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Apple Homepod $298 ($283 with AmEx) @ Catch


A good deal for those who stocked up on 20% off gift cards.

Free 30 day trial of club catch for new users

Amex offer

There is also a $15 targeted coupon on $60 spend. Check your emails.

Those who do not have an AMEX, might want to use $15 off with Latitude pay

For those who have both AMEX offer and gift cards, pay $100 with AMEX and rest with gift cards.

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    The well review sound quality intrigues me, but I hate Siri so so so much.

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      Google Assistant is much more helpful :)

      • I prefer Alexa. But GA and Alexa are sooo much better than Siri

    • Good summary of the prices around. Seems to be the new normal price.

    • Just about to post about this.

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    Only good if you have other promos or discounted gift cards I guess… I have to admit my HomePod doesn’t get used much vs my google home even though the HomePod has by far the best sound. If only it supported Spotify natively already or could at least be more useful then I would probably use it more than just as a white noise machine!

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    As much as I like Apple, I just could not take this speaker for longer term.
    Sold it to my friend for $30 less within in a week, the sound was just no match for the Bose soundtouch 30 in the same room. Don’t know how they make it sound so great in the Apple store. I just couldn’t feel the thump.
    I would assume a new model is on its way, speculation is by June 2020.
    By I’m hoping it’s a smaller version like hamburger, I might get one of those if they ever arrive only to use Siri command for my home automation.

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      The 30 beats the homepod? Sorry but you must have been sold a dud, there is no way the Bose Sountouch 30 beats a homepod in terms of sound quality

      • You are right, even compared to Soundtouch 20, knowing that the launch price for ST20 was $500 and same (I guess )for Apple homepod , there’s a massive difference between the sound quality.
        The best part is that ST20 now works with Alexa which makes it smarter than a homepod

        • Oh there is no doubt the homepod is one of the "stupidest" smart speakers - i have to keep it pretty simple with Siri. Im in an apple ecosystem so the smart assistant im kinda suck with. The sound quality of the homepod however is what i use it for and why i bought it - ive heard if you buy another and set them up in Stereo its fantastic bang for the size

  • I think if you require “spaceing” or soundstage on your music this might not be on par with true surround setup; happy to be corrected

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