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Norton Mobile Security (3 Devices, 12 Months) $19, Get Bonus $20 JB Hi-Fi e-Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi


Had been looking for mobile security options and found this fantastic deal.

You pay $19 for the software at JB Hi-Fi and get $20 as JB Hi-Fi e-Gift Card via redemption

The process is quick and online. I had all sorted within 20 minutes.


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      Not As good as 2013😉
      $15ea to get $30 Cashback from Norton. Redeem up to 10 and receive a $30 JB card for online order over $100!

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        good times.

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          Thanks to you👍

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    Good deal, but not free. You still have to essentially buy a gift voucher.

    • hmmm. you get $20 gift voucher. So the software is free

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        please check the review, there is a reason that Norton has to pay the customer to use their software.

        • Make at least $1 profit and then try to sell the Norton krapware.

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          Although I've used Norton for decades, and have laughed at the $90 renewal fees (Just kept buying OEM keys for like $15), and they ARE still one of the best protection software out there https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/

          I have to agree with couger now.

          I just want internet security so simple (but effective) anti-virus and firewall. Have to say the past year, Norton has started nagging like an old horse.

          I already have a VPN I like and use (Freedome). I already have a backup regime I like and use (Macrium Reflect). I already have password storage I like and use (Keepass + Google Drive).

          But Norton just keeps trying to add it's toolbars after each update, which I then remove, it keeps begging me to upgrade to Norton 360 with all these extra features (surely more bloated than I need), and it would be OK if it just asked once and I said no, or a button to say don't ask me again, but it asks me every week it seems. FFS piss off!

          Not to mention it seems to take over the role of just deleting things I'm trying to copy to a USB stick on purpose without asking (granted, they are technician tools sometimes so password retrievers etc), but it's pretty obvious I'm doing that on purpose nothing is hidden. No questions asked just delete things.

          As a retailer myself I use to spruik Norton as a good option to anyone looking for anti-virus but it seems the cure is becoming worse then the disease.

          I can MAYBE accept it in a free product, but in a paid product it needs to shut the hell up and do what I tell it to - and that's it.

          So for the first time ever I'm saying look elsewhere. And yes, I still have stock on the shelves but I cannot recommend it any more…..

  • I just bought a renewal for like $22 last night… sigh

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    I don't see much use for iOS device, but looks good for Android phones

  • whats the chances of finding a cheaper key online and using that instead?

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      When it is free ($1 profit), why are you looking for cheaper key elsewhere?

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        what I mean is, what if I found a key for under $19 to redeem the gift card.

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          In the T's and C's it says it has to be purchased from a JB HiFi.

  • Good luck removing this from your computer after one year

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      It’s mobile device, so easy to uninstall

    • What are you thinking??
      There's no issue with uninstalling on mobiles!
      Done it many times to get the bonus offers.

  • You are purchasing a recurring subscription which will automatically renew after the first year. To activate, you must enroll online and provide your billing information.

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      And like in many deals - just cancel your subscription.
      Signed up 20 licenses in 2013 - never had a problem cancelling. No renewal fees.

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    You dont need mobile security on your device. just keep your software and apps up to date and youll be fine

  • a $20 JB Hi-Fi e-Gift Card for $19, a 5% discount nice. Can get the same from Suncorp rewards and Macquarie rewards too.
    toss away the Norton shit, who needs that, seriously?

  • Marked as expired but it's not.

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