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$2000 Cashback on Loans over $1 Million @ Joshfs


One of the lowest rates from a major bank.
ANZ fixed rates (under Break Free package $395 annual fee applies.

Owner Occupied Loans

2.19% (CR 4.00%) fixed 2 years owner-occupied P&I Repayments
2.29% (CR 3.89%) fixed 3 years owner-occupied P&I Repayments

Investment Loans

2.49% (CR 4.53%) fixed 2 year investor P&I Repayments
2.69% (CR 4.55%) fixed 2 year investor IO Repayments
2.49% (CR 4.37%) fixed 3 year P&I Repayments
2.69% (CR 4.40%) fixed 2 year investor IO Repayments

ANZ Breakfree package includes offset account, multiple loans, credit card. Annual fee $395

In addition, you will receive $4000 Cashback for a loan over 250K and $1000 for loans between 150-250K (from ANZ)

Terms and conditions:

Refinance Component: Must include an OFI Home/Residential Investment Loan
Maximum Number of Cashback Payments: 1 per customer within any 12-month period
This switching cashback offer is not available in conjunction with any other advertised switching offers (but is available in conjunction with any special interest rates discounts available to the customer)

Eligible Home Loans

ANZ Standard Variable Rate Loan
ANZ Fixed Rate Loan
ANZ Simplicity PLUS Loan
ANZ loan product which permits a borrower to draw down credit progressively for the purchase and/or construction of a property or a home
ANZ bridging loan
Cash Back Account: Must be an ANZ Transaction Account (cannot be OFI/Cheque)

Ineligible Home Loans

Equity Manager
Other lines of Credit

Other Exclusions

Non-Credit Critical (NCC) Applications
**Internal ANZ Refinances (e.g. New Loan containing the same borrower(s)) **
**Credit Cards and Personal Loans

Eligibility criteria

1.Loan applications must be submitted between 9 March 2020 and 31 May 2020.
2.Loans must be drawn down by 30 September 2020.

$2000 cashback from Broker is for loans over one million.
$1500 cashback from Broker is for loans between 750K and one million.
$1000 for loans between 500K to 750K.

Call 1300 537 000 for more information

Or Visit www.joshfs.com.au
Jassie Singh
Josh Financial Services (ACL 390176)
Mobile 0400 288 799

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