesame sauce, seared and served on our steamed white rice. Our wagyu can be frozen and stored for up to three months."

    Yeah… no, don't think this is the same beef used in your wagyu bowls. If it is, the meat is probably drenched in sauce and/or seasoning to mask the smell and texture.

    While your site didn't say initially if the was frozen or not, it did imply strongly that it was fresh. Should have seen the red flags when you chose to reply to certain questions only.

    Based on photos submitted by people who bought this beef, I can't even tell if it is actually wagyu. But I'm pretty sure it's been refrozen, a few times at the very least.

    Furthermore, I don't think that any self-respecting Australian wagyu producer would have the heart to do this to this to quality wagyu, so I suspect it might not even be locally sourced.

  • I would really love to support a business through these times, but the beef is really disappointing. Picked up and thawed it yesterday. Was the first time I had to break down a piece of meat like this, not an enjoyable experience, while parts around the edge were defrosted the core was still very much frozen. I wanted to split it down and throw some back into the freezer, but it just felt suss to defrost it all fully enough to split it down fully. Near the parts when it was still frozen, the meat slices would just tear instead of pulling away. I ended up giving up and only splitting down the pieces close to the edge of the meat clump that had defrosted and threw the remaining clump back into the feeezer. Cooked a test piece late last night…. Not good.

    Made a fried rice today, cut the beef into strips, seasoned it and blasted it on high heat with peanut oil. It would not sear. I think there was too much moisture in the thin slices after freezing it, it kept releasing lots of moisture (not fat) really did not smell good and really could not get it to sear, just kind of boil.

    Maybe this is a failure on my cooking skills, some of the slices do look fairly marbled, but the colour and smell are comparable to Cole's budget steak cuts and so far the taste is disappointing. Sorry, I really wanted this to be an awesome deal.

  • Feel sorry for everyone who ordered and picked up. I guess what you pay for us what you get. I think I’ll stick to my $44.95/kg M5-6 Wagyu from Costco that comes unfrozen and vacuum sealed in a big piece that I can portion myself.

  • +2

    i thrawed and cooked mine during weekend, dark colour, super chewy, nowhere near any waygu standard. coles steaks would be better than that.

    very disappointed. highlt not recommended. like outdated meat.

  • +4

    Just received my delivery. Really disappointed with the product. I ordered 4kg as well. If this is how they want to do business then I don't think they can/will survive this crisis.

  • +3

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to say I am extremely embarrassed and disappointed by what has happened.

    Whilst we were misled by our suppliers it is ultimately our fault and I am really sorry about the inconvenience and disappointment caused.

    Please message me directly and I will fix it asap.

    • Hi OP,
      I PM'd you a few days ago and you asked for my order number, which I provided. I have not heard anything from you since. Can you please advise what the next steps are?

      Kind regards


    • Hi @justinh93

      I just pm'ed you. Sad to say my meats came semi-thawed already which i guess made it easy to portion out. Also, very late delivery where i had to personally follow up 3 days after it was suppose to be delivered.
      Tried the first 500 grams and the meat was tough, colour looked like its been frozen and refrozen multiple times and marbling was worse than that off a piece of meat i could get from woolies.

      Wanted to support this deal but would like to ask for a refund on the remainder. I have already Pm'ed the order number to you.

  • Though I am disappointed with what we recieved, I won't be asking for a refund.
    But I hope you guys can look after those who ask for the refund and learn from this to turn things around in the future.
    Take care and keep safe.

    • +2

      Hi Misterpompom,

      I really appreciate your kindness. I can't seem to message you, but I would also like to offer a refund to you as this is not how we do things and I don't want you to feel like we have ripped you off.



      • +4

        Nah I am fine.
        Life happens and you guys want to do the right thing.
        We had bought a few kgs meat together with friends and we have already marinaded the meat anyways.
        But thanks for the offer.

  • Trying to support the local business during this pandemic chaos, however, deeply disappointed with order received. Quality is nowhere near what the description was; The look of the beef is completely different from the image posted with the deal.

  • Testing it now - picked it up this morning

    Wish I read it before I started cooking

    Fingers crossed…

    Edit: chewy :(, and fairly tasteless.

  • +1

    I also tasted mine today, disappointed as others have said. Have pm'd the OP for a refund of the unopened packs.

  • +2

    Sorry have to neg. I'm trying to like it but the post was and still is a bit misleading. I've never had a restaurant wagyu bowl this tough / chewy. Wife and kids won't even eat it, so it's either binning it or chewing through this bad boy solo. Not sure what others have received, but my cut was girello / eye round (not to be confused with eye fillet) - which I've learned is a fairly tough budget cut. I should have known you get what you pay for but you had me at "this is what we use in our premium wagyu bowls". Nicely played :)

    • Same cut here mate. Anyone had any luck with the refunds on the remainder? I have got another 3.5kg to bin.

  • No idea what these guys were eating but I thoroughly enjoyed my $25/KG delicious Wagyu from the Wagyu warrior pack, I assume it was different meat?? Wasn't chewy and had it with seasoning and without, just finishing it off now.

    But if I'm okay with some sub par meat, I can't even begin to imagine what the good cuts are like…

    • the $25 non-wagyu from Aldi tastes even better than this deal

      • Thinly sliced non-wagyu? TELL ME MORE

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