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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB $1399.30, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB $1539.30 (Expired) @ Samsung Education Store


Cheapest seen so far.
Way much better than the launch deal $1599.

The Z Flip is on a new education price as well from Samsung education portal.

Please let us know if you can use that $50 signup voucher i am actually not sure.

Update: Z Flip price increased

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  • You can use the voucher if you signed up within the edu store

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    Yes you can use the voucher
    I just tried and it worked
    Final price is 1349$

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    Now this is a price I'd be more comfortable paying for a top tier flagship.

    If only Exynos wasn't so shockingly bad and they'd increased the main shooter size without all the wank megapixels..

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      Totally, I can't believe Samsung has managed to still get some decent press when it's such a poor phone for the money. Most of that is because Huawei are also screwed and Xiaomi, OnePlus and Oppo can't get their flagships out quick enough. The Xiaomi got a much better DXOMark camera score despite being almost half the price lol.

      • Wdym OnePlus can't get their flagships out… OnePlus has never been a brand which focused on producing flagships, and in fact had the nickname "Flagship Killer". However, their newest OnePlus 8 Pro really proves to be an amazing flagship phone

        • shame it doesn't come in android. as someone who has always just used the android system and isn't too keen using the oneplus ecosystem i haven't been able to give it a shot :(

          with these chinese phones though, how are their actual cameras when comparing flagships against say the s10, s20 etc cameras?

          • @SaberX: Oneplus ecosystem? You do realise Oneplus uses Android on all their devices…???

    • Is snapdragon better? If so,I might get an America stock from the US….

      • Its definetly better but expensive

        • I see. It’s not that expensive. In fact it’s around A$1400-1500 plus shipping.

          • @User210686: Sorry, the price I saw was with a trade in. US version is more expensive if you buy from official Samsung US store

            • @User210686: Also the US models don’t support 5G band “n78” needed in most countries outside the US including Australia.

      • snapdragon is more efficient so better battery life too

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      You can go for the Z flip that has SD…

  • yes it works, i even tried on Tab S6 128gb , brought down to $719

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    Will jb hifi or good guys price this match if I show them my uni Id or this pricing with the Telstra 24 month contract to get additional $700 of $1349?

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      Maybe, I had a price match at JB for Surface Pro using the 10% student discount that Microsoft offer, it's worth a shot.

      • Edit: sorry, old post. Realised when I tried to upvote.

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    There is already a mega thread since morning - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533074

    • That seems to be EPP this is Education Store

      • Edu store is also covered. And discount is across several models. Lot of good discussion in that thread if anyone is interested.

  • Wtf even us staff don't even get it that cheap, it's still $1800

    • I thought staff get 50%?

      • Some, but not all

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    So your post saved me $600. Thank you for your service. Ps, it's not limited to federal gov email addresses, I had my NSW.gov.au address accepted.

  • i tried, but cannot apply the $50 coupon.

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    This deal makes xiaomi look insane for charging 2000$ for their xiaomi mi 10 pro 5g with a 1080p screen and no ip rating. Insane

    • You can get mi 10 pro way cheaper than that. I got one for my Mrs for 1200….

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      even Xiaomi has a price tag over $1k now and people still pay for it. and people vowed not to buy China products and here we are.

  • Could this price/site be used for 28degrees price protection?

    • Don't think it can

  • Great price for the Zflip. Was going to go for the Z, for flip phone nostalgia, Ended up getting a Note 10+ last week. The main advantage for the flip is the compactness. As a smart phone it has too many compromises that you have to live with for the price point even with the discount. The old Motorola Razer V2. The slim metal flip was the best compact phone. But thats all it was. A phone to make calls on.

  • shame I cant use my tafe email for this.

    Edit: wasn't working yesterday, just tried and it worked. woohoo

  • My old uts email works for signing up. Even though I'm not a student anymore.

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    5G causes coronavirus though, look at all them cruiseships.

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      Crap, I was being sarcastic as there are zero 5G towers on cruise ships. Tough crowd or more like I suck at comedy.

      Time to inject myself with some disinfectant, I have a slight cough.

      • LoL

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        Never change, I liked it.

  • great deal for flip

  • If anyone wants one, let me know! LOL. I have 1 left on my quota for this year and won't be using it

  • https://www.dxomark.com/samsung-galaxy-s20-ultra-camera-revi...

    Dxomark rate it one of the best cameras you can get, 6th in their ranking, thats above iphone 11 and iphone 11 max pro.

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    Look up Exynos before purchasing. These are cheap for a reason

    Oz always gets shafted with inferior versions of products

    • The pull apart video was a bit disconcerting, but also engaging to watch. His comments though I thought were a bit harsh. The marketing will always be hyped up. In the end the panel is made of glass - very thin, and there were brushes to the hinge although not along the whole length of it like in the promos. Just reminds me again that the folding screen is just going to be a gimmick until they can really make the joint durable and not crack. In the end it may just be better to have 2 separate screens, so that it is a compact phone. It even has the feature of screen and keyboard on the 1 panel.

  • Anyone have a $50 off EDU store voucher i can use? cant seem to get mine to email through

    • Email took a fews hours to arrived. My took 3 hrs. If you not in a rush, wait and save $50 lol.

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    I have some spare quota if anyone don't have access :)

  • Can anyone help me in getting github student pack? Please pm me to discuss, thanks

  • Could someone post a screenshot of the price in cart with just the black S20+ 128GB 5G, and another ss with just the black Ultra 5G 128GB? Thanks!

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    Looking forward to the next gen smartphones at $2,999 can't wait!

  • Gooday guys. Anyone want to help me purchase an ultra o s20 plus pls.cheers.

    • You dont have private messaging turned on. Drop me a message

  • I just purchased S20 Ultra on Thursday from the education store at $1599. I haven't received it yet! I talked to Samsung and the only thing they suggested is that I return my phone when I receive it and order a new one! How stupid!!!

  • Anyone have a link to the Education Portal $50 signup offer? I already had a Samsung account, then linked it to the Education Portal, but didn't notice anywhere for the signup offer. Alternatively if anyone could share a code that would be awesome!

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      Logged out and logged back in and noticed the banner down the bottom and the $250 minimum spend this time. Not to wait :)

      • Hi, did you end up getting the code? I signed up for it through the edu epp but no email has come through. Thanks

  • What is the cpu used in Flip Z? I will put my hands down if it is a SD variant

  • Does Samsung aim to $1500 Covid Support for this price?

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    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has gone back up in price in the Education Portal.
    It is back to full RRP of $2,199 for both colours.
    (S20 models are still displaying the same discounted prices as yesterday)

    • Yes it seem. About to look into it

    • Bugger it, just went to buy one as well, came here to see if anyone else was having issues :(

  • G'day Guys, would anyone like to help me buy the s20 please. Thanks

  • Perfect. Now to submit my price protection claims for my S20 Ultra and get a $200 refund.

    Thanks 28 Degrees!

    • How do you submit the price protection claim? I can't find anything on the website. I purchased mine less than 3 weeks ago for $1550 as well.
      Thanks in advance

      • How are you finding the ultra.. any heating issues?

        • No issues as yet. The interface is good though I feel that snapdragon makes a big difference compared to the homemade processor of Samsung.

      • wellglued14 is talking about their credit card offering price protection (the card is 28 Degrees), not Samsung.

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    Conserve during covid…these toys can wait

  • If anybody ordered a Flip Z and is having second thoughts.. Let me know!

  • WOW, I paid $200 extra for 2 months. Sad!:(

    • you also would have got the power bank and redeemed the buds+. so same deal.

      • Only power bank, no buds+ for pre-order from the education portal.

        • So many people got the buds even from education portal like me :D

          • @GerrardLFC: OMG, How come?

            • @slimdevil: Just applied for it like a normal purchase. They sent me power pack and buds. For 2 phones we purchased

  • Pricing comes up normal for me now

  • $50 off your next purchase when you spend $250 or more @ Samsung Education Portal


  • Does anyone know the minimum age to sign up for an education account?

    • i think you only need .edu email address to sign up

  • I wish there is a z flip deal. i just missed it for my gf bd

  • Managed to latch onto an s20+ but my order isnt showing up in my profile.
    Treed Aus online support & got confirmation the invoice was legit.
    Has anyone else has a similar experience via EPP/unidays

    • Scrap that order received next day .