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iPhone SE (2020) 64GB $199 with Telstra 12mth $65 60GB Plan @ JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys [Port-In Customers, In-Store Only]


The Good Guys - Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible to purchase a selected iPhone SE 64GB for $199 between 24th April – 30th April 2020 (Promotional Date) customers must:

    • Port in to Telstra by signing up to the $65 60GB 12 Month Plan (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with a minimum plan cost of $780,
    • Wait for the Telstra connection to be completed
    • Once connection has been completed the customer is eligible to purchase one of these selected iPhones: MX9R2X/A, MX9T2X/A, MX9U2X/A
  • Offer only available In Store. Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers.

  • Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

Seems to be a pretty good deal considering this is a new release phone with an outright cost of $749!

  • Plan inclusions: Unlimited Talk & Text | 60GB Data/Month | No International calls/text included

  • Min Cost $979 (Plan cost - $780 + $199 Handset upfront cost)

  • Instore only

  • Offer expires 30th April

Excludes existing Telstra, Belong & Boost customers

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      • Hopefully Optus would come up with their own offers (either themselves or via Harvey Norman). It's a good plan you have - not sure if the same $36 would be offered. If you are satisfied with the plan and the included data etc, then why pay more per month for all future months?!!

  • +2

    Gotta say, this phone is amazing value

    • -1

      lol $750 for a phone that's been out for 6 years with just an upgraded CPU and camera.

      Poor Apple users really don't understand the concept of "value"

      • -2

        Hahah yep. But when they're used to paying ~$2000 for a phone with 'new exciting' features most android handsets have had for years, you can understand how they think $750 for an old outdated looking phone with MASSIVE bezels is 'amazing value' lmao

      • That's all phones since 2010. This phone is great value.

        • this phone literally same body for 6 years.. Most phones have had physical upgrades, screen upgrades etc.

          Still rocking the same crappy 720P LCD screen lol

  • +1

    r u really going to watch 4k videos and play the latest games on that tiny screen for ants

    • +3

      *record 4K videos (of ants)

    • r u really going to watch 4k videos and play the latest games on that tiny screen for ants

      No, you cannot watch 4k videos

    • Um, with S20 going for 1080p/120Hz, that’s not going to be 4K. How about that 8K video recording?

      Compared to mirrorless and DSLR camera displays, SE’s screen isn’t that horrible.

      Latest games will play fine on it. Unlike my Samsung phone which overheats and not that fast. 4K/60fps video recording, 10 minutes top otherwise the CPU overheats too much.

  • +5

    Sad day when I have to upgrade my current iPhone SE, but what an absolute warrior of a phone it has been. Three years of service, one battery change, blazing fast. Bought it second hand for about $300 after finding other phones too big, especially for intense travel.

    Hopefully, will be able to get a similar price for the 2020 second hand in 18 months. 4'7 will be perfect.

    • Isn't there a rumour about SE2 (SE3?) later this year? Or maybe it's just the 5.4 inch iphone 12.

      • definitely not another se don’t see why they would do that…

        • Small screen phone without bezels. Would be awesome. I think that's what the 5.4 inch is supposed to be so hopefully it would be smaller than the 4.7 SE2 (but bigger screen)

          • @bajirao: Majority of the consumer base don't care about bezels. If they do, they will buy the X. That's what it's for.

            • @Wonderfool: Given a choice between a phone with and without bezels (same screen size), what do you think would be preferred?

              • @bajirao: You think Apple is going to release a phone in the same price to cut their own profit? And if there's a price difference, most people don't care.

              • +1

                @bajirao: I like the bezels, stops my stupid thumbs triggering things when I hold it.

  • anyone know if it's possible to pay an extra $80 and get the 128GB storage version?

    • No, see previous comments

    • +1

      Might be possible. Refer to jzm67's comment later on. He has yet to finalise the trade up at the time of writing this.

  • once you sign up the plan, could you change your plan straightaway? international calls should be included

  • Any deals on iPhone 11 on a 12 month deal?
    Or the best on this Telstra deal is
    $1099 - $400 JB HiFi credit = $699
    And whatever gift card discount one can get (5%, 7%)

  • I find it interesting that you can still take up contract plans after they remodeled it completely

  • Can you still upgrade to a higher m2m plan with Telstra

    • Need to payout JBHIFI contract and upgrade after

  • The $749 rrp is exactly the same price as a 16gb 5C from years ago.

  • 64gb phone you get $550 off.
    128gb phone you get $400 off.
    256gb phone - how much $$$ off would that be?

    • $250…

      Just kidding, standard is $400. The $550 is the special.

  • This iPhone is too old !

    • what?

      • +3

        He said the iPhone is too old.

        • Lol how?

          • -2

            @BargainGhost: I mean IPhone SE is an old iPhone, should get IPhone 11 Pro Max

            • +1

              @Marcsie: As it says: "SE (2020)" - and anyway, WTF would anyone buy a huge phone instead of this one?

              • @mickeyjuiceman: I couldn't neg your comment

                So 'neg'

                • @DarthPyro: Noted, genius. I'm distraught that anyone who thinks people choose between a small phone and a huge phone based on a completely incorrect concept of how "old" one of them is would neg me. DISTRAUGHT.

            • +1

              @Marcsie: How about the iPhone 20 Super Duper Ultra Pro Magnificent Max

  • Anyone reading this on an iPhone SE irritated by the scrollable white space to the right of this thread?
    Edit: ah it’s this comment with ironic username

  • I recently transferred from Telstra to Amaysim, how long do I need to be away from Telstra for to take advantage of the deal?

    • 24-48 hours, so you should be alright.

      • So not a full month as some others have said? Last year it could literally be done within the hour (opt out and back in) but some people have mentioned the rules are tighter now?

        • Last year it could literally be done within the hour (opt out and back in)

          I found that very hard to believe. Believe me, I tried. The port back will not work if you rushed it within 24 hours. The main issue is the first port stays in the systems for about 24 hours. I had to chase up both Telstra and Optus porting teams multiple times over a couple of days to sort out the mess. 48 hours is safer.

          • @netsurfer: Well, that’s exactly what I did 11 months ago. Walked into JB to find out the offer wasn’t available for existing customers. Went to Coles next door, grabbed a Voda sim, ported out, back into JB, walked up to a different sales person and got it done. I also have my internet via Telstra so having an account made the whole sign up process super easy and quick.

      • How sure are you about this? Contemplating doing this but only if it can be done… Dont want to waste my time, and apparently credit score too, for nothing

        • You wouldn't do a port out and port in for this. You would normally get a new number, rather than sacrifice a number you actually use. If so, just fully activate that new SIM/number. You may not even need to wait 1-2 days (because you essentially do 1 port), so initiate the port in for this deal.

  • Do you get a $400 giftcard as well? When i clicked on the add at Jb the page says you do.

  • If you need 60GB /mth on your phone go for it, though I'd suggest NBN50 unlimited for $70 might be a better deal.

    • can you elaborate on this, please, if there is an option?

  • After purchase, is the ability to switch to the JB $45 plan, or the Telstra $50 plans still an option, or are those loopholes all closed?

  • This deal or a near new XS on FB marketplace for a similar outright price?

  • +10

    Thanks everyone this worked a treat.

    1. Buy $5 sim from Aldi and activate.
    2. Port to Telstra using the Aldi number and sign up for plan.
    3. Telstra issues a $550 JB Gift Card.
    4. Purchase 64GB SE using Gift Card and $200 difference.
    5. Cancel Telstra plan and pay $390 early termination fee.
    6. Trade up from 64GB to 128GB model in-store for $80 difference.

    So I ended up with an iPhone SE 128GB for $670.

    Appreciate all your help!

    • Thanks so much for outlining these key steps. To confirm steps 2, 3, 4 and 6 all done at JB? And you requested the phone upgrade right from the get go? And finally - cancellation (step 5) done by contacting Telstra and there was only the $390 to pay? I’ll look to do this tomorrow.

      • +2

        No worries! Actually I ran out of time today for #6 but they confirmed over the phone it was possible and I'm going in tomorrow morning to do the trade. I'll let you know if there are any problems!

        1 was done downstairs at the shopping centre. 2,3,4 all done inside JB. 5 was done first thing this morning. The $390 is half of the minimum cost for the 12 month plan, that is the early termination fee. They show it to you in a table in the documents as you sign up at JB, so you can confirm. I wont be invoiced for the final payment until 28th of May, so that is also pretty cool!

        • How are people getting a $550 JB voucher?
          Their website shows $400 voucher on the 12 month contract.


          • +2

            @seedyrom: Didn't neg you. It's a special deal / promotion for the 64GB phone. That's why OP posted this deal.

            • @netsurfer: Thanks mate. Appreciate the response.

              Getting to a JB with stock is a pain in the prick for me, so didn’t want to go, only to be disappointed

              • @seedyrom: Have phone in hand. Thanks netsurfer.

                But of a strange one. No stock near me. Phoned a store a little way away and got them to hold the last one for me.

                Got Aldi sim, ported at JB.
                Telstra porting/activation wasn’t working.
                Had to pay full price for phone, then when sim activates (don’t know when), I go back to the store for the $550 credit back.

                Pretty annoying, as I had a bit of a drive to get there. Oh well, saved money.

        • Thanks so much. On to it today. I’ll ask upfront if I can upgrade to 128. Cheers!

          • @Tigersboy: Transaction completed at JB using a new Aldi number. No real issues at all. But the store wouldn’t exchange (even with me stating I’d pay the difference in price) the 64GB for a larger size - I asked beforehand. I’m happy with 64GB, so no issues for me. Will go through process with Telstra of cancelling tomorrow.

            • @Tigersboy: Nice! I called my store to check re swap up and they pushed back too explain in something about IMEI. So I called another store and they seemed more relaxed. Went in just then and didn’t explain backstory just asked to do upgrade and they said no worries. All done in 5 mins.

              Did you unseal yet?

              • +1

                @jzm67: Haven't unsealed it yet, but I'm happy with what I have….just call Telstra tomorrow to cancel and all done. Thanks for the pointers and to OP!

                • @Tigersboy: Wooo! Sounds good. They charge you pro rata for the month so might be an extra $2 tomorrow.

    • Whats the $550 jb gc for & how to trade up?

      • +3

        $550 shows up as Telstra funded JB Hi Fi payment (which appears as a gift card payment).

        What OP didn't mention clearly is that DO NOT remove the seal of the iPhone SE 64GB packaging (so obviously DO NOT open it - keep it as brand new). Then, you go back and essentially do a refund + purchase the 128GB. Because technically, JB did receive $749 ($199 + $550) so assuming the item remains brand new, unopened, they would let you exchange to the 128GB one by paying the difference.

        However, I wondered whether it is possible to swap the order of step 5 and 6. Get the trade up done in store after completing iPhone SE 64GB purchase. As that leaves no doubt the phone is still brand new and saves the need to return to the store again.

        • Of course you shouldn’t touch the seal if you plan on returning it for another model.

        • Thanks for clarifying! Yep DO NOT remove the seal :)

          Was wondering the same thing re 5&6 flipped. Someone else will have to answer that :D

        • +1

          Confirmed swapped at another store. A bit of leg work but fun to know it can work out. 128gb SE for $674 all up.

          • +1

            @jzm67: I did the same. First store said that the "unique voucher" was linked to the plan and therefore couldn't allow for the refund.

            I went to another JB store 15 mins away and said I changed my mind driving home and wanted the extra capacity. Paid the difference and was out in 15 mins.

            • @Paulyjay: Yes! Grats and thanks for confirming. What colour did you go with?

              • @jzm67: I wanted the red but there wasn’t any stock nearby sadly so i stuck with the classic black 😅

    • did you wait until you ported over to telstra from aldi? or did it port immediately?

    • If I want to cancel with Telstra after taking up the deal, but keep my number by porting it out, do I call Telstra to cancel before signing up to a new provider? Or does my new provider take care of the cancellation? Thanks and well done!

    • Do you upgrade your Iphone in the same store or do you go to different store?

  • Can someone please explain the 'port in' process? I have every intention of getting an iPhone SE but my Optus contract is up on June 5th so I was going to do so then, but this seems like a great deal…

  • Would like to know why the 8 was a telstra blue tick phone but the new SE is not? Same antennas etc as 8 or is it a 7 copy as it wasn't blue tick and the 6S was?

    • Because it's Tel$tra.

      • You mean apple, Telstra don’t make the phones they do the testing.

        • Okay jokes aside. I am going to guess.
          iPhone 8's modem could be Qualcomm and iPhone SE (2020) is the same as iPhone 11: Intel. Potentially, Qualcomm modem could provide better reliability.

          • @netsurfer: Thanks, forgot about that in the 11 series.. Shame.

  • Great deal, however no stock in nearby stores for me.

    • Which Sydney stores did you try stoodamire?

      • +1

        Stores in the St George/Canterbury area.

  • Anyone got a port in problem? I signed mine yesterday morning and still not yet to be activated, JB holds the phone and keeps waiting.

    • Was it a new SIM say from Aldi? Or, you ported out from Telstra to another provider and then attempt to use that number to port in within 24 hours? If latter, the port back in would likely fail. It will need to be re-attempted a day or two later.

      • Nah, was a Optus prepaid, it’s all good now, sales rep told that longer waiting period due to short of staff of Telstra plus was Sunday yesterday.

    • Took about 5 mins for me.

    • Yes, as soon as you activate your new phone, all your Apple devices logged in with the same account will get a notification on the Apple TV app to remind you to try out the Apple TV Plus for a year.

      Apparently, you cannot cancel the trial early, otherwise you essentially ends the free 1 year trial.

      • and if you already have an Apple TV subscription, this will not extend it by another year. Unlike netflix or stan where it does.

  • Is it difficult to cancel the contract with the current situation with the pandemic?

    • I did it today and it was easy over the phone.

      • sweet cheers.

  • -2

    Tried to get this plan today. No stock anywhere in NSW. Can only go instore to get the phone plan, but they can't process it without any stock. Meaning they advertise the plan without being able to provide it.

    • while stock lasts

        • +3

          Imagine, stock having run out on the very last day of a popular deal. Incredible.

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