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Philips Multigroomer 7000 14-In-1 Trimmer $98 ($88 after $10 Mailing List Sign up) Delivered @ Shaver Shop


Covid19 came around just when I was due for a haircut so I missed the window to go to my hairdresser. Now my Asian hair is getting rather long which I don't mind but my partner says I look like a microphone after I shower as it gets very rounded and bushy. Anyway, bought some Philips clippers last week and been on the lookout for a trimmer.

Normal RRP for these is $119.95 (don't believe the over inflated RRP at Shaver Shop), has been a little chepaer last year but for $88, considering the 3000 or 5000 models are currently priced at $59 nad $79, it's a pretty good price for what you get if you are looking for one!

If you already purchase from Shaver Shop, just sign up with an alternative email address. Also, if you do purchase don't forget to activate the 3.5% cashback like I did.

Now you can stay safe and well groomed.

The 14 tools are:
* Metal trimmer
* Detail metal trimmer
* Precision shaver
* Nose & ear trimmer
* Bodyshaver
* Body skin protector attachment
* 3-7mm beard adjustable comb
* 2 x stubble combs
* 3 x hair combs
* 2 x body combs

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  • +8

    Yeah i have one of these from them cheap deals posted on here from last year and it's fantastic. The battery charge lasts ages too.

    • I got mine for Christmas 2018 and haven't had to charge it yet. Gets used at least once a week.

      • +1

        Did you mean Christmas 2019? Even then the battery life sounds awesome.

        • +2

          I know, it's crazy but it really was Christmas 2018.

  • is it quiet? want to use for child.

    • +24

      You want to get them while they're sleeping? They can deal with it.

      • Nah, he just doesn’t like the noise turns his head to avoid, I have a noisy one but

        • +2

          The noise and volume is just 'standard'.

          I think all kids do what you're referring to. My experience/advice, talk them through it, and gently condition them to it… With calm & confidence.
          If they get the vibe you're worried and/or they should be, they will be.

          But for one of them, it ALL comes down to a tablet/smartphone with their favourite show.

        • -15

          Learn to parent

          • @Beefking: Learn some empathy.

          • +1

            @Beefking: What a silly thing to say. Not all kids are the same. Especially kids who have ADD, ADHD, etc.

            Source: I cut peoples hair.

    • It's not too loud or annoying. I've used it to cut my son's hair a few times he never seems to mind it.

  • Does it work when plugged in to charge?

    • +9

      No unfortunately not, but the battery lasts forever. Haven’t charged mine in well over 6 months, using it once to twice a week

      • Uhhh mine does. It worked plugged in for me when it first arrived and the battery was not charged enough to turn it on.

  • I have this one as well and it's brilliant. Long battery life and what seems to be decent build quality. Just used it the other day to cut both my hair and my 6 year old son's, does a great job on his thick mop and my thinning patch 👍

  • +1

    I think im gonna try this kit


    Sub 50 bucks with mailing list, and made in the USA

    • +7

      I wouldn't use a Wahl for free, I'm glad I switched to Philips. Constantly needed to oil it and it was ripping my hairs instead of cutting them.

      • +1

        yeh after chewing thru 3 or 4 wahl cheapies i stopped buying them …and bought phillips instead ;)
        tried the 3000 series then got a 5000…will stick with phillips from now on definitely. infinitely better beard trimmers

      • +1

        Thanks for the warning.

        I'm going to go with Vs Sassoon;
        I bought a few hair products for my mother from them, after a local hairdresser said that was their go-to brand for semi-professional use (they said, tools they'd use every 'other day', not daily; but still want years of service).

        And my mothers ones, have lasted 5+ years now (most of them are heating, and moving; so that's a very good life span for a tiny element and motor!)

        Also, their clipper comes with up to a #10 (32mm) so when it comes to keeping my hair out of my face, but lowering the risk of looking like I fell into a lawn mower, this is a good thing.

    • Looks good for a US made Wahl. Not many reviews online though :/

      • …the made in US doesnt mean a thing…theyre still poorly made with terrible batteries and have a really poor life span

    • +1

      …thats a corded hair clipper….!
      this deal is for a beard & stubble trimmer
      …theyre not the same thing!!!

    • I use it first time today. It is good

  • +5

    I bought mine over 6 months ago and I still haven't had to charge it lol. The battery life is insane. And that's using it lightly every day. Maybe they accidentally added extra battery. Weird.

    The only downer is the power button, they should have positioned it somewhere else not where your thumb naturally rests. Always accidentally turn it off.

  • +10

    This is a side question, kind of, but does anyone know what's going on with the reviews at Shaver Shop? Every product is bloody brilliant apparently, even ones i know are objective garbage. It really is so misleading. Do they give people vouchers for positive reviews or something? It really feels like there's something dodgy with that aspect of their site.

    • +2

      This. One product I was keen on had amazing reviews on Shaver Shop but really bad reviews elsewhere.

    • +4

      Yes, I thought the same thing and found out they delete all the negative feedback. Very shady practice and I would never refer to their feedback when deciding to buy.
      Always check other sources, as there is often a huge discrepancy.

      • I'm not positive but, from a cursory look, it seems like Kogan might be doing the same thing

      • +5

        And you need to rely on all the customers doing the same… Which adds to the risk factor

  • +18

    Please be advised it is a trimmer not hair clipper. It can be used for cutting hair occasionally but main job is cutting beard or detailing hair.


    • Does anyone have suggestions for decent clippers?
      I'm normally a scissors on the (thinning) top, number 2 on the sides guy, but not keen on the idea of catching coronavirus from the backpackers working at my usual barbers.

      • +3

        I bought the Philips HC9450 from Myer last week for $119. It's on sale again for $111.75 which is the cheapest available at the moment.

        Sounds like a decent one and suits my needs. But this is the first time I've bought clippers and a trimmer so please take what I say as a pinch of salt… :)

        • Hey Shads, sorry to go off topic from the main trimmer post, but is this Phillips HC9450 the best hair Clippers atm?
          Does it function well?
          I usually shave my hair every 10 days as mine looks like a steel wool after 10 days haha
          I have been using the cheap wahl corded trimmer for years and I only use 0.5m - 2mm.
          But I'm dire need of a decent cordless trimmer. Thanks mate.

          • @Xcwizit: Mine isn't arriving for another week so can't say just yet.

            But from the reviews I've read it's a good unit. What I like about it is excellent battery life, quick charge and you have some pretty good control over the increments (0.1mm from lengths from 1mm to 42mm).

            Or just use it without for the 0.5mm shave.

        • Made in USA Whals when they are discounted are good.

        • Thanks mate, ordered mine

        • Any chance can you please provide a copy of your receipt mate

      • Happy with Mandays 3 in 1 from Chemist Warehouse so far.

    • I buzz my head weekly with this & have thick hair. This does an excellent job. The blade is wider than most trimmers but not as wide as hair Clippers. The added time wouldn't be worth purchasing a clipper unless you have many heads to cut.

  • Is this a good body shaver (chest, arms, legs, etc)? What is the best in class body shaver?

  • Bought this exact deal on Thursday morning :) Still hasn’t shipped so be warned it might take a while…

    • Just saw that my order for this was being packed on Saturday (tracking number allocated) so probably being shipped today. Hopefully your order will be shipped very soon too.

      • Hi guys. Any updates on your shipping times? I ordered mine a few days ago and haven't received any notifications that it's been shipped..

        • +1

          I ordered mine last Tuesday, shipping information was uploaded on Saturday and dispatched on Monday.
          Received it yesterday.

          I'm in Greensborough VIC, and the trimmer was sent from Chadstone shopping centre (VIC). Assuming the orders are allocated to stores within the states that have stock and it's up to the stores to dispatch?

          • @Shads: Thanks @Shads. Hopefully mine get's sent out soon!

  • +3

    I felt I need a hair cut then I bought this item on 24 Mar 2020 from shavershop ebay. A couple days later a nice lady contacted me said the item was out of stock and offered change it to more expensive 18 in 1 for free, and the item will be sent out to me very soon. It never happened. I lodged a refund request to ebay few weeks later and got a refund.

    Then I discovered I need a hair clipper actually. so on 26 Mar I ordered a WAHL pro cableless hair clipper from shaver shop website, and would pickup from local shavershop store. The next day a nice gentleman contacted me and advised the item was out of stock in my local store and will Be delivered to me from another store very soon. It never happened until today and I never received a refund. Called them, sent email to them, did not make a difference.

    Third time I order WAHL Classic on 4 Apr. the order was processed in one hour and I received the item 15 Apr finally.

    • Ha Ha Ha What a story Mark.

    • Why neg me?

      • +2

        The plot is a little confusing, and the ending has no resolution.

      • +4

        You probably just needed to trim it down a bit - cut it a bit shorter, so to speak.

      • I get little unwarranted neg pests too so have a +

        See? There's one already!

  • +1

    Great trimmer. Had this for over 2 years and it hasn’t missed a beat. Only charged it maybe 3-4 times, and that’s never using it until it’s drained

    • …the battery on these sounds great. when my 5000 eventually dies i'll get a 7000

  • +1

    After clarifying its a trimmer more intended for facial hair, just wanted to see if anyone is using it as a hair clipper and if it does a good job of that?

    • +1

      I've used it for hair a few times. It works fine, if a bit slow and awkward to hold.

  • +1

    "look like a microphone after I shower as it gets very rounded and bushy."
    Sounds p+rno! He he

  • +2

    Can anyone who has this tell me if it has any attachments for trimming longer beards? After something similar to a number 5 on hair clippers (15mm).

    • I don't have this model but vacuum feature looks great to have a clean surrounding. However, personally the transparent trimmer heads will keep me away from this trimmer. I have two trimmers where the weak transparent accessory that has adjustment from 1 mm to 12 mm been broken.

  • Great trimmer. use it for beard and head - charge it maybe once a month.

  • Is it free shipping?

    • +1

      Yes currently they are shipping any orders over $30 free.

  • Its a great trimmer asnd battery is very good.

  • +1

    The 5000 series is also very good, and fair bit cheaper when on sale

    • yep…got mine for $48 delivered myer fathers day sale on ebay….great trimmer

    • +1

      Yeh I think the 3000 series is also a decent budget multigroomer too. That was the one I was originally going to get but thought for a small extra amount might as well get the higher model. :)

  • This is a good razor!
    Got it for Christmas. And use it several times a week.

    One note, the stubble shaver attachment isn’t amazing and it’s really small.
    The rest honestly works so well

  • This is expensive.
    I grabbed this last year for $60 something, no bargain at all.

  • Thanks OP… and for the cashback reminder too.

  • +10

    Without saying this is a bad deal, am kinda puzzled it's taken off as it has, as I've had my eye on these for a long time (mainly the MG7770 model with more attachments and nice travel case) and remember similar or better deals multiple times in the past. Just to confirm my memory isn't playing tricks on me:

    Better model in December 2019 - $99 Delivered - 26 upvotes

    Same model in August 2019 - $70.40 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus/C&C) - 12 upvotes

    Better model in August 2019 - $79.95 + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with $100 Spend / C&C) - 21 upvotes

    Same model in August 2019 - $87.20 Delivered - 21 upvotes

    Better model in May 2019 - $94.03 Delivered - 5 upvotes

    Better model in January 2019 - $79.20 + $10 Shipping ($0 with Plus) - 20 upvotes

    I believe these sorts of deals have been even more frequent than that, just lost among broader eBay coupon deals.

    • +6

      Most likely because when these deals have come up it hasn't really been on many people's radar to buy, I know that I was always happy to go to my hairdresser for the convenience instead of looking into buying these to cut my own hair.

      Just a sign of the current times! Similar to large upvotes for cleaning, anti bacterial and sanitiser goods. :)

      • +1

        Good explanation. I'd read your description and other comments to that effect yet it's only just struck me how significant that is to the deal's popularity.

    • Increased popularity is likely due to the many new members in the 'cut my own hair' club (myself included)

    • +3

      If my purchase decisions were dictated by Ozb votes, I'd be eating KFC gor breky lunch and dinner, playing computer games sll day, hoarding batteries and collecting random junk led torches. I hope that answers your question

  • These are great. I cut my own hair with this too
    I have this with more attachments though.

  • +1

    Did not get the $10 mailing list discount upon signing up with a new account. Oh well.

    • +3

      I didn't when I manually signed up so I opened a private browser window to trigger the website "Sign up popup/prompt". After I submitted my details it provided me a code on the spot.

      Hope this helps you or anyone else trying in the future.

      • Thanks for that. I sent a message to shaver shop describing what happened, but doubt they'll give me the discount as the order is already shipped. We'll see.

  • Does it work for trimming edges? I’m looking for a trimmer that have zero gap so I can trim the hair edges. Does anyone have experience with this?

    • +1

      username checks out

    • Just.. Take the guard off?

  • +3

    don't believe the over inflated RRP at Shaver Shop

    Doesn't matter if you believe it or even believe what I am about to tell you: the number alters the viewers perception of value to make the actual price being charged more seem like better value.

    This happens automatically and unconsciously.

  • I don’t know how well this compares to the wahl lithium ion stainless steel series but I have the wahl (retails for $180 ) and picked that up for 108 on eBay. Cuts finer than the old Philips I had

  • +3

    THanks OP. just bought one! Was sick of using the same one for my hair and balls

    • Now you can have both areas bald…

  • Cheers, honestly bit of a spur of the moment purchase but in need of a haircut and with a new baby who will need cuts in the future i couldn't pass up with the 5yr guarantee

    • is it weird how the box says 2 year but the website details say 5year? the questions below even ask what it is and a random person responded, not the seller.

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