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Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones (Silver Only) $318.60 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


Only for Silver Model. Best current deal out there! Plenty of stock in Perth

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  • What - no comments yet on yet another deal on one of Ozbargain's favorite headphones.

  • Thanks, This will pair well with the Ipad pro I just bought and since Bose just cancelled the $299 QC 35 II deal recently due to their error.

  • A year ago I walked into JB and just asked for the best price they could do it and they just did $299

  • Silver again….when black one back to bargain market

  • I returned them as I found they made men ears quite warm (much more than other ANC headphones I tried).

  • As someone who's been on the fence about these for some months, why should I get these over my current Sony MDR-ZX770BN?

  • Beware seller wont take returns.

  • For anyone considering buying these for working from home, I recently got a pair and have found the sidetone feature to be very annoying. What seems to happen is that during calls, noise cancelling mode stops and the ambient sound mode is enabled. This leads to the noise around you significantly interrupting the call.
    From the Sony help pages:
    "Your voice is heard from the headset through the headset’s microphone (Sidetone function). In this case, ambient sounds or the sounds of the headset operation may be heard through the headset, but this is not a malfunction"
    Keep in mind if purchasing for the purpose of VoIP/Mobile calls. Otherwise the noise cancelling and all other features are excellent.

    • I don't have this problem, I may have changed the settings of the headphone through the app though. I would recommend doing it at least once so you turn off the annoying voice that says "Bluetooth connected" and stops whatever you were playing

    • I also haven't experienced this.

      If I've switched to noise-cancelling mode and I take a call, the headset remains in noise-cancelling mode for the entire duration of the call.
      I can freely switch between ANC/ambient mode in the call as well.

      You may need to update your firmware through the Sony Headphones app and/or check your settings in there.

  • I bought these a few weeks ago after reading all the hype and reviews. I returned them after 2 days because for the money, the sound quality was rubbish. You can get much better sounding headphones for same or less money. You are paying for noise cancelling not sound quality.

    • Do you have any recommendations for something better (sound quality wise) for under $350? I was considering these Sony's but now I'm not sure… :)

      • Have you considered the new sennheiser 450bt

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        I have the XM2 (which comes close sound quality wise by most accounts) and I think any audiophile-oriented headphones from $150 would be better in sound quality. My Shure SRH440 (bought for under $100) have noticeably clearer sound.

        The HD58x here would have much better sound quality, bearing in mind they're full sized, open headphones: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/525300

        Of course if you're listening in loud environments, the Sony would probably sound better. But you're definitely paying for Bluetooth and active noise cancelling.

        • Thank you for the suggestions! I'll be using them at home mostly, so fairly quiet environment. Sound quality and comfort are my main concerns. I'll look into the Sennheisers, thanks!

    • the sound quality was rubbish

      I saw these complaints everywhere before I bought the XM3s and like many I was also sceptical, but I've had mine for several months now and I've realised the more likely explanation for those buyers who found the sound quality lacking is that they were connecting to a device via the low-bitrate SBC Bluetoth codec and playing low-quality, lossy media formats. They probably also had no idea that you can adjust the built-in equalizer for these headphones via the Sony Headphones app on your smartphone.

      When used with the LDAC or AptX-HD codecs at maximum connection quality (which unfortunately not all devices support), properly-adjusted equalizer settings and paired with some lossless media, these headphones definitely won't be mistaken for some $100 dollar cans.

      To get the most out of the XM3s you really need a device that's going to support higher-bitrate Bluetooth codecs (whether it's a smartphone or MP3 player) and has a fairly good DAC built into it.

      Expecting to hear other-worldly sound quality from your 3-4 year old smart phone playing 128Kbp/s Spotify streams is just silly and more to the point, you can't get better sound quality just by getting better headphones; the source media and the audio circuity of your player in question dictate that to a far greater degree.

      • I actually connected them to my $2000 home theatre amp which has a dedicated headphone dac and trust me, for the price, the sound quality is rubbish. Anyone who honestly believes these are value in the sound department hasn't heard quality headphones.

        • I actually connected them to my $2000 home theatre amp which has a dedicated headphone dac

          That's completely contrary to the intended use case of these headphones, though.

          I'm assuming you connected them via the 3.5mm cable and just used them in pass-through mode without turning on the ANC?

          The funny thing about the XM3s is that without ANC/Bluetooth mode-enabled (even when using a wired connection), it's been widely-reported than the sound quality is worse for whatever reason, likely because the ANC circuitry applies a lot of its own filtering and sound processing, hence without ANC mode enabled you just get very tinny, dull sound.

          Also, using them in that scenario would not allow you to tweak the built-in equalisation settings which make a significant difference to the overall soundstage.

          Anyone who honestly believes these are value in the sound department hasn't heard quality headphones.

          Look, I'm not saying these are on the same footing as a decent $300 dollar pair of circumaural headphones; I use my Fidelio X2s as my daily quite listening cans and I won't pretend I can hear as many details in the XM3s as I can with the X2s, but I do believe a lot of the people who were quick to judge these took absolutely no time to tweak the equalisation settings and/or try using them on a device that supports higher-bitrate Bluetooth codecs.

          As in your case, I suspect you believed that your go-to setup that can drive your existing cans just the way you like them should also automatically give you the desired soundstage with the XM3s with no tinkering required.

          It would have taken you all of 10 minutes of Googling to find some basic pointers on how to improve the sound quality of the XM3s, after which you would have realised they're definitely not audiophile-level but neither are they entry-level garbage.

          Yes, they cost around the price you would pay for some decent wired, circumaural headphones but you have to realise the ANC attenuation and isolation on the XM3s is bar-none the best on the market at the moment (and better than the next nearest ANC headphones, the Bose QC 35 IIs). That's primarily what you're paying for with these.

          I mean, what was your thought process when buying these? To have some wireless headphones to use over a wired connection in your living room where there's likely barely any ambient background noise to begin with? These shine in their intended niche: for use as commuting/travelling headphones. If you used them as such, you would notice their strengths more than their weaknesses.

          • @Gnostikos: My thought process when buying them was to have a set of cans that sounded awesome for commuting. The fact that you need anc and software equilisation for them to sound even vaguely "good", hides the fact that underneath all the fancy electronics and wizardry, you have a pretty mediocre set of cans. I plugged them into my amp to see how they sound without all the fancy wizardry, with the best source I had available to me. I was pretty unimpressed. The bass is very muddy and the highs are flat. The fact is you are paying for anc and other software wizardry. Not quality sound. If that's what you want then it's worth it.

  • Are there any stores that will price match if a coupon is required?


      the one in perth did, bought 2 pairs

    • Probably walk into any JB or Officeworks and ask them for their best price - they should give it to you for $300 no issue.

    • Went to OfficeWorks store yesterday afternoon. They won't price match with the coupon code applied because the coupon is not available to general public. They do, however, price match against with no coupon applied so it will be down to $336.

      My mistake was not asking for their best price instead or not asking for free delivery since the competitor provides free delivery.

  • Bought a pair about a two weeks ago from JB for $329. Really good headphones. In terms of sound quality, I have listened to better headphones. But if you are after a Bluetooth, Noise cancelling headphones, These are the best that I have tried so far. It is better than Bose QC 35II in terms of NC and Sound quality.

  • Absolutely great headphones. Have easily paid more than 50 bucks above this price when I bought it last year, and thought that it was a bargain price then.

  • Waiting for a2a to stock the new sennheiser momentum 3 and 450bt

  • Can’t beat Bose 700

  • Bought them only a couple of days ago, black for $338 delivered. Cheapest I could find at the time unfortunately.

  • Anyone else who's bought these, were you given a timeline on delivery? It's been just over a day since I ordered mine and I haven't been told of anything being dispatched yet despite them using free express delivery.

  • if you are using these and think sound quality is bad you might have it on talk setting.

    On my computer if I choose stereo it's great.

    These are my go to headphones for people who ask. I love the swipe the side to skip songs