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BWS: 25% Cashback (Was 2%, Cap $30) @ ShopBack


Another great cashback flash sale offer from Shopback. Even better than the popular 20% cashback deal!

Per T&C, last click through must be via ShopBack. If you load your cart beforehand, the cashback may track at the earlier rate.

Multiple transactions are ok.

Cashback will be ineligible for the following -

  • Wholesalers
  • Cashback is not eligible if a purchase is made with the use of Giftcard & Gift Card Purchases
  • Returns, exchanges & cancellations and BWS app Purchases
  • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
  • Champagne, Penfolds & Non-Alcoholic purchases (unless stated otherwise)

Terms & Conditions
ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites)
Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to BWS every time you are making a new transaction

For those that prefer First Choice Liquor, Shopback is offering 12% cashback (was 3%).

First Choice Liquor - 12% cashback

Referral Links

Referral: random (3882)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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        • Same as many others here, rejected today just before 3pm.

          Upon receiving the updates from BWS, your Missing Cashback claim for Order ID XXXXXXX was rejected because your order was not attributed to ShopBack.

          A bit difficult to believe, as I opened the website in IE (no add ons), and only clicked through BWS website. Should have bought items over multiple transactions, rather than just one to mitigate this outcome.

  • +1

    Ordered last night at 7pm and still haven't received the email from shopback that confirms my order was tracked.

    Any updates from Shopback?

  • +2

    ordered at 5pm yesterday, still no tracking email.

    • same here. Do we report it now or do we wait longer?

      • Probably wait for 48 hours to finish.

  • +1

    Just picked up my order from my local. Staff said “So why are there so many orders? We had 30 yesterday!”

  • +2

    Still haven't received a Shopback tracking email yet - ordered at 6pm yesterday and the icon was showing as green when I was ordering. :|

  • +4

    Mine still shows "Calculating".

  • Yes. Tracked. Getting drunk now!

  • +4

    Still calculating!!!!!!

    • +1

      Mine too

  • +1

    Got an email saying it's tracking with $0 amount as the cashback.
    On the app it doesn't show at all?

  • +5

    Still no email… if this doesn't track, this will be the second time in a row this site has failed me for decent cashback amounts… Getting a little angry to be honest.

    Followed all procedure, went through the app flawlessly.

    • +4

      I've been stung a couple of times on big amounts that I certainly would not have purchased but for the advertised cash back.

    • +2

      Yeah same, I've been stung a few times now. Followed all instructions perfectly.

      Fingers crossed for both of us!!

  • +2

    Just posted another update everyone (a little more time needed), please hang in there 🙏

    • +8

      What a scam Cashback is….I have a receipt, a screencap of your plugin saying it was being tracked and STILL you rejected it….such a con…last time I ever use you lot.

      • +2

        Same here

      • Same with me, provided receipt and clickthrough and still got rejected as well. Following up with BWS now, otherwise I'm going to get a refund.

    • +4

      I was also rejected. I would have never purchased these items without the Cashback. I completed the transaction through the ShopBack app on my phone around 4:50pm on the specified day and received the goods. I raised a ticket with ShopBack their reply more or less blamed me for it not being tracked. I sent them another email disputing this I received the same response. This is really pretty poor as obviously something went wrong with their app. ShopBack, could you please have another look at this? This sort of customer service makes it hard to purchase with confidence if you can’t be sure the transaction will be honoured. Come on you have to do better than this!!! I guess I will just write a negative review to make myself feel better about being conned out of my $30 and not getting a bargain. Perhaps a rep could look at this and restore my faith in the system?

  • +2

    No email and ordered 4.01pm..

  • +1

    Received tracking email but it is far less than 25% of the order amount. Docked about $9…

    Previously purchased from BWS/SB for a 20% promotion and received the 20% cash back of the total amount inclusive of GST (picked up the order from store).

    Anyone else had this happen to them? Will monitor to see if it's amended…I don't hold much hope.

    • +1

      mine just tracked

      $11.34 on a $70 purchase


      why is there faults every time there is a promo

      • +1

        I'm in the same boat, would had reconsider knowing this.

    • If GST is listed separately on the invoice, cashback is applicable only to the subtotal (ex GST). If GST is not listed separately, then you get cashback for the total amount. This appears to be the case for my last few purchases.

      • i get the whole gst thing, but mines at 16% when it should have been 25%

      • +1

        I can understand this from a technical perspective, but from a legal perspective if you say '25% off' it means 25% the total price. You can't say '25% off* *prices before taxes' in Australia.

        • -1

          Ex gst cashback is fine
          I've gotten used to it

          • +2

            @Samsungnote10: I have reported me screen caps of all Shopback rep saying about rep saying excluding GST. They will be in big trouble with Fair Trading and ACCC who called me to check .

            Rep hope you girls are ready for the incoming investigation. This is not your HK territory where you can get away with anything.

          • @Samsungnote10: It might be fine to you. But it's illegal under Australian consumer law.

    • It's because the fools were converting to USD. Say you bought $100. You should have gotten $25 cashback. $25 AUD = $16 USD. Then they give you $16 AUD.

      What incompetence. Never using Cashback again, given all the comments.

  • Looks like they've fixed it for me. Showing right cashback amount this morning

  • amount still showing "calculating" for me

    • Spoke to shopback, apparently an issue on BWS end with declaring values to shopback?

      Said wait till monday for an update…

      • All of this should be sorted - there should be new entries in your account with the updated amount.

        • This is BS. Mine was rejected and nothing of the sort has been fixed.

          Your staff keep trying to blame me for the fault

  • +1

    Still hasn't tracked after 2 days. Used Shopback so often in the last 6 months and never had a problem, but the last few bigger cashbacks have all had trouble tracking.

    • +5

      i just submitted a 'missing cashback' claim, maybe do the same?

      • +3

        I submitted one and got rejected! I made sure to do everything right too. Will be requesting further assistance after the public holidays.

        • got mine today.. BS ugh. I did the dan murphy one and that was fine though.. hit and miss i guess

  • +1

    would have been a good deal BUT, BWS gave me Gage Roads beer that has a best before date for next May 2020!! booooo!

  • Well I got mine tracked properly now at the right amount.

    $30 for American Honey and $40 for Gentleman Jack ain't too shabby. Although I noticed liquourland and CR had an even better promo going at the exact same time which I missed out on :(

  • +1

    Mine was tracked, but at the incorrect amount. I had to contact support (they rectified it). I'm not sure why it's so hard to do a simple calculation for ShopBack. I've never had the same issues with Cashrewards.

    • +1

      I had to report it as it wasn't even tracking, now it is showing $0 and pending…what a FU!

    • I can't edit my comment, but can confirm that they didn't even increase the cashback to the correct amount. I'm forwarding this scam to the ACCC.

    • +7

      Total scam…says it was tracked, have a receipt but still you reject it…con job …that's it for you lot…will advise all my friends to stay away.

  • -1

    Cashback tracked correctly

  • +11

    Submitted missing cashback claim.. rejected "because it wasn't attributed to ShopBack" when there is clear click history and proof of order. So misleading and waste of time.

    • +7

      Same thing happened to me. Did we all just get sent the same email at the same time? Seems BS.

      • +5

        Got the rejected email around 2:39pm AEST. Actually the biggest con of a flash sale

        • Mine was 2:49PM AEST. Not going to bother with the rest.

  • +15

    They rejected my shopback claim! I can't believe it, this is bulls*** I did everything right.

    • +9

      Same thing happened. Ended up not shopping at DM yesterday because I didn't want to get screwed over again. Was assured yesterday it would be fine but nope.

    • -6

      Hi shkippy and everyone else who has had their claim rejected - sorry for the hassle this is for you all, however we will definitely investigate this on a case by case basis.

      If you could please do one thing, and that is directly respond back to the email you received about the rejection. The team will individually check to see what's up.

      • +1

        Did that and no response 24h later…words come cheap.

        • Understand your frustration, but being a weekend we aren't going to get a response from all the relevant stakeholders so please bear with us.

      • +2

        If you insist on us directly responding to the rejection email before your team investigates this on a case by case basis, my question is why my initial missing cashback claim didn't warrant a case by case investigation to begin with.

        Does shopback just perform a blanket rejection of all claims first and only investigate people who then kick up a fuss after their first rejection?

      • +1

        I followed your suggestion and received the same copy - paste email again - Can you please look into this?

    • +3

      Yep also had it rejected!! That’s really scammy! My click was recorded but clearly because the BWS website was overwhelmed they failed to track it correctly for many of us and now are trying to scam us.

      When it’s abundantly clear that the click was recorded and literally 2 minutes later there is an order gone through and people have followed all the instructions why are they rejecting the claims?

    • +2

      Rejected mine as well

    • +2

      Same here, straight up no customer service through the email support at all.

  • +8

    They rejected my shopback claim. something wrong with system. never happen before. bad.

  • +12

    Seems to be a lot of rejections from this con job mob…their system is stuffed so we have to suffer…maybe time to report to consumer affairs.

    • +10

      We should neg all shopback deals moving forward, that will send a much more powerful message: they're not welcome on ozbargain when they don't pay us because THEIR system stuffed up!

      • +3

        I've also found Cash Rewards to be the same…OK if it involves cents but 'mysteriously' doesn't track if it is dollars…both are as bad as each other!

        • -1

          That has not been my experience with Cashrewards… They have been very good the select few times I had an issue.

          • @Make it so: Lucky you…I've found them just as bad…giving you the same stale script instead of sorting out their solution…same experience from other users too…maybe it's an opportunity for a more reputable player to enter the field?

            • -1

              @Ben Kenobi: Before you get your pitch forks out wait and see what gotyourback has to say. It may just be a glitch in the system. I would be annoyed too but there's a high chance it is just a mix up.

              • +7

                @harthagan: so after youve done the right thing, it doesnt track,
                then you have to wait 7 days,
                then it tracks wrong you submit a enquiry and provide a invoice
                then they decline you and give you a cut and paste reply of how its your fault for using bad software
                and now you have to contact the rep here who only replies to ones that suit him
                and then if they do approve you for the correct amount, its a gesture of good will

                what next? take a photo of the product along with a invoice and send a certified copy to them?

                • +5

                  @Samsungnote10: Just report them to ACCC & Fair Trading with all the exclusive it GST posts. They will be straight in hot water with padlocks put on this HK mob. Problem is most of their staff posting here are from HK and have no clue of local Australian regulations and run it the same way you can run in HK.

                • @Samsungnote10: I totally get it. Been in the same spot myself a couple of times. Just saying wait to see how it plays out, even though the hassle is less than ideal.

  • +7

    Shopback has most shocking payment system. My latest Amazon purchase was automatically tracked and then they rejected nearly $25 cashback stating Amazon rejected which definitely is BS. No gift card or promo code was used. The full payment was made via credit card.

    Sorry OP, I am negging this company not you.

  • +5

    Yep mine was rejected. Did everything right. Even when website was crashing and had stuff in my cart, I cleared my cart and refollowed the clickthrough link like they suggest on their website.

    Will put in a complaint and then will try office of fair trading, this has happened with too many cashback services I've used.

    • Maybe we all need to complain to the moderators so Cashback gets banned? Negging posts only reflects on the poster not on Cashback. Unless I've missed it there doesn't seem to be a way to report a shonky service like Cashback to the moderators?

      • -1

        If Shopback gets the missing cashback resolved, probably not fair to ban Shopback.

        • +1

          This keeps reoccurring with them…read the comments …not just this isolated case…many claims over a few $ seem to mysteriously not get tracked and then rejected…both with Cashback and Cash Rewards.

          • -2

            @Ben Kenobi: Unfortunate maybe, but to say Shopback should be banned on Ozbargain I don't think it's going to happen. Yes, you can complain to fair trading, and that's your right.

            • @DisabledUser27274: Let's see…they repeatedly pull this crap, many, many people are complaining of the same problem, Cashback do nothing to resolve it (I wonder where the refunds actually do go? If not to the rightful customers than to whom?) and yet you say they don't deserve any form of reprimand or censure from Ozbargain….interesting what your motivation may be.

    • +1

      Interesting… Looks like my cashback was approved yesterday at 7AM and then got rejected at 10:45AM….

  • +4

    If this is not fixed I suggest we all take our products back to BWS for a refund and then stop using ShopBack anymore.

    I don’t know who is responsible for stuffing us around but I’m hoping that ShopBack will do the right thing and fix this or else we should never use them again.

    • +3

      i dont think they will accept my half drunk bottle of scotch……

  • +2

    Made 2 orders and followed all the steps required to "ensure a successful transaction". Still rejected for both missing cashback claims. Disappointed and never using Shopback.

  • +1

    Just had my two transactions rejected too after having to make manual claims for them, disappointed! Replied to the rejection email & now waiting for a response.

    • +1

      After writing to Shopback regarding both my denied claims, it's still denied because "I've looked into our partner's system and found the reason your claim was rejected is BWS has determined that your orders were not attributed to ShopBack".

      This is despite following the requirements to meet the cashback exactly as specified.

      Confidence in Shopback is now gone. Writing to BWS next, then Fair Trading.

      • +1

        I know …total scam…lots of empty promises to 'look into it' lots of 'friends' saying they are great…still a LOT of us are shafted!

  • +6

    Had my Shopback transaction rejected too. Interesting as followed the steps outlined in their rejection email response. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have purchased from BWS if it wasn't for the 25% cashback with Shopback (which was untracked when purchased, required a manual claim which was eventually rejected). My neg is for the company, not for the OPs post (as it looked like a fabulous deal).Poor form Shopback. Poor form. :( So what do we do next? Do I just cop it on the chin, or reply to the email? What's everyone else's approach to this?

    • +8

      I think as a community we should start boycotting ShopBack if this is not fixed. Many of us only bought from BWS beause of the cashback.

    • Did anybody get a successful claim? Appears not. I too filed a claim which got rejected next day with the usual crap. I have filed another claim, lets see what happens.

      • My second application claim and an hour later this response from SB. Hope they resolve this, judging from the complaints on OZB there appears to be a major stuff up.

        Thank you for reaching out to ShopBack!

        I can understand how frustrating this can be.

        I assure you that we are dealing with the team in BWS that handles the ShopBack account.

        I am very sorry for this experience, I can relate to what you are going through and I wished that we can do more to help you with this, however at this point in time, we are not able to credit the amount for the cashback.

        I hope that you and your family are safe during these times and please let us know if we can do anything else to assist you further.

  • +5

    Shopback seems like a scam, got my claim rejected with the following response. Should have just used cashrewards, at least would have gotten some money back -_-

    While you have made a purchase on BWS via the ShopBack platform, the following scenarios may have disrupted the trackability of your transaction:

    1. Using promo codes that are not eligible for cashback
    2. Opening of web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers after clicking through ShopBack
    3. Clicking through to another page from a banner or an advertisement on the store’s website whilst shopping

    Here are some tips to ensure a successful transaction:
    1. Avoid the above-mentioned scenarios during your next purchase
    2. Clear your shopping cart before clicking through ShopBack
    3. Use a Private Window or Incognito mode on your browser
    4. Please disable Antivirus/cleanup or Adblocker application completely as it may disrupt the tracking of

    • -2

      @abetastic not always the case….many, myself included, have had the same crap from Cash Rewards…they are both as bad as each other and they both give the same lame scripted response to cover up their ineptitude\corruption.

      • -2


        Exactly what makes you think there's 'corruption' because your cashback click didn't track?

        Plenty of other people's did.
        You say you've had the issues before with both CR and SB, so perhaps your own setup may be contributing to the issues (browser settings, ad blockers etc etc)

        Either way, calm down on the pitchforks.

        • -2

          What would you call it when something is promised and then mysteriously disappears with a 'sorry we won't pay you'?…someone got the refund from BWS but it wasn't all of us!!! Maybe all the people who were screwed over have no links to Cashback or Cash Rewards and just want what was offered to them rather than lame excuses and sockpuppeting?

          • +1

            @Ben Kenobi: So now anyone who got a cash back tracked is sock puppeting?

            Both my orders tracked. Maybe I should ask SB for a job.

        • +10

          Understand there are people who did get their cashback with ShopBack. However, when the cashback is so big that it materially changes people's purchasing decisions, then having a 50/50 hit rate on tracking is frankly not good enough.

          Imagine David Jones advertising 25% off everything but when you turn up only 50% of the people get the bargain. That is false advertising.

  • +2

    I'm getting a bit annoyed too.

    So my bws was only tracked at 16%

    And last night one of my dad murphys transactions that didn't track, that I manually submitted, they put it through as 4% when it should have been 8%

    I'll be whinging more on here if they give me some cut and paste BS reply

  • +2

    My ShopBack dispute was rejected: despite ensuring I clicked from ShopBack straight through to BWS, they're claiming I didn't follow the process.

    I highly doubt anything intentional is taking place, but I question the accuracy of tracking when they rely on third parties (in this case, BWS) to confirm if the transaction took place.

  • +3

    Agree with all the complaints about Shopback - my purchase didn't get tracked either despite installing the add in and following all instructions. Lodged a missing claim and the customer service did absolutely nothing, rejected my claim despite me providing screenshots of my order and despite my click history.
    Would suggest avoiding shopback for making any purchases and going with a different cashback provider.

  • Received my cashback with no issues

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